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  • Doodle Date
    Doodle Date 8 months ago +4236

    Came for the cool challenge, *stayed for the Witch Fusion*

  • Destiny Wolf
    Destiny Wolf 11 hours ago

    I got 81%. I’m going to see a doctor now.

  • TheDuckBurger 32

    11:21 I did the exact same thing and thought it was a koala too

  • Alyshia Fevrier
    Alyshia Fevrier Day ago

    On the ballerina one I saw two pearls doing a fusion dance.

  • Marc
    Marc Day ago

    I'm literally seeing a pokémon for every other blotch. What does that say about me?

  • Purple Kerble
    Purple Kerble 2 days ago

    7:35 hip bone

  • The Kettle
    The Kettle 2 days ago

    I wouldn't diagnose you with Psychopathy, though I will not be alone with you.

  • Julia Settles
    Julia Settles 2 days ago

    I got a 91%

  • Nightmare exedos
    Nightmare exedos 2 days ago

    Sickness Quotient: 89%
    Your "Sickness Quotient" of 89% is definitely something to worry about.

    Detailed Diagnosis

    Interpersonal Insights
    You complain about everything regardless of what it is. You wouldn't be happy even if you were hit by a new car. Everyone likes you. This is because your life is such a mess that everyone else is relieved they aren't you.

    Job Performance & Attitude
    Your work is of such poor quality that your manager is considering replacing you with a machine that flushes. You have little empathy for anyone more successful at work than you, which is pretty much everyone.

    Personality Insight
    Your personal motto is "I am unique, just like everybody else." This makes everyone else happy, because they know there can't be two of you.

    well... you should be very worried

  • Nightmare exedos
    Nightmare exedos 2 days ago

    jazza: I see

    me: I see a bad moon rising!

    everyone else: *what jazza said*

  • Kay wolf Lover
    Kay wolf Lover 2 days ago

    I got the % but said different more sociopath answers because I might be a little bit of a sociopath

  • Emma Schmucker
    Emma Schmucker 2 days ago

    Why did I get 96% when I took the same test!

  • Amy's Animations
    Amy's Animations 4 days ago

    I mean you do talk about poop a lot

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 4 days ago

    once he does it u cant unsee it goddamn it

  • Faye Cresswell
    Faye Cresswell 4 days ago

    Draw with Jazza! Can he fix it? Draw with Jazza! Yes he can!!

  • I'm dead inside. Save me.

    “ WARNING: Your "Sickness Quotient" of 98% is very disturbing. “

    That’s always nice to see. alWayS niCe tO seE.

  • Anh The Potato
    Anh The Potato 5 days ago


  • DerpyCarpMyoYT
    DerpyCarpMyoYT 5 days ago

    The 9th one is you (koala)

  • DerpyCarpMyoYT
    DerpyCarpMyoYT 5 days ago

    I think the two ballerinas doing this👌🏼

  • Little Doggy Nature
    Little Doggy Nature 6 days ago

    Ur dirty

  • Ster alt
    Ster alt 7 days ago

    "You frequently mention terms like "core competencies" and "paradigm shifts" while at work." .... as i make and, delivery pizzas. :)

  • WirelessGem WirelessGem

    6:04 i thought you were gonna do like a 3 girls standing beside each other

  • WirelessGem WirelessGem

    Dang you do a good stewie impression!

  • Bryan Martinez
    Bryan Martinez 7 days ago

    The first image I saw bears dancing me only

  • lavender hally
    lavender hally 8 days ago

    I got 88%, high cause for concern

  • Jade the Skeleton
    Jade the Skeleton 9 days ago

    Your bread

  • SuperGamer 101
    SuperGamer 101 9 days ago

    Is it in any way worry some that I got 90% on this?

  • Annabelle Manville
    Annabelle Manville 9 days ago

    Therapist: what do you see?
    Me: when's lunch?

  • Jutta Beckmann
    Jutta Beckmann 9 days ago

    The one with the dancing people doesnt look like an RFLP Test. At all. Seems to be some sort of inside joke.

  • Drew Masker
    Drew Masker 10 days ago

    I took it and got 90%, boi...

  • Drew Masker
    Drew Masker 10 days ago

    By the way, is completely bogus.

