BLIND(folded) CAKE DECORATING CONTEST (with Molly Burke) // Grace Helbig

  • Published on Nov 11, 2017
  • Molly is an god damn amazing human and she challenged me to a blind cake decorating contest! Who do you think won? (YES, I AGREE THAT MOLLY DEFINITELY WON)
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  • Runtime: 7:44
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Comments: 408

  • sneakysara
    sneakysara Day ago

    You're such a sweetie pie Grace! I loved watching this and I love you! Thank you!

  • bieber4everj1
    bieber4everj1 3 days ago

    Molly got a “A” and Grace got a “C”. Love you both. Great videos

  • Kristin Hale
    Kristin Hale 3 days ago

    Wait Molly you moved to LA? i like Molly’s cake the best, both Molly and Grace’s cake ideas were cute though

  • Bree Jenkins
    Bree Jenkins 4 days ago

    Her makeup is FLAWLESS!!!

  • alyssa
    alyssa 4 days ago

    Yolanda should do this

  • Paul Woods
    Paul Woods 5 days ago

    I got to meet & hug that human @ new york!!! im still shook!!

    INFIDEL6 5 days ago

    Did y'all see that frosting job ?
    (neither did she)
    (just kidding)

  • Taylove N Laugh
    Taylove N Laugh 5 days ago

    I like Graces just cause I want to eat all the candy off of it .... but Molly definitely one the challenge lol

  • Be a Maverick
    Be a Maverick 5 days ago

    4:29 she's flipping us off 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Be a Maverick
    Be a Maverick 5 days ago

    It's stuck to her face!

  • BenyQuinonez
    BenyQuinonez 5 days ago

    Then she went out to be daredevil after this!!

  • Sssophie
    Sssophie 5 days ago

    "I feel like a housewife" 😂 7:01

  • Sssophie
    Sssophie 5 days ago

    That flashback video though 😂😂 am I done!!???? 3:15

  • Cock Phone
    Cock Phone 5 days ago

    your sexual innuendos are not funny.

  • Witty And Funny Name

    I hear Rhett and Link talk in the footage with Mitchell 😃

  • Leopromotion HD
    Leopromotion HD 5 days ago

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  • renardo sambury
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    TATUM CASSADY 5 days ago +1

    Ohhhhhhh Molly is blind... I'm very smart if you could not tell🖒🖒🖒

    GADO GADO MARKESO 5 days ago

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  • Yel Tak
    Yel Tak 5 days ago

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  • Ivan Leong
    Ivan Leong 5 days ago


  • candy girlll
    candy girlll 5 days ago

    both are terrible, not worth taping

  • KingGordon
    KingGordon 5 days ago

    How the fuck is this on the trending page.
    Stop cheating creators YouTube.

  • Young Moot
    Young Moot 5 days ago +1

    You both were concieved blindfolded in a kitchen

  • c00lmike
    c00lmike 6 days ago

    Damn this channel is dying

  • allegiant347
    allegiant347 6 days ago

    You can tell molly really is blind because she is so aware about what she is doing and made a good cake. Meanwhile Grace, who has never been blind, made that abomination.

  • TheSmileyVirus
    TheSmileyVirus 6 days ago

    Trending with 163k views and 426 comments... hmm

  • Sammy Gem
    Sammy Gem 6 days ago

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  • Random Person
    Random Person 6 days ago

    Wait is that Molly girl ACTUALLY blind?!

  • Target Bleach
    Target Bleach 6 days ago

    why is she always trending when her videos really don't get that many views!?!?

  • Netdestroy UHS
    Netdestroy UHS 6 days ago

    how do you think a blind person would feel about this, this is their normal life and youre pretending to be like them. thats like pretending to be asian by squinting and yelling "CHING CHANG CHONG"

    • Lisa TheCatDude
      Lisa TheCatDude 3 days ago +1

      Netdestroy UHS Molly is blind, so it’s irrelevant. Just enjoy the video. 👍🏼

  • Karlita Ortiz
    Karlita Ortiz 6 days ago

    Cool ❤

  • Southern Peepz
    Southern Peepz 6 days ago

    I like grace but 150k views in over 24 hours and #16 on trending??? Why u got to cheat your way to fame grace it's like buying views it's not legit

  • Eve Schifman
    Eve Schifman 6 days ago

    molly totally won hahaha

  • Cat on the Bookshelf

    I love Mollys cake.

