Christopher Nolan Talks About MCU & Matt Reeves

  • Published on Nov 29, 2017

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  • Raul Medina
    Raul Medina Month ago

    I love Nolan

  • Mathews
    Mathews Month ago

    What a movie did TDK turn out to be back then....literally when there was no MCU making the impact...

  • Dimarcos Jadiel Camacho

    Fun fact...Nolan is producer of some DCEU movies lol

  • Biggest Boi
    Biggest Boi 2 months ago

    I think it’s easy to appreciate the dark knight trilogy and the mcu. The Dark Knight trilogy is one of the best trilogies ever out on screen and the mcu is found a way to create a movie like infinity war which handles a gigantic cast of major characters and create a good story with getting convoluted.

  • Peter Burman
    Peter Burman 2 months ago +1

    He's calling out Warner Brothers for screwing over Snyder and not letting him take his time.

    • Meme Nene
      Meme Nene Month ago

      He is actually calling out Snyder too... Snyder was planning to do 5 film arc, instead of taking his time and focusing on making a good film. He shoehorned the Knightmare Sequnce, Flash scene + JL tease iin BvS which he wanted to set up for the next films....Poor job done by Snyder.

  • Cody Hoskins
    Cody Hoskins 3 months ago

    The more he talks about imagining the endings to all three films, the more hypnotic it comes across of how evocative those final shots of BB, TDK, and TDKR are at justifying the titles and meaning of those films. BB establishes with Batman swinging into the camera that his crusade has begun and he has cast his heroic shadow over Gotham, TDK descends with him riding out into the distance on the run from the law as the lone knight he is, and TDKR ascends with the rising platform to show that his legacy has risen from the remains of what's left.

  • GlareBox
    GlareBox 3 months ago +10

    Who's looking forward to seeing his next film Tenet?

  • Colby Covington
    Colby Covington 3 months ago

    He's the last of his kind

  • Xavier Lapis
    Xavier Lapis 3 months ago

    Nearly 5 mins of nolan sucking his own dick

  • Salman Ahmed
    Salman Ahmed 3 months ago

    Hey shithead! I searched on google about TDK. Nolan is on number 4 on imdbs best hollywood directors list and TDK is #3 on imdb's top 250 best films for the past 11 fucking years. So what the fuck is the point of making this stupid video just shitting on marvel movies. You know what? i get it you are just jealous of the MCU's success. No matter how much you hate them, they always seem to exceed expectations and break all the records without being Dark, Gritty and Complex like TDK. They proved that lighthearted comicbook movies can make more money than Dark knight. People who love to watch Marvel will keep watching no matter how much you tell them that they are ruining everything. Marvel will keep getting better and better now that hey have xmen,wolverine, deadpool and fantastic 4. And they will continue pissing you off over and over.

  • HeyyImJacob
    HeyyImJacob 3 months ago

    Great interview but is it just me or does he not even mention the MCU??

  • FaB92 N
    FaB92 N 3 months ago

    Every thing is great in TDKRises except Levitt was so much generic

  • qwe qwe
    qwe qwe 4 months ago +1

    marvel fucking shit

  • José Rojas
    José Rojas 4 months ago

    Clickbait. He doesn't talk specifically about the MCU.

  • J S
    J S 4 months ago +20

    only nolan has the balls to say this and get away with it because he created the greatest superhero trilogy of all time

  • Josh S-TV
    Josh S-TV 4 months ago +1

    Let Nolan direct a James Bond film

    • GlareBox
      GlareBox 3 months ago +1

      He will once his next film Tenet gets rave reviews next yr

  • Josh S-TV
    Josh S-TV 4 months ago

    Maybe he can do a Marvel character film.

