Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: It Is Always Day One.

  • Published on Apr 27, 2018
  • Jeff Bezos, Chairman and CEO of Amazon, (and richest man in the world) is a guest at the George W. Bush Presidential Center’s Forum on Leadership. He talks about the principles he follows to keep Amazon, and individuals, at the top.

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  • Brain STORM
    Brain STORM 16 hours ago

    If you have that passion on stopping wars and providing necessities for poor countries I do think that would have a better impact to humanity.

  • amadeusb4
    amadeusb4 Day ago

    It wasn't "hyperbolic excitement about the internet". Instead, cheap money, aka low interest rates, had everything to do with it. Thank Greenspan for all of the misallocated capital during the 90's.

  • Lewis Ticknor
    Lewis Ticknor Day ago

    He helps people "make a purchase decision", then when enough people make that decision, he undercuts quality products with cheap bullshit with a fifty percent failure rate.

  • Alain Portant
    Alain Portant 2 days ago

    Swallowing seems hard for this guy, wtf ?

  • Tamil War God
    Tamil War God 2 days ago

    How about AWS is competing with it's own customers (Partners)

  • Tamil War God
    Tamil War God 2 days ago

    Liked your rhyming and timing " High school which was not cool" :P

  • Lazy Man
    Lazy Man 3 days ago

    The description of hell is you are endlessly tortured on the issue u can't move past.

  • Nick Heath
    Nick Heath 3 days ago

    You can tell he’s listened to warren a lot. Found him copying his responses on a number of occasions. This is just a testament towards: listen to successful people for you to become successful

  • Ted Stryker
    Ted Stryker 4 days ago

    The challenges of growth. I ordered a $4 mouse pad for my daughter. A $60 Wagner Book showed up. I called customer support to correct the issue and the person answering the phone was rude, nasty, unhelpful etc. I sold the book for $20 and bought the mouse pad at a brick and mortar store.

    • Nick Heath
      Nick Heath 3 days ago

      Ted Stryker nice. Jeff Bezo’s made over $60 in the time it takes for you to read this sentence.

  • Giacomo Bonetti
    Giacomo Bonetti 5 days ago

    Honestly I feel like the most relevant and interesting thing for viewers is what he said about AI around 37:00. The rest is the same old stuff about Amazon that you can read everywhere.

  • Rocio Orozco
    Rocio Orozco 8 days ago

    Muchas gracias y muchas bendiciones, porque mi Sabrina trabaja en su excelente empresa y Ella y mi hermana se benefician económicamicamente.

  • asish mohanty
    asish mohanty 10 days ago

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  • Bill J
    Bill J 11 days ago

    Why does Jeff Bezos talk like he has no neck to support his head.....oh wait

  • Leif E. Greens
    Leif E. Greens 14 days ago

    Did not imagine Bezos sounding like a surfer bro!

  • Diego Arinze Uchendu
    Diego Arinze Uchendu 15 days ago

    Very interesting vision, Blue Origin Service, like Amazon business model.

    ORISHA PHOTOS 17 days ago

    Ok, he's preaching about the consequences of over industrialization and inefficient energy usage but runs a multi-billion dollar company that runs through paper like a 9 year old kid through a bag of doritos. On top of that, he starts a space program that probably runs through fuel like a Taco truck on a friday night!!!! Yeah Ok buddy! great point.

  • eugyero
    eugyero 18 days ago


  • Luis Chavez
    Luis Chavez 19 days ago

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  • Sumnder Makhijani
    Sumnder Makhijani 20 days ago

    Global news for future children worldwide ⛸⛸⛸⛸⛸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • TreeFiddy
    TreeFiddy 27 days ago

    Jeff Bezos was great in X-Men.

  • Valu Vivao
    Valu Vivao 28 days ago

    Man Jeff tried to looking forward and go for fishing and tried to away from Amazon...and the other things that go for coin hunters's will grate and calm down your mind.....Thanks...

  • BeGood 2Me
    BeGood 2Me 29 days ago

    The comments are full of jealous, bitter and resentful socialists.