  • Mariek1975
    Mariek1975 10 days ago

    4:25 Yes, of course it's him. Even though I didn't see it coming at first, now it's clear. 4:25 $;@%

  • just an average potato

    Jazza, I took the test and I got the same diagnosis

  • The Platinum Goldfish
    The Platinum Goldfish 11 days ago

    You are drawing it all! You can’t just draw robes, or legs, etc. *Bull!*

  • Psyco 14
    Psyco 14 11 days ago

    None of those ink blots are the correct ones. The real ones you can’t find online

  • Kelsay Theron
    Kelsay Theron 12 days ago

    Apparently I pulled wings of butterflies as a child...why do I not remember this

  • Ashes, Ashes
    Ashes, Ashes 12 days ago

    For anyone worried about what your test says about you, it's now widely regarded as pseudoscience. Then, it's been distorted and corrupted over time until it's just a mess. No more valuable than a Ouija board for personal insight

  • Elise M
    Elise M 12 days ago

    the website is just a joke btw

  • W31135
    W31135 12 days ago

    LOL i did take the shitty test, and the first time i got Sickness Quotient: 65% with nothing similar to what i am, then i pressed "retake results" and it went over 95...... the third time it went strangely down on 30%.... and i didnt changed my answers

  • Not You
    Not You 13 days ago

    I did the test and got 98%

  • NEO
    NEO 13 days ago

    10:53 RoadHog

  • NEO
    NEO 13 days ago

    why do his eyebrows look weird to me, because I'm blonde and my eyebrows are brown, it's same with pubic hair? One of my classmates has the same eyebrows as me and hair.

  • Charlotte Bath
    Charlotte Bath 13 days ago

    Lolz i got 98 halp

  • Amy Johnson
    Amy Johnson 13 days ago

    The first one looks like dancing bears .

  • Laxlu fan
    Laxlu fan 15 days ago

    um i got this
    Sickness Quotient: 76%
    Your "Sickness Quotient" of 76% indicates therapy may be useful.
    Detailed Diagnosis
    Interpersonal Insights
    You never give up and refuse to settle for less than the best. In other words, you're impossible to please and you never shutup. Your sense of self-entitlement means you're probably the kind of person that pulled the wings off of butterflies when you were little.

  • SSArt
    SSArt 15 days ago

    maybe some mild depresstion or anxiety, a mood disorder maybe, but you seem pretty normal friend!
    I am NOT a profecctinal

  • Not Needed
    Not Needed 17 days ago

    The last one looks like zant from twilight princess

  • Nicholas Jones
    Nicholas Jones 17 days ago

    where are the moth memes?

  • PheonixFox
    PheonixFox 17 days ago

    That bat clearly looked like a bat with a like 4 chins

  • captain cakerz
    captain cakerz 18 days ago

    I saw Satan in 5/10 of these help me

  • RBLX_ Lucio
    RBLX_ Lucio 18 days ago

    8:40 i see jesus doing a hug posture and glowing

  • - Ari -
    - Ari - 19 days ago

    17:12 I died at the end 😂

  • Ruby Wolf
    Ruby Wolf 19 days ago

    I took the ink blot said i need help

  • jhoe jie
    jhoe jie 20 days ago

    I like that stewie

  • Pug Life
    Pug Life 20 days ago

    I took the test and I chose the two distorted Eskimos playing patty was pretty close to what I saw.
    And when I got my percent I got 99% sickness soooo.......

  • Edu G8
    Edu G8 20 days ago

    Rorschach is the best watchman character!!!

    Nite owl its cool too.

  • Obama Elf
    Obama Elf 20 days ago

    In the top left corner T H I C C

  • Modest Tomato
    Modest Tomato 20 days ago

    ''And, uh, I see Jesus with big ears. He's like sweaty or something."
    -Jazza 2018

  • MaGiCal AdveNTUreS
    MaGiCal AdveNTUreS 21 day ago

    I took the test and got 97% sick... Just put a straight jacket on me now because I must be a psychopath!

  • Jane Loden
    Jane Loden 22 days ago

    i really hate that Jesus thing he did but it was funny

  • Dylan Graham
    Dylan Graham 22 days ago

    I decided to take this test... 98% sickness quotient. Oof...

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer 22 days ago

    F*** I got 78 present I am crazy

  • Astr01lama
    Astr01lama 22 days ago

    Remember who killed mario?!
    Thats my evidence that your totally sane (wink)

  • Jojo The Bunny
    Jojo The Bunny 22 days ago

    I took the test and I hate it.
    Sickness Quotient: 73%
    Your "Sickness Quotient" of 73% indicates therapy may be useful.

    Detailed Diagnosis

    Interpersonal Insights
    You have a positive attitude towards nearly everything, which is incredibly stupid and very annoying to those around you. You have delusions of adequacy which are completely unfounded. You couldn't pour tea out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel.

    Job Performance & Attitude
    You frequently mention terms like "core competencies" and "paradigm shifts" while at work. Stop acting like such a tool. You aspire to becoming the CEO of a large, powerful company. This is unlikely since you rarely leave your parent's basement.

    Personality Insight
    Your personal motto is "Practice makes perfect.", but since nobody's perfect you might as well stop wasting your time.