    • fake channel
      fake channel 3 months ago

      nah. I’m both a Nolan and an MCU fan but every Nolan project has been something different. Once he’s moved on from a project he’s moved onto something else, hence why his recent projects like Interstellar or Dunkirk have been more experimental and unique projects intended to immerse the viewer in the experience just as much as they intend to tell a good story. Like he’s been doing a lot more old school Kubrick style films recently.
      So I think after already earning his stripes and earning the respect, reputation, money and studio backing with his Batman trilogy, then I think he has no reason to return back to the superhero genre. Hes been there and championed that style of cinema. I don’t even think Nolan likes superhero movies anyway to be honest, I think he just done it to fund for his more expensive and adventurous projects like Inception which he wouldn’t have been able to make if he was a smaller filmmaker like he was before Batman. So I think he agreed and set himself a challenge of seeing what he could do with superhero movies, and as we all know it turned out well.
      But yeah I don’t think he ever read comics or truly cared for the characters. Which might’ve been why even with his last Batman movie it felt like his focus had kinda moved on and he was losing interest in creating a great ending. But make truly great superhero movies I think someone has to have something spurring them forward or motivating them. For Nolan before that was his motivation to get a better reputation, and for other directors the motivation is their love for the characters. But now Nolan’s a champion of cinema, I don’t think he has any motivation to work with superheroes.
      He’s probably more motivated to try and match his inspirations and do something he’s not done before. That’s why his career is likely to spread to more mind-boggling, left-field & expensive event films as opposed to simple expected projects. Similar thing kinda with Tarantino. Nolan will not go back to superheroes though because it will be a step backwards in terms of his artistic integrity

  • TheVetoSkreeemer
    TheVetoSkreeemer 4 months ago

    He doesnt talk about the.Mcu, the title of the video is misleading.

    • TheVetoSkreeemer
      TheVetoSkreeemer 2 months ago

      @Biggest Boi Makes sense

    • Biggest Boi
      Biggest Boi 2 months ago

      TheVetoSkreeemer Nolan strictly said his movies wouldn’t be connected to a universe

  • Frank Houttave
    Frank Houttave 5 months ago

    TDKT should have been the kick off of the DCEU. It's a missed opportunity.

  • Himanshu Sekhar Singh Deo
    Himanshu Sekhar Singh Deo 5 months ago +2

    1:04 that's why I like marvel
    Because wb killed my hope in justice league and actors changing

  • ShogunOrta
    ShogunOrta 6 months ago

    I think if you know you're going to be pushing out popcorn movies, then it's easier to plan out an entire series of films (Transformers, MCU, etc.) But if you're like Nolan, trying to really make an "experience" then it's way harder! That's like saying you're going to paint the Mona Lisa, but there's going to be a series of them.....and they're all going to be different! It would be almost a miracle to pull that off. Perhaps the only franchise that's come close is Star Wars. But arguably, even in that case, take eps. 4, 5, and 6 out of that bundle and see how much Star Wars diminishes...

  • Humayun Arif
    Humayun Arif 6 months ago

    The dark Knight trilogy is one my favourite movies

  • bad timing
    bad timing 6 months ago +1

    1 good movie out of the 3 well done I still think iron man was better than dark knight sorry that's what I think so don't cry about it

    • Ice Gloves
      Ice Gloves 3 months ago

      bad timing can’t help but laugh at your opinion

    • Chief Bill
      Chief Bill 6 months ago

      Bad opinion

  • Yedhu krishnan S R
    Yedhu krishnan S R 7 months ago +16

    The Dark knight Trilogy > DCEU+MCU

  • Afshan Parveen
    Afshan Parveen 7 months ago

    because of FROG FACE'S stupid realistic take every idiot is trying his own take on batman and superman to compete Nolan instead of being faithful to the character.

    • Tre Drago
      Tre Drago 4 months ago +1

      @Afshan Parveen He got you. You are okay with Zemo being interpreted differently yet you insult Nolan for taking liberties. Bravo, you hypocritical twat.

    • EgocentricHead
      EgocentricHead  7 months ago

      ​@Afshan Parveen, "they changed Zemo into an average citizen"
      so you're fine with the MCU completely changing characters from the comics to make them more "realistic"? So what is your problem with Nolan, then? Especially if he does that to a far lesser extent than the MCU, since he keeps the most iconic traits of the characters in them.
      "Scarecrow always looked fucking cheap and stupid"
      Well, at least he looked like something, unlike Zemo and Mandarin, who were as far removed from their comic book counterparts as you can get.
      "Zemo very likely shattered the AVENGERS"
      I'm very glad that he did, but I'm not sure how that relates to my point about him being nothing like in the comics.
      "and that's exactly what he did in avengers disassembled comics."
      Baron Zemo was barely featured in the Avengers Dissembled event. He had nothing to do with what happened.