  • Ray Shots
    Ray Shots Month ago

    very inspiring and motivational conversation.

  • Jean-Philippe Cunniet

    Superb management principles. Thanks ! Great interview

  • Endless Route
    Endless Route Month ago +1

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  • irwit
    irwit Month ago

    21:30 " I reckon one of the other reasons he likes work might be to do with its made him the richest man on the planet?"

  • Ronald Alfred Zreik

    Tough to realize that in 1995 my business was stronger than his and I was richer than him.

  • Tony Maynard
    Tony Maynard Month ago

    Well, Jeff has something to learn he does not realize that the whole space race and going to space is impossible and a lie. Let him continue down this path as Richard Branson has and has gone very quiet about his space exploit has he not after finding out the truth no less. You see the truth is in plain sight you just have to look. This also why the space shuttle missions where also stopped plus because it was getting to expensive to continue the lie.

  • Cyphrum ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

    One Punch Man: Strongest person alive, *no hair.*
    Jeff Bezos: Richest man alive, *no hair.*

    The patterns are evident

    • Mike
      Mike 5 days ago

      Always Getting Laid Man: Good-looking with hair. Thank you.

  • Don Mega
    Don Mega Month ago

    certainly no one needs to be this rich. which means he's leeched off other people's labor enough. it's time for him to hop off the pedestal and retire. amazon has a ripoff expensive prices cos of the high fees.

  • TheWatermelon3
    TheWatermelon3 Month ago +3

    People expect so much from a rich man. People don't ask themselves what they would do to get into his position.

    • TheWatermelon3
      TheWatermelon3 Month ago +2

      +Janeth Shem right? It's as if rich people owe other poor people just cos they have more.

    • Janeth Shem
      Janeth Shem Month ago +2

      Now I got u talking my mind;people expect too much from rich people rather than asking themselves when and are themselves are gone be at least close to his level or more than him

  • Lana's Daydream
    Lana's Daydream Month ago +1

    Man, this makes me miss Steve Jobs 😢

    • big Cahuna
      big Cahuna Month ago

      nobody liked the tyrant Steve Jobs.

  • RUdigitized
    RUdigitized Month ago

    "How do you have that coveted "Day One" Culture?"
    "It's simple. I pay my employees too little, work them too hard, and fire them as soon as I don't need them anymore."

  • enkibumbu
    enkibumbu Month ago

    What a quirky motherfucker.

  • Jaron Martin
    Jaron Martin Month ago +1

    Jeff is cool he is not perfect but still a cool guy.

  • Thirteen Beatz
    Thirteen Beatz Month ago

    Great video, Thanks DW360

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas Month ago +1

    With the rite people going public maybe the Best approach to business success.

    GREG BIEL Month ago

    The best application of AI will be in diagnostic medicine against millions different ailments and diseases that docs misdiagnose and miss all together . There is a limit to brains memories of symptoms of millions of multiple complex of diseases that hit all at once . It is like a fantasy of the martial art fighter trying to take on 50 of the enemies all at once . This is my humble opinion. Mr . Bezos demonstrates " The intelligence that transcends the thought ".Rich should have a close friendships with a scientists that are not involved into "The scientific FRAUD " Quote from 60 minutes USA "The scientific FRAUD " . One of the best I have ever seen . The only suspicion about Amazon I have is mistrust in the the quality of the goods they ship . It must say where it is made .

  • Mikes Craftsman
    Mikes Craftsman Month ago

    you gotta give the man a round of applause cheers bruv!
    we use the same energy as a blue Whale.. wow!

