Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: It Is Always Day One.

  • Published on Apr 27, 2018
  • Jeff Bezos, Chairman and CEO of Amazon, (and richest man in the world) is a guest at the George W. Bush Presidential Center’s Forum on Leadership. He talks about the principles he follows to keep Amazon, and individuals, at the top.

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  • Tamilboomi - தமிழ்பூமி

    Wow..Awesome Thoughts..! Thanks for such Inspiring Talk.

  • Marcin Kryński
    Marcin Kryński 6 days ago

    It was nice to work for Amazon after just 3 months i started my first internet shop.

  • C_R_O_M__________
    C_R_O_M__________ 7 days ago

    “The new and innovative becomes the new normal” only when it’s based on truthfulness and transparency and hence adds value to the “ecosystem”. Truth goes a long way! “Lies have short legs” (an old Greek saying).

  • Edmund Singleton
    Edmund Singleton 12 days ago

    Concerning this all media age in which we now dwell, there’s
    a 75% chance of one being recorded walking to, running from, or even engaging
    in criminal activity, and yet it has seemingly not curtailed such tasks, simply
    because the criminal element in our society has never been known to harbor any great
    intelligence, is why they had to bend toward crime in the first place. Now,
    many are trafficking in hacked written material, compromising private photos
    and the like, as Mr. Bezos has demonstrated, go ahead, do your worse, everyone
    will then be able to see your dirty hands and deeds in the light of day, if you
    can stand the heat, so will I, rending the now hacked material… worthless,
    reduced as if idle gossip in the territory of bad taste…

  • Life is Important - Kate, Olive

    Jeff. Feed the poor instead of going to build space. What a waste

  • Thanos
    Thanos 13 days ago

    Damn I would've loved to have jumped in at 1.50 a share!! Even with 100 shares you're making bank!!!

    LUCKY GROUP 14 days ago

    Maybe Bezos still thinks it's day one with his ex-wife

  • Shaniece Hyatt
    Shaniece Hyatt 15 days ago

    please come up with amazon eats.. b.c uber eats sucks.. uber sucks as a whole and care nothing about their customers or drivers. js

  • D. A.
    D. A. 15 days ago

    Why does he say he's tapdancing to work, that's literally the title of Warren Buffett's biography.

  • Ivo Rubio
    Ivo Rubio 15 days ago

    One thing that Jeff does that has helped me tremendously in my life is to think of myself as an 80 year-old man and think if I would regret doing or not doing the thing I’m unsure about. It gives you greater clarity and perspective. I recommend you give it a try! Blessings 🙌🏽

  • Verne Fits
    Verne Fits 16 days ago

    Awesome guy.

  • Chicflava
    Chicflava 17 days ago

    9:06 to 10:05

  • Gregg Jaden
    Gregg Jaden 17 days ago

    Jeff I text you brother ~ let’s have much when in LA. have an idea for Amazon with perfect market timing! Let’s innovate! 👍🏼

  • manjusha n
    manjusha n 19 days ago

    He didn't mention his wife as 'winning lottery'

  • Aleksandra Marjanovic
    Aleksandra Marjanovic 20 days ago

    I have grate project for children,i nead Bezos help.This is grate script for cartoon,but in Serbia production don't existed,and children make cartoon.The story Phoenix lord of destiny is best script in the world,but we don't have production.This grate story can help to children in the world.Can you help my,i am from Serbia,and I wont to make grate big project!

  • Akhtar Ayaz
    Akhtar Ayaz 21 day ago

    Great man!

  • jerwin balicano
    jerwin balicano 21 day ago

    Am I the only one thinking that he looks like dick?

  • Mehdi Mavadat
    Mehdi Mavadat 23 days ago


  • Krix Naden
    Krix Naden 24 days ago

    Daddy Warbucks is in the building...ladies and gentlemen.

  • Monica Luvzu
    Monica Luvzu 24 days ago +1

    This man is a leader because he has money? Seriously. What a backward society.

