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Jack Nicholson - The Man, The Myth, The Legend

  • Published on Nov 30, 2017
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  • cruella de vil
    cruella de vil Hour ago

    he's a great actor but a creep

  • Julia Mimi
    Julia Mimi 3 hours ago

    Creepy grandpa

  • Joseph Reynolds
    Joseph Reynolds 8 hours ago

    Cool vid.

  • Bendak Starkiller
    Bendak Starkiller 10 hours ago

    3:20 What a looser David Spade is. How the fuck can you call yourself a man and allow smth like that. Worst case scenario he could beat him up, he's like 30 years younger than him...

  • a alh
    a alh 10 hours ago

    Future Headline: 29 women accuse Jack Nicholson of sexual harassment when they were bla bla bla in 19xx 😂

  • Ill Saliva
    Ill Saliva 12 hours ago

    Jack ‘Louis CK’ Nicholson

  • Ted Kassiotis
    Ted Kassiotis Day ago

    You can get away with being a creepy old man if you're rich I guess. Ugh.

  • bmillerdrums
    bmillerdrums Day ago

    He has had like 90% of Hollywood hotties. Especially in the 70's,80's,90's... Shit in the 21st century too. I give up. What a fucking stud

  • Alex Ross
    Alex Ross Day ago

    Is it just me who things Conan is a weird creep !

  • Rocco Delong
    Rocco Delong Day ago

    Dane Cook is a Roach

  • Rocco Delong
    Rocco Delong Day ago

    When Jack bombs Laurence in her tranny voice the lil Greek dwarf creams himself like a old sardine LOL

  • Colorado Mountain Man

    click bait asswipes. So, where is Jack? Didn't expect a bunch of third party blathering!

  • TheRantingBoy
    TheRantingBoy Day ago

    Does Jennifer Lawrence say "your being really rude" to Jack?

    • Schindler’s Pissed
      Schindler’s Pissed Day ago +1

      She doesn’t mean it in a demeaning way, she says it as a joke. Just look at what Jack said to her before hand.

  • John Sanders
    John Sanders 4 days ago

    Any of these things happened today he would be kicked out of Hollywood

  • Husk
    Husk 4 days ago +1

    Jack I'm a pedophile so I'm staying out of the lime-light with a tunnel from my GODDAM mansion to the Playboy mansion

    This Comment will age well

  • john garth
    john garth 4 days ago

    Jack is the fucking man!

  • Dude Alias
    Dude Alias 5 days ago +1

    Living proof you can be the confident person you can be even at age 90 or whatever jacks age is

    • DumDum
      DumDum 3 days ago

      yea if you are Jack Nicholson

  • Journey95 Far
    Journey95 Far 5 days ago +2

    He is a legend, one of the best actors ever

  • Hugo Marques
    Hugo Marques 5 days ago

    how he still did not get accused in the me too movement?

    • Lizard Wizard
      Lizard Wizard 5 days ago +2

      because he's upfront and half-joking and doesn't expose himself lol.

  • Hugo Marques
    Hugo Marques 5 days ago +1

    more like the Jack Nicholson, the addict

  • John Smithee
    John Smithee 5 days ago +28

    Jack Nicholson doesn't do Cocaine...
    Cocaine does Jack Nicholson

    • Clarence Boddicker
      Clarence Boddicker 3 days ago +1

      Jack looks different in this video, has he changed his hairstyle or something?, gotta love Jack though, the mans a legend.

  • G F
    G F 6 days ago

    Yep. Jack and Trump. Both gross old horn dogs

    • G F
      G F 2 days ago

      Ulysses432 So true. I see what you mean. But trust me, Jack is pretty much a sleazeball. Just listen to what Robin Williams says about him.

    • Ulysses432
      Ulysses432 2 days ago

      G F Jack (nor his family) never assaulted a woman, paid them hush money or sold out his country to her enemies. Trump couldn't be Jack in his dreams. Besides, Trump's too busy dreaming about being Putin.

  • Zach Haywood
    Zach Haywood 8 days ago +6

    There's legends, and then there's Nicholson.

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 9 days ago +1

    The legend, indeed.

  • Sean Beads
    Sean Beads 9 days ago

    Whos the first guy? looks like Luke Rockhold

    • Breno Bonfim
      Breno Bonfim 9 days ago

      Haven't you watched The Dark Knight?

  • Greg McCartney
    Greg McCartney 9 days ago +4

    The man, the myth, the loon.

  • Lu Cha
    Lu Cha 10 days ago

    Named my son Jack. I trust he will do the name well.

  • Trainspotter82
    Trainspotter82 10 days ago

    Touch of sex pest about Him, still a legend tho

  • jrw
    jrw 11 days ago +1

    What is the difference between Nicholson and Weinstein in the context of MeToo? Why is one being punished and not the other? Both are powerful men in Hollywood and they both use that to creep on women. From the looks of it, Nicholson has committed 10 times as many felonies as Weinstein.

