Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Movie Review

  • Published on May 29, 2019
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    Chris Stuckmann reviews Godzilla: King of the Monsters, starring Vera Farmiga, Ken Watanabe, Sally Hawkins, Kyle Chandler, Millie Bobby Brown, Bradley Whitford, Thomas Middleditch, Charles Dance, Aisha Hinds. Directed by Michael Dougherty.
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  • Pete Miffle
    Pete Miffle 40 minutes ago

    I went into this movie with low expectations and it was still stupid. No, the monsters are not an awesome spectacle. It's a CGI fuck-fest where they crammed 7 movies worth of monsters all into one trying to cash in on the Avengers style visual clutter of too many characters on screen thinking that will make it epic. The mom is hate-able because she seems to keep making decisions to kill everyone on the planet including the father of her child, the dad is hate-able because he just not the right actor for this at all. It'd be like casting Richard Gere for this role. Him being in this movie cheapens it so much after having Bryan Cranston in the last film. The bad guy is instantly corny because it's the Last Action Hero villain so it feels completely on the nose for a casting choice, and he basically just let the mom do all the bad guy stuff anyways. The only saving grace in this movie was the daughter. She's a great actress put into a really stupid movie. It had sooooo many movie cliches packed into it's run time you really start to believe you could be a world class writer if this is what makes it to the big screen. The choices that the characters make, even the disposable fodder characters is just so stupid and/or directly stolen from other movies. Not to mention the monsters and the humans combined basically destroyed everything...every major city. The human race is back to the stone age after this movie so...what exactly is left to destroy in the sequel? You all gonna live on that inexplicably large air to water B-22 bomber thing that never needs to refuel ever for some reason? I mean christ, 99% of the humans efforts in this movie end in everyone dying. They have that ho-rah moment at the end where they say they're gonna help Godzilla, then they barely barely have any effect, and then all get blown up cuz they were too damn close to the giant radioactive energy spewing monsters. Who would've thought? And the amount of people who die chasing around these two dipshit parents' kid is mind blowing....I could keep going but this got long quick.

  • zAdrenaline
    zAdrenaline Hour ago

    Completely agree. 50% of movie=cool fights. Other 50%=where's the skip forward button?. Like, plot and dialogue was really bad, especially that kid's mother who basically killed millions of people with a button and no one gave a shit. And holy fuck the script is so boring that it almost makes it look like the actors themselves are bad.

  • Planet2 NTBFW
    Planet2 NTBFW 10 hours ago

    If Grace loved it so will I.

  • Oliver Marijuana Jones
    Oliver Marijuana Jones 12 hours ago

    Millie Bobby Brown is a "Daughter in distress"? Uh, Yeah, since Drake is grooming her, it's been distressing...

  • Brian the Punter
    Brian the Punter 19 hours ago

    Hollywood is incompetent with directors that don't read books other than for coloring, I compare this film with the transformers where they keep the FX rolling so the ritalin drugged kiddies don't start drooling while falling asleep. Hollywood is full of freaks and few intelligent directors.

  • Amin Zribi
    Amin Zribi Day ago +1

    Before I watched the movie I had no questions after the movie ended I had many questions. This movie doesn't add up it reminded me of fast and furious when physics doesn't exist.
    The movie its confusion and no story.

  • Pandasiah
    Pandasiah Day ago

    yeah, i know where you're going with this, but honestly i'd watch a godzilla movie with like... human's only being seen following or running from godzilla

  • papon
    papon Day ago +1

    who just watched for CGI? +1

  • KingKangIV
    KingKangIV Day ago

    Godzilla fans want to see MONSTERS fight, that doesn't mean we don't like story and plot in a kaiju film, just not a Godzilla film. Save that shit for a mothra special.

  • Jake The Immortal

    I can care less on the human characters the film, I'm just there for Godzilla and monster fights

  • myrs4
    myrs4 Day ago

    Just watched it on home media. I know that you don't go into a Hollywood action flick for the plot:
    1) Vera Farmiga's character's motive is weak
    2) Charles Dance's looks don't fit his ecoterrorist character; i expected someone more hip.

    But my biggest gripe about this film is: most of the cool battle scenes are fought in adverse weather conditions. I would love to see the monsters' designs in their glory without snow and rain in the way. The battle scenes came out very "grainy" on screen, i wished the story could be written differently to circumvent this problem. Only the reveal of a certain flying monster (spoiler-free) came out clean, and then when it went to fight another flying monster the scenes became "grainy" with water spray again :/

  • The Kaiju Brony
    The Kaiju Brony Day ago

    Favorite Godzilla movie and best movie of 2019.

