10 Pieces of Evidence Aliens Exist!


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  • republic of suldenstan

    aliens exist. we will never find them though.

  • the ultimate potato!

    *FBI OpEn Up*

  • Horsewithnoname
    Horsewithnoname Day ago

    If they are illegal aliens maybe that's why we don't see them more.

  • haruto riku
    haruto riku Day ago

    Scifi writer theorize, researchers re-imagine, theoretical organism - LOL

  • Kamal  Abraham
    Kamal Abraham Day ago

    You are also looking like 👽 alien

  • Anonymous 1
    Anonymous 1 2 days ago

    11:00 freaked me out I have video of two of them....... ttey were huge wiith an odd color smoke..

  • unebert
    unebert 2 days ago

    Your ma’s an alien

  • Stella Lynn Serne
    Stella Lynn Serne 2 days ago

    His eyes....

  • Christopher Picache
    Christopher Picache 2 days ago

    You no about cyfydfs g cftyxdshgvdhyftffdufhe rite

  • Kortney Ross
    Kortney Ross 3 days ago

    2 years ago I went running one night in the town I live in. I took my regular route, and when I was approaching the first hill of my run I saw a bright light appear over one of the mountains. I didn't think much of this. At first, I thought it was just an airplane. As I continued to run I kept an eye on it bc it was strange looking. It didn't have any colored blinking lights. There was only one bright yellow-white light. At the end of my run route I circled around to the same hill, but this time I went down the hill back to my house. The light was still in the sky, but it wasn't moving. So I stopped to take a picture (which I still have). After I took a picture it started moving again, this time in my direction. I freaked! I ran as fast as I could into my house which was about a fourth of a mile away. I saw it directly above me and it made no noise and it was still a bright yellow-white light. I got into my house and I called for my mom. I was out of breath trying to move her outside to see this thing in the sky. When we got outside the bright light was gone and nowhere in sight. I was freaking out that whole night, and it was hard to sleep. I don't know what was in the sky that night, so that's why I'm classifying it as a UFO. I could also see bright lights over each of the mountain points around me. I don't know why they were there, but I'm glad they didn't take me.

  • Spidergamer844 Coming home

    Star Wars exist 🙀 mind blown

  • jack wardley
    jack wardley 3 days ago

    no we are not alone. they estimate there is 250 billion stars in the milky way not planets so 8 10 planets for every star billion's of those planets that are habitable. In the andromeda galaxy there is a estimated 1 trillion stars 3-4 times the size so it must be impossible that we are alone.

  • nandani negi
    nandani negi 3 days ago


  • Joseph Collins
    Joseph Collins 3 days ago

    Put the crack pipe down

  • Adrian Rajkumar
    Adrian Rajkumar 4 days ago

    Not hundreds of years more like almost hundred

  • Large Soda
    Large Soda 4 days ago

    3:25 I wonder if aliens vape as well

  • H G
    H G 4 days ago

    Anyone just think they don't wanna be found! Humans are gross and selfish and so self consumed! Maybe a superior alien race, Would be ashamed of us!

  • Miko Chan
    Miko Chan 4 days ago +1

    Please don't wear that shirt on camera wear again.

  • woowooNeedsFaith
    woowooNeedsFaith 5 days ago

    Funking idiot...

  • rene decastro
    rene decastro 5 days ago

    Am i only one who is exited that if were meet another life form in outer space we likely harness new knowledge that necessary in our life.

  • Akshaj Murhekar
    Akshaj Murhekar 5 days ago

    How can we say we are intelligent when some of us still believe that the earth is flat?

  • mrpotatohead1227
    mrpotatohead1227 5 days ago

    I don't understand why people think we've never been visited. You mean to tell me out of 30 billion planets out there (purely speculation based on the number of observable stars) that not a single one is advanced enough to find us?
    Yeah.. Have fun with that ego..

  • NishaadLoves ROBLOX!!!

    pause at 4:24, and you'll see he looks funny lol!

    JULY MADELINE OTERO 6 days ago +1

    Yes they are real,not Aliens they are Demons👽=😈.JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY AND THE ONLY TRUE🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Psychodfunk
    Psychodfunk 6 days ago

    The Travis Walton incident took place in Arizona.

