• Published on Mar 19, 2018
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Comments • 4 067

  • Doodle Date
    Doodle Date Year ago +4709

    Came for the cool challenge, *stayed for the Witch Fusion*

  • Yzavela Garzon
    Yzavela Garzon 12 hours ago

    Omg I got 86% 😂

  • Michael F
    Michael F 2 days ago +1

    Hey Jazza, I'm a big fan. Please draw a full art with all of the characters you see in these images all in one collaboration. I am especially interested in the monkey. Thank you :)

  • miriam young
    miriam young 3 days ago

    I also saw two witches but on brooms and flying the other way then what he drew.

  • Adeel M
    Adeel M 3 days ago

    Diagnosis: you look at the bigger picture but not too big lol that made sense for a second

  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones 3 days ago

    3:36 he was hit by runaway lightning

  • ToasterBoaster9000
    ToasterBoaster9000 4 days ago

    “Your are attracted to Lamps” -34% of people

  • geekelly000
    geekelly000 4 days ago

    You’re a youtuber. You kinda have to care about what people think about you therefore you would be affected by the opinions of total strangers which would not happen in non-digital life. There’s the slight disturbance which every youtuber would have on some level...or something. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Rebecca Gateley
    Rebecca Gateley 5 days ago

    Anthro bird people wearing dressing, flying up together is what I saw for the first one. We both were feeling the robes

  • ArrayGFX
    ArrayGFX 5 days ago

    I took the test before watching the video.

    1. Satan with a gagball in his mouth.
    2. Two guys, sharing a popsicle while they're both melting.
    3. Two ballerinas.
    4. Some sort of Pokémon with big-arms.
    5. Definitely a bat. Anyone that sees anything eyes is obivously a psychopath.
    6. A sad man with a messed up man-bun. Which is likely the reason he's so sad.
    7. Two parrots that don't feel like talking to eachother.
    8. A monkey with sunglasses. (Can't believe I'm not the only one xD)
    9. The heads of a siamese twin, that will never be able to look eachother in the eye.
    10. Demonic dude with tiny legs.

    According to the site, I'm an lazy, egotistical asshole that can't get along with others, and "if I worked any slowed, I'd be going in reverse".

    Great. xD

  • Tony Luong
    Tony Luong 5 days ago

    who say the big lebowski I'm not even going to say when you should know

  • WereElf
    WereElf 5 days ago

    I took the test too before watching the video, and I totally saw the monkey with glasses and facemask too :D
    As well as the ballerinas.

  • Kannyka’s Kreation

    it did not say rasha it said rash hour

  • Wilco Lennon
    Wilco Lennon 8 days ago

    Uhhh... I got a sickness quota of 84%. That means I’m a psychopath

  • Nethertoast
    Nethertoast 9 days ago

    Test Results
    Sickness Quotient: 68%
    Hmmm, your "Sickness Quotient" of 68% is a little worriesome.
    Detailed Diagnosis
    Interpersonal Insights
    You think everyone is out to get you, and you're absolutely right. It's because you're an awful person without any redeeming qualities. You are utterly incapable of meaningful relationships, which is probably a good thing since you're a horrible bore under the best of conditions.
    Job Performance & Attitude
    Although your work can upon occasion be very good, remember that even monkeys can be trained to do what you do. And they don't call in sick. You have a deep love for your patients, which is unfortunate since you're a veterinarian.
    Personality Insight
    Your personal motto is "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously", but no one knows what the hell that means.

  • Kati bassoukos
    Kati bassoukos 9 days ago

    jazza i got 96%, jazza...