  • I Ibra
    I Ibra Month ago

    20:05 that's exactly would be my laugh if I'm the richest person on the planet

  • Pieter
    Pieter Month ago +1

    "most powerful country in the world" hahahaha

  • los mac
    los mac Month ago


  • Sandra Wellington
    Sandra Wellington Month ago +1

    Best video

  • Zeno Vice
    Zeno Vice Month ago +1

    I saw reports of this greedy, short (5'7"), hook-nosed, penis-head paying his Amazon employees salaries
    which were equivalent to those earned by people employed at McDonald's franchises. Due to these low
    wages, Mr. Greedy's employees were entitled to Food Stamps and other forms of gov't/social assistance.
    What a guy! He is a wealthy man whom is doomed to be a "little" man (in more ways than one) until his
    death is celebrated by most of humanity. No surprise, there. After all, he resided in, and attended schools,
    located in both Texas AND Florida. Possibly the two worst States in the U.S. in almost every way
    imaginable. I feel it would be more appropriate if his surname had TWO letter 'o's in it: i.e. Bozos.

    • Kris
      Kris Month ago +1

      Zeno Vice and for your information Amazon is one best jobs. If you don’t like working for what you believe then you always complaining about everything. That’s the problem about us human. Nothing is enough. They have great benefits and everything. You can’t talk about a job if you ever been working there buddy. And the raise now is 15 $

    • Joel Friesen
      Joel Friesen Month ago +1

      Dude. No way am I ever supporting someone who is shorter than 5'8"! Thank you for the physical details. Yous should write a book on how to influence people!

    • Tom Campbell
      Tom Campbell Month ago +3

      Wow, are you spiteful and "effect" rather than "cause"! Oh, the evil rich man is giving jobs to thousands yet he is evil!!!? They may work elsewhere if not happy.
      Maybe you should change your name to "Zero".

  • Bhupen Solanki
    Bhupen Solanki Month ago


  • paulo Aquillo
    paulo Aquillo Month ago +1

    All these elitists are robot like, they lose something that is fundamentally human. I don't know at what point this happens but it's not something that helps humanity. More so it enslaves more of us into their dystopian nightmare.

    • BeGood 2Me
      BeGood 2Me 29 days ago +1

      You live in a 1st world country you idiot. Go move to Africa or the Middle East and then tell me about your 'dystopian nightmare' or how humane those places are.

  • Bryan Pereira
    Bryan Pereira Month ago

    The earth is flat.

  • Gerardo Valdez
    Gerardo Valdez Month ago

    What a difference it makes looking at making money from two different ways. He takes care of the customers to get money to get the money (money first) and Sir Richard Branson takes care of his employees first and the money comes in naturally (employees first). I wish Sir Richard would open up his own company, i'd be buying from him instead.

  • Renould P
    Renould P Month ago +2

    Great Content on Jeff Besos, thanks for Sharing.

  • Corrinne Anderson
    Corrinne Anderson Month ago


  • Ktoma7
    Ktoma7 Month ago

    Professor X

  • whitedust696
    whitedust696 Month ago +2

    All good but are they paying the correct taxes in each country they operate in ????

  • 2 Guys Store
    2 Guys Store Month ago +1

    Why do I import my products from China, to sell on Amazon? because here in the United States the companies do not sell to small companies, they ask you first the name of the company to give you some information about their products, then tell you that you can not buy their products, that you have to buy them 1 million annually, in China they do not ask you if you are big or small company, they don't give to F * and they fit to your budget, I tried to buy my products here in the United States and it was "impossible" for me, that's why I buy in China!!!!!!!!!!!!! in CHINA they sell quality products if you want to sell "QUALITY" what can you tell me about the big brands of electronic products like APPLE? (made in Shenzhen, China) Don't keep saying we don't want to buy the products made here in the USA !!! they do not sell them to us (I'm not Target or Walmart)
    trump speaks BS, all HIS products are made in CHINA !!!

  • Sonya Moyler
    Sonya Moyler 2 months ago +2

    I Love you Mr. Bezos, thank you so much! Great Interview, great questions, great answers!

  • Miranda Smith
    Miranda Smith 2 months ago +2

    Does anyone know how old Bezos is? Regardless, I am 24 y.o and strangely attracted to this man. His level of intelligence such a turn-on.

    • Miranda Smith
      Miranda Smith Day ago

      +Dean Deckard haha I won't deny that.