  • DaFabULus1 [Insert Last Name Here]

    One day if we do find aliens, it’s probably just going to be some plant and we will all be disappointed

    OGBEANS 4 LIFE 7 days ago

    His eyes look like black sharingans

  • Lyke ewe
    Lyke ewe 7 days ago

    I have this theory that Mars was our first planet then we made clone of it which is the Earth because Mars is about to get rekt. lol

  • The Taco Stand
    The Taco Stand 7 days ago

    Ganymede is very likely to contain life

  • emgee65
    emgee65 7 days ago

    “Just when you thought you were alone”??
    With billions of planets scattered across the universe I never thought of any such thing.
    We’re nothing special.

  • joshua gutierrez
    joshua gutierrez 7 days ago

    Matt hat bat rats

  • Blake Jones
    Blake Jones 7 days ago

    this guy looks like an alien

  • ProX Gamer
    ProX Gamer 8 days ago

    Bruh 3:20

  • Pusheen Pooped
    Pusheen Pooped 8 days ago

    #*m8 stop praying u r rude to god u get a dis-I-like (the it dislike? But dis-I-Like? *clapping* *FOR THE HATERS M8!*

  • Pusheen Pooped
    Pusheen Pooped 8 days ago


  • Pong zkee
    Pong zkee 8 days ago

    Just like us searching for this matter...

  • Techno Smart
    Techno Smart 8 days ago

    No we aren't alone.. We share this universe with ya

  • Samaluch
    Samaluch 8 days ago

    Ha Ha Ha you believe in aliens (God didn't make the)

  • i am legend ps4
    i am legend ps4 9 days ago

    Well,better get will smith in that case

  • kirara's Mom
    kirara's Mom 9 days ago


  • christine crim
    christine crim 9 days ago

    I just saw a UFO three days ago... but I could not capture it that's why they don't believe me...

  • Second Hand
    Second Hand 9 days ago

    3:19 i am sure that symbol is really left by alians

  • Timelapse It
    Timelapse It 9 days ago

    I am alien

  • paulina almanza
    paulina almanza 10 days ago +1

    There has to be aliens the universe is so big

  • S Jana Varshini
    S Jana Varshini 10 days ago

    Give me a like if you aren't a transgender

  • S Jana Varshini
    S Jana Varshini 10 days ago

    Sabari Suresh is an alien from planet Kepler96

  • Barrel Link
    Barrel Link 10 days ago

    Okay first of aliens probadly looks like a robot or a human but With more eyes or an animal LOOKING thing but we cant call them aliens because they will probadly feel offended

    RICH TV LIVE 10 days ago

    they are real

  • Thatz Dope
    Thatz Dope 10 days ago

    Hmmm... U.F.O.
    40 meters wide
    14 feet height
    Yep aliens are very possibly really REAL!

  • Pritam Mondal
    Pritam Mondal 10 days ago

    11:08 need to be thought

  • PZ29
    PZ29 10 days ago


  • Liezel Villareal
    Liezel Villareal 11 days ago

    Pag kalbo talga mangloloko $

  • Mia Melendez
    Mia Melendez 11 days ago

    I'm scared of 👽👽

  • roy goodall
    roy goodall 11 days ago

    Humans like to meet and talk to interesting and new cultures and races, then KILL them...👀

  • YousooflY
    YousooflY 12 days ago


  • Lil Rabbit
    Lil Rabbit 13 days ago

    Maybe aliens study others. As the government may be protecting them from the public near or in area 51. Also the extra secret branch of government could be aliens, who knows.

  • Kerageous 1
    Kerageous 1 13 days ago

    The Millennium Falcon case has nothing to do with Area 51
    Those pictures are from an underwater investigation. No answers on that by the way... research before you claim anything. You look foolish.

    ROCKET MAN 13 days ago

    I just cant this dudes head freaks me all the way out im outta here!!

  • khouloud zaidi
    khouloud zaidi 14 days ago

    Why only americans believe in aliens existence, i mean all of the alien stories happened only in america humm....