  • Fan tom
    Fan tom Day ago

    This is what I love about Chris spoiler free

  • TheOfficiAlvarez
    TheOfficiAlvarez 2 days ago

    Chris u really need to compare your scores from previous movies, cuz it doesn't make sense? How is justice league having a better review than Godzilla? It was freaking awesome. I don't care about humans in a Godzilla movie and never will be.

  • Jeff Landry
    Jeff Landry 2 days ago

    This movie is terrible

  • tubegiggle
    tubegiggle 2 days ago

    @Chrisstuckman i think Godzilla 2000 is the best one ever.. Lost of action

  • Oliver Takiveikata
    Oliver Takiveikata 2 days ago

    This guy came for a fucking soapie, not a Kaiju flick.....STFU

  • Jaylen gamer
    Jaylen gamer 2 days ago

    Your passion for movies can sometimes cloud your judgement

  • Jay O
    Jay O 2 days ago

    He's not a true Godzilla fan.. believe me you have to watch those Godzilla from the 1960 until now to understand that the King of monster.. why they Title the King of Monster.. I believe they was trying to focus on Godzilla and the monsters.. who give a crap about the human.. right? Just saying

  • Yashiro Isana
    Yashiro Isana 2 days ago

    This movie was porn for us!!

  • billselmi1
    billselmi1 2 days ago +1

    Totally disagree it's a Godzilla movie not the meaning of life

  • BE5EET
    BE5EET 3 days ago

    40 minutes into the movie and I am bored af The humans are dull as dirt -_-
    Edit: Also Monster Zero looks like shit!

  • Steve Ward
    Steve Ward 3 days ago +2

    I enjoyed the film. My only gripe would be if they held back on some of the monsters or found some more creative ways to give them scale. Thing I loved about Edward's film was how he managed to use the CGI more effectively to stop me constantly thinking I was watching a cartoon.
    But Top marks for them paying respect to the lore of the original movies. Monster Zero, the Oxygen weapon etc and of course my complaint from the 2014 movie was fixed, they got the damn Godzilla theme and even threw in Blue Oyster Cult which gets half a star on its own.

  • Ian OTimelord
    Ian OTimelord 3 days ago

    Watched this a few weeks ago. Big let down. Found it confusing and with the monster fights wasnt always clear who was fighting who..

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 3 days ago

    Nothing about this movie was satisfying. If a cool moment happened, it was undercut by terrible, cringey, Disney-esque humor ("His name is ... GHIDORAH." "Did she just say 'gonorrhea?'" "Do she and Godzilla have a ... THING goin' on?" "That lizard's juiced!"). This is nothing like Godzilla films of the past except '98. All the others are played STRAIGHT. This is not to mention the absurd conveniences of the plot, which actually has to brush off the "Hollow Earth Theory" in an aside just so it works logistically. People who are discerning and care about a good story and think Godzilla should be taken seriously should all watch SHIN GODZILLA, the best Godzilla film to date by far and the only one that manages to bring his dark humor and epic scope to the modern age.

  • Game2Test
    Game2Test 4 days ago

    Bullshit! 🖕🏻

  • baole58
    baole58 4 days ago

    One of the worst movies of the year. Bad acting, bad writing, even the monster fights were bad.

  • Mishael Calhoun
    Mishael Calhoun 4 days ago

    If mom was evil the human plot could have worked... but we can't have that can we?

    SHAUN CAMPBELL9 4 days ago

    Hello !
    Original Godzilla fan from 1960's here!
    When this movie was announced I was so happy! then for some reason, I stayed away from the theatres and have yet to see the movie. Frankly, I don't know why.
    Kyle Chandler a reason to go see this movie, as he was also in 2005's King Kong and the sleeper tv-series Early Edition circa 1996-2000.
    Kyle who projects intelligent acting couldn't get me in to see this, from what you have shown, had a strong monster billing, that seemed to be so good that you secretly wished that it would happen n real life.
    Kyle Chandler is slated to act in Godzilla v King Kong , I hope that I'll see that movie.
    All the best Shaun of NYC

    • baole58
      baole58 4 days ago

      Kyle Chandler was awful in the film. He's overly intense in every scene, but the worst actor in the film is Millie Bobbie Brown.
      The fight scenes weren't even good. There's a lot of foreground effects, such as storm, fog, lightning, etc. to hide the bad CGI in the film because weather effects are easier to animate. You can't really see anything because it's so dark.
      And there's really not that much Godzilla in the film. Maybe about 10 minutes more than the first film, but the dumb human characters take up about 80% of the film.

