• Published on Mar 19, 2018
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  • Doodle Date
    Doodle Date Year ago +4873

    Came for the cool challenge, *stayed for the Witch Fusion*

    • Litaunq
      Litaunq 19 days ago

      your peen is short

    • Holly Skelton
      Holly Skelton 28 days ago

      I hope you have read the “about us” tab on the website if you’ve taken this test haha - it’s obviously a joke.
      So funny - they also have an online pregnancy test that will tell you who the father is 😂

    • Ulises Marmol
      Ulises Marmol 3 months ago

      Gabe Smith ol

    • Ulises Marmol
      Ulises Marmol 3 months ago

      Unisys Illilillol

  • Enya Grew
    Enya Grew 8 days ago

    I took this test (before seeing this) and it annoyed the life out of me. Also the results were so rude 😂

  • Simon opdebeeck
    Simon opdebeeck 8 days ago

    now i want you to sing see my vest, from the Simpsons, in Stewy Griffin voice

  • Galaxyplays Builderbuddies

    I think that your disturbed bc of what you drew when you were a kid .-.

  • Petra Kulhanová
    Petra Kulhanová 10 days ago

    10:28 it's look like 4 T-rexs sitting on each other

  • Tom Dayton
    Tom Dayton 11 days ago +3

    I have a diagnosis, you are one creative dude, Jazza 💙

  • TGplayz 173
    TGplayz 173 15 days ago

    Jazza, you are diagnosed with cartoonitis due to u seeing everything as either the fusion dance, or cartoon characters.

  • Pekka Kujansuu
    Pekka Kujansuu 16 days ago

    Hehe. I did the test before finishing watching the video, and it looks like my reaction to the test was similar to yours... in that I slowly realized "oh, this test is a complete joke". :D

  • Fossiliferous
    Fossiliferous 16 days ago

    The test genuinely said I was 94% disturbing
    Literally 80% of my answers weren’t on the list so they probably only counted the ones where I said it was a monster, which is bullshit
    Edit: I just put only “other” without any info in the text box, and it told me I have trouble concentrating.
    (My school books would care to disagree)

  • All Dat Jazz
    All Dat Jazz 17 days ago

    with the kowala one jazza just drew himself

  • Mavis Vermillion Amvs
    Mavis Vermillion Amvs 19 days ago

    I took it and it said I was I 92 percent it said warning it’s said I’m very disturbing I knew there was something wrong with me lol

  • Litaunq
    Litaunq 19 days ago

    so i did the first test...

    i got 69%, it told me i was an awful person, my work was useless, and everyone hated me

    10/10 very accurate would do again

  • nibb_ nibb
    nibb_ nibb 19 days ago

    Does no one see the first one as a goat?

  • Aislin Downey
    Aislin Downey 20 days ago

    this is very offensive. Jazza is great, but we don't need large influences perpetuation negative stereo types surrounding mental heath. This stigma need to be broken down not re-enforced and built up. I don't hold anything against Jazza, but a little bit of education can go a long way.

  • Gabriella Le Roux
    Gabriella Le Roux 21 day ago

    Took test I am 82percent and I should worry😭😭😭

  • Seaweed_Siri Aycox
    Seaweed_Siri Aycox 22 days ago

    4:32 i saw a wolf

  • olivia alcindor
    olivia alcindor 26 days ago

    This says about you that you want to do the fusion dance with Jesus (and two witches as backup dancers) dressed as ballerinas, surrounded by bats and butterflies, while as an audience you have an old man, a monkey with a huge mouth wearing sunglasses, a giant traumatized (your fusion dance is traumatizing I guess?) koala with a runny nose holding a bull's skull, a demonic ghost with the record for the biggest hands in the world and a warrior with HUGE eyebrows and a fancy robe. Boy you are weird according to this test!

  • Cupcake&OreoStudios
    Cupcake&OreoStudios 26 days ago

    Jazza is attracted to lamps

  • Popeye
    Popeye 26 days ago +2

    Is it bad that I took the test and I got 87%...

    • Popeye
      Popeye 11 days ago

      at least I'm not the only mentally disturbed person

    • Alannah McCall
      Alannah McCall 24 days ago +1

      Popeye I got 99% so idk what that says about me

  • Jonathan Chute
    Jonathan Chute 26 days ago +2

    I think some trolls got a hold of that test because the answers to the questions were completely nonsensical (many with typos and using poor internet grammar) and the results I got were disheartening and mean-spirited calling me worthless and not "well-adjusted" - clearly it's been corrupted.

    Edit: Now watching your video - it appears it's always just been shit.

  • S. Kenzig
    S. Kenzig 26 days ago

    1: piglets kissing and clouds
    2: a family crest/shield type thing with 2 lions
    3: ballerinas!!! Same as Jazza! Woot---- the cannibals answer was amazing and wish I saw that instead though.
    4: two women dancing in a pole traffic light..... Uhhhhh no comment.
    5: butterfly/moth
    6:sad man face with a beard wearing a crown or a few with a star on top
    7: initially: 2 ninjas fighting and their shadows. When you flipped it:a summo wrestler that a skinny dude who was on fire ran straight through😂
    8.... I got tired of typing lol

  • Holly Skelton
    Holly Skelton 28 days ago

    I hope you have read the “about us” tab on the website if you’ve taken this test haha - it’s obviously a joke.
    So funny - they also have an online pregnancy test that will tell you who the father is 😂

  • ToBrokeFORaName lol
    ToBrokeFORaName lol 29 days ago


  • Hi Lol
    Hi Lol 29 days ago


  • FALSEHOOD Sanders
    FALSEHOOD Sanders Month ago

    The ghost dude to me looked like Yoda from star wars

  • Transboimax
    Transboimax Month ago

    I got a sickness thingy of 97%
    It says im lazy (true) and hate everyone (false)

  • Zen Dragon
    Zen Dragon Month ago

    those are the worst versions of the ink blots ive ever seen...... black and white vs the color introduction are essential...