  • Паша Шмелтер

    awful sound

  • waterfront4me
    waterfront4me 26 days ago


  • petko voevoda
    petko voevoda 29 days ago

    what does he know about making money, haha

  • donal keenan
    donal keenan Month ago

    Thanks for raising your FBA fees Jeff

  • Gateway 17
    Gateway 17 Month ago

    An amazing CEO. Capitalism has allowed Bezos and Musk the opportunity to trailblaze travel and accessibility to the ordinary Man and Woman ( in the near future) to outer space. A world with 1000 Einstein’s and 1000 Mozart’s would be an amazing place to live no doubt. Hopefully we really start to take serious though the major issue that we currently have on Earth with global warming and pollution which makes its way back into the food chain.

  • rtrefil
    rtrefil Month ago

    Bill Clinton please teach this man to keep his pants on.

  • Edna Anderson
    Edna Anderson Month ago

    How could he have allowed himself to be so loosed n I thought he was a saint

  • Hal
    Hal Month ago +1

    seems distracted... probably thinking on how he will bang his mistress later on

  • Neil Serrano
    Neil Serrano Month ago

    People complaining about him not paying workers enough don’t realize that their jobs will be replaced by robots...😂

  • White Rabbit
    White Rabbit Month ago


  • Robert Bryant
    Robert Bryant Month ago

    This guy has done the amazing, but the company uses people and abuses them. They lie to their interns of which I was one. I was nominated intern of the year. I have a plaque to prove it. They lied to me and told me if I answered phones for a while they would move me into a position of management and training. I lost 13 months of time when I could have been gaining training in my field of study in an actual intern position. I had great metrics and attendance, but my boss was a pathological liar. He called my personal phone and cursed me out with f-bombs, and sounded drunk. He worked from home so this could have been true, although I can't swear to that. But the lies, deception, and abuse honestly happened to me and my co-workers! Life is very short and then we move on very quickly. I hope him crushing people and affecting their lives negatively, was worth all the wealth. Enjoy it, it won't last long. Karma favored you, did you respect it?

  • Raxeeyo Wasaye
    Raxeeyo Wasaye Month ago


  • Eduardo Romo
    Eduardo Romo Month ago

    Someone know the name of the book in the min 15:10 they are talking about?

    • Alan Ross
      Alan Ross 18 days ago

      Eduardo Romo black swan

  • Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson Month ago

    Jeff looks like a a.i

  • mohsendevil
    mohsendevil Month ago

    please help african poor country bezos

  • paul mitchell
    paul mitchell Month ago

    WE will not get to a trillion people.A I will see to that.

  • paul mitchell
    paul mitchell Month ago

    Socialism gives you Sweden and Norway.Highly educated and great health care systems.

  • the rooster
    the rooster Month ago

    Bezos is GITMO bound.

  • Dalton Harmon
    Dalton Harmon Month ago

    Amazon is the way to go baby

  • Manaj Banerjee
    Manaj Banerjee Month ago

    I do not have the capacity nor the impudence to talk about someone a huge stature like Mr Jeff Bezos but can't help saying that the greatest of minds under the sky always inherit resources and inventive ideas from the simplest of things which we, the ordinary humans always tend to disregard or lacking in the vision to make a difference -- absolutely brilliant. I personally feel that one can do a lot of good to others without being championing any "ism".

  • dieeser
    dieeser Month ago

    Funny how people went totaly silent as Bezzos started talking about solar energy, space, AI...- must have been the same when he talked about Amazon´s future back in 1993.

  • LauraNY
    LauraNY Month ago

    customer obsession !!!!!

  • superpeluso1
    superpeluso1 Month ago

    Guys please don’t start your alien conspiracy theories. Bezos is not an alien or some robot from the government!!! He’s from Albuquerque and he’s a human too.

  • sidearmsalpha
    sidearmsalpha Month ago

    I don't see how going to space is going to solve the basic human issues we face today. These guys are just trying to save their own asses and their 1% friends from what's already happening on this planet because it's only going to get worse. Overpopulation is ultimately going to kill us one way or another.