    • Ulysses432
      Ulysses432 2 days ago +1

      jrw Which felony did Nicholson commit?

    • Keith Moon
      Keith Moon 9 days ago +1

      Reality called. Asked that you get in touch.

  • justicegear
    justicegear 11 days ago +5

    Lol. "Don't run. They'll know it's us who's late. Haha!"

  • TheWimmse
    TheWimmse 12 days ago

    How the FUCK did he not get burried by the #MeToo thing?

  • Angry Ted
    Angry Ted 13 days ago +2

    Jack can act. But "kinda creepy" is an understatement. Not many men can get away with his antics. Maybe he is also a nice and considerate person too, after the flagrant womanising and partying.

  • FP
    FP 13 days ago

    James "fatass" Corden have so f fake smile and that annoying laughing is bad.

  • Raul Torres
    Raul Torres 14 days ago

    Kind of paints Jack as cool douchebag.

  • Rudicon 4U
    Rudicon 4U 15 days ago

    Creepy old cunt

  • Jamie Cook
    Jamie Cook 15 days ago +4

    Sandlers impression of Jack is very minimalistic and accurate

  • Jamie Cook
    Jamie Cook 15 days ago

    There will never be a scandal involving Jack, cause he has fucked everyone!

  • Sarah Parkes
    Sarah Parkes 16 days ago +1

    love Jack

  • Kily Busey Kaufman Thicke Bricht

    The best Jack Nicholson story was the birthday prank Hunter Thompson pulled on Jack in the 1980s. It's a must-read for every Nicholson fan!


  • Corbin Dallas
    Corbin Dallas 16 days ago

    Spades is the best.

  • Osk42
    Osk42 16 days ago

    "... jack?"

  • Richie Burke
    Richie Burke 17 days ago +3

    Geena defo got Jacked!!

      NARKISDUDE 6 days ago

      lol just one magic word: C'MON!

  • Smartzenegger
    Smartzenegger 17 days ago

    All jacked up about Jack?

  • Disembowell
    Disembowell 17 days ago

    "I thought about it."

  • Dino Sabalić
    Dino Sabalić 18 days ago +2

    Never understood wtf people see in Nicholson, good actor o.k. that's where it ends tho.

  • Vivek Khare
    Vivek Khare 19 days ago

    So the point is if you are famous you are allowed to do anything...

  • Pussy PaTroll
    Pussy PaTroll 19 days ago

    I'd be fucking everything too if I was Jack Nicholson.

  • Johnny Beretta
    Johnny Beretta 19 days ago +2

    Ha ! Ha ! Tuna fish sandwiches and milk ! That's Jack !

  • Phil Futer
    Phil Futer 19 days ago

    So... Jack is a dick

  • Mojack
    Mojack 19 days ago

    He's creepy as fuck but somehow i'd feel safe if i were in those situations

  • Mara Costanza
    Mara Costanza 20 days ago


  • broomsterm
    broomsterm 21 day ago

    Nicholson is very creepy with Jennifer Lawrence. An 80 year-old trying to fuck a 25 year-old? Understandable but plainly creepy. The definition of creepy.

    DI ZAZZO 21 day ago

    That reminds me of Butt Head:
    "_ Wash her, and bring her to me.
    _ Huh, huh huh..."

  • Rich Orange
    Rich Orange 21 day ago +2

    I've a Jack Nicholson story ..after The Full Monty(1997) I met the tall Ginger haired actor when I Taxi'd Him down to Sheffield Yorkshire, for a Morning BBC interview in the working Men's Club Full-Monty was shot in. He was in America at an award ceremony & their film was up against one of Jacks ..Jack was glaring at the whole table all night & He was the only one brave enough to stare back! He told Me He was bricking Himself! ^^

    • Harry Caray
      Harry Caray 6 hours ago

      I have a jack nicholson story... I met the a red haired guy from a movie that nobody has ever heard of in my taxi and he told me that once at an awards show in America that jack nicholson stared at him. Great story !!!!!

    • Ulysses432
      Ulysses432 2 days ago

      +Rich Orange I wanted to understand and like this story but I just had no idea what was being told here.

    • Richard Whitehead Orange1968UK
      Richard Whitehead Orange1968UK 12 days ago +1

      @Harry Caray don't you need a douche to go along with that man bag ?

    • Harry Caray
      Harry Caray 12 days ago +1

      I think you need to tell this story when you are sober.

  • Hugo
    Hugo 22 days ago

    And a few years later fkg M2 obsessed feminists will ruin his life

  • Digamas
    Digamas 22 days ago +1

    Jack is a legend, its great that every1 has so much respect for him. A lot of the older Hollywood set need to learn from the master, there's a big difference between being suggestive & being repulsive. Jack is the man.

