• Published on Feb 15, 2018
  • With a style he calls "spiritual language," legendary graffiti artist Defer is one of the most influential creators in the game. He shares his process, the role LA played in his artistic evolution, and how music fuels his art. Directed by LA’s very own Estevan Oriol.
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  • Emerson Plant
    Emerson Plant 6 months ago

    Respect!.. guys try see more from Eduardo Kobra

  • EdjE_
    EdjE_ 7 months ago

    dre created all

  • AMIT SAXENA Satya Ki Khoj

    Dear watch my channel....!! subscribe it.. i like your channel...!!

  • S.H Lyrics
    S.H Lyrics 8 months ago

    Gimme beats and ill sub :)

  • Fernando Soto
    Fernando Soto 8 months ago +1

    His head phones OMG tbh I would by em!!!!!! At Least 2pairs max!!!

    • Høll
      Høll 8 months ago

      Fernando Soto beats headphones are amazing 😊 I’m getting the porcelain rose ones soon, if you want a pair I’d go for it 👍

  • Pitha
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  • Pitha
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  • Mega Quinn
    Mega Quinn 9 months ago +3

    *Watching this with my senheiser headphones on.*

  • Rando !
    Rando ! 9 months ago +1

    LA pride

  • Mshak714
    Mshak714 9 months ago

    Beats by Dre always inspire me

  • Mila Carbonell
    Mila Carbonell 9 months ago +4

    wow. 2:16 gave me chills 'spiritual language' i love it.

  • Thiago Santos
    Thiago Santos 9 months ago +1

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring story!!!

  • Miguel Story's Felix
    Miguel Story's Felix 9 months ago +1

    wow I really respect that and lace up to and thank you for your story and what other places have you done if making and have you done art for someone before or who you pick you can pick one or many

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