  • Harmony Sanders-Park
    Harmony Sanders-Park 22 days ago

    I had 95%. Apparently I'm very demented......

  • whirlwind62
    whirlwind62 22 days ago

    Ya that first test sucked, I had a really mundane normal childhood, and I got a 96%. Saying that as a kid I was the type to tear the wings off of butterflies, I hardly ever left my house.

  • Sammy Muzquiz
    Sammy Muzquiz 22 days ago


  • LAW Bomb
    LAW Bomb 23 days ago

    Actually just seriously normal

  • Blythe Foley
    Blythe Foley 24 days ago

    The third one looked like pearl from steven universe

  • Bakey170
    Bakey170 24 days ago

    Omfg i did the test and i got 84% whats wrong with me

  • Mega Zygrade
    Mega Zygrade 24 days ago

    11:04 i see a monkey wearing a vr set

  • nerd warp
    nerd warp 25 days ago

    They all look like pelvis bones

  • gay lord
    gay lord 25 days ago

    I got 99% but got 5 just like you ;-;

  • Izayah Manu
    Izayah Manu 25 days ago

    4:50 I watch Steven universe and that looks like to pearls doing their fusion

  • Gwynne Zimmerman
    Gwynne Zimmerman 25 days ago

    The last one looks like flowey

  • Llama Drama
    Llama Drama 25 days ago

    Perm sharpie challenge

  • mohax antonii
    mohax antonii 25 days ago

    I got 95%.... uhhh

  • Mikul Gamour
    Mikul Gamour 25 days ago

    4:51 they look like pearl from Steven Universe

  • Alinah Lamis
    Alinah Lamis 26 days ago

    (4:35) Looks like two Pearls (SU) facing each other and fighting over a briefcase/handbag to me, lol. xD

  • Sara Stephens
    Sara Stephens 26 days ago

    I'm loving the Hobo Jesus

  • Demize s
    Demize s 26 days ago

    I think your mental issues are with red wine.

  • Annalice Wardlow
    Annalice Wardlow 27 days ago

    Tomas sanders you need to talk to Stewie, Stewie how dare you betray him

  • athirah rosli
    athirah rosli 28 days ago +3

    This is not to detect a murderer this is to create one

  • Slippery Apple
    Slippery Apple 28 days ago

    pause at 2:03 it says something in the top right corner XD

  • Zubayer Rahman
    Zubayer Rahman 28 days ago

    Well I agree with #Jazza most of the answers r #********

  • Zubayer Rahman
    Zubayer Rahman 28 days ago

    Jazza-I think someone is trying to communicate with me.
    Me-*remembering*-jazza going to toilet.. when he meets the communicator..he wanted to say "meaty boner" 😞😞......uhuh~~

  • Zubayer Rahman
    Zubayer Rahman 28 days ago

    I see koala😞....hmm deepest darkest charecters...uhuh~

  • Sydney Phill
    Sydney Phill 29 days ago

    I took the test c: its cool

  • wilma odelstav
    wilma odelstav 29 days ago

    I can’t be the only one thinking about supernatural when he said “I love pudding”. The show is taking over the world (or my mind idk)

  • Alonzo Rittenhouse
    Alonzo Rittenhouse Month ago

    You are insecure about your sexual life

  • Atamis !
    Atamis ! Month ago

    It literally said I was 95% disturbed because I'm too optimistic.... oh mah lawd

  • Kanga Studio
    Kanga Studio Month ago

    maybe the balerinas were transgender

  • Gracee B
    Gracee B Month ago

    You don't belive in got im mad

  • Dean Brown
    Dean Brown Month ago

    The demonic ghost looks like a demonic KKK member

  • Arty 7890
    Arty 7890 Month ago


  • William Boivin
    William Boivin Month ago

    The last picture looked liked a huge KKK member that worked out

  • TheAnnez0r
    TheAnnez0r Month ago

    I don't think you would be allowed to create art from the real Rorschach test. It is a diagnosis tool and you could be sued for misusing it (plus you don't have a license to use it). The way it is meant to be used is to show in a patient subconscious thoughts. Someone who always sees violent stuff could have been abused in the past or could have homicidal thoughts, for example. I don't know in details how it works but that's what I remember from my psychology classes

    BIOSHOCKFOXX Month ago

    "I am slightly disturbed, but not enough to be a problem to other. I just want to know what makes me disturbed at all, what is going on in my head" ... I would recommend watching your own video, you might see it xD

  • Robert Clayton
    Robert Clayton Month ago

    the results should be "obnoxious but consitiaint"

    BIOSHOCKFOXX Month ago

    In the first one I see two (or mirrored) warriors with wolf hide over their heads and shouting, possibly a battle cry, with each others shields bashing against.