  • suna 173.6jm
    suna 173.6jm 6 days ago

    oh god but Grace's cake literally looks like a long fat rat without any decoration

  • Amanda Flood
    Amanda Flood 6 days ago

    I just sorta feel like maybe Grace would decorate her cake like that even without the blind know....for the sake of being unique, or something.

  • naaytay & lorenaay
    naaytay & lorenaay 6 days ago


  • BellesBeauty
    BellesBeauty 6 days ago

    Wait. It took me SO long to realise she is blind

  • Quick Cookie
    Quick Cookie 6 days ago

    blindfolded Cookie Decorating contest would be very harder , I guess they don't need to be blindfolded for that contest, It was fun not delicious though ;)
    Like for cookie contest

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  • David & Jay Today
    David & Jay Today 6 days ago +1

    Ahhh that looks like so much fun 😭

  • B&G Adventures
    B&G Adventures 6 days ago

    I would eat that cake lol

  • Nigel Philippe
    Nigel Philippe 6 days ago

    Don't play with food.

  • SarahLynn1330
    SarahLynn1330 6 days ago

    The camera angle makes me uncomfy for some reason hahahaha

  • President Gowdy
    President Gowdy 6 days ago


  • Maria Cardona
    Maria Cardona 6 days ago


  • Belle Merritt
    Belle Merritt 6 days ago

    There cake,s looks so good

  • Joshua Velasco
    Joshua Velasco 6 days ago +1

    They start at 3:29
    Thank me later

  • Warrior kid79
    Warrior kid79 6 days ago

    You guys on your knees or is grace just a giant?

  • Like IDK Whatever
    Like IDK Whatever 6 days ago

    This video is mocking blind people.

  • Wilson Pie
    Wilson Pie 6 days ago

    I've read first part of the title and thought "It would be cool if Molly Burke participated in it". And then I read the rest of title.

  • Deb Smith
    Deb Smith 6 days ago

    :)) love it !!! Such FUN

  • Colin K
    Colin K 6 days ago

    ok trending yes

  • what's a blurrYEEface

    Trending Grace ❤️

  • Annie Bananie
    Annie Bananie 6 days ago

    Their cakes looked better than mine do and I can see

  • Rahul Gandhi
    Rahul Gandhi 6 days ago

    Why the fuck would you do that??
    God gave two fucking eye. You fucking bimbo..
    That's why aliens don't visit Earth

  • Jen Jen
    Jen Jen 6 days ago

    Checkout my recent video about Shane Dawson ty :)

  • Penguin1569
    Penguin1569 6 days ago +1

    Why is this on trending? Wtf is YouTube

  • Bloody Mary
    Bloody Mary 6 days ago

    The trending page is shit

  • Brooklynn Kay
    Brooklynn Kay 6 days ago

    Hey guys! I’m starting out a YouTube channel. Come watch!

  • Alante & Erin
    Alante & Erin 6 days ago

    This was a brilliant challenge! So funny! Will definitely be trying!

  • Gloria Couture
    Gloria Couture 6 days ago

    Why does she talk so fast in the intro and the whole video

  • Shawna the Mom
    Shawna the Mom 6 days ago

    LOL Grace's candles. Wait, is Molly really blind?? *YouTubes Molly immediately*

  • lillian janky
    lillian janky 6 days ago


  • Minute Quiz Challenge

    Molly Burke @ 0.08 Nice expressions... great video grace

  • reviewingsid
    reviewingsid 6 days ago

    i deadass though that Molly girl was Mamrie Hart in the thumbnail

  • Kaka Rady
    Kaka Rady 6 days ago

    Hello , i like your vedio it funny and teach us about make cake

  • grace K
    grace K 6 days ago

    Why does grace get no view now, she used to be the queen. She has 3 million, where you all at?

  • Surviving as Mom
    Surviving as Mom 6 days ago

    This is fun!!  I love Molly Burke!