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 10 days ago

    First one: I saw a demon
    Second one:I saw a demon skull
    Third one: i saw two gods fighting over land
    Fourth one: i saw some war machinery
    Fifth one: i saw a dragon flying towards camera
    Sixth one: I saw a bear/fur rug
    Seventh one: I see a hooded man holding two knives
    Eighth one: I saw a mole rat skull
    Nineth one: I see an armoured warrior
    Tenth one: I see two dismembered bodies
    What did the rest of u see, I think I'm fine lol

  • Emma Manna
    Emma Manna 10 days ago

    You should take the Watson Scott test. It has nothing to do with drawings but would be fun

  • Jayde Wardle
    Jayde Wardle 11 days ago

    Apparently I'm pretty sick 😂

  • Joshua Stagnitto
    Joshua Stagnitto 11 days ago

    i love lamp

    NISHA THOMAS 11 days ago

    My sickness quotient is 83/100


  • Ty.
    Ty. 12 days ago

    I got 87% sickness.

  • Owen FreeMoo
    Owen FreeMoo 12 days ago

    Omfg I saw a witch too!

  • Sünny Gåchå
    Sünny Gåchå 13 days ago

    I said to myself that it looked liked a kkk member

  • Teralee Trommeshauser
    Teralee Trommeshauser 13 days ago

    This is my favorite video of yours hahaha

  • Derpy Pusheen
    Derpy Pusheen 13 days ago

    #3 I'm no the only one who saw two dancers!

  • The brilliant Vlogger
    The brilliant Vlogger 14 days ago

    My sickness quotient was 53%

  • SuperGirl1970 Carver
    SuperGirl1970 Carver 14 days ago

    why are some sexualy related.

  • Burnt Toast
    Burnt Toast 14 days ago

    Do a vid where you draw on your arm with markers

  • cynthiasandra
    cynthiasandra 15 days ago

    but jou love sheep do … don't worry be happy hahaha

  • JacquesSnacques
    JacquesSnacques 15 days ago

    I think your diagnosis should be "Obnoxious, but Consistent".

    xXPORTALXx 16 days ago

    "Looks like someone exposing herself to me" "Wellllllll, you know, minus the dress," lmfao

  • CallmeAaron
    CallmeAaron 16 days ago

    Ummm is this bad? i got 92%

  • Ruby Rottenbury
    Ruby Rottenbury 17 days ago

    Btw only 1/5 psychopaths are killers

    Just to let you know
    And 1/7 people are psychopaths
    So yeah your welcome

    • Noah
      Noah 16 days ago

      we don't have anywhere near 1/35 people as murderers, lmao

  • Weeeow Meeeow
    Weeeow Meeeow 18 days ago +1

    Bro I got 84% do I need help?-

  • The Roblox Photograhper

    I see a wolf

  • Sheryl Hawkins
    Sheryl Hawkins 18 days ago

    You a demon

    BRYANNA FITZGERALD 19 days ago

    i got 98% :l help

  • Starrlynn Massari
    Starrlynn Massari 19 days ago

    Me: you want to know what's wrong with you?
    Jazza: yes
    Me: well how do I say this nicely

  • Big_Allah
    Big_Allah 19 days ago

    the first one looks like the elephants from when dumbo was drunk trippin

  • Connor Kelley
    Connor Kelley 19 days ago

    The whoreshart test

  • Code X
    Code X 19 days ago +1

    I took the test and my score was 87...And I'm only ten...Am I a psychopath 10-year-old? And dang, you curse a lot

    • Code X
      Code X 5 days ago

      @the meaters. Oh thank god.

    • the meaters.
      the meaters. 15 days ago

      The website is a joke for the most part lol, I think you're fine

  • Griff The Jiff
    Griff The Jiff 20 days ago

    You're a fun creator to watch... watched 4 in a row, really good.

  • Floom
    Floom 21 day ago

    The last one is a Bionic

  • Allison Parker
    Allison Parker 22 days ago

    Knock knock who’s there draw with draw with who draw with jazza

  • IncoherentSasquatch
    IncoherentSasquatch 22 days ago

    *calls exorcist

    CODEBLUEPLAYZ 22 days ago

    "Gooday! I'm jesus! Come follow me and I'll get you some fish or sumn'." 😂😂🤣

  • milkboi
    milkboi 23 days ago +1

    jazza honey, you over worl yourself, dont be so hard on yourself and take 👏 a 👏 break. we love you stay safe

  • Kaylee Mills
    Kaylee Mills 23 days ago

    I got help is recommended

    Eh nothing new

  • Tyler Rose
    Tyler Rose 23 days ago

    i think the guy in the straightjacket has lost it brothers

  • DanTMM
    DanTMM 23 days ago

    The decaying soul looks like necrozma.

