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The Garden: Radicchio Salad Green - Easy Low Cost Way To Grow

  • Published on Aug 27, 2016
  • I show an easy low cost quick way to grow this expensive salad green. I started experimenting with radicchio only a few months ago. So these results will be updated periodically.
    It has been compared to spinach in nutritional quality and it has a different texture. It makes a good compliment to other types of salad greens. It has a slightly bitter taste.
    I briefly talk about seeding radicchio. Then I show the simple process of removing the stem end and planting it and showing the progess as the plants grow. The plants tolerate heat. If too hot they will not form heads or very small heads ( the leaves are still robust and edible). The leaves will be more green in hotter temps and get redder as it gets cooler. But they would do better in colder climates. So fall plantings in cold climates would get optimal results. With the stem method the leaves will increase in size well before the roots begin to develope.
    Once the plants start growing they need moderate amounts of fertilizer and moderate amounts of water. So far no pests or diseases are affecting the plants. The only negative reactions I have seen in the plants was after 2 days of heavy rain the leaves got a little limp. But in a day they were back to normal. So don't over water!
    For more on radicchio visit my website
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Comments • 4

  • Julie Cade
    Julie Cade Year ago

    Might be helpful for viewers to know that you are growing in Hawaii.

    • Wonderful Wandering Topics
      Wonderful Wandering Topics  Year ago

      Thanks for the comment and for watching. Good to hear you were inspired by my video.

    • Ruby Slippers
      Ruby Slippers Year ago

      I’m so glad that you made this video. I’m buying a head today and wished I had the smarts to grow the red cabbage we just had. You inspire me to garden again. Thanks

    • Wonderful Wandering Topics
      Wonderful Wandering Topics  Year ago

      That's a good idea Julie especially since they say most viewers (60%+) of a video are new viewers. Thanks for your comment and for watching.