    • Dean Deckard
      Dean Deckard 8 days ago

      Probably has nothing to do with the $150B

    • Muhammad Asif
      Muhammad Asif Month ago +2

      Well, age doesn't matter...Miranda. He certainly is smart in a very rare way.

  • stochastic24
    stochastic24 2 months ago

    It's surprising how weak his argument is here. First of all energy use has been increasing with global population and we are likely to reach our population cap in less than 50 years and there is no evidence that power usage will continue to grow after that. Technology is constantly being invented that reduces power usage, for example we are now using 5% the electricity for lighting that we used just 20 years ago. Also the efficiency of solar panels has been increasing steadily for 50+ years and at the current rate of improvement electricity would cost less than $0.0001 per kw/h 200 years from now.
    Just a totally mindless comment, how is this guy the richest man in the world?
    Now just after this he says we use 11,000 watts of energy. That again is just stupid. The only way you would get that number if it is even accurate is to combine the total usage of electicity and divide by the population. Does that mean if a US owned aluminum smelter is using 10MW of electricity to smelt aluminum which it sells overseas that I am using a portion of that energy? No. I average probably 300W of energy usage. My government uses maybe 100w tops average in providing services to me. Just nonsense coming out of this guys mouth.

  • BobbyBen
    BobbyBen 2 months ago +10

    So inspirational but no need to be that tight with money should pay proper wages should treat his own stuff with respect not treating them like slaves

    • T. Hall
      T. Hall Month ago +3

      He increase minimum wage to double federal minimum wage.

  • BobbyBen
    BobbyBen 2 months ago +2

    Not exactly a godly person isn't he so tight with money so greedy for more people like him need shooting slavery and most of all no heart from people like him heartless bastard

  • BobbyBen
    BobbyBen 2 months ago +4

    Should be jailed tax dodging

  • BobbyBen
    BobbyBen 2 months ago +8

    Biggest tax Dodger in history

    • Ken Hiett
      Ken Hiett 3 days ago +1

      BobbyBen, don't you know this space is strictly for the purpose of bowing to the feet of capitalism?

    • BeGood 2Me
      BeGood 2Me 29 days ago

      He does pay taxes. He just pays them in Luxembourg. Plus most of the profits are re-invested so those expenses keep taxes low.

    • Road Kamelot
      Road Kamelot Month ago

      You must think the taxation and government are very virtuous.

  • no hassle
    no hassle 2 months ago

    Pay your workers you beady eyed vulture looking motherfucker. People like Bezos should be in jail for global theft.

  • big Cahuna
    big Cahuna 2 months ago +5

    Bezos is just a rich ,selfish, weasel. A real capitalist with 120 billion dollars. His employees work for minimum pay. Aside from his money , there's nothing about Bezos to admire .

    • big Cahuna
      big Cahuna Month ago

      +Lana's Daydream They probably financed his education. I doubt he needed to worked unloading trucks to stay alive while in school. His newspaper is a propaganda tool for the oligarchs/Banks, C.I.A. , etc.

    • Lana's Daydream
      Lana's Daydream Month ago

      TheWatermelon3 he didn’t start off broke. His parents invested $300,000 into his company

    • TheWatermelon3
      TheWatermelon3 Month ago +1

      +big Cahuna uhmm... you just explained the robin hood mentality. I dont mean to be rude, i am saying people should be more responsible for their own happiness instead of expecting it by default. Hope you have a good day too

    • big Cahuna
      big Cahuna Month ago

      +TheWatermelon3 I love rich people. Smart, well dressed, nice houses, cool cars, a cement pond, etc. I just don't think they should run everything and get all the money while the 99.9% can't pay the rent. Robin Hood ? Not bloody likely. GOOD DAY SIR !

    • TheWatermelon3
      TheWatermelon3 Month ago +1

      nah. you just sound miserable. the world has changed. keep living the robin hood mindset bro

  • adnan safat
    adnan safat 2 months ago

    AMK wo sind mein kostenlos Filmen?!

