Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper @ Sam Elliot Handprint Ceremony

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
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Comments • 30

  • emma A
    emma A 2 months ago

    Both soo Popular in media but lady Gaga in the whole world soo Popular because of her singing voice and style,,, I like so much...

    Krisi_LOVE SRK-ADAM 6 months ago

    11:04-11:05 that moment :)

    JAS JAS 8 months ago +6

    Queen D, I agree with you. It’s almost like they have been told keep the distance. I still believe they have a thing going on. Every time you see Gaga in Bradley’s present she looks like she could just devour him🥰🥰🥰. But then who wouldn’t. They just look
    Like they were meant for each other.

    • Christine Panayiotakakos
      Christine Panayiotakakos 8 months ago

      JAS JAS I agree with this 150%. I get that there are platonic friendships, but the only reason this may be one at the moment is because of their situations. If they didn’t have significant others, they would be a couple without a doubt. I have followed Gaga throughout her career and it’s seldom that you get to see this genuine pure happiness yet every time she around him it’s like she’s full of life again. She does not show this sort of happiness around her fiancé. I believe she loves him because he’s around all the time and she struggles with being lonely, but the kind of love she has for Bradley does not compare. And all though I don’t know Bradley’s tendencies as well as hers, I truly believes he loves her.. but with him having a child, I think he stuck himself in a specific mind state that allows him to keep his focus on doing what is best for the child? It’s all assumptions though.. having said that, I without a doubt can tell that it’s more than platonic. Between the Venice premiere and the official release, it was like the rest of the world didn’t exist for them. Very subtle hints in body language from both of them if you slow down videos of appearances and interviews. There was a change in their behaviour with and around each other at the SAG Q&A which made me wonder if this was around the time that a conversation of their “friendship” came to play. Right after that, she seemed to bring up her fiancé quite often and that’s why the media caught on that she’s engaged, even though she’s had the ring on her finger for over a year.
      At the end of the day, the heart wants what it wants and if they truly cannot be without each other, the world will one day see them as a couple. If not, let it be understood that the love between them is stronger than most of actual couples.

  • Queen D
    Queen D 8 months ago +5

    I have noticed Bradley quickly moves away from Gaga whenever she gets to close for comfort hes quite smart

    • Ana Carla
      Ana Carla 7 months ago +4

      @Queen D hahaaa he was by himself in her concert in Vegas, very very it...

    • Nicole Ryan
      Nicole Ryan 7 months ago +5

      @larissa kayatt Please.. Irina cannot do nothing..She is not his wife..Bradly and Irina not married..
      Irina is very beautiful sure..If she felt threatened by Bradley and Gaga relationship there is nothing she can do about it..Bradley is a Capricorn man..No one can tell a Capricorn man what to do..I can tell you that..
      Sorry these kinds of men do what they want and feel..
      They do not let women control them.And if he is hanging on to Gaga is because he loves it
      Capricorn men are extremely head strong and when they love you and care about you..they will go against the Whole world for

    • Nicole Ryan
      Nicole Ryan 7 months ago +7

      What move away?
      He was not moving far when he was embracing her playing the piano in Las Vegas the other day..He went to hear her sing..He was in the audience and then he got on stage and they sang a duet..And then sat with her hugging her at the piano while she played..
      Stop tripping girl.
      Bradley adores Gaga..and he calls her Stefanie just so you know.Not many do
      And as Bradley said I call her Stefanie and Gaga but mostly Stefanie.
      Gaga said of people who call her Stefanie..Only those who know me call me Stefanie...
      And Bradley himself said when i 1st saw her i fell in love with her..I looked into her eyes and saw the most beautiful person i had ever seen..haha
      Bradley out of his own mouth said in an interview and in fact many interviews..
      Said she is my friend for life..She knows everything there is to know about me..And i know everything there is to know about her..
      Who knows what will come of their close friendship..Bradley is with Irina and he has a child
      And Gaga is with her agent Christian..Life is strange and nothing goes as planned..
      If Bradley and Gaga ends up getting together who cares .As Long as they are all happy..

    • rouchdat moo
      rouchdat moo 8 months ago +1

      Gaga is always motherly towards ppl she likes it's doesn't hv to do with crush, she's fiancé with Christian carino yall always love to make women look bad

    • larissa kayatt
      larissa kayatt 8 months ago +1

      @Queen D but they are real close friends, and she is this way with all of her friends, as i said he might be uncomfortable cause of irina, but for him, he would be holding hands with her as in the Premieres.

  • Jenny Zhou
    Jenny Zhou 8 months ago +3

    Thanks for posting

  • Jenny Zhou
    Jenny Zhou 8 months ago +27

    Gaga loves Cooper

  • yanti Sun
    yanti Sun 8 months ago +5

    Aaww they are really become family 💕.The bond felt so strong 👍.

  • Hans Fxrhx
    Hans Fxrhx 8 months ago +12

    10:06 I'll be like Gaga when I see my parents hugging.. 💕💕

    • Nicole Ryan
      Nicole Ryan 7 months ago +5

      @Queen D Oh, maybe that is why Bradley went to Gaga performing in Las Vegas and was sitting in the audience cause Gaga dragged him there lol
      Bradley not only went to sit and watch Gaga perform he graciously went on stage when Gaga asked him and they sang together..She did not have to drag him kicking and screaming on stage..
      And it was a great performance the crowd went wild..
      If Bradley and Gaga have some special secret relationship it is not your business and not the Worlds..I can tell you that..Bradley is a grown man and Gaga is a grown woman..Bradley although he is with Irina not even married to her..He has a child with her..So Stop with the hating.
      Bradley does not need your approval of who he is with or seeing..or who his close friends are..Jealousy is a bad thing ..

    • Gloria Rojas
      Gloria Rojas 8 months ago +2

      @Queen D
      Gaga just wants Bradley's attention? She follows him everywhere? Really? HAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Hans Fxrhx
      Hans Fxrhx 8 months ago +11

      @Queen D C'mon!!!! They only together during A STAR IS BORN related events. She don't even need Bradley's attention. Bradley have girlfriend Irina, while Gaga have her Fiance.. STOP HATRED okay..

    • Queen D
      Queen D 8 months ago +1

      Gaga just wants Bradley's attention she follows him everywhere 🤮

  • Valeria Morales
    Valeria Morales 8 months ago +3

    Thanks for posting!❣️