Custom Shade Foundation FAIL? Lancome Le Teint Particulier Foundation

  • Published on Apr 17, 2017
  • Today I'm testing out the Lancome Le Teint Particulier Foundation! This is a custom made foundation that was made to be my perfect shade match. Lets see how it works :)
    ** Now my studio lights are making this foundation look pretty decent, however in person it left me with a grayish cast, especially around my jawline area & it also looked much lighter and too yellow when I went to other areas in my apartment. You definitely are able to see these flaws when I used the flash. Even if the shade matched properly I'm still not a huge fan of the consistency of this foundation and the difficulties I experience while blending it out. I think that if this foundation was darker and just a little bit more smooth in consistency it would've worked better. **
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  • Alissa Ashley
    Alissa Ashley  Year ago +2946

    Some people seem to be upset that the foundation didn't work out so they're taking it out on me telling me I should be grateful that is looked "decent". While the foundation wasn't a TERRIBLE match, it wasn't a perfect match which is the entire purpose of them making this system & charging $80 for it so it should be more accurate than it was. Even in person, it looked slighting ghostly & had a Grey yellow tint to it in natural light. I apologize if it was a let down that it didn't work but I can either be honest or be a fraud and lie and said it worked great which I refuse to do because I care about where you guys money goes.

    • Lorassa
      Lorassa Year ago +15

      sorry i said your intro wasn't your own. props to you for making your own, you're the only beauty youtuber i know that's done that.

    • LeeLee Star
      LeeLee Star Year ago +212

      Alissa Ashley I'd rather you be honest !!! It's sooooo many products out here competing for our coins... some worth it some not... you were not telling people not to purchase it, you gave a clear & concise review!!!! It is up to the individual to see if they are willing to try it for themselves!!! Girl keep those reviews coming it's good to get to see what a product's potential may or may not be💯

    • Jhenene Dawkins
      Jhenene Dawkins Year ago +1

      Alissa Ashley you definitely aren't the first one I've heard have this problem. Also what nail shop do you go to? I'm in the East Bay and have been unhappy with almost every place I've been to. Keep up the great work

    • Phelicia Morton
      Phelicia Morton Year ago +10

      "Decent?!" $90 should get you 'your skin just better' perfect, definitely not decent. It irritates me when I have to finesse a foundation even after they promise a "perfect match"...for "all skin tones".

    • Kristina Robinson
      Kristina Robinson Year ago

      Alissa Ashley amen honey

  • Ty Zimmer
    Ty Zimmer Year ago

    I agree that it's shitty that you didn't get your match, but girl, you told them to scan 3 areas of your face which are the lightest. I'm guessing you wanted it to match the rest of your skin so it would have been better to have them scan like once on your face and a couple on your neck because that's what it looks like you were trying to match. The foundation does absolutely match the tones of your face, but not the rest of your body, and while it's shitty to spend $90 on something and expect it to be perfect, you have to scan the right areas....

    • Alissa Ashley
      Alissa Ashley  Year ago +6

      I didn't tell them anything, they did what they say is the way it works

  • T Miller
    T Miller Year ago

    Well... you shouldn't have lightened it duh

  • Katelyn Kjesbo
    Katelyn Kjesbo Year ago +1

    I'm confused. You seemed shocked that the foundation was darker than the shade you already own which matched "perfectly". But when Lancôme found your perfect shade, you asked for two shades darker..... sooooo it's darker than the one that matched? lol I'm so confused

    • Alissa Ashley
      Alissa Ashley  Year ago +9

      Your comment confused me lol. I seemed shocked that lancomes "perfect match" was so far off from a shade that matches me perfectly

  • okaayminnie
    okaayminnie Year ago

    I've seen a lot of people not like this foundation. One problem is when they match you, the lighting sucks. Like even in Sephora, I hate matching myself because it's so gloomy. At least you got to experience it, i guess lol

  • Destri Tucker
    Destri Tucker Year ago +1

    literally no one who has gotten that foundation has had it actually match them. i've heard a few say that they tweaked it from their initial match, just like you, because they wanted it lighter or darker and it was still too dark or light.. if they can't even get close to your actual completion they shouldn't have it on the market yet, nonetheless be selling it for upwards of $80..