  • pengegooner
    pengegooner 15 days ago

    how could humans have seen crop circles 500 years ago ? there was no flight

  • Jaden Torres
    Jaden Torres 15 days ago

    Pseudoscience is displayed throughout this video by stating the claim aliens exist and then providing evidence to support the claim. The evidence provided contains logical fallacies, does not follow Occam’s Razor, and does not follow the rules of science. Appeal to authority is presented multiple times throughout the video. Appeal to authority is a call for belief based on credentials or position. For example, the video states during project sign there were many sitings documented that the government ruled as unidentifiable but the director of the project supported the idea of extraterrestrial hypothesis giving reason to believe aliens exist based on his title of the director. Suppressed evidence was also provided in the video. Suppressed evidence is presenting favorable evidence while ignoring the unfavorable evidence. For example, evidence was provided stating that the Nazca Lines to make the geoglyphs in Peru were made because extraterrestrials gave instructions to make them. In reality the video is ignoring the cultural and religious meaning that these geoglyphs may have had to the Nazca people. The third evidence provided is that 20% of crop circles are made by extraterrestrials and 80% are man made but the more likely reason for these circles is that they are all man made or weather related. This is an example of Occam’s Razor. The evidence provided throughout the video ignores the rules of science. It is based on what witnesses have stated and can not be scientifically tested or recreated. Therefore, this video is an example of pseudoscience and has provided evidence that does not prove the claim that aliens exist.

  • Dametrius Reed
    Dametrius Reed 15 days ago

    Why the
    lions look like trump

  • Kirsty Rebecca
    Kirsty Rebecca 15 days ago

    He looks like haywire from prison break with no hair 🤔


    You're sexy 😎😇

  • imole 7
    imole 7 16 days ago

    We’re not dealing with “aliens.” What we’re dealing with is “transhumans.”
    In a nutshell, I would like researchers everywhere to humor themselves: by replacing any notion of the word (or idea of) "alien" with "transhuman." Not "transhuman" with a necessity that actual, biological, human beings were its progenitors. But "transhuman" as it connotes an origin of a genetically modified organism (GMO). This, in my opinion, is the big secret and dot-connecting that not too many people have tried to understand.
    We're not dealing with "aliens" per se. We're dealing with ancient AI (as the mental "glue" / control), a HIVE of entities, and a VERY long and well thought out blueprint carried out by what, from the outside, may even seem as conflicting forces.
    These ancient "transhumans" have held domain in synthetic environments deep within the recesses of our earth (and, likely, countless other planets) for a VERY long time. The have farmed humankind for eons. The eat us physically, mentally, and electromagnetically (soul level manipulation).
    The most important distinctions of a "transhumanoid" / borg is: they have unlimited mental access (galactic frequency AI hive / shared computing) and ability. But, they have ZERO emotional intelligence. And because they truly cannot "feel" (zero emotional power) their modality of "life" is parasitic, vampiristic, hierarchical, dog eat dog, etc.
    For them, SCARCITY is real because the absence of emotional intelligence, and an unnatural physicality (such that nature “naturally” destroys GMOs that are not organically congruent), greatly limits their access to cosmic life-giving energies. Therefor they are always at odds with natural and organic. The are “hackers” who have spent lifetimes trying to force their unnatural modalities into the natural universe.

  • Gregory Lambrihgt
    Gregory Lambrihgt 16 days ago

    Why? I have a few questions one UFOs Are at S4 not area 51, two why would flames be coming out the back of alien craft? you would take too long from planet to planet using any engine from rocket to nuclear that uses hot exhaust for drive this is why we are not publicly going to Mars but I do think we are using exotic engines traveling to planets none using rockets. And yes I beleive exotic technology is here on Earth and hidden by our governments so we can't have access to it because it would destroy our economy. And yes our economy is not that great makes poor poorer and rich, very richer.which sucks as a economy.

  • Dale Jensen
    Dale Jensen 16 days ago

    That would be Arizona..not new Mexico

  • TheMalamuerte
    TheMalamuerte 17 days ago

    About the lookalike falcon ship from star wars wasn't really at the base, that image was found on the Baltic ocean when they used a sided scan sonar.