  • Mr. Larry
    Mr. Larry 2 months ago

    No one can go that far in debt without showing a profit unless they are Jesuit insiders. Wake up can't do this unless you are a freemason.

  • Maria Guild
    Maria Guild 2 months ago

    While I appreciate his innovation with space programs, But not sure if I want to get behind polluting space :(

  • Maria Guild
    Maria Guild 2 months ago

    10:51 is why I pulled out of Walmart. They are just trying to compete with Amazon, and are not being innovative!

  • Nijee Dickerson
    Nijee Dickerson 2 months ago +2

    Is Jeff Bezos human lmao? I cant be the only one questioning this

    • Bryan Lopez
      Bryan Lopez Month ago

      Nijee Dickerson he’s a robot. A normal person would rip open that water bottle next to him with all that dry mouth.

    SYDNEY HI 2 months ago

    Jeff Bezos glass eye

  • australian fines
    australian fines 2 months ago

    jedd bezos is cancer of society , and he will die from cancer look at his shiny baldy head

    • TheWatermelon3
      TheWatermelon3 Month ago

      lex luthor amirite? seriously though, he's simply more successful than you'd like him to be

  • Ayden Haggarty
    Ayden Haggarty 2 months ago

    “Thoftware engineerth”

  • Ayden Haggarty
    Ayden Haggarty 2 months ago

    “You know, back in thothe dayth, it wath”

  • Question Religion
    Question Religion 2 months ago +1

    This man is a disgrace.

  • the modfather
    the modfather 2 months ago

    So many brain-deads in here advocating slavery... I can't believe you people are really this stupid, so let me spell it out for you: THERE ARE NO MAGICAL UNLIMITED WELL-PAYING JOBS. A HUGE portion of jobs are low-wage, and always will be. It is not possible for everyone to have a good job at the same time. It's IMPOSSIBLE, BECAUSE THERE ARE NOT THAT MANY SLOTS AVAILABLE. Someone has to end up on the bottom. Understand?

  • M A
    M A 2 months ago

    He just gave you 11 million dollars worth of advice based on what his time is worth per hour.

  • john brown
    john brown 2 months ago +2

    I once heard that in the USA there is a tradition that people who make a squillion put something back into society,putting people on food stamps means that you are sponging on the American taxpayer and it is the fault of the US govt that they let you get away with it, you deserve NO respect.

  • Allies Net
    Allies Net 2 months ago

    So inspiring! Awesome!

  • Skull Rockets
    Skull Rockets 2 months ago

    Anyone who thinks the earth is small has never driven across Texas. If he thinks he can build homes in outer space why doesn't he practice by making homes underwater or in Antarctica? Seriously, I think some of these self absorbed people just romanticize the idea of "living in outer space". It's a stupid idea if you can't even clean up the air on earth.

  • JY FE
    JY FE 2 months ago

    Is Jeff Bezos human and not from another planet?

  • John Alexander
    John Alexander 2 months ago

    good but he says the exact same lines every interview, it's like a script.

  • hosen md Chapol
    hosen md Chapol 2 months ago

    Nice talk

  • p 28
    p 28 2 months ago


  • dalim
    dalim 2 months ago

    just glanced at smu :)) spotted

  • Less is Best
    Less is Best 2 months ago

    I think it's time we prepared for the post internet world.

  • Getbigordietrying86
    Getbigordietrying86 2 months ago


  • Getbigordietrying86
    Getbigordietrying86 2 months ago +7


    • MinkFranchise
      MinkFranchise 29 days ago

      +BeGood 2Me By the way, when I said the "get knowledge" part, I didn't mean get knowledge in general; I meant get knowledge on the actual subject and articles about Jeff Bezos and who was actually complaining.

    • MinkFranchise
      MinkFranchise 29 days ago

      +BeGood 2Me One: There is no such thing as "people like me" because I'm an individual. Two: In your previous comment you assumed you knew the thought process of an entire group of people and it was very condescending, so you might want to look into your own thinking in same line of questioning you asked me. Three: When I said you sound spoon fed as if your mind is narrow, I was talking to ol' Ballzslap up there not you. Four: I do not assume people are stupid. I intentionally seek out people who think differently from myself to listen to, in an attempt to understand (I am constantly improving on that, notice I didn't say I was good at it). Most of my best friends think differently than I do it keeps me sharp! I Love all people including you and Ol' Ballzslap up there.