  • Hanzo Hasashi
    Hanzo Hasashi 4 days ago

    I watch monster films to see monsters not humans. If you want a human story driven film you go watch some Meryl Streep films.

  • theAbeElement
    theAbeElement 4 days ago

    this movie is HELLA bad. worse than that. so damn bad. omg. wtf. WTF. WTF!!!! Bad. I was hoping everyone would die. except Chinese guy. Chinese guy is solid. guess what? Chinese guy dies.

  • Wahyu Dinata
    Wahyu Dinata 4 days ago

    Wheres the new porn review ?? Its already 3 month since you do the sugiono one.

  • Timogen Viente
    Timogen Viente 4 days ago

    The only godzilla that had great effects and story imho was the 1998 roland emmerich version.

  • E C
    E C 4 days ago

    What was the name of the movie? That's why we're are here!!!

  • TheMongolat
    TheMongolat 4 days ago

    This movie was so incredibly boring...

  • Jared Bradley
    Jared Bradley 4 days ago

    Chris... you're pretentious and you need to re-evaluate your priorities. This film is pure gold and everything we've ever wanted in a Godzilla movie.

    • baole58
      baole58 4 days ago

      Really? Because Godzilla fans were complaining that there was too much humans in the first film, and the second film is no different.

  • dominique aguilar
    dominique aguilar 4 days ago

    This movie sucked

    • Becker289
      Becker289 3 days ago

      baole58 I can see them just fine, as well as the monsters, hell everything in the trailers is perfectly visible in 144p.

    • baole58
      baole58 4 days ago

      @Becker289 weak response. Are you telling me that you can't see the weather effects around the monsters?

    • Becker289
      Becker289 4 days ago

      baole58 get glasses

    • baole58
      baole58 4 days ago

      @Becker289 LOL?! The CGI was garbage, which makes the fights scenes garbage because it was all CGI. They have different weather effects around the monsters to hide bad CGI e.g. Ghidorah is covered in fog and lightning in every scene because weather effects are so much easier to animate. You can't even see the details in Godzilla like you could in 2014 because all of the fight scenes with Godzilla are so dark and foggy.
      The movie has this dark, overly-dramatic orchestral score to make the fight scenes look epic. The score itself wasn't bad, but the way it was used makes it feel like the movie is trying to be more exciting than it actually is. The movie sucked!

  • RamiFive4Five
    RamiFive4Five 5 days ago

    Just watched the movie and to be honest I'll prefer to watch Roland Emmercich's Godzilla a thousand times before King of the Monsters. This movie didn't work for me.

  • sukanya st
    sukanya st 5 days ago

    i cant even rate this movie it just beyond terrible

  • El Señor Xan
    El Señor Xan 5 days ago

    The movie sucks donkey ass, it's a shame because the director is the same director from Trick R' Treat.
    At least Vera Farminga is not screaming all the time like 99,9% of her movies

    • baole58
      baole58 4 days ago

      LOL?! Millie Billie Bobby Brown does the screaming instead.

  • Jacob among us
    Jacob among us 5 days ago

    A girl took a missile and didnt die

  • Eduardo González Garza

    I liked the action sequences, albeit they weren't as good as in the last movie. I get people want to watch the movie only because of Godzilla, but the boring characters fill out half of the fucking movie, and there are some plot devices that made me want to throw the controller at the screen.

  • Zel Zwrd
    Zel Zwrd 5 days ago

    i cried more when mothra dies rather than when that dumb scientist bitch dies.

    i wouldve scored the movie 10/10 if only the morons writers know how to develop a human characters and depict how WE should behave instead of this pile of garbage they put in as a filler when godzilla not in the picture.

  • Gomaa Mansy
    Gomaa Mansy 6 days ago

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters
    It's right in the fucking title

    • baole58
      baole58 2 days ago

      @Becker289 so then don't tell us not to complain about it in the second film when you complained about it in the first film.

    • Becker289
      Becker289 2 days ago

      baole58 Every single Godzilla movie focuses more on the humans than the monsters sooo

    • baole58
      baole58 4 days ago

      Misleading title. It should be called "humans taking up 80% of the movie".

