10 Pieces of Evidence Aliens Exist!

  • Published on Apr 13, 2017
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Comments • 9 230

  • Sam Nigam
    Sam Nigam Day ago

    Project Blue Book or Sign was nothing but Project lies. It was nothing but a scientific cover up on the existence on UFOs and ET's. If one has seen PROJECT BLUE BOOK SCIFACT UFO TV DRAMA ON HISTORY CHANNEL he'll understand what iam trying to tell.

  • mjgarrett9885ify
    mjgarrett9885ify 2 days ago

    why are people still trying to prove alien life exists ? They do get over it .

  • Hunter Campbell
    Hunter Campbell 2 days ago +1

    Where's the battle of Los Angeles??

  • Diem Bommarito
    Diem Bommarito 3 days ago

    Thanks I'm convinced!

  • futurevegan
    futurevegan 4 days ago

    “The government looked into X, and couldn’t explain it, therefore aliens exist and are visiting us.”

  • Emiel333 Official
    Emiel333 Official 8 days ago

    So number 10 was a flying sausage instead of a flying saucer...

  • madaline foster
    madaline foster 9 days ago

    Please don’t yell/talk so loud

  • yettabetta86
    yettabetta86 10 days ago

    We appreciate u Matt!

  • Amnesiac Angel
    Amnesiac Angel 13 days ago

    Methane lakes = evidence aliens exist. Not confirming 20% of crop circles = aliens. Not knowing anything about area 51 = aliens. Basically this entire video is garbage you're just saying "A lack of evidence = evidence of aliens". This video should be titled, "How to use logical fallacies to manipulate people and get likes". I am a firm believer in the possibility of aliens, so when I find videos like this it truly irritates me this is tabloid level trash at best.

  • Shard The Fox
    Shard The Fox 14 days ago

    If the universe is so big, there has to be millions of other alien species, there could even be an interstellar war happening right now.

  • Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee 14 days ago

    the topic you talk about the google earth melinium falcon look a like is the baltic sea anomoly. those or radr images from the bottom of the baltic not from any hangar you dufus

  • First Last
    First Last 16 days ago

    Aliens: *watches our countless alien invasion movies in which we exterminate them*
    Aliens: "Nvm..."

  • Zombie Revolverheld
    Zombie Revolverheld 18 days ago

    This guy such an unbelievable tool. 🤦‍♂️

  • Marco Cedrick Antonio
    Marco Cedrick Antonio 19 days ago

    Be careful The Desiccator may leave you into madness

  • buster
    buster 20 days ago

    Did we land on the moon? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Charley Dickson
    Charley Dickson 21 day ago

    I love the way that scientists are always looking for life on other planets based on the parameters that it takes to sustain life on THIS planet. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • BSFNadeJumps
    BSFNadeJumps 22 days ago


  • Kerann Noggle
    Kerann Noggle 24 days ago

    Tbh I do believe aliens exist. I mean, we are a small Galaxy in space with infinite other galaxies. We can't be the only planet in all of the galaxies to support life. And honestly, a planet doesn't have to be like earth to support life, it would just support a different type of life. Most of humanity is just too small minded to see that there is other things out there than just us..

  • Sreyas QUICK IRON
    Sreyas QUICK IRON 24 days ago

    Ur eyes are huge

  • Cadet of PCSC 14609
    Cadet of PCSC 14609 24 days ago

    ganjay hahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Rachael Van M
    Rachael Van M 24 days ago

    I have 1 big proof Aliens Havnt ever visit earth. If they had Trump Tottaly would have tweeted about it by now.

  • Asm nafis Iqbal
    Asm nafis Iqbal 26 days ago

    ayy lamo

  • obiwanfisher537
    obiwanfisher537 26 days ago

    Oh cmon, nothing original in this video. Its like the top ten of the best known alien stereotypical "facts". Like Area 51 and corn crops.

  • Sanyo Dsouza
    Sanyo Dsouza 29 days ago

    You're a alien

  • BioX- Mythic
    BioX- Mythic 29 days ago +1

    We are aliens we just call our selfs humans if u think about it in a way 😂

  • lynchmob extreme sports

    Please say Nevada correctly it's not nevahdah

  • Big Man
    Big Man Month ago

    We are probably viruses

  • Kai Young
    Kai Young Month ago


  • TheOdd1IsTheIn Wear your seat

    In the beginning im like no thanks im good lmao

    APHRODITEEEEEE Month ago +1


  • kevin johannessen
    kevin johannessen Month ago +1

    wtf at 6:57 thats from the tv series fringe :P

  • Pavitra Patel
    Pavitra Patel Month ago +1

    Of Course Aliens Exist
    Look At Yourself Matthew

  • Sarah the Flame pup

    The first person to reply to my comment is stupid

  • jairo Sanchez
    jairo Sanchez Month ago +2

    What if the Nazca lines are type of star mapping they didn't know about Greek gods mythology star map we use today

  • Eagles Landin
    Eagles Landin Month ago +2

    Lol @ 3:27
    Alien smoking a pipe.
    Aliens would definitely be pot heads if they travelled all this distance.
    Got some space weed for me bro?