    • Afshan Parveen
      Afshan Parveen 7 months ago

      @EgocentricHead they changed Zemo into an average citizen who became a victim and it worked well Scarecrow always looked fucking cheap and stupid but not scary and he was always a fucking side character in this SHIT trilogy whereas Zemo very likely shattered the AVENGERS and that's exactly what he did in avengers disassembled comics.

    • EgocentricHead
      EgocentricHead  7 months ago

      Considering that his take on Batman was faithful to the character, I don't understand where is the compromise. You can be realistic and faithful to the character. Especially character like Batman, who was made realistic in the comics long before anyone heard of Christopher Nolan. And it's especially baffling when you say that as an MCU fan. Didn't MCU try to make Zemo realistic by completely changing every iconic aspect of his character? Nolan always gave characters their iconic features. Scarecrow was a wearing a bag on his head and was using a fear gas. Zemo wasn't even German, even though he was played by a fucking German actor.

  • Afshan Parveen
    Afshan Parveen 7 months ago

    I am glad that Black Panther, a C and D list character's solo movie defeated the dark shit , must be very tragic for dc/Nolan fans.No matter what you guys say , the numbers matter , BP is 97% at rotten tomatoes and made more money at the box office than the dark shit

    • Respectful MCU Fan
      Respectful MCU Fan 6 months ago

      @Afshan Parveen I hope you die, fucking ungrateful dipshit

    • Afshan Parveen
      Afshan Parveen 7 months ago

      @EgocentricHead if you know so much about batman, then you should realize how FUCKING STUPID AND HILARIOUS, DARK SHITTY DRUGGED KNIGHT baleman was.he has a problem with running his batpod over joker to break his legs a bit But has no fucking problem with killing the person he believed in the whole fucking movie TWO FACE. Buttman doesn't kill no matter what. and what about the shitty action scenes? what about his boring gadgets? what about alfred being smarter than drugged baleman? what about Lucius providing him all the fucking tech? Iron man came out in the same year and it was more visually appealing than SHIT KNIGHT.

    • Afshan Parveen
      Afshan Parveen 7 months ago

      yes he was not as famous as them.

  • Omega Styles
    Omega Styles 7 months ago

    Thats what ruined the DCEU. No one cares about over stretched stories. In marvel every movie wraps up its own story then teases the next one. In DCEU every story point goes nowhere

    • EgocentricHead
      EgocentricHead  7 months ago

      ​Omega Styles , No, it's called "I don't care about the continuity, so let's just do whatever we want". How exactly completely disregarding two previous movies in Ragnarok was a subversion of expectations? The movie basically clicked on the reboot button and ignored what the two previous movies established, tonally and story-wise.

    • Omega Styles
      Omega Styles 7 months ago

      @EgocentricHead wrong . Its called subverting expectations but we are going that road then BvS and every other DCEWW movie did the same . Even The dark knight rises did the same by making bane a muscle guy for Talia Al Ghul and the league of Assassins . BvS teased Batman v Superman and justice league formation ended up as Pansy ass dr facebook giving lectures on theology and heroes turning into moma's boys in the middle of the movie to resolve everything. Wonder Woman teased WW 1 villain Dr Poison but ended up switching things up with Ares as the main villain instead. Suicide Squad did the same with Joker. Man of Steel was just generic

    • EgocentricHead
      EgocentricHead  7 months ago

      So what happened to the overarching story of Iron Man one and Thor 2? Iron Man build up the Mandarin as the big bad of the third film. It was the intention of the original director. That is why in the first and third movie you have nods to the character. Then came someone else to direct the third movie and none of that matter. At the end of Thor The Dark World, we saw a teaser for Thor 3. That teaser set up Loki as the big final villain who have took over Asgard by pretending to be Odin. What does the third movie, with a brand new director, do with that? The same thing as Iron Man 3: completely fucking ignore it.

  • The Shadow
    The Shadow 8 months ago +1

    The marvel fandom is cancer. At least dc fans aren't retarded little shits like marvel fans

  • dj 360`
    dj 360` 8 months ago

    Please, make movies every year

  • Angelus
    Angelus 8 months ago


    M1ND LEZZ 10 months ago +1

    Is it wrong to love TDK and marvel?