  • Jevin111
    Jevin111 6 days ago

    I 100% agree with Chris on this. People just love Godzilla so much they take what they can and will defend mediocracy such as this pile of shit and unfortunately that’s the majority here. Like yeah, the monsters themselves were awesome and done correctly but nothing about the movie as a whole was executed in a way that was right but rather average.

  • AFluffyWhiteKitty
    AFluffyWhiteKitty 6 days ago

    I thought this movie was just straight up bad. It was worse in every way than the first. Even though 2014 didn't have as many monster scenes each one of them was memorable and beautifully constructed. This one didn't even deliver on that front. Really really disappointed.

  • Isaac Guandique
    Isaac Guandique 6 days ago

    I guess I'm one of the few. Showing my support to Chris Stuckmann's review. So..wow..ppl are really that simple huh? They're okay with this movie? It's a good brainless action movie..but not a good movie.

    • Cyrus The Great
      Cyrus The Great 3 days ago

      @Isaac Guandique were you expecting this to be a masterpiece like the godfather? If you were then i can understand why you're disappointed. I wasn't because i really had fun watching this movie.

    • Isaac Guandique
      Isaac Guandique 4 days ago

      @Cyrus The Great Yes..agreed..but it could've been a "masterpiece". Imagine all the fun, that this movie was, with a connection to the characters. It would've just simply been that much greater.

    • Cyrus The Great
      Cyrus The Great 5 days ago

      How do i explain KOTM? Well it's like Power Rangers - It knew what it was. It never tried to be a masterpiece. It was just a lot of fun.

  • Fromthefuture
    Fromthefuture 6 days ago

    It was...Bad.

  • Michael Balchaitis
    Michael Balchaitis 6 days ago +2

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters is like the Transformers. Great Movie - if you skip over humans talking and play when the Monsters(robots) start fighting.

  • FBI
    FBI 6 days ago +1

    Jesus , i saw this today, and its a really a giant middle finger. BUT WHY ARE YOU GETTING HATE.

    • baole58
      baole58 4 days ago

      @Chraoz I saw the movie, and it was shit. Pretty much all of the reviews praised the monster fights, even though they were bad.

    • Chraoz
      Chraoz 6 days ago

      You just saw the actual movie or this review of it?

  • ooh jacky
    ooh jacky 6 days ago

    Am I the only one that likes the Roland Emmerich's Godzilla movie? 😂😂😂😂

    • Cyrus The Great
      Cyrus The Great 3 days ago

      @ooh jacky agreed

    • ooh jacky
      ooh jacky 3 days ago +1

      @Cyrus The Great Would have made for a decent original monster movie tbh

    • Cyrus The Great
      Cyrus The Great 4 days ago +2

      @ooh jacky same here. I love Godzilla 98 if i would just ignore the fact that it's called Godzilla.

    • ooh jacky
      ooh jacky 4 days ago

      @Cyrus The Great I'm not sure if that is how you write his name, but he's the guy that directed the 1998 American Godzilla (Zilla).
      I grew up with that movie, and I am quite fond of it 😆

    • Cyrus The Great
      Cyrus The Great 5 days ago

      Who's Roland Emmerich? Please don't hate me when i don't know him.

  • Lakneswaran Krishnan

    Godzilla SUper

  • SilentlyMysterius1
    SilentlyMysterius1 6 days ago

    I disagree

  • Sam Kiho
    Sam Kiho 6 days ago

    This dude is trash

    • FBI
      FBI 6 days ago +1

      Youre butthurt lol

    • Adrian Abundiz
      Adrian Abundiz 6 days ago +1

      Or youre just a butthurt baby who cant understand an opinion

  • Dare David
    Dare David 7 days ago

    The people in the movie are just idiots to me. The monster fight scenes and destruction are all that matters.

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson 7 days ago +1

    As a massive Godzilla fan, I’m embarrassed as fuck to be surrounded by this cesspool if smooth-brains that only care about the spectacle of a giant atomic-breathing dinosaur fighting other kaiju and nothing more.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love that shit too (which is why I’m such a big Godzilla fan!), but why can’t a movie about a giant fire-breathing dinosaur fighting other giant kaiju also be supported by a strong storyline and invest-worthy characters?
    Why can’t we, as Godzilla fans, hold the G-man himself to a standard as tall as he? Why do we settle for the EXCUSES of other people not giving a shit about this fascinating, world-renowned creature? EXCUSES such as “Oh GoDzIlLa’S jUsT a NiChE tHiNg!” Fuck off.
    The only standing in the way of Godzilla and starring in quite possibly the greatest movie ever made are the fans who practically insist on setting such an astronomically low-bar for the Godzilla.
    To all of those who claim that this movie was perfect and they didn’t give a shit about the storyline or characters, you should be ashamed of yourselves.
    Long live the king.
    ⛩ 🔥 🦖

  • makingadifference
    makingadifference 7 days ago

    This was a good movie. The reason the critics don't like it: the plot. It's about a wacko leftist who wants to save the earth by wiping out the human race. This is what explains the disparity between the critics rating and anyone else who has seen it. The leftist media has tried to kill this movie. Its a monster movie so don't listen to this guy about logic. Logic goes out the window when the movie is about MONSTERS! If you want logic go see A beautiful Mind or Rain Man.