  • Waberoid
    Waberoid 23 days ago

    Art is truely in the eye of the beholder because I didn't see anything that you said until you drew it.

  • NorthDakotaBeast
    NorthDakotaBeast 23 days ago

    I pictured Jesus to sound like Gomer from GTA roleplay lol.

  • moonlight playz
    moonlight playz 25 days ago

    ....they said thearpy might be useful...

  • Andel Smith
    Andel Smith 25 days ago

    That Stewie voice though 💯👌🏾

  • lilly playz
    lilly playz 25 days ago +4

    The test basically said I am an idiot............VERY ACCURATE
    Edited: But then again.....didn't expect much 😂😂😂😂

  • Hayama Kaily
    Hayama Kaily 25 days ago

    Jazza's not testing his personality, he's showing his creativity..

    Now that an artist

  • Blue JayJuly
    Blue JayJuly 26 days ago

    This is what I got.

    Test Results

    Sickness Quotient: 90%
    Your "Sickness Quotient" of 90% is definitely something to worry about.

    Detailed Diagnosis

    Interpersonal Insights
    Everyone likes you. This is because your life is such a mess that everyone else is relieved they aren't you. You have delusions of adequacy which are completely unfounded. You couldn't pour tea out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel.

    Job Performance & Attitude
    Your attitude towards work is that you could watch others do it all day long. Your primary function at work is to serve as a bad example, but at least you do that very, very well.

    Personality Insight
    Your personal motto is "Hope for the best; prepare for the worst." Based on what we know about you, you're going to need a lot of preparation.

    Should I be worried?

  • Benjamin Tabor
    Benjamin Tabor 28 days ago

    I'm a medical doctor in Houston, Texas. These results indicate that you may have Ligma.

  • Alex Summers
    Alex Summers 28 days ago

    this video is chaos

  • lem91460
    lem91460 29 days ago +1

    “iT’s A kOhaLA!!!”

  • Kyros
    Kyros Month ago

    I took the test and I it bull. I can recalculate and get a completely different awnser. This test is stupid an if you want to know what you mental stability is, go to a psychiatrist to get a professional awnser.

  • Do you like Donuts?

    I see the two garden gnomes 😱👀

  • Do you like Donuts?

    I kIlL zEbrAs NoW


  • Elizabeth Jara
    Elizabeth Jara Month ago +7

    My sickness quotient was 96% 😐

    Love that.

  • Nicole Ba
    Nicole Ba Month ago

    1:25 claping for jazzas talent

  • z's not here animations

    The answer to his poll is all of the above

  • Cosmic Silhouette
    Cosmic Silhouette Month ago

    Gonna be honest that inkblot test was rather stupid.

  • Sanaullah Khan
    Sanaullah Khan Month ago

    Didn't see anything

  • Ana Drama
    Ana Drama Month ago

    I think the answer to the test say that you are a nerd

  • Elizabeth Queen
    Elizabeth Queen Month ago

    I got 90% in the sickness quotient. does this mean something?!?!?!??!

