10 Pieces of Evidence Aliens Exist!


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  • mmtrr 1923
    mmtrr 1923 31 minute ago

    I find this topic interesting, but the extent that people take these theories and ideas to astounds me. How paranoid can a human being become to believe some of the more “compelling” theories? I still love ufology dearly but some in the vast community seem to be rather gullible.

  • Felix.
    Felix. 6 hours ago

    Aliens do exist and they're alot more smart then us...

  • uttaradit2
    uttaradit2 10 hours ago

    his teeth are alienating

  • ßönêz ßïtçh

    Your shirt is making me tripp out man

  • SuperNStarTrek Videos

    Walton probably saw The U.S.S.ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-D SAUCER SECTION

  • Brumski
    Brumski 2 days ago

    Why did you made this video “creepy”

  • sSeekforUrMOM
    sSeekforUrMOM 2 days ago

    My man is an alien

  • Rob Bleeker
    Rob Bleeker 3 days ago

    In the Area 51 item... : at 4:36 you are showing a photo of a "supposedly" alien craft, stored in a hangar on the facility.... (1st anomaly)... This can be debunked straight away ... That is a photo of something allegedly found on the bottom of the Baltic Sea

  • xyperox
    xyperox 3 days ago

    Strange how all abduction and UFO talk is based around USA like there is no other place on Earth except America.... Like America has best UFO landings or what? At least we on other continents are safe we dont have any UFOs

  • Anthony Doe
    Anthony Doe 3 days ago +2

    We are Aliens to Aliens...... let that sink in.

  • Gingou G2
    Gingou G2 3 days ago

    3:28 alien smokes too

  • Mondo 357
    Mondo 357 4 days ago

    No such thing as aliens or UFO's. By the way, ALL crop circles can be explained!

  • Ian H
    Ian H 5 days ago

    You Are an alien

  • Marij Uddin
    Marij Uddin 5 days ago

    0:27 I don't think Drake will be happy after seeing this..

  • Hans Schultz
    Hans Schultz 5 days ago

    Question: Why are you at 11:25 showing the sign of a church in Russia protected by Unesco. I am sure you could find the actual sign belonging to the site if you looked into it, so am I right in thinking that this is simple repeating stuff without bothering to actually check it?

  • Rajat Mishra
    Rajat Mishra 5 days ago

    yes, there many aliens life form in the universe and government had discovered some alines n I am from India but I love my cultural but the facts there is no god . did u all know humans are most powerful being in the universe because we got most powerful thing in our body is our brain. people don't understand that what they have got . most interesting point is the god we r worshiping them from 1000of years we still don't y they were here for a vacation no for something they don't have brain in every religion or god books u find That the god son or gods come inform humans this means they're​ highbridgeing us from the beginning . n humans body is not capable of using his brain at his best because our brain products Powerful energy that can destory our body .

  • Saqlain Ramzan
    Saqlain Ramzan 6 days ago

    you do look like an alien

    FORTNITEBUILDS ! 6 days ago

    Drake hot line bing equation

  • Animated Subz
    Animated Subz 6 days ago

    Well space is unending isn't it? I'm sure we're not the only ones alive in all that space

  • KatBerryz
    KatBerryz 6 days ago

    Just when u thought u were alone

    Poops pants* Oh no somebody was recording meh

  • Briunna Hicks
    Briunna Hicks 6 days ago

    Drake killed xx tentacion

  • mike
    mike 6 days ago

    What if the goverment hoax it to cover up the real crop circles?

  • dmark David
    dmark David 6 days ago +1

    Forget about "alone in space" question.The best and directly relevant question is; Are we alone on Earth?

  • John Jay
    John Jay 7 days ago

    The Nazca Lines can be seen AND could easily have been designed from vantage points on nearby inclined, hills and numerous mountainous hills.

  • Ibrahim Imran
    Ibrahim Imran 7 days ago

    is this real

  • epic guy and me
    epic guy and me 7 days ago

    The ailians are humans theth are travaling back in time

  • FurryFace
    FurryFace 7 days ago

    this Guy looks like an Alien , i've never seen anyone from Earth talking like that , those Big Eyes and Pointy Ears and Super Pronounced speech

  • Detrickz
    Detrickz 8 days ago

    3:25 I wanna be abducted by that ship. Looks like they know how to have a good time.

  • Scott  Macleod
    Scott Macleod 8 days ago

    Number two...they are breaking and damageing the stocks, man made and unexplained the same. Listen carefully for bs.

  • Meme Meme
    Meme Meme 8 days ago

    I agree, we are the aliens.