  • Ankit snch
    Ankit snch 11 months ago

    Poor Marvel fan....they know... any MCU movie can't beat TDK

    • ElvenRaptor
      ElvenRaptor 3 months ago

      They already have. Several times.

  • Brynley Jones
    Brynley Jones 11 months ago

    In 10 years, there will be no such thing as complete trilogies. Just 30+ movies about 1 character

  • dav NO
    dav NO 11 months ago

    His movie is always great it's not the way he make it, it's not cheap.

  • Frederick Bird
    Frederick Bird 11 months ago +1

    there was a time when batman begins had just come out that they released a collection pack with that film and the Keaton batman through to batman and robin

  • Tyler Ward
    Tyler Ward 11 months ago

    nice accidental pun 4:19

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 11 months ago

    I wish Christopher Nolan could teach a college course for young filmmakers.

  • Hikmat Hikmat
    Hikmat Hikmat Year ago

    The Dark knight should return

  • jbot91
    jbot91 Year ago +1

    Nolan is the goat. He's a treasure

  • Talha Rasool
    Talha Rasool Year ago +4

    Just an opinion , but I think the biggest reason why WB Studios didn't mess with this Man is because they were still ashamed because of the Schumacher Movies.
    But when Nolan's Trilogy as a whole, grossed over 2.4B and revived the Character. They were back in a position to bully, hence Suicide Squad, BvS and JL.

    • fake channel
      fake channel 3 months ago

      SUVA Snyder is good at his job though..
      I get what you mean, Nolan’s probably the model film director since he’s always critically and commercially successful & makes films on time, underbudget and with no issues. But Snyder is good at his job from an employer’s perspective. From a creative perspective maybe you can dissect his filmmaking skills and criticise him, but I don’t think that affects how harsh a business-orientated company like WB treats him.
      The main reason they pressurised Snyder is because of the threat of the MCU over at Disney and how that threat didn’t exist during Nolan’s tenure (05-12). With the rise of the MCU then WB wanted a cinematic universe so they forced Snyder to build up to a Justice League. And also because of the MCU’s dominance Snyder’s Man of Steel wasn’t as successful so WB scrutinised him more and Snyder didn’t have as much negotiating power as the more successful Nolan had.

    • SUVO
      SUVO 6 months ago

      He is good at his job that's why studio executives respect him unlike snyder lol

    • Regular Guy
      Regular Guy 10 months ago


  • babbisp1
    babbisp1 Year ago

    140 329

  • dippnripp
    dippnripp Year ago +1

    Better than actual ASMR

  • Nigerian Prince
    Nigerian Prince Year ago

    THANK YOU! I always hate long running films coz they leave stuff out so they can use it on another one.

  • Peter Germain
    Peter Germain Year ago +1

    Its interesting that he titled the first one "Batman Begins" with no guarantee of a sequel.

    • fake channel
      fake channel 3 months ago

      I think that was just a response to the previous movies ‘Batman Returns’, ‘Batman Forever’, Batman & Robin’.
      Him and Warner probably had to establish it was a new Batman franchise...but at the same time they had to make it clear that it’s a Batman movie so they probably wanted Batman in the title. And since ‘Batman’ was already taken, then something like ‘Batman Begins’ or ‘Batman Reborn’ or something generic but clear like that would be the only option.
      So yeah. The two word format, having Batman in the title, the alliteration & clearing up continuity were probably the main factors involved.
      Then once they’d established their new Batman, I assume Warner were more willing to let Nolan have a more ambiguous title for the sequel - The Dark Knight. But yeah Batman Begins is a lot of a better title with the retrospect of viewing it in the context of a trilogy. If it was just a standalone movie called Batman Begins though then that would sound really corny.

  • Hitso Orvonen
    Hitso Orvonen Year ago

    Did he really talk about the MCU? I didn’t notice

  • Goddamn 47
    Goddamn 47 Year ago +1

    This is off topic but, Nolan and Raimi. Gods in film making. Shat on by MCU and DCEU fantards.

  • Coconut Head
    Coconut Head Year ago +3

    Nolan = God
    MCU = Trash

  • TheMaximus
    TheMaximus Year ago +5

    Im sorry i love joker but he has been dethroned by thanos.