  • Mama Bleach
    Mama Bleach Year ago +15

    I'm not sure why but it's tricky blending it around the mouth, Jackie had the same problem. Also i don't know if it makes a difference but their oil free primer is pretty bomb and it made a huge difference when i used it before the foundation. Also you're paying $80 for 0.7 oz of foundation lol am i the only one shocked by that?

    • Alissa Ashley
      Alissa Ashley  Year ago +13

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who experienced that lol I felt kinda silly

  • Ryan Quinn
    Ryan Quinn Year ago +6

    This is y i fuks with her HARD.

  • Dia Quartz
    Dia Quartz Year ago +9

    You shouldn't have to doctor up or finesse a foundation you payed that much money for ☹️

  • Sydnie Marlella
    Sydnie Marlella Year ago

    $90 for it to turn grey and ashy and not blend like butter? Nah I'm cool lol thank you for the honest review so we can be saving our money

  • Kelsey Blumstein
    Kelsey Blumstein Year ago

    I think if you were to go back and try again to definitely try using the color from your neck! :)

  • Riggins Riggins
    Riggins Riggins Year ago +2

    I agree w/you 100%. The foundation is not a match, and I have seen you work with other foundations a lot less than $80.00. I am not happy for you. Back in the day, Neimans had a line called Percriptives and they did a really great match, so worth the $50. 00. I wish they would bring it back to the stores.

  • Kaley Banayan
    Kaley Banayan Year ago +1

    your face is much lighter then your body! they should try matching it with your neck i think thats what jeffree star tried

  • Just Jameka
    Just Jameka Year ago


  • Mellie Rubin
    Mellie Rubin Year ago +2

    I am assuming that since it was custom made for you, you can not return it. If my assumption is correct, then that sucks. The other thing that really annoys me and to some extent proves my point is that when you're a person of color, people are always assuming you would like to be lighter. I say no! Most people are very happy with the color of their skin and would like to use foundation to hide blemishes and skin imperfection. They dont use foundation for the Michael Jackson effect. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Just because you can afford something that cost 80, you should be happy with that fact. BS, I could have saved an entire year for that experience and I should get what I paid for. Any make up professional worth their salt would say that the shaid was too light for her skin. I love you Alissa, you rock.

  • Angela Burke
    Angela Burke Year ago

    i love u for saying finesse.

  • TheAugustRush_
    TheAugustRush_ Year ago

    Can I finesse this foundation?, of course I can Im a finesser its what I do. 😂😂 im just guna go through life saying this quote but switching it up 💜.

  • JoLady1969
    JoLady1969 Year ago

    This is why I love your channel. You really are not feeling the product and I don't blame you. Who wants to pay almost $90 to look casket ready, but you gave an honest review and spoke of the pros and cons in a professional manner and let the potential buyer decide for themselves. Major props!

  • Diana da Goddess
    Diana da Goddess Year ago

    Did you shake it to mix?


    girllll 80 for foundation 😭 does it stop my skin from becoming oily for 12-15 hours or in clubs

  • Wyatt Goff
    Wyatt Goff Year ago

    I love u alissa

  • Phelicia Morton
    Phelicia Morton Year ago

    Speaking of foundations that test and match you- I actually had a good experience with Boots No.7 foundation- surprisingly good. I was very surprised.

  • Kelsey R
    Kelsey R Year ago

    I'm returning mine. The packaging is pretty cheap considering and my pump stopped working after a couple wears/barely worked to begin with.

  • babygrl2000
    babygrl2000 Year ago +1

    I had a very similar experience being "matched". I am deeper toned so it's already a struggle but I also find some beauty specialists are not the greatest when it comes to matching WOC. I was highly disappointed when I walked into natural lighting and looked like a geisha. I appreciate your honesty! Glad to know I wasn't the only one that this product didn't work for.

  • Cynn Badd
    Cynn Badd Year ago

    girl, go get your money back!

  • Phelicia Morton
    Phelicia Morton Year ago

    Just judging from your video, it seems like the lighting in the store wasn't that great- kind of dim. Testing in stores has been a problem for me too- what seems to work in the store, is WAY too light at home and in natural light.