  • waffles
    waffles Month ago

    i put devil for all the questions as a joke and it was 76%

  • pumpkin eater 68
    pumpkin eater 68 Month ago

    08.48 I see a Norwegian troll

  • Quiffy_Boy
    Quiffy_Boy Month ago

    Wait so is jazza a sheep shagger then 😂

  • horizon319
    horizon319 Month ago

    Posted on my bday and I got my degree in psych so yay! Also ink blots are completely subjective. 😉 and these especially are a joke. 😂

  • I play Roblox
    I play Roblox Month ago

    what's wrong with you is that ur too good at art

  • its just Art
    its just Art Month ago

    I took the test and I got a 76% Therapy may be useful

  • notre dame is lit
    notre dame is lit Month ago

    you laugh at poop jokes

  • Fall Out! At my Green Chemical Piløts

    I got these results
    Sickness Quotient: 83%
    Your "Sickness Quotient" of 83% is definitely something to worry about. (Oof lmao)
    Detailed Diagnosis
    Interpersonal Insights
    Everyone likes you. (Falsehood) This is because your life is such a mess that everyone else is relieved they aren't you. (Wait never mind correct) Your sense of self-entitlement means you're probably the kind of person that pulled the wings off of butterflies when you were little. (Lmao what? I’m more self deprecating but okay)
    Job Performance & Attitude
    You work very slowly. In fact, if you went any slower you'd be in reverse. Rather than do a one-time job that takes ten minutes, you'd work for 5 years to automate it. (Yeah, accurate)
    Personality Insight
    Your personal motto is "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger." Wrong. What doesn't kill you usually makes you hurt all over and go "Owie!"
    (No my motto is ‘if your future self hasn’t time travelled and come back to stop you, it can’t be that bad)

  • MistaHedgehog
    MistaHedgehog Month ago

    It said I’m mentally unstable

  • FoxRZ The BrUh
    FoxRZ The BrUh Month ago

    Jazza is a moth in disguise, look at the pole

  • Enno Lange
    Enno Lange Month ago

    Looks Like the man at 9:00 has a fat boner

  • Crunchy and Meme
    Crunchy and Meme Month ago

    is it bad that i only saw dragons...

    They look like dragons

  • Rebecca Byrd
    Rebecca Byrd Month ago

    I took the test im worrisome

  • Director K
    Director K Month ago

    He secretly sniffs poop.

    Hey twin!!!!!

  • Gaby Peña
    Gaby Peña Month ago

    That third pic looks like cruela de vil.

  • PinkRoseDaisy Gacha

    Well I believe that you have a perfectly mental state but at the same time your a perfectionist and not knowing what is wrong with you is making you go nuts well that's what I think aways love you and stay artsy ♡

  • Fluffy Jackie
    Fluffy Jackie Month ago

    Stewie Griffon killed me😹

  • ThatRandom GUY
    ThatRandom GUY Month ago

    3:17 bear wearing airpods

  • Angel Tales
    Angel Tales Month ago +1

    I took the test and it insulted me! It literally said (literal quote) " You think everyone is out to get you, and you're absolutely right. It's because you're an awful person without any redeeming qualities. " MAMAAAAAAAAAA I'M GETTING BULLIED BY THE INTERNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET

  • CrystalDollQueen 24
    CrystalDollQueen 24 Month ago +1

    The bat thing looks like moth man

  • igeanno
    igeanno Month ago

    4:46 to me it looks like the pearls from Steven universe facing each other while listening to their respective diamonds

  • D3v1lish h3ll
    D3v1lish h3ll Month ago

    oof i got 84% 'theres definetly something to worry about'

  • 1lupus
    1lupus Month ago

    It is all about the Copic fumes.

  • D E P R E E S I O N

    Late to watch this I know leave me alone but they play Desolation Row by My Chemical Romance at the End of Watchman

  • Kirstie Fontanez
    Kirstie Fontanez Month ago

    I was asleep while this video was playing in my ear and I legit had a whole dream all about it

  • Moritz Schubert Rich

    where are your fingers xDD

  • Marri And Friends
    Marri And Friends Month ago

    -picks you're attracted to lamps- We diagnose you with being a moth.

  • Charlie Myers
    Charlie Myers 2 months ago

    I just took the test and I'm 77% sick...... oh no...

  • Nintendo Lover
    Nintendo Lover 2 months ago

    11:38 that blob is a Kohala seducing a ox skull