    • baole58
      baole58 4 days ago

      Logic doesn't go out the window when the main villain tries to wipe out humanity to save the Earth, by releasing Titans to destroy the Earth instead.
      It's not going to make people think that it's okay because logic goes out the window. It makes you think that the characters are idiots. People want critics to be objective, but not when they criticize a movie that they like.

  • Troy Thomas
    Troy Thomas 7 days ago

    I'm 100% on your side here - but as evidenced in the comments, audiences are being dumbed down and numbed out

  • Haytham Kenway
    Haytham Kenway 7 days ago

    heres the problem

  • a guy that doesn't have a life

    what the fuck is this guy saying, too much monsters? not alot of human plot?? is he actually serious ?
    the movie was awesome because the name is godzilla and they gave us godzilla
    the thing we went to the movies to see, so what do we want with memorable characters ? nothing

    • FBI
      FBI 6 days ago

      If you wanted godzilla, you got it, but he is talking about the outside of godzilla. Think about it

  • Happy Noob :D
    Happy Noob :D 7 days ago

    I like it..

  • Shadow bear and Ignididtnt

    I actually respect your opinions but this is the first time I don't respect heck I think shin Godzilla diserves a C - and a 50 persent of rotten tomatoes and Godzilla 2019 diserves a A and a 85 persent of rotten tomatoes

  • Felicia Lattimore
    Felicia Lattimore 7 days ago +3

    Giant dragon-like monsters fighting each other while my favorite actress who played as Eleven in Stranger Things plays as yet another badass character? Yes, please!

  • Mike Mootseng
    Mike Mootseng 7 days ago +2

    Its a good film dude thats why its a movie relax..i bet you could not satisfy us if you were working on it

    • Adrian Abundiz
      Adrian Abundiz 6 days ago +1

      They're critics...That's their job.....they CRITICISED movies...Not make them

  • Jesse Wible
    Jesse Wible 7 days ago

    They did what japan did in toho series monsters screw humans it a godzilla movie

  • Rabin Limbu
    Rabin Limbu 7 days ago

    It's a shit movie.

  • No Neck
    No Neck 8 days ago

    It was fucking terrible...

  • vdiitd
    vdiitd 8 days ago

    Just finished watching the movie. I think I didn't want to see any character development in this movie. But all the scenes with humans were just terrible. I kept saying WTF to myself 😂😂
    The Asian characters felt like they were there just to be Asian (I'm an Asian, btw). Even the scenes with monsters were not "logical" within this universe. Like how the heck that lava monster got killed by a spear in "heart"? (Only to come back later)
    God this movie is actually really bad.

  • werebaneceo
    werebaneceo 8 days ago +2

    Main character. Title character GODZILLA

    • Jared Bradley
      Jared Bradley 4 days ago

      Critics: What?! You mean the movie is going to focus on the main title monster instead of a human!? Waaaahhhhhh!!!
      That's what all of the critics sound like.

  • Richard Kyle
    Richard Kyle 8 days ago

    Is that t shirt legend of the four kings?

  • Sterling Wallowing bull

    The human part of godzilla movies is not what people want to see

  • Sterling Wallowing bull

    You being judge on the movie

  • Joshua Harrower
    Joshua Harrower 8 days ago

    You fucking people need to STOP CRYING!!! IT'S PATHETIC!!!

  • Joshua Harrower
    Joshua Harrower 8 days ago

    All you people can do is cry!

  • Da Fonse
    Da Fonse 8 days ago

    I loved the monster fights and all, but this movie over all sucks, the first one while not as popular I loved it, and its because at that time we knew that this was a set up movie that ultimately would lead to Kong vs Godzilla so they really needed to take their time and flesh out the story so that it all would come in to place, it made sense, but this movie doesn't and I cant see how they will tie it all up for a successful Kong vs Godzilla film. Kong was very good as well.