    • Zen Dragon
      Zen Dragon Month ago

      and those answers are obviously responses that other people made when they went through this.. sorry, i have the inkblot cards and interpretation book... the first couple are b & w and people can see many things but you are looking for certain types of responses.. those would indicate certain tendencies.. most other answers are simply nil result. Then when color is first introduced, it is red only and can cause more reactive results.. later more colors in subtle, overt, simple and complex manners are brought in... what a horrible site youve chosen

  • JimmyDanger
    JimmyDanger Month ago

    You see a koala? I’ve seen a koala 🐨! His name is Jazza

  • Stephanie Smead
    Stephanie Smead Month ago

    No way, that last one is the eye of sauron with mount doom above it, surrounded by orc fields

  • Catlover75 ;D
    Catlover75 ;D Month ago +1

    Btw my results from the first test said that I am basically a psychopath😥😥 but I am sure I am not... OR AM I!?!?!?!?

  • Catlover75 ;D
    Catlover75 ;D Month ago +2

    Jazza: I see two ballerinas!!!
    Me: I took the test and said two ballerinas dancing..... XD LOL

  • Countryside Singer
    Countryside Singer Month ago

    Jazzy I said ballerina first stop copying me 😂

  • Miki Nikolic
    Miki Nikolic Month ago

    10:50 i see Megatrons head :D

  • abselby
    abselby Month ago

    I loved seeing you get pissed with this site, I cussed just as much (or more) years ago when I found it.

  • Fireblade166
    Fireblade166 Month ago

    8:39... thats 100% a sad clown... Also the one before I see a winged close to a bat I guess 😂😂😂

  • Shimmerriver Star {five years old}

    "And you really like sheep"

    I was laughing the whole time-but that made me laugh way more lmao

    Took the test-got 44% I am apparently a bad person..... ,_,

  • Emo Yeemo And The Future Violence

    I got 90%....

  • River Barnes
    River Barnes Month ago

    3:50 Bucky??

  • Gen Playz
    Gen Playz Month ago


  • Just Eric
    Just Eric Month ago

    I took the test and got 98%...
    Should I start to worry?

  • Stickyz GT
    Stickyz GT Month ago

    So basically that "Zen warrior" has a stand.

  • Nulono
    Nulono Month ago

    #1: Two ducks guarding a traffic light
    #2: An old man with a beard
    #3: A skeleton giving birth.
    #4: Two chefs leaning against a coat rack
    #5: The Enderdragon
    #6: A sad snowflake clown wearing a chess piece (or a Dalek) as a hat
    #7 (before flipping): Two dancing monkeys, their shadows merging at the bottom
    #8: A deformed vampire- monkey face
    #9 (before flipping): A cowboy leaning against a mirror and jerking off
    #10: A spaceship flying over a bunch of small lakes

  • Curtis Plights
    Curtis Plights Month ago

    The third ink blot is two Nani mcfees holding a pot with a nuclear bomb falling into it
    And in 8:42, I see gruntilda

  • HeyItsGabe
    HeyItsGabe Month ago

    Watchmen is the best comic ever. Comment for Batman or for Rorschach. who do you like more?

  • Loading Screen
    Loading Screen Month ago

    12:45 am i the only one who thought it was a kkk ritual???

    TMR SIDE Month ago

    stupid website is wrong

    TMR SIDE Month ago


  • Braiden Vlogs
    Braiden Vlogs Month ago

    Looks like a bat to me

  • Dominic
    Dominic Month ago

    As a clinical psychologist I feel it is my professional and moral duty to break your marker and smack your hand while yelling "NO!! BAD!!!" It is sacreligious to defile Dr Rorschach's ink blots.

  • Triple D
    Triple D Month ago

    Jazza is a moth confirmed

  • Frank Vendetta
    Frank Vendetta Month ago +1

    All I see is...Rorschach

  • Fireball
    Fireball Month ago +2

    Koala, u mean drop bear?

  • chuckles de clown
    chuckles de clown Month ago +1

    i took the test, apparently i'm a butthole and paranoid which makes no sense.

  • Natalie Harry Potter Lover612

    Jazza : what's wrong with me
    Me: I mean since I think I have at had a panic attack I say I think because I have never had one before so I think I'm going insane

  • Eli Jefferson
    Eli Jefferson Month ago +1

    I've only seen the first fourteen seconds so far, but joker being right behind you while you're doing a Batman impression is just so perfectly hilarious to me.

  • Jack patrick
    Jack patrick Month ago +1

    👏👏👏 the guild

  • Danny Eccles
    Danny Eccles Month ago

    The female comic character begins your right shoulder, what's her name? I've been trying to remember the comic name for ages and I can't for the life of me

  • Judd Schlaefer
    Judd Schlaefer Month ago +1

    the test called me a worthless blob.

  • Dingo Ham
    Dingo Ham 2 months ago +1

    Art is meant to disturb the comfortable or comfort the disturbed

  • Corretta gamejewels
    Corretta gamejewels 2 months ago

    roflmbo roflmbo