  • Jasmine Rodriguez
    Jasmine Rodriguez 9 days ago

    My question is why have they been coming back and forth to earth studying us for soo long?🤔 what are their intentions? Will they one day destroy us ? Or will they save us?... I feel that aliens do have a plan for us. There was this man that had an encounter with aliens one time.. The alien told him " Here is the cure to all illnesses. But we're not giving it to you because you're not suppose to be I'll."🤔🤔strange indeed.. I wonder what the future holds? I think aliens will come to this earth and show themselves.. But for now I believe they're studying us and making plans...👽👽👽👽

  • Albrecht Jairuss Garpida


  • Subhajit Das
    Subhajit Das 10 days ago

    Ufos or aliens will be seen very often after few years

  • GenkoNoMiko
    GenkoNoMiko 10 days ago

    I've heard a theory that Mars is a glimpse of Earth's future. There is evidence that life existed on Mars before the beginning of life on Earth. By the time life was established on Earth, Mars' resources were already depleted and life vanished (whether the lifeforms died out, moved on to different planets, or even came to Earth to create us is debatable). Nonetheless, it is believed that whatever happened to life on Mars may happen to us too in the next so many years.

  • The Shadow
    The Shadow 11 days ago +2

    I actually thought that this was vsauce

  • Anthony
    Anthony 11 days ago +1

    people people.... it doesn't matter what you think, the reality is that aliens exist and there's nothing you can do about it... keep believing what ur told sheeple and move along!

  • Kiki . youtube the adorable cat

    Any chance are you coyote Peterson without his hat you look a lot like them and if you are here I'm a big fan of you

  • KJCP
    KJCP 12 days ago

    Amazing how anytime you're watching something like this TVclip does that thing where the screen goes black hoping you'll become disinterested

  • Dbailey678
    Dbailey678 13 days ago

    What if we’re the aliens

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 13 days ago

    You look like Mac miller

  • ‘ Memexei ‘
    ‘ Memexei ‘ 14 days ago

    9:07 I love and I’m obsessed with aliens, I love astronomy and chilling unknown stuff and I was born on November 5th.
    It’s destiny.

    SOLJAH 14 days ago


  • Anand 857
    Anand 857 14 days ago

    Did you know why aliens dont visit us its because we must be the dumbest creatures in the whole multi verse and thats a fact!

  • Dante Belcher
    Dante Belcher 14 days ago +1

    The problem with a lot of this “proof” is that it isn’t actually proof. For example, you pointed out how crop circles exist, great, but can you actually demonstrate that it was aliens who did it? Just because phenomena exist doesn’t automatically mean aliens. Pretty much all the other proof is witness testimony, which isn’t reliable even if the person isn’t intentionally lying and believes what they’re saying.

  • shimel geetan
    shimel geetan 15 days ago

    one of that sign in the crop means open in a lost language

    THILAK KRISHNA 15 days ago +1

    Why do aliens appear or attack only on USA or surrounding areas 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Julia Verga
    Julia Verga 16 days ago

    I know aliens were real

  • Heyo Lol
    Heyo Lol 16 days ago

    They are aliens for us, but maybe, they themselves wonder if we exist.. so we are both aliens..

    D4GAMING ZAC 16 days ago

    He looks like an alien himself

  • Rigelandriek Barte
    Rigelandriek Barte 16 days ago

    Its 100% that aliens could exist because the galaxy is very big and many planets can support life though

  • Valentin Jianu
    Valentin Jianu 17 days ago

    2016 anyone?

    Oh yeah i forgot

  • Astral Worm
    Astral Worm 17 days ago

    What if these 'aliens' are humans from the future and using time travel to come 'back in time' for their holidays!?

    • GenkoNoMiko
      GenkoNoMiko 10 days ago

      Pretty sure I've heard this somewhere before. XD Like aliens are future humans coming back to make sure we develop correctly. :P It's a really cool theory if I do say so myself.

  • Buzz Brew
    Buzz Brew 18 days ago +1

    Idiots what if aliens do exist but never travel here and r like us wondering if there's life in a other planet

  • REDBONE 2004
    REDBONE 2004 18 days ago +2

    So uhh are we just going to ignore the fact that the so called "crop circle" at 3:23 is a F*CKING ALIEN SMOKING A PIPE

  • GooNiES31563
    GooNiES31563 19 days ago

    I wish my balding head was as nice as yours

  • AgoldOVERWATCH player
    AgoldOVERWATCH player 19 days ago

    Lol the drake equation, i thought that was an album by drake at first

  • Plotthoundboy 1
    Plotthoundboy 1 19 days ago

    Why do alien videos have to be so creepy

  • Dylan Anderson
    Dylan Anderson 20 days ago

    Aliens, we live on Mars there are no going back.

  • jhcfight
    jhcfight 20 days ago

    Not seen any evidence yet, and funny how you don't see the contradiction between number 1 with number 8.

  • bendy tv
    bendy tv 20 days ago

    The drake?

  • wesleykop1992
    wesleykop1992 20 days ago

    Infinite planets and not a single one is inhabited.... sure

  • abdinoor ahmed
    abdinoor ahmed 20 days ago +1

    most of us be like "wish aliens Visited us" and destroy country X, lol

  • ezrin1921
    ezrin1921 20 days ago +1

    This guy looks freaky when his eyes goes wide open almost bulge like

  • Am I a modern Londoner?