  • Ana Fox
    Ana Fox 6 days ago

    At some point all I could think was "how is Grace gonna take that blindfold off" and it really was a precious robot malfunction moment. 😂

  • tazeen tazeen
    tazeen tazeen 6 days ago

  • Wake Wind
    Wake Wind 6 days ago

    Looks like some good fun

  • jk kim
    jk kim 6 days ago

    Trending video LMAO.

  • Jules Mogul
    Jules Mogul 6 days ago

    was that rhett and link in clip?

  • Megan H
    Megan H 6 days ago

    I put this on while tried to switch from iphone to android and this was very enjoyable my changing over of lifes can wait.

  • Steve's Mailman
    Steve's Mailman 6 days ago

    You do better than me blind folded than what I actually do...

  • Beck Cetera
    Beck Cetera 6 days ago

    Those who do not have one of the 5 senses are not incapable. It is not shocking that they are talented. My brother has been 100% blind since he was 7 (now, actually today, turning 43) has not only created a GPS system but is also a part of why your phone describes what is on the screen/voice-to-text technology/user friendly mobile services (he was a computer science/IT graduate working with Nokia and Apple after graduation).

  • Yugvijay
    Yugvijay 6 days ago +4

    OMG! *What a fun video! Keep it up Graccce! Hope you cross three million subscribers soon! I am working hard AF to cross three thousand this month on my channel too! :)*

  • The Only Young Steak B*tch PROPERTY OF PITTSBURGH

  • Ruffdogg21
    Ruffdogg21 6 days ago

    I only came here to say Fuck Grace Helbig. Dry faced Bitch;)

    MEMQVIANIKA 6 days ago


  • MCFlawless11
    MCFlawless11 6 days ago

    Love them both! 😍 🎂

  • Email Orphone
    Email Orphone 6 days ago +1

    why this shit on trending its been more than a day and it has only 95k views.

  • Re Mi
    Re Mi 6 days ago

    Lol that flash back with Mitchell was the best thing ever

  • FastCars1Juan
    FastCars1Juan 6 days ago
    anything helps guys, thanks

  • Angel J. Ruiz Lopez
    Angel J. Ruiz Lopez 6 days ago

    Brilliant way of preparing a cake

  • Bloopn
    Bloopn 6 days ago

    How is this on trending!

  • Olivia M
    Olivia M 6 days ago

    Yay!!! Your trending, go queen!!

  • Allie L.
    Allie L. 6 days ago

    any small youtubers want to support each other?

  • RapterSterb _
    RapterSterb _ 6 days ago

    They should have called it cooking like steve wonder

  • IncrediBelleJessi
    IncrediBelleJessi 6 days ago +2

    The last time Grace was covered in this much sticky white stuff she was backstage at a Harry Styles concert

  • Melissa Wiles
    Melissa Wiles 6 days ago

    Grace my favorite part is when Molly says "Ugh my hands are so icing-y!" when they look basically clean and yours are covered hahaha

  • jezebel 4444
    jezebel 4444 6 days ago

    Might eat cake your fingers been in, will never eat anything your hairs been hanging over...never ever!

  • Sam the man 37
    Sam the man 37 6 days ago

    "Big black dog" Ok I guess

  • llier14
    llier14 6 days ago

    I have no idea who molly is, and i legit had no idea she was blind until grace mentioned people thinking she is "sighted" half way through the video...

  • Nicole Lucarelli
    Nicole Lucarelli 6 days ago

    You should decorate cakes with Yolanda from HowToCakeIt, except ONLY YOLANDA is blindfolded and you CAN see. And see who ends up with the best one in the end....just to even the playing field a bit.

  • I'M PLO0PY
    I'M PLO0PY 6 days ago

    This is so disrespectful, how do you think all the blind people watching this feel right now? Disgusting

    • Susan Rooney
      Susan Rooney 6 days ago

      in what way is it disrespectful (Im being honest) - is it because they are doing such a poor job of decorating, and therefore implying that blind people cant decorate? We all know thats not true -check out Christine Ha!!

  • Apo Fedaykin
    Apo Fedaykin 6 days ago +1

    Thanks Katy for introducing me to Molly she has some good content. Thanks for Gracevember