  • reductio1000
    reductio1000 25 days ago +1

    if jack was 30 today he would be a prime target for the me too list and be called a predator. in the western world men can not longer be men. Mr nicholson i salute you, sir !

  • contact1araya
    contact1araya 26 days ago

    do you know why Jack got Alzheimer's? plausible deniability in the ages of Metoo

  • Steve Dannely for Yang
    Steve Dannely for Yang 27 days ago +2

    He's forward and flirtatious but I wouldn't call him 'creepy' . He is also a total legend.

  • ptroinks
    ptroinks 27 days ago

    If only I had one tenth of one percent of Jack's charisma...

    • Bendak Starkiller
      Bendak Starkiller 9 hours ago

      @ptroinks It is barely any charisma. It's just the halo effect- he is famous, rich, many try to get his attention, so people are flattered to get in contact with him. Charisma is when despite being seemingly an average Joe people are bewitched by you.

    • TrainInVain
      TrainInVain 21 day ago +2

      It's called being a megarich filmstar

  • moon75866
    moon75866 27 days ago +2

    Jack is a classy dude!

  • Banglaroad
    Banglaroad 28 days ago

    Jack Nicholson is a great actor but come don't have to kiss his ass all the time

  • whoa horsey whoa
    whoa horsey whoa 28 days ago +1

    sorry to bust everyones bubble but plenty of women would not sleep with that old wrinkled sack .. EWWWWWWWWWWW gross... great actor yes... rich yes .. famous yes..... but EWWW ! not all women can be bought

  • TJ
    TJ 28 days ago

    Another sexual predator hiding behind fame and money.

  • Mark Reed
    Mark Reed 28 days ago +1

    I dont think there is a super computer made that can calculate how many girls that man has had.

  • RJ MacReady
    RJ MacReady 29 days ago +2

    Imagine Jack and Christopher Walken having a debate.

  • Black Swordsman
    Black Swordsman 29 days ago +3

    Jack Nicholson's casting couch should be on exhibit at the Smithsonian. #touchmetoo

  • TheBrandon425
    TheBrandon425 Month ago

    Creepy with Lawrence.

    • TheBrandon425
      TheBrandon425 29 days ago

      @DevilsBathtub Weinstein probably had the same rationale.

    • DevilsBathtub
      DevilsBathtub 29 days ago

      Trying his luck is all

  • Mark Munn
    Mark Munn Month ago

    Being rich seems to let you off with being creepy... works for Donald Trump as well.

  • Sercin Sercin
    Sercin Sercin Month ago +2

    Damn i hate jennifer lawrence ...

  • BrytheP
    BrytheP Month ago

    ...the paedophile.

  • SealTeam Ryx
    SealTeam Ryx Month ago +3

    Jennifer Lawrence told Jack he was being really rude lol didnt even phase him

  • TheRoyalSun
    TheRoyalSun Month ago +4

    Adam's impression was the effort, no eyebrows, not even close.

  • Jaggy
    Jaggy Month ago +1

    Shit they really all think their gods dont they. Just a bunch of people who wear makeup and lie for a living. Nurses impress the hell out of me, Actors not so much.

  • Elbow Nesdam
    Elbow Nesdam Month ago +1

    I really dislike Americans there all kunts-arse lickers brown noses- the only genuine person is Michael Caine 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿✊

  • Factual Fox
    Factual Fox Month ago +1

    Funny how Jack Nicholson has somehow managed to avoid being caught up in the #MeToo movement. He seems much worse that Harvey Weinstein!

    • Factual Fox
      Factual Fox Day ago

      @Ulysses432 Seduces 2000 women:
      The "and others" didn't mean he preyed on men too. "And others" meant others in show-business also reported on how womanizing Jack is. Maybe you have a thing for Jack Nicholson as you seem to be quite triggered by it. Its not uncommon of rich / powerful / famous men to have seduced countless women.. especially in Hollywood.

    • Ulysses432
      Ulysses432 2 days ago

      @Factual Fox Notice how YOU claim it but have nothing to back it up. Could you link ONE of the "high number" of videos where a woman (and "others"? so - "men" ??) claim he's sexually preyed on them? Don't make a claim and then expect others to do YOUR research. If you can't back up your own statements - then what are you, but a liar? PS presume your name was meant to be ironic.

    • DevilsBathtub
      DevilsBathtub 29 days ago

      @Factual Fox cool like JN cool

    • Factual Fox
      Factual Fox 29 days ago

      @DevilsBathtub Yep, they claim. Although in addition to this, there are also videos of JN acting really predatory and creepy around women. Like i say though, DYOR, don't rely on my accounts.