    Good video ! Your teeth are so nice!!

  • Foxy Girl3636
    Foxy Girl3636 21 day ago

    I don't understand anything but i understand everytime he say alien😂👽

  • jjammmees
    jjammmees 21 day ago

    I’m alien

  • Jas on
    Jas on 21 day ago

    Planes weren’t “designed and built there” they were built in California, and tested and flown at “area 51”

  • Young Rapx
    Young Rapx 21 day ago +1

    Boy yo camera quality good 😂

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky 21 day ago

    I'm an alien. I'm from the planet nipnop.. I'm trying to find a nice human female will let me nop her nips. I do have a pic if any female is interested. 👾

  • William Layton
    William Layton 22 days ago

    if you think about it all life is an alien like if we came to an alien planet they would consider us aliens

  • nat O'Connor
    nat O'Connor 22 days ago +1

    You are an alien!

  • Iolo Thomas
    Iolo Thomas 22 days ago

    Jump off a bridge

  • HomiedinoboyRBLX
    HomiedinoboyRBLX 22 days ago

    I’ve seen a Extra Terrestrials documentary

  • Valentin Roesler
    Valentin Roesler 22 days ago

    The photo that is suppost to be from the hangar is actually an anomalie in antarctica. Still aliens tho...

  • World Of Tank Blitz Daily Gameplay

    Over reacting while talking become more pretentious

  • Vince Marianbores
    Vince Marianbores 22 days ago

    I always thouht yòu were a readonable person. It seems you feel off the deep end. Mellenium Falcon? Really?

  • Miss Miles
    Miss Miles 23 days ago

    can you open your mouth a bit wider??

  • Paul Schrimscher
    Paul Schrimscher 23 days ago

    At 4:31 this same image was also found in the Baltic sea, and oddly enough can be seen on astronaut ufo footage. hmmmm.

  • Southernburrito
    Southernburrito 23 days ago

    Zimbabwe mass sighting incident witnessed by innocent children. A #6 on the Hynek Scale.

  • Tania PinkSky
    Tania PinkSky 24 days ago

    Intelligent life ‘out there’? I’m beginning to wonder if it exists on earth....the world is getting crazier by the minute lol 😂

  • Liss Firefly
    Liss Firefly 24 days ago

    Crop Circles are debunked...

  • BeLikeQuincy
    BeLikeQuincy 24 days ago +1

    what if we’re the aliens and took over Earth?

  • Brian Fromps
    Brian Fromps 25 days ago

    Jesus Christ are using a weird filter on ur face

  • Shantorey Wilkins
    Shantorey Wilkins 25 days ago


  • thug nigga gangster
    thug nigga gangster 26 days ago

    Dude look like a alien 👽 himself

  • Lochen Dude
    Lochen Dude 26 days ago

    Crop circles? Really? Next!

  • DarkMythicalWolfYT Kuroko

    Bugs might be aliens

  • 101Razgriz
    101Razgriz 27 days ago

    So your evidence is the same "evidence" that dozens of others have claimed over oh so many years. Wow. Such evidence. Much facts. Many Infos which I have heard millins of times....what a waste of time and...I nearly said effort.

  • nepenthes
    nepenthes 27 days ago

    I have my own theory. Though I believe aliens from other planets do exist, I also believe the ones that regurlay visit us, have operation bases on the moon and mars, are nothing but humans from the future, with time travel capabilities, that have come back in time to visit Earth and maybe make sure something happens here that will allow us to evolve to such a point. I just think these guys might be nostalgic, since they come and go without any agression. Has this ever crossed anyone's mind too?

    • GenkoNoMiko
      GenkoNoMiko 10 days ago

      I heard this theory somewhere before and I think it's very possible. :)

  • * Iconic *
    * Iconic * 27 days ago +1

    A notification saying "youtube has stopped" has popped up about 7 times during this video

  • Nora Brooks
    Nora Brooks 28 days ago

    6:56 whoever watched Fringe knows that they maybe observers

  • Dalton Casto
    Dalton Casto 28 days ago +1

    How could you forget Europa? 😂 That’s literally one of our best chances at finding alien life forms.

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson 28 days ago +1

    So... where is the evidence of which you speak?

  • Johnny Almeida
    Johnny Almeida 28 days ago

    number 11 is the existence of all Octopoda on earth

  • Kevin Murray
    Kevin Murray 29 days ago

    Travis Walton admitted he falsified the account because he was trying to put a book out to become an author, he's an accomplished author today. Fire In The Sky, DEBUNKED BY Travis Walton himself.

  • James Bryan
    James Bryan 29 days ago +1

    Wouldn't we be aliens if aliens found us?

  • Martian
    Martian Month ago +2


  • Enigmas Of The Universe

    Scott C Warren is a HUGE joke to the serious ufology community !

  • FeelsGoodMan
    FeelsGoodMan Month ago

    u are talking like alien

  • FeelsGoodMan
    FeelsGoodMan Month ago

    u are looking to the camera like alien