  • Space Bike Music
    Space Bike Music Month ago

    Amazon has irritated everyone along the way, except for the customer. I like that. Blizzard should take notes. The Diablo Mobile incident for example 😂

  • Jesse Fuentes
    Jesse Fuentes Month ago

    Did he just copy Elon Musk idea of space?

  • Victor Usoro
    Victor Usoro Month ago

    31:14 - 33:10
    This man is in the future...

  • cyan diaz
    cyan diaz Month ago

    Ohhhhh he sexy is really!!! i never knew!!!... i'd be in his lap for free...i bet i'm not the only one. And it's not because of his money, it's his values... Those values are golden and every woman wants HIM in their partner. Way 2 go Jeff you rok!!!!

  • tera jija
    tera jija Month ago

    He's motherfucker like Robot

  • Thomas Pick
    Thomas Pick Month ago

    Looks like two Jews conversing. Only Jews know how to make money. All the rest of us work hard, lose money, and get screwed. When death comes, my slavery will end. Oh, and he is an ugly fucker, isn’t he?

  • Angie Kersey
    Angie Kersey 2 months ago

    brilliant guy

  • A P
    A P 2 months ago


  • Chipmunkapublishing
    Chipmunkapublishing 2 months ago

    Nice one Jeff Bezos.

  • Brain STORM
    Brain STORM 2 months ago

    If you have that passion on stopping wars and providing necessities for poor countries I do think that would have a better impact to humanity.

  • amadeusb4
    amadeusb4 2 months ago

    It wasn't "hyperbolic excitement about the internet". Instead, cheap money, aka low interest rates, had everything to do with it. Thank Greenspan for all of the misallocated capital during the 90's.

  • Lewis Ticknor
    Lewis Ticknor 2 months ago

    He helps people "make a purchase decision", then when enough people make that decision, he undercuts quality products with cheap bullshit with a fifty percent failure rate.

  • Alain Portant
    Alain Portant 2 months ago

    Swallowing seems hard for this guy, wtf ?

  • Tamil War God
    Tamil War God 2 months ago

    How about AWS is competing with it's own customers (Partners)

  • Tamil War God
    Tamil War God 2 months ago

    Liked your rhyming and timing " High school which was not cool" :P

  • Lazy Man
    Lazy Man 2 months ago

    The description of hell is you are endlessly tortured on the issue u can't move past.

  • Nick Heath
    Nick Heath 2 months ago

    You can tell he’s listened to warren a lot. Found him copying his responses on a number of occasions. This is just a testament towards: listen to successful people for you to become successful

  • Ted Stryker
    Ted Stryker 2 months ago

    The challenges of growth. I ordered a $4 mouse pad for my daughter. A $60 Wagner Book showed up. I called customer support to correct the issue and the person answering the phone was rude, nasty, unhelpful etc. I sold the book for $20 and bought the mouse pad at a brick and mortar store.

    • Nick Heath
      Nick Heath 2 months ago

      Ted Stryker nice. Jeff Bezo’s made over $60 in the time it takes for you to read this sentence.

  • Giacomo Bonetti
    Giacomo Bonetti 2 months ago

    Honestly I feel like the most relevant and interesting thing for viewers is what he said about AI around 37:00. The rest is the same old stuff about Amazon that you can read everywhere.

  • Rocio Orozco
    Rocio Orozco 2 months ago

    Muchas gracias y muchas bendiciones, porque mi Sabrina trabaja en su excelente empresa y Ella y mi hermana se benefician económicamicamente.

  • asish mohanty
    asish mohanty 2 months ago

    Hello Jeff Bezos , Thanks for valuable comment , Voice , We are keenly interested to lead your Customer unique process with CRM , supply chain management process , Top management Brand , value , Process . We are expert consultant to lead Amazon . We are the best in Retail ,niche marketing Concept to lead All product from Team IBM , TCS , Vodafone . Regards Asish from IBM , Swastika TCS , Ranjit from Wipro , Biswa Reliance , Elina from TCS , Chayanika from Accenture !