  • Jayden Ham
    Jayden Ham 17 days ago +1

    They’ll still see dinosaurs, so I don’t think they’ll strike until about 5 million years later

  • T Thinker
    T Thinker 18 days ago

    Your opening statement "... is there other intelligent life out there?" assumes there is intelligent life here. I have found no evidence to support that hypothesis. Proof of un-intelligent life is supported by these many ads for CRTV.

  • Taryn Rain
    Taryn Rain 18 days ago

    how do you know this!!!!1

  • Lil Bean
    Lil Bean 18 days ago

    Nasca lines are made for pointing to water.

  • Aaron Schwing
    Aaron Schwing 18 days ago

    Methane is carbon based...

  • richkingb01
    richkingb01 18 days ago

    Sci man dans video is more entertaining than this nonsense

  • Marcial Ramos
    Marcial Ramos 18 days ago

    Santoro still active after been proven to be a fraud, wow.

  • Kenneth see
    Kenneth see 19 days ago

    Wait for it aliens boohya don't mess this like you did with Nemo - ( good feathers igeons.bolt,circa 2000)

    • Kenneth see
      Kenneth see 19 days ago

      Crop circles are alien graffiti

  • D4RKplayz
    D4RKplayz 19 days ago

    We are ready for aliens. We are rational in-discriminative and I don’t care what people say about the PAST where A *_MINORITY_* where bad people.
    Open your eyes.

  • Peyote Pete
    Peyote Pete 19 days ago

    To bad there isn't intelligent life on Earth

    BIONIX 20 days ago

    10. The universe is technically infinite
    9. The universe is technically infinite
    8. The universe is technically infinite
    7. The universe is technically infinite
    6. The universe is technically infinite
    5. The universe is technically infinite
    4. The universe is technically infinite
    3. The universe is technically infinite
    2. The universe is technically infinite
    1. The universe is technically infinite

  • George Deming
    George Deming 20 days ago

    dont all militery bases have signs about leathal force on tresspassers?

  • the nerd of the century

    The govt is hiding something for sure

  • Gregory Brown
    Gregory Brown 21 day ago

    Hope they kill us all

  • Badboy17 Allen
    Badboy17 Allen 21 day ago

    Learning about the universe and space is so fun to know about 💯

  • tim johansen
    tim johansen 21 day ago

    #11 people really wish they did exists.

  • Benjamin Holmes
    Benjamin Holmes 21 day ago

    Would anything in this video hold up on court? Nope, all stories and guesses. We need proof. Go watch secureteam10. Best alien related sight on YT.

