Overwhelming my New Employee - Welcome to Professional YouTubing!

  • Published on Jul 2, 2018
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Comments • 621

  • Jess
    Jess 4 months ago

    Pfft it triggered my google app despite the censor

  • that dude
    that dude 8 months ago


  • Dhanush Umashankar

    hey jazza ,is that james raiz drawing of you at the edge of the room

  • For Yikes
    For Yikes Year ago +1

    PJ is an absolute hunk damn

  • Sky Bear
    Sky Bear Year ago

    Umm the video that he was editing is the video I was watching before this video. Lol

  • meatsball
    meatsball Year ago +1

    PJ makes me think of Ian Malcom from Jurassic park

    • PJ May
      PJ May Year ago

      Just saw this now... You officially win the comments section

  • Zalman Schipp
    Zalman Schipp Year ago +1

    This is so great. I love how warmly PJ is welcomed, like he has a place and a value within the business. He doesn't just get shoved behind the scenes and never mentioned. If only every business was like that.

  • Mariana
    Mariana Year ago +1

    I don't know why but he gives me that vampire feeling
    Like Edward Cullen

  • Jane Rosario
    Jane Rosario Year ago +1

    Hi PJ, you're cute

  • Lucita
    Lucita Year ago +1

    PJ's cute I approve

  • Imagination Films
    Imagination Films Year ago +1

    q: is jazza a good boss

  • Ronan BHP
    Ronan BHP Year ago +1

    Q: (For PJ) Did you have any job to do with editing before you worked with Jazza?

  • Isabelle K.
    Isabelle K. Year ago

    Q: Why?

  • Rebecca Leonard
    Rebecca Leonard Year ago +1

    Q: PJ,
    WHAT...is your name?
    WHAT...is your quest?
    WHAT...is your favourite colour?

  • Nour
    Nour Year ago +1

    Q: Can you give an honest review of working with jazza?

  • Lizzie Snell
    Lizzie Snell Year ago +1

    Cats or dogs?

  • Yibz
    Yibz Year ago +1

    Are you single PJ? 😉

  • Nathaniel Sather
    Nathaniel Sather Year ago +1

    Q: PJ, how old are you and why are you here?

  • Sabitha Anaz
    Sabitha Anaz Year ago +1

    Will PJ do a drawing section with jazza

  • starduck2
    starduck2 Year ago +1

    BTW, I have questionS to PJ: 1 - Can you say what "PJ" stands for? 2 - Also, what is your main background that granted you this position? Animation, editing, or general computer graphics? 3 - Do you know how to draw XD? - I'm done! haha Welcome dude!

  • Goodluck Gabriel
    Goodluck Gabriel Year ago +1

    Q: P.J Do you think that Jazza at times over complicates shoots and records tooo much footage than needed? Well i do :P

  • Aron Septianto
    Aron Septianto Year ago +1

    Q:is your nickname PJ because baby Jazza like PJ mask?

  • Intergaze
    Intergaze Year ago

    Hay PJ What does the BEAR CLAW Patch stand for on your Martial Arts uniform and what does the Chinese symbols mean over the bear Claw Patch ( could you tell me where I could BUY one please ) what means more to you the Patch or the Rank (BELT)

  • Hazard The Dino
    Hazard The Dino Year ago +1

    Pj do u like editing for jazza? And do u think he treats u well?

  • Kyria E. Piatt
    Kyria E. Piatt Year ago +1

    Q for PJ: In your opinion, what is the easiest thing and most difficult thing in the editing process?

  • Hailstorm 03
    Hailstorm 03 Year ago +2

    Question for PJ, do you draw at all in your spare time if not, what do you do???

  • Thomas
    Thomas Year ago +1

    Is PJ any good at drawing and if so will PJ put jazza out of a job

  • Sam Harvey
    Sam Harvey Year ago +1

    Hi PJ!
    What is your favorite colour, dinosaur, planet, and food?
    Welcome to the family!

  • Christopher Cobb
    Christopher Cobb Year ago +1

    Awww, PJ is adorable!!

  • crystalbeastinca
    crystalbeastinca Year ago +1

    Q: How much did you know Jazza beforehand? What is your favorite video of his?

  • Pencil Boy Drawing
    Pencil Boy Drawing Year ago +1

    Q: PJ are you a cat or a dog person?

  • Jonathan Venneberg
    Jonathan Venneberg Year ago +1

    Q: How did PJ and Jazza meet?

  • Alined alined
    Alined alined Year ago +1

    What the favorite video you've edited so far

  • Ty921
    Ty921 Year ago

    maybe more videos with the app? Also any colabs coming Jazza? Would be cool to see you work with Jaden again or Vexx.

    • Ty921
      Ty921 Year ago

      My bad Pj have you done any jobs like working with Jazza before?

