Unique BODY FEATURES only 5% of People Have !

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • Unique BODY FEATURES only 5% of People Have !
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Unique BODY FEATURES only 5% of People Have !
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Comments • 49 961

  • Griffin Potter
    Griffin Potter 2 minutes ago

    I have an elf ear and I’m double jointed in most places in my arm and leg also I have an extra muscle in one arm

  • Ingrid Guzman
    Ingrid Guzman 23 minutes ago

    I have Pointed ears too

  • Ingrid Guzman
    Ingrid Guzman 25 minutes ago

    My dog has different color eyes

  • isabella games
    isabella games Hour ago +1

    My eyes change sometimes right now it's blue

  • Lexi RH
    Lexi RH Hour ago

    Oh and I also can twist my hand without twisting or moving my arm

  • Lexi RH
    Lexi RH Hour ago

    I have brown eyes around the pupils then it goes to grayish green and then its dark green . Its always hard to explain xD

  • Steve Mølgaard
    Steve Mølgaard 2 hours ago

    Im color blan

  • Megan Thompson
    Megan Thompson 2 hours ago

    I can make my tongue do three loops

  • Elia Elchaer
    Elia Elchaer 2 hours ago

    I have green eyes

  • Fazal  babel
    Fazal babel 5 hours ago +1

    Hi 👋 I am your number one ☝️ fan
    Like it blue

  • The Cringy one
    The Cringy one 5 hours ago

    I can see 4 times more colours

  • xXĄîķö ČhăňXx
    xXĄîķö ČhăňXx 5 hours ago

    Hey Azzy,I have the whole by the Ear and so does my classmate,I can also,Wiggle mah ears 😁

  • Nation Blackbunny AJ
    Nation Blackbunny AJ 5 hours ago

    I’m a tall girl

  • Tracey Cousens
    Tracey Cousens 7 hours ago

    I have green eyes (rare) so that's cool

  • Eva Adams
    Eva Adams 7 hours ago +1

    Who else loves Azzy’s hairstyle like if you just love azzy plus I have a whole in my ear

  • Maritza Rivas
    Maritza Rivas 7 hours ago

    My brother has green 🦌🦌

  • AppleJellycupToons
    AppleJellycupToons 8 hours ago

    i have the extra muscle but i am so bad at climbing trees

  • 123t 456l
    123t 456l 8 hours ago +1

    I have an extra muscle
    I have diffrent color eyse
    My grand pa have a cliff chin

  • Keely O'Hara
    Keely O'Hara 8 hours ago

    It's called a but chin!

  • Suchandra Bubli Sen
    Suchandra Bubli Sen 8 hours ago

    Your Katy Perry

  • Suchandra Bubli Sen
    Suchandra Bubli Sen 8 hours ago

    This is a part of me

  • A&A Forever
    A&A Forever 9 hours ago

    I have a geographic tongue it’s super cool

  • Nika Sligh
    Nika Sligh 9 hours ago

    I have a geografic tongue mine has circles :)

  • Misbah Khan
    Misbah Khan 9 hours ago

    Everyone is unique in their own way 😄😄😄

  • ih Moore
    ih Moore 9 hours ago

    I want to melon strawberries like 1 million billion trillion and then I could have diarrhea after

  • makkah hassan
    makkah hassan 9 hours ago

    I need 6

  • Sofia Haro
    Sofia Haro 10 hours ago

    Omg I know a girl that has that two colored skin

  • Aungelina Burroughs
    Aungelina Burroughs 10 hours ago

    It kinda looks like i have a extra muscle

  • Harmoi The Halo Ink Demon

    My brother and sister have elf ears

  • Lovely Unicorn66
    Lovely Unicorn66 11 hours ago

    I have green, hazel, and brown eyes

  • Kat Kid
    Kat Kid 11 hours ago

    One of my friends have grayishblue eyes,he’s my best friend (I think).

    ANIMOJI MUSIC 11 hours ago

    I think I’m half blind

  • Meagan Buchanan
    Meagan Buchanan 11 hours ago

    I have elf ears 🧝🏽‍♀️

  • Charli HH
    Charli HH 11 hours ago

    My friend has a hole in her ear and I’m so jealous for some reason

  • Crystal DuBois
    Crystal DuBois 11 hours ago

    I have green eyes

  • Armando Vasquez
    Armando Vasquez 11 hours ago

    Im speshel cause i was born on christmas

  • Kittennova 090
    Kittennova 090 11 hours ago

    My sister has those holes in near her ears. And i have green eyes

  • Crystal DuBois
    Crystal DuBois 11 hours ago

    My friend has a hole in her ear

  • Tiny Lizard
    Tiny Lizard 11 hours ago

    my sisters eyes are rare ( I think ) her eyes change color one day it will be blue the next green the next grey

  • Cookie Gacha
    Cookie Gacha 11 hours ago

    I have one normal ear and one elf ear ;w; WoW I CaNt BeLiVe ThatS NoT oN tHe liSt xD

    Also you don’t want a bruise after I tell you this UwU

    A bruise is a cracked vain and it forms a pool of blood UwU

    Your welcome!

  • sister love
    sister love 12 hours ago

    I love your hair

  • Jessa Newhard
    Jessa Newhard 12 hours ago

    I can run off 4 or 5 hours of sleep

  • - PickyPotato -
    - PickyPotato - 12 hours ago

    Heterochromia = Todoroki

  • Bad is funneh
    Bad is funneh 12 hours ago

    I'm double jointed on my elbow I wish azzy liked this😞😞😞 and read all the comments on a video

  • Kiwi Cat
    Kiwi Cat 12 hours ago

    My friend has webbed toes

  • Emma Watson
    Emma Watson 12 hours ago +1

    I have green eyes that’s my On;y special feature

  • Gaming with Lexi
    Gaming with Lexi 13 hours ago

    I have longer ilashes then that my are 1 sentermeater

  • jose jerez
    jose jerez 13 hours ago +1

    I have elf ears

  • little kitty
    little kitty 13 hours ago

    Wait- YOU ONLY NEED 19 HOURS OF SLEEP!? I need 12

  • Darla K. White
    Darla K. White 13 hours ago

    And my uncle is colorblind

  • Kelsey Schuller
    Kelsey Schuller 14 hours ago +1

    My brother has a full in ear

  • Mark Gray
    Mark Gray 14 hours ago

    I have hazel green eyes

  • Lps opel
    Lps opel 14 hours ago

    Here find the odd one out 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 if u did not ur a special

  • Kristina Riskute
    Kristina Riskute 15 hours ago +1

    I have green eyes

  • Mallory Stricker
    Mallory Stricker 15 hours ago

    I had extra teeth. But I got them removed cause it was really uncomfortable and I kept accidentally biting my tongue

  • Memey Magic
    Memey Magic 15 hours ago

    8:45 my dad is like that too

  • oasis plays roblox
    oasis plays roblox 15 hours ago

    Me and my mom have blue eyes my dad has brown eyes and my brotheres eyes right now are greenish brown and it changes color every spring winter fall ya

  • send this to anyone without any context

    My eyes are hazel so they continuously change the colors of green brown, dark blue, and black. And sometimes the left is a different color than the right. Weird I know lol.

  • Audra Jewell
    Audra Jewell 16 hours ago

    I can do the same thing azzy

  • Ella allain
    Ella allain 16 hours ago +1

    I’m a albino