  • yng-gk
    yng-gk Year ago +2

    This shit for white ppl

  • Tota Lee
    Tota Lee Year ago

    I love your hair! It's so curly!

  • alise taylor
    alise taylor Year ago

    Damn man $90 they smoking then the shit got you looking casket ready 😐 they wrong for this foolery 😭

  • Esther Larose
    Esther Larose Year ago

    y no makeup Monday 😢😧

  • Stella Atua
    Stella Atua Year ago

    $90 and a good concept/system..... but you still have to self adjust 😑🙄😩. Thanks for spending that amount of your own money, to give us an honest opinion as always 😘😘❤️

  • Sierra LaFaye
    Sierra LaFaye Year ago

    Thanks for saving me a trip there

  • J. R.
    J. R. Year ago

    It's so frustrating when you spend your hard earned coins on something that doesn't work out

  • Sena Cooper
    Sena Cooper Year ago

    I'd love to have this done! Never have the right shade for myself and always have to mix foundations!

  • Chomba Blanca
    Chomba Blanca Year ago +10

    A licensed makeup artist once told me that foundations should match ur neck color not ur color🙄 I hate when girls that "knows" about makeup try foundations on ur hand or ur cheek 😒 I be like b gimme that and I try it on my neck... the one that matches my neck is the one I buy

  • Izabella Sanchez
    Izabella Sanchez Year ago

    I feel like this foundation is a hit or miss for a lot of people. she's not the first person that didn't really care for it or had a bad shade match. It doesn't look bad, but she has a point. if I'm going to spend 90 bucks on something that is advertised as a PERFECT MATCH, then god damn I better get my perfect match.

  • RoséMami
    RoséMami Year ago

    Girl just want to say THANK YOU for taking one for the team because $90 wasted would have had me SICK to my stomach 🤦🏾‍♀️ p.s. I would love to see how you finesse when a foundation shade is a tad lighter thank it should be.

  • rolling29victor
    rolling29victor Year ago

    You're so beautiful!

  • Mrs. EMC
    Mrs. EMC Year ago +38

    Thattayla is another youtuber who is the complete opposite skin tone and type and she had the same issues. Hard to blend, not a good shade match and for that price it should be perfect. That is what their whole pitch is!

  • Fadwa Altahir
    Fadwa Altahir Year ago +1

    I think it is because your face is naturally lighter than the rest of your body and the formula was made to match it thats how it looked off

  • Breanna Love
    Breanna Love Year ago

    i dont understand, i dont think it looks that bad maybe becsuse YOUR beautiful lol

  • Nicole M
    Nicole M Year ago

    can you go back and get it darker.

  • Elleoquently 11
    Elleoquently 11 Year ago

    ALISSA!!!!! I love this video and I love your videos! I'm so happy you are ALWAYS honest and so genuine! I loved the video and I'm happy you did this because they've matched me wrong before and now I know I won't waste my money! Thank you so much for genuinely caring about us and your job! 💛💛💛💛

  • Glory Williams
    Glory Williams Year ago

    There is another way I saw Safiya a former worker of buzzfeed try one through her phone and it was shipped to her house, she gave it a pretty great review and it's cheaper than this.. it's an app you use to find your perfect tone..

  • Janelli Marie
    Janelli Marie Year ago

    It's interesting they only analyzed the face for color tone and did not incorporate the neck and shoulders.

  • mebattle2
    mebattle2 Year ago

    you are so awesome sauce 😀❤ keep up the awesome work

  • Stephanie Whitby
    Stephanie Whitby Year ago

    Thanks for the tutorial. I was thinking about trying a customized foundation but I'm not going invest in a $90 product that is no better than a $27 product😏.

  • Jessica  Moore
    Jessica Moore Year ago +1

    Do a video of you and your sister do each others make up !

  • MsPachecoSpeaks
    MsPachecoSpeaks Year ago +1

    I challenge you to find a copycat of the NYC liquid liner please

  • Kait Weimorts
    Kait Weimorts Year ago

    yeah this doesnt seem way to light. this is weird makes me think they other reviews i saw lied. because shouldve match you perfectly. that 90 f
    dollars rip off.