  • Bill J
    Bill J 2 months ago

    Why does Jeff Bezos talk like he has no neck to support his head.....oh wait

  • Leif E. Greens
    Leif E. Greens 2 months ago

    Did not imagine Bezos sounding like a surfer bro!

  • Diego Arinze Uchendu
    Diego Arinze Uchendu 2 months ago

    Very interesting vision, Blue Origin Service, like Amazon business model.

    ORISHA PHOTOS 2 months ago

    Ok, he's preaching about the consequences of over industrialization and inefficient energy usage but runs a multi-billion dollar company that runs through paper like a 9 year old kid through a bag of doritos. On top of that, he starts a space program that probably runs through fuel like a Taco truck on a friday night!!!! Yeah Ok buddy! great point.

  • eugyero
    eugyero 2 months ago


  • Luis Chavez
    Luis Chavez 2 months ago

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  • Sumnder Makhijani
    Sumnder Makhijani 2 months ago

    Global news for future children worldwide ⛸⛸⛸⛸⛸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • TreeFiddy
    TreeFiddy 3 months ago

    Jeff Bezos was great in X-Men.

  • Valu Vivao
    Valu Vivao 3 months ago

    Man Jeff tried to looking forward and go for fishing and tried to away from Amazon...and the other things that go for coin hunters's will grate and calm down your mind.....Thanks...

  • BeGood 2Me
    BeGood 2Me 3 months ago

    The comments are full of jealous, bitter and resentful socialists.

  • Ray Shots
    Ray Shots 3 months ago

    very inspiring and motivational conversation.

  • Jean-Philippe Cunniet
    Jean-Philippe Cunniet 3 months ago

    Superb management principles. Thanks ! Great interview

  • Endless Route
    Endless Route 3 months ago +1

    For every one like on this comment you’ll make $100

  • irwit
    irwit 3 months ago

    21:30 " I reckon one of the other reasons he likes work might be to do with its made him the richest man on the planet?"

  • Ronald Alfred Zreik
    Ronald Alfred Zreik 3 months ago

    Tough to realize that in 1995 my business was stronger than his and I was richer than him.

  • Tony Maynard
    Tony Maynard 3 months ago

    Well, Jeff has something to learn he does not realize that the whole space race and going to space is impossible and a lie. Let him continue down this path as Richard Branson has and has gone very quiet about his space exploit has he not after finding out the truth no less. You see the truth is in plain sight you just have to look. This also why the space shuttle missions where also stopped plus because it was getting to expensive to continue the lie.

  • Blood in the Water
    Blood in the Water 3 months ago +37

    One Punch Man: Strongest person alive, *no hair.*
    Jeff Bezos: Richest man alive, *no hair.*

    The patterns are evident

    • bolo kefe
      bolo kefe 4 days ago

      people are losing their hair

    • Ari Stamas
      Ari Stamas 8 days ago

      he;s not the richest.

    • George N
      George N 12 days ago

      Bald people ftw

    • MrLardax
      MrLardax 14 days ago

      The patterns are residing

    • Sahil Baviskar
      Sahil Baviskar Month ago +1

      so you shaved you head for dumbest comment in the world?

  • Don Mega
    Don Mega 3 months ago

    certainly no one needs to be this rich. which means he's leeched off other people's labor enough. it's time for him to hop off the pedestal and retire. amazon has a ripoff expensive prices cos of the high fees.

  • TheWatermelon3
    TheWatermelon3 3 months ago +9

    People expect so much from a rich man. People don't ask themselves what they would do to get into his position.

    • TheWatermelon3
      TheWatermelon3 3 months ago +3

      +Janeth Shem right? It's as if rich people owe other poor people just cos they have more.

    • Janeth Shem
      Janeth Shem 3 months ago +2

      Now I got u talking my mind;people expect too much from rich people rather than asking themselves when and are themselves are gone be at least close to his level or more than him

  • Lana's Daydream
    Lana's Daydream 3 months ago +2

    Man, this makes me miss Steve Jobs 😢

    • big Cahuna
      big Cahuna 3 months ago

      nobody liked the tyrant Steve Jobs.