    • DevilsBathtub
      DevilsBathtub 29 days ago


  • Morten Christensen
    Morten Christensen Month ago +2

    Nicholson brings out the whore in women. Its a gift he has lol

  • Rhys Cory
    Rhys Cory Month ago +1

    OK he is creepy.

    • Francois Genesse
      Francois Genesse 3 days ago

      @liligh Jack wasn't there. He was in Colorado.

    • liligh
      liligh 7 days ago

      Rhys Cory you know the 13 year old roman polansky raped? It was in Jacks house. Why did Jack have 13 year olds in his home?

  • Mike McDermott
    Mike McDermott Month ago

    There’s a fine line between charming and sex offender. It’s called money.

  • Bruce McCluskey
    Bruce McCluskey Month ago

    So Jack is horny hound, who would've have thought that?

  • HP Lovecraft
    HP Lovecraft Month ago

    Jack Nicholson steals your girlfriend? Its a badge of honor!

  • sonicfuker
    sonicfuker Month ago

    Why does Geena Davis look like Bruce Jenner now?

  • Zbriu
    Zbriu Month ago

    He's coming...

  • johnnybgoodeish
    johnnybgoodeish Month ago

    How famous do you have to be, to grab a pussy...............without anyone complaining about it!?

  • salvadormarley
    salvadormarley Month ago

    4:49 I'm surprised that fucking air head even knows who he is.

  • Piwożłop
    Piwożłop Month ago

    my shit just came out of my ass of boredom

  • Nirvana NeverDies
    Nirvana NeverDies Month ago

    Huh...?? 🤨 Do i need to say it?

  • Jamel Ling
    Jamel Ling Month ago

    Lolita Island.

  • George MacDonald
    George MacDonald Month ago

    Geena davis looks like she is wearing a rubber mask of her own face. That folks is what one too many plastic surgeries looks like...

  • Yeshua Vargas
    Yeshua Vargas Month ago +1

    I wonder why no one ever talks about the fact that a 13 year old girl got raped in his house. How's that for homage.

  • Adam Mckenzie
    Adam Mckenzie Month ago +21

    Jenifer Lawrence interview hilarious!! “I thought about it” lol 😂

  • devlin7575
    devlin7575 Month ago

    menousos … why is that person famous?

  • Advanced Raymondology
    Advanced Raymondology Month ago +1

    So much butthurt in the comments. This is the nu-male for ya, afraid to talk to women and hateful of anyone who isn't. Losers actually comparing him to Harvey Weinstein? Uh, there's a difference, you cucks... the women LIKE Jack. Maybe by the Jennifer Lawrence era it was a bit silly of him, he's in his 80s, but he was still doing his thing WELL into his 60s and the women were still loving him. Sorry he didn't just become an old grandpop with no sex drive so a bunch of betas could think he's a good guy. The man is a king. And I'm sure any woman in his bed was there because she wanted to be.

    • Advanced Raymondology
      Advanced Raymondology 29 days ago

      @DevilsBathtub work on my English? Uh, maybe a hyphen between Lawrence and era. What else? Probably could have used an apostrophe with 60's and 80's, same as YOU definitely should have with "you're right," haha.
      What the fuck are you talking about? Wait...oh, you seriously not understand the use of colloquialisms, elliptical sentences and effective sentence fragments in everyday writing? Wow. You must spend a lot of time feeling superior, if that's your criteria. You're totally wrong, by the way. And I'd watch the punctuation in the future if I were you.
      Less chance of looking like a total dick. (See, that's an example of purposeful use of a fragment. When you actually understand the rules of the language, you're allowed a certain...oh, never mind. The characters you meet on TVclip, I'll tell ya. Haha.)

    • DevilsBathtub
      DevilsBathtub 29 days ago

      Youre right, work on your english.

  • Chris Thvedt
    Chris Thvedt Month ago +3

    Damn Jennifer Lawrence is hot 😶

  • Panada Bear
    Panada Bear Month ago

    Was Robin Williams drinking on the Norton show??

  • Watson Everly
    Watson Everly Month ago +1

    what's the difference between a myth and a legend?

    • FartN'Loud
      FartN'Loud Month ago

      I myth has never been confirmed and it's pure hearsay. A legend has merit and can somewhat be proven.

  • Aditya shrivastava
    Aditya shrivastava Month ago

    How is this not part of #metoo

    • jaue82
      jaue82 Month ago

      Cause everybody not sensitive pricks. Gena liked it. As you can tell.

  • Bill DeProspero
    Bill DeProspero Month ago

    Shoulda taken the car over.

  • 23chrisfm
    23chrisfm Month ago

    JLaw looks so much better with that short lesbian hairdo

  • Joy
    Joy Month ago +1

    He does and says whatever the fuck he wants - he's the KING!!!!