  • Yamino game
    Yamino game Year ago +1

    Q: so what kind of boss is Jazza, boss roast!

  • America Castellanos
    America Castellanos Year ago +2

    Q: Does PJ stand for something? ( If so, what? ) Also how do you like Jazza so far?
    You're amazing Jazza and I love PJ already 🙃🙃🙃

  • XtraFTW
    XtraFTW Year ago +1

    How do you feel whilst working with Jazza?

  • Altan Sipdrae
    Altan Sipdrae Year ago +1

    PJ's cute, is he free? :D

  • Kary Francisco
    Kary Francisco Year ago +1

    Q: PJ, have you ever seen How I Met Your Mother?
    If you have... this all reminds me of Ted's 'assistant' PJ and that whole episode. If not... well............ ignore all this.

  • SpeedScape
    SpeedScape Year ago +1

    Q: What is your favourite moment,so far together (funniest, most interesting)? -

  • Reptilian cadet54
    Reptilian cadet54 Year ago +1

    Q: hey pj, why so serious??

  • UkeliDokeli
    UkeliDokeli Year ago +1

    Q: Are you guys Poop Buddies yet?

  • Amna Mukhimar
    Amna Mukhimar Year ago +1

    Hi Jazza Hi PJ ..
    I believe there's a QA segment coming up and my understanding is this is where post them? Also I hope the appointment went well with Mrs. Jazza.
    I wanted to ask you both about recommendations on how you both aligned your goals in this partnership:
    What were important things PJ wanted to learn and accomplish from the experience with Jazza? and what convinced Jazza that PJ is an added value to the content creation team?
    You see, I ask because I work in healthcare IT. Although it's very rewarding in it's own respect, I've found myself recently creating some pieces which have made me interested in digital illustration, painting, and maybe considering media and animation. I am unsure if a good step is to start with a broad production support role, or jump into an animator/illustrator path. So I'm trying to understand what a good way to think about it is from the perspective of people who practice it. :)
    As confused and nervous as I am (and thank you for bearing with that), I would like to continue to learn and practice, compile a portfolio, and see where this journey takes me.
    I love this community Jazza, and I love that PJ has joined, because I aspire to be someone's PJ, before I become a community's Jazza.
    Here's to working towards our dreams.
    Much love,
    a Little scribbler :)

  • Richard Murray
    Richard Murray Year ago +1

    Dear PJ, were you already a Jazza follower before you joined? If so, is that how you joined, or did Jazza hunt you down 😼

  • 11alekon
    11alekon Year ago +1

    Hey PJ,
    why did you choose to work for Draw with Jazza and not someone else?

  • Rebecca Leonard
    Rebecca Leonard Year ago +1

    Q: PJ, what is your Dream Job? Do you want to be an Editor for a living, or are you taking this jon to be more well-rounded for a future job?

  • Rebecca Leonard
    Rebecca Leonard Year ago +1

    Q: PJ, were you a Big Fan of Jazza before being hired? And if so, Jazza were you hesitant to hire a fan? I personaly would worry about hiring a fan because the fan could be starstruck and distracted, but at the same time having a fan for an editor would mean they're already familiar with the videos pacing and the timing for your videos.

  • Adi Mankotia
    Adi Mankotia Year ago +2

    What is PJ’s full name and when did jazza met him

  • MATTman101wow
    MATTman101wow Year ago +1

    Hi, PJ! Glad you got a job, I need some of your luck.

    *Sword comes out*

    Never mind you clearly need that good luck more than me.

  • Ppj_xoxd
    Ppj_xoxd Year ago +1

    Hi PJ

  • Dan Daniels
    Dan Daniels Year ago +1

    What a wholesome fanbase I havent seen a single comment about people wanting to do naughty things to PJ

  • Lawrielle 21
    Lawrielle 21 Year ago

    Omg he looks like he's so quiet while you're consistantly obnoxious. 😂

  • Tammy S
    Tammy S Year ago +1

    "Say Hi Pj!"
    "Hi Pj"
    Ok so........ is he single orrrrrr?

  • dayadeep sidhu
    dayadeep sidhu Year ago

    You can tell he edited this video. I mean PJ.

  • vicland games
    vicland games Year ago +1

    🔥🔥🔥welcome pj🔥🔥🔥 (Warm welcome)

  • Julia Motzko
    Julia Motzko Year ago +2

    hi PJ

  • Star Duster
    Star Duster Year ago +1

    Dang! PJ is cute!!!

  • a human
    a human Year ago +1

    Hi PaJama welcome to the family

  • Kk A
    Kk A Year ago +1

    Hi PJ! Good luck, pretty sure you don’t need it but it’s there all the same

  • omierufus
    omierufus Year ago

    Jazza I'm gone for a week and you already have a new employee?