  • RUdigitized
    RUdigitized 3 months ago

    "How do you have that coveted "Day One" Culture?"
    "It's simple. I pay my employees too little, work them too hard, and fire them as soon as I don't need them anymore."

  • enkibumbu
    enkibumbu 3 months ago

    What a quirky motherfucker.

  • Thirteen Beatz
    Thirteen Beatz 3 months ago

    Great video, Thanks DW360

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas 3 months ago +1

    With the rite people going public maybe the Best approach to business success.

  • Jumor Jetseter
    Jumor Jetseter 3 months ago

    The best application of AI will be in diagnostic medicine against millions different ailments and diseases that docs misdiagnose and miss all together . There is a limit to brains memories of symptoms of millions of multiple complex of diseases that hit all at once . It is like a fantasy of the martial art fighter trying to take on 50 of the enemies all at once . This is my humble opinion. Mr . Bezos demonstrates " The intelligence that transcends the thought ".Rich should have a close friendships with a scientists that are not involved into "The scientific FRAUD " Quote from 60 minutes USA "The scientific FRAUD " . One of the best I have ever seen . The only suspicion about Amazon I have is mistrust in the the quality of the goods they ship . It must say where it is made .

  • Mikes Craftsman
    Mikes Craftsman 3 months ago

    you gotta give the man a round of applause cheers bruv!
    we use the same energy as a blue Whale.. wow!

  • I Ibra
    I Ibra 3 months ago

    20:05 that's exactly would be my laugh if I'm the richest person on the planet

  • Pieter
    Pieter 3 months ago +1

    "most powerful country in the world" hahahaha

  • los mac
    los mac 3 months ago


  • Sandra Wellington
    Sandra Wellington 3 months ago +1

    Best video

  • Zeno Vice
    Zeno Vice 3 months ago +1

    I saw reports of this greedy, short (5'7"), hook-nosed, penis-head paying his Amazon employees salaries
    which were equivalent to those earned by people employed at McDonald's franchises. Due to these low
    wages, Mr. Greedy's employees were entitled to Food Stamps and other forms of gov't/social assistance.
    What a guy! He is a wealthy man whom is doomed to be a "little" man (in more ways than one) until his
    death is celebrated by most of humanity. No surprise, there. After all, he resided in, and attended schools,
    located in both Texas AND Florida. Possibly the two worst States in the U.S. in almost every way
    imaginable. I feel it would be more appropriate if his surname had TWO letter 'o's in it: i.e. Bozos.

    • Kris
      Kris 3 months ago +1

      Zeno Vice and for your information Amazon is one best jobs. If you don’t like working for what you believe then you always complaining about everything. That’s the problem about us human. Nothing is enough. They have great benefits and everything. You can’t talk about a job if you ever been working there buddy. And the raise now is 15 $

    • Joel Friesen
      Joel Friesen 3 months ago +2

      Dude. No way am I ever supporting someone who is shorter than 5'8"! Thank you for the physical details. Yous should write a book on how to influence people!

    • Tom Campbell
      Tom Campbell 3 months ago +3

      Wow, are you spiteful and "effect" rather than "cause"! Oh, the evil rich man is giving jobs to thousands yet he is evil!!!? They may work elsewhere if not happy.
      Maybe you should change your name to "Zero".

  • Bhupen Solanki
    Bhupen Solanki 3 months ago


  • paulo Aquillo
    paulo Aquillo 3 months ago +1

    All these elitists are robot like, they lose something that is fundamentally human. I don't know at what point this happens but it's not something that helps humanity. More so it enslaves more of us into their dystopian nightmare.

    • BeGood 2Me
      BeGood 2Me 3 months ago +1

      You live in a 1st world country you idiot. Go move to Africa or the Middle East and then tell me about your 'dystopian nightmare' or how humane those places are.