  • Claymoreking YT
    Claymoreking YT Month ago

    I dont need a evidence. I know they live and i accepted that noone will every believe me.
    More friends for me!

  • Dad Bra
    Dad Bra Month ago

    Another tinfoil flatard putting other people's videos together without any original

  • Seu Jorge
    Seu Jorge Month ago

    Why do we have to see your face if it has nothing to with the topics?

  • gas-powered-crusader

    I'm alone regardless if these aliens exist or not.

    MR SICKLES Month ago

    We are already enslaved by aliens without having the actual knowledge due to the government keeping big secrets

  • Daniel Cumberland
    Daniel Cumberland Month ago

    so we're is the evidence of aliens from out a space.

  • Raymond Arreazola jr

    We are all aliens we still live on a planet and we are still life in the universe

  • Steven Jones
    Steven Jones Month ago +1

    This isn't evidence, this is stories from other people... Where's the evidence?

  • Luke Wilson
    Luke Wilson Month ago +2

    I’m sorry, but most of this isn’t proof at all

  • Jet Genanda
    Jet Genanda Month ago

    those undesirable Aliens

  • Michael Nunya
    Michael Nunya Month ago

    When life first developed on earth Oxygen was toxic to it. So life does not need oxygen to develop.

  • luna sky
    luna sky Month ago

    There are ordinary people out there who know that UFOs and aliens exist,some even have proof,but what do u do with this evidence, tell authorities, who tell us nothing,tell people they would say ur nuts,if u haven't been harmed by what u saw,why tell people who may cause what u saw any harm.there are a few people out there who know exactly what I mean

  • zerocooljpn
    zerocooljpn Month ago

    hmmm your definition of the word "evidence" is not correct I think

  • Isaac Durrani
    Isaac Durrani Month ago

    Aliens. are. not. real

  • Zed 9659903
    Zed 9659903 Month ago

    I'm an Alien?

  • Nigel Griffiths
    Nigel Griffiths Month ago

    Top marks great video you're quite right there must be something out there who knows

  • ApolloVZ •
    ApolloVZ • Month ago +2

    I actually saw a UFO when I was about 9 or 10,Night time at like 6 or 7 PM I was playing on the sand at the beach when I saw in the sky a mysterious red light slowly moving South West, It wasnt a drone. It was too high up in the sky, nor a plane, but when it went above a cloud, it disappeared. I dont have evidence of this, just wanted to share it. ( I'm not good with English so dont mind the wrong spellings )

  • dee boy2
    dee boy2 Month ago

    Huuu ni ungese😀

  • First Music
    First Music Month ago

    I saw UFOS more than 10 times

  • Axado Nado
    Axado Nado Month ago

    *_The Nazca line are just earth's tattoos..._*

  • A Handsome Turtle
    A Handsome Turtle Month ago

    I remember when i was drunk and was chillin at the roof i saw a blinking lights passes by in zigzag motion.

  • MrPhotographer4
    MrPhotographer4 Month ago

    Aliens do not exist only Demons.

    • Freedom Anderson
      Freedom Anderson 28 days ago

      There is no evidence supporting the existence of demons.

  • Sam Dilworth
    Sam Dilworth Month ago

    Ive been saying that all along, our habitable zone could be 100% different then another life forms habitable zone. I guarantee there is a alien life out there looking for life in the universe and wouldnt even give earth a second look because their probably thinking who the hell could be h20 based and live. Over Millions and Billions of years, life can be created out of anything, its the universe's destiny to create life and it will do everything in its power to create it.

  • Sam Dilworth
    Sam Dilworth Month ago

    4:15 on the bottom left looks just like the Anomaly found in the Baltic Sea

  • scylla019
    scylla019 Month ago

    2:06 Rob Schneider? Thought he was making another summer flick with Adam Sandler

  • FNB_Twix
    FNB_Twix Month ago

    We are not intelligent

  • Paul Francis111
    Paul Francis111 Month ago

    I am so motivated by this I've actually gone into how this not only is very real but how its affected us as a living system today

  • Rowan Govender
    Rowan Govender Month ago

    Why is it that people who are abducted, are mostly White.