  • Lilsk8board shawty
    Lilsk8board shawty 21 day ago

    Mathew has all white eyes lol

  • MoonEyes2k
    MoonEyes2k 22 days ago

    Drakes equation does not produce a "highly likely" number. The parameters are highly variable, and using the original equation can, depending, give a number ranging from 50,000,000 at the maximum to 20 at a minimum. The equation has since been updated but the values, which to a large degree rely on assumptions, can still have a VERY wide range, and so you can use the same equation to yield numbers ranging from N > 1, that is, anything from "we are alone in this galaxy" to "there is a guarantee of other civilizations".
    "The government had to classify them as "unidentified"...as in a UFO, you mean? Which means "thing in the air that we don't know what it is". No, it does NOT mean "space ship" or "flying saucer", but literally "thing in the air that we don't know what it is"(flight is controlled...a weather balloon, for instance, or a leaf, is not controlled, and so does not fly)
    I'm not even going to COMMENT on the crop circles, because *really*?
    Area 51 is a grid number reference! It's called ""Groom Lake Detachment, Edwards Air Force Base"...it even have an airport code, or ICAO(KXTA, incidentally). Groom Lake was, among other things, the home base for the A-12 "OXCART" spyplanes, the pre-cursor to the SR-71 Blackbird.
    "Forming 300 geoglyphs" "And consists of massive designs and motifs". No, not really. Most of them are just lines or, at best, geometric figures. The "designs and motifs" number about 70. As for the size, the bioglyphs can reach as much as 1200 feet. The longest actual geoglyphs? Are up to 30 miles, being straight lines. The figure is not known as the "astronaut" but as the "human". And, no. They were, at best, meant to be viewed from nearby hilltops, where you can easily see them. Incidentally, Peru is far from the only place where geo/bioglyphs have been inscribed. Britain, for instance, is home to a number of White Horses, the most famous probably the one in Uffington.
    There is no proof that there was ANY form of life on Mars, and it's is a practical guarantee that there was NO higher life of any form.
    "The men in black came to scare people into silence" which would then beg the question...how is it that they're known? Yeah...that makes perfect sense, right? The person supposedly scared into silence talks about it...and there are no repercussions?
    The concept of a non-Earth-style life is completely valid, but isn't necessarily something that would show up on Earth. It is, in fact, highly UNlikely that it would, for exactly the reason that it wouldn't a form of life that could easily, if at all, function on Earth.
    "One of the most well-known alien abductions" SUPPOSEDLY happened to...there's a large amount of difference between something that happened and something that someone CLAIMED happen. As for Waltons job, while the Apache-Sitgreaves national forest does cover part of New Mexico, Walton was in Arizona, specifically close to the town of Snowflake. That job was running out of time, there was a deadline coming up and Walton and his work-mates would not make that dead-line, leaving them with less money. It should also be noted that, not two weeks earlier, an NBC tv-movie had aired about an alien abduction...this isn't proof of anything, but certain could give someone an idea for how to delay the job noted.
    The Chiles-Whitted encounter which was, by the successor to the very Project Sign that was used as "evidence" in point 9, determined to have been a bolide meteor? The one where Chiles and Whitted couldn't actually agree on what they'd seen, with Whitted claiming the windows you mention, and Chiles instead claiming that the center section was transparent? That Chiles-Whitted encounter?

  • Amilcar Ventura
    Amilcar Ventura 22 days ago

    Hey Santoro,one of the best proof is the octupus DNA!

  • Roman Ibrahimov
    Roman Ibrahimov 22 days ago

    He comes from a place where caillou came from

  • Roman Ibrahimov
    Roman Ibrahimov 22 days ago

    In me mums car broom broom

  • CGI Future
    CGI Future 22 days ago

    What if our government is actually aliens

  • Juliett 1313
    Juliett 1313 23 days ago

    Exactly! The prob with mankind is that we always assume that WE are the center of everything and that everything must be the way WE assume it to be.
    BUT heres the thing, non Earth "life" would most likely NOT be like us. Other planets (and maybe even other dimensions) are most likely nothing like us and our planet. Therefore other life forms are most likely nothing like us but would be much different. If u want to get real technical, fire is "life". It eats ( consumes fuel), breathes ( uses a gas to exist), grows ( gets bigger if healthy), and dies. So basically fire is a form of life.
    Other life forms may not be carbon based, maybe they are water, fire or gas based. maybe they dont even have a physical form that we can see or perceive. Maybe they consume other types of fuel to live like fire does.
    We have to stop insisting that WE are the strongest and most intelligent beings out there, because I really think when we are finally contacted by other life, its going to be much more of a shock then we think it will be.
    After all, remember it has already been proven by science that dolphins are far more intelligent then we are when compared to us on our own man made scales. Maybe there is a reason they haven't bothered to try to take over already.

  • Jemima J
    Jemima J 23 days ago

    Alien looks smarter than us, after seeing all the space ships and other things they'v made

  • flipflopsneeded
    flipflopsneeded 24 days ago +1

    You gave no evidence just speculation. Your fans needs something more tangible.

  • Amilcar Ventura
    Amilcar Ventura 24 days ago +1

    Hey Santoro, tell me something new!

  • Coper Rupcroft
    Coper Rupcroft 24 days ago

    I’m all for the government hiding stuff and all but every military base in the world will shoot and all that jazz if u trespass

  • Coper Rupcroft
    Coper Rupcroft 24 days ago

    The human race is a failure

  • Asm nafis Iqbal
    Asm nafis Iqbal 24 days ago

    lol walton is a famous company in here

  • Akash yadav
    Akash yadav 24 days ago

    Aliens love US?