ECONMOVIES- Developmental Economics- Season 2, Episode 1

  • Published on Aug 14, 2017
  • Welcome to ECONMOVIES. My name is Jacob Clifford and I spend way too much time trying to connect economics and regular everyday stuff. In this episode I overanalyze Marvel's Captain America: The First Avenger. I discuss the field of developmental economics and explain how Steve Rodgers can be seen as a metaphor for the world's underdeveloped countries. Please be sure to leave a comment and let me know what movie you want me to do next. Ironman? Thor? MLP? Just let me know.
    By the way, if you are still in school you should really look into taking a developmental economics course. You can learn about the challenges and triumphs of modern economics and, hopefully, think of your wayto fight poverty and promote growth.
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  • Hanksterock Pase rock
    Hanksterock Pase rock 3 months ago

    Kudos to you and two thumbs up! These are very well-made videos, I truly enjoy them. Do you have any fact-checkers that you can include for future ones? I often forward them but I won't want to see that somehow the far lefts can somehow to debunk.

  • Sam Berkley
    Sam Berkley 3 months ago

    I love this ! This is so much fun! :D

  • zariyah allen
    zariyah allen 10 months ago

    Nah captin america is just patriotic

  • Internet Troll
    Internet Troll 11 months ago

    So the serum is steroid right ?

  • Angelo Olteteanu
    Angelo Olteteanu Year ago +1

    Great video. Thank you. TVclip needs more simple to grasp, interesting and educating videos like this. :)

  • Aneconteacher
    Aneconteacher 2 years ago +1

    Can you add this one, episode 2 and episode 3 to the Econmovies playlist? I am not sure if you have to do it or it's done by TVclip. Thank you.

  • SKz
    SKz 2 years ago

    Thanks for listening to me and making video on Demonetization

  • David Worthington
    David Worthington 2 years ago

    Mr. Clifford, what are you using for your video post production? Which camera are you using?

  • Julie Lyles
    Julie Lyles 2 years ago +2

    Yay EconMovies are back!

  • Connor -J- Evans
    Connor -J- Evans 2 years ago

    4:54 Uh-oh! Haha

  • Hamed Gt-R
    Hamed Gt-R 2 years ago +4

    Thanks for helping pass my exams.

  • Henry T-S
    Henry T-S 2 years ago +13

    Could you please potentially in the future do a series where you look back infamous/famous economic events out though history (e.g. Oil shock and Financial crash 2008) and look at their causes and effects. Your work has been a great influence on my life, getting me to love and understand economics. Thank you for the knowledge!

    • Petar Jovovic
      Petar Jovovic 2 years ago +3

      Henry Thiele-Swift He did a video on great reccession of 2008 on crash course channel.

  • Allissa Valenzuela
    Allissa Valenzuela 2 years ago +3

    Your videos helped me get through AP Econ in high school and now I'm about to start my second year of college as an Econ major!

  • Harry Christofi
    Harry Christofi 2 years ago +8

    Can you please do a video explaining the Nordic economic model actually known as Social Democracy (What Bernie Sanders advocates lol)? And not Socialism as you said on Crash Course Economics lol

    • Petar Jovovic
      Petar Jovovic 2 years ago +1

      T I DudeSocial democracy isnt a fancy word for socialist i mean i would expect some fox news or cnn watcher to think that but someone who wants to learn econ should understand nuances and btw Norway is the most socialist country in europe but still a social democracy.

    • T I
      T I 2 years ago

      Social Democracy, as you put it, is a fancy word for socialism. Also Norway has already denied that they are more socialist than others. Part of the reason those countries do well is because they are homogeneous and home to a very productive people unlike places like Central Africa.

  • Alex and Pedro
    Alex and Pedro 2 years ago +3

    Finally! A video!

  • Andrew Beitsch
    Andrew Beitsch 2 years ago +1

    Economics education at its best. Well played Clifford.

  • mohammed al-mosawi
    mohammed al-mosawi 2 years ago +7

    Do iron man next and hows he is basically a representation if capitalism, but as a superhero!

    • mohammed al-mosawi
      mohammed al-mosawi 2 years ago

      ACDCLeadership excuse me mr clifford, im having trouble finding your email on your website. Could you tell me which page its on?

    • Jacob Clifford
      Jacob Clifford  2 years ago +1

      I'm traveling right now, but give me an e-mai and we can talkl. The w-mail is at my website

    • mohammed al-mosawi
      mohammed al-mosawi 2 years ago

      ACDCLeadership wow really? I would love to! Ive been following your channel for three years now, i'm extremely excited that you even replied to me! 😙👍

    • Jacob Clifford
      Jacob Clifford  2 years ago +2

      Wow, Do you want to help me write the script? I'll give you a shout out in the video :)

    • mohammed al-mosawi
      mohammed al-mosawi 2 years ago +2

      ACDCLeadership captain america is basically a representation of americas government: freedom, equality, the shield as in america is never the aggressor. Iron man is much different: he is basically americas economy, always outspending whatever opponent he faces, evolving freely to overcome his enemies, much how the US managed to beat the USSR by outspending them. His character is also very much flawed like capitalism, as is shown by his recklessness and alcoholism: unlike cap, he isn't always morally sure of whats right, heck he made his fortune as a capitalist profiting from conflicts around the world. One could say he even represents keynesian economic thought: not wanting to let the world fix itself, as he believes its too slow compared to his solution, always wanting to spend to fix the issue at hand.

  • Aaron Reddy
    Aaron Reddy 2 years ago +1

    What is guns and butter? I still don't understand even with the definition.

    • Jacob Clifford
      Jacob Clifford  2 years ago +1

      It's just an example that many economists like to use to show the idea of trade-offs.