    • BeGood 2Me
      BeGood 2Me 29 days ago

      +MinkFranchise Why do people like you always assume everyone who doesn't think like them are stupid?

    • MinkFranchise
      MinkFranchise 29 days ago

      He only increased wages because he got caught. He only does these interviews (all of a sudden) because he got caught. The people he abuses most do not live in this country and just quitting is not an option. You sound spoon fed and as if your mind is so narrow it's constructing you blood flow. "These people" aren't even the ones that were being driven like slaves. Get knowledge before you sell yourself an opinion.

    • BeGood 2Me
      BeGood 2Me 29 days ago +2

      +T. Hall Yeah he increased the wage but the people who complain will now complain about something else or ask for more. You'll never please them.

  • Getbigordietrying86
    Getbigordietrying86 2 months ago

    + to his warehouse operatives: "You can have a job".
    + to his middle managers: "You can have a career".
    + to himself: "You can have a calling - making money and building rockets!"

  • GOST
    GOST 3 months ago

    Anyone else keep worrying his eyes where going to fall out?

  • Q
    Q 3 months ago

    The kind of automation that is favored by Amazon will put close to 6.8 million people out of work.

  • King Usman
    King Usman 3 months ago

    Someone Pakistani seen this video?

  • Michael Yanker
    Michael Yanker 3 months ago


  • Matthew Wallen
    Matthew Wallen 3 months ago +3

    Amazon employees need to unionize.

    • Drew Nguyen
      Drew Nguyen Month ago +1

      Unions are great in theory, but terrible in the long run. You get lazy, unproductive, and lack luster service.

  • Lordsbassman
    Lordsbassman 3 months ago +1

    Mr. Evil is missing his cat? Become a better humanitarian.... How is your blood cancer company working out?

  • drdecker1
    drdecker1 3 months ago

    Here's an individual who cannot even run a good company (Amazon). I had a lot of packages sent to me and I spent a lot of time on the internet trying to sort out messes within that company. I have now begun to pay a little more and get better service. Why ? Because when you spend a lot of your time on the phone trying to fix his problems, it is not only costly financially. It becomes a big cost and a complete waste of time doing business there.
    Who is he to even to criticize anyone when he cannot even get his own act together. He cannot even run a company smoothly and yet he wants to offer the world advice. Jeff spend more time focussing on your own internal problems before you criticize others. Remember Al Capone looked successful to some others as well. What a hypocrite ! Jeff never forget the other large retailers who neglected the most important part, the customer who eventually had to close down their doors because they thought they were smarter as well. The customer is the one who keeps your doors open. They can also shut them down very fast.

  • Alexthex
    Alexthex 3 months ago +2

    "I want to convert my Amazon winnings into reusable rocket vehicules. I want to do the hard part of building a giant space company" Jeff Bezoz april 2018.
    Meanwhile.... Space X founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with first vertical landing of a rocket in 2015 and reused in 2017.
    On what planet is thiz Bezos living?

    • Steve L
      Steve L 2 days ago

      He’s living in planet Amazon

    • Muhammad Asif
      Muhammad Asif Month ago

      He just nullified Elon...Seems like Bezos is quite focused on competitors as well.

    • DJ Daniels
      DJ Daniels Month ago

      I was wondering the exact same thing

  • Martin
    Martin 3 months ago

    Does he have "biotech guys" to extend his lifespan? If I had 112 billion dollars, I probably would.

  • Raul Ugalde
    Raul Ugalde 3 months ago

    is he going to the moon 2 ? hahahahahah

  • Raul Ugalde
    Raul Ugalde 3 months ago


  • Catherine Cote
    Catherine Cote 3 months ago +1

    What a jerk.........