  • Kevin Hamer
    Kevin Hamer Month ago

    Totally bald? Definatly aliens.

  • Peter van Wyk
    Peter van Wyk 2 months ago

    It has not been debated for hundreds of years, it has been debated since alien movies came out

  • Mister Evil
    Mister Evil 2 months ago


  • Toxic Memes
    Toxic Memes 2 months ago

    Boi we already got evidence of aliens, look who’s talking.

  • ADF 10
    ADF 10 2 months ago

    Why is his head upside down?

  • John Gaines
    John Gaines 2 months ago

    looking at these comments prove there may not be intelligent life on this planet.

  • GalaxinaFan
    GalaxinaFan 2 months ago +1

    Something being classed as Unidentified, or circles in crops, does not equal Aliens

  • Fartbut
    Fartbut 2 months ago +1

    This is soo good i am going to use it ina school report and i will say it is by you Mathew

  • spillerxxxxx
    spillerxxxxx 2 months ago

    What a bold clown

  • Good Guy
    Good Guy 2 months ago

    But bacteria was discovered on Mars by space travelling robots sent by American scientists so life has already been found there but not in the complex form.

  • Red Vanderbilt
    Red Vanderbilt 2 months ago

    Why do humans create crop circles, I mean wtf they should stop confusing the public

  • Jacob Wright
    Jacob Wright 2 months ago

    I don't care if aliens exist as long as they're not xenomorphs

  • James Brown
    James Brown 2 months ago

    Load of rubbish 🖕🖕🖕🖕💩🖕🖕💩

  • Larry House
    Larry House 2 months ago

    Statistically speaking. We should not exist. It's more probable that aliens exist than for us too exist.

  • The JA Studios
    The JA Studios 2 months ago

    Ok im a 10 year old but where is the dream equation or the sleep equation I’m confused

  • Dark Elf
    Dark Elf 2 months ago

    of course I watch this at night ugh

  • Dakota Kirk
    Dakota Kirk 2 months ago

    They're nothing but fallen angels or created by Government Jesus Christ is savior and hes on his way soon

  • David Bourg
    David Bourg 2 months ago

    That was a good ass video

    The BLACK KNIGHT 2 months ago

    7:07 took that from Top5s didnt u?

  • S W
    S W 2 months ago +4

    Matt could be a MIB child.

  • Elizabeth Gant
    Elizabeth Gant 2 months ago

    Hey buddy! The Milky Way has +/- 100 Billion Stars... Many of those stars have multiple planets. Put that in your big, delicious brain!

  • _ Essketit
    _ Essketit 2 months ago

    Aliens: top 10 most destructive species in the universe no1 homo sapiens- they blew themselves up twice

  • Erik Allen
    Erik Allen 2 months ago

    There’s even more evidence for aliens: GTA 5.

  • Kubus77
    Kubus77 2 months ago

    I am very sad seeing how the quality of your videos degraded...
    I once thought you had a knowledge channel but nowadays its just cheap clickbait :(

  • Jesse Obert
    Jesse Obert 2 months ago

    Got stuck reading comments, had to rewatch the video

  • Uwizeramariya Alphonsine
    Uwizeramariya Alphonsine 2 months ago +3

    what if aliens are us .just those one are decendants who are time travelers.

  • Bozo
    Bozo 2 months ago

    Ty now i cant go to the kitchen to get water

  • Deepak Chablani
    Deepak Chablani 2 months ago

    What does US have to do with alien stuff in particular? US is a bunch of amateurs and liars. Proven several times.

  • Doubles Guy
    Doubles Guy 2 months ago

    Matthew Ayylmao

  • Billy Kozuch
    Billy Kozuch 2 months ago

    the pic he says if from Google Earth of a Mellenium Falcon UFO is from underwater sonar pics from a Challenger Deeps aleged crashed UFO

  • А П
    А П 2 months ago

    да я с ними почти каждый день общаюсь, как включу телевизор, так и общаюсь

  • shubh walia
    shubh walia 2 months ago

    u look like one seriously

  • Avinash Singh World
    Avinash Singh World 2 months ago

    you also look lika alien

  • christian Thompson
    christian Thompson 2 months ago

    What if aliens can shape shift? Look like humans and rest among us as one of us and we don't know. Or what if there are literally shape shifted aliens in the government? (Just a theory of course, nothing more)

  • John Ndlovu
    John Ndlovu 2 months ago

    Dude you barely blink are you sure you're not a reptile? Lol your facial expressions