    • Anton A.
      Anton A. 9 months ago +3

      The thing that makes Joker better than Thanos, to me, is very simple: the Joker is never justified in his actions. The Joker is never shown to us as someone whose actions have a justification, but we still like his character and root for him. The movie actually mocks the old trope of giving villains tragic backstories that justify their behavior. Thanos is exactly that, he's given a justifiable backstory, so the movie basically forces you to like him.

    • The Shadow
      The Shadow Year ago +4

      TheMaximus Brave Please. thanos is TDKR bane tier

    • Meek Barney
      Meek Barney Year ago +1

      TheMaximus Brave Thanos is great but what i personally love about the joker and why i think he is the best villian is the fact that we all could become like the Joker we are all just 1 bad day away, we all have that crazyness in us some more than others but we all do that is for sure.

    • Elvin
      Elvin Year ago +2

      Who is thamos

  • Anton A.
    Anton A. Year ago +20

    The fact that he even acknowledges MCU (albeit, not directly) is an insult in itself. No, no towards MCU. It's an insult to Nolan that he has to even bring them up. Nolan's worst film is worth ten MCU's best films.

    • Salman Ahmed
      Salman Ahmed 2 months ago

      @Sanjib Sarkar I like every dc animated movie more than Dark piece of shit trilogy.Fuck off

    • Sanjib Sarkar
      Sanjib Sarkar 3 months ago +1

      @Salman Ahmed Look,I am a marvel fan too,and endgame was epic af. I am really happy it earned so much money. But,I have to disagree with a certain point. Dark and gritty is a category,and suits DC characters. So the only way DC movies can achieve sucess nowadays is to achieve a balance between dark and light. Jokes just don't suit characters in batman universe(except joker) so I dun think there is anything wrong with being dark. No offence.

    • Salman Ahmed
      Salman Ahmed 3 months ago

      @Sanjib Sarkar It's not that they like Nolan movies, It's because they like to shit on other movie franchises. There is no need for that. chris nolan is already considered one of the best directors ever. But the MCU did what everyone thought was impossible, a universe of superheroes. Also, they proved that you don't have to be total dark, gritty and realistic to make a successful comic book movie. Endgame is the 2nd highest grossing film in the history of hollywood movies and it's the #1 highest grossing comic book movie ever!. That is an achievement.

    • Sanjib Sarkar
      Sanjib Sarkar 3 months ago +2

      @Salman Ahmed Lmao,you are in every nolan video shitting on him. Pathetic.

    • Salman Ahmed
      Salman Ahmed 3 months ago

      Yes we get it, you want to have sex with Nolan so stop bitching about MCU who doesn't even aim to make movies like the dark knight. MCU knows they are fiction and they embrace it. They don't try to distance themselves from comics and be as realistic as possible to make a great movie. go make love to nolan

  • G A P
    G A P Year ago +2

    Batman ASMR

  • Alex Huot
    Alex Huot Year ago

    I wish Marvel (MCU) would get on board with the film/celluloid resistance. If there’s one studio that could entirely keep the film/celluloid theatrical and production experience alive its Marvel. The reason why the Dark knight trilogy, Interstellar, Dunkirk , and Tarantino’s latest Hateful 8 we’re so fun to watch in their 70mm formats is because it was unlike any other theatre experience . You go to a theatre today and it’s all corporate family friendly, digital movie experience and it’s too much like your home. They deliver an experience that’s not like watching the movie on a streaming device or home video they make it well worth the time. I truly think if Marvel got on board then film is saved.

  • Maurice Maroni
    Maurice Maroni Year ago

    Shadowsonic2, the competition was good the trilogy is still great today, lack of competition my ass.

  • Maurice Maroni
    Maurice Maroni Year ago +2

    Nolan did a great job with the trilogy, rises is not the weakest of the trilogy, there’s nothing wrong with the fights scenes stop being picky with fight choreography, there’s more greatness to the dark knight than just joker, for superhero films the dark knight trilogy will never be topped, those who disagree screw u.

    • EgocentricHead
      EgocentricHead  Year ago

      "And right before that, it ended with tons of the cast disintegrating into nothing. They earned their right for some sappiness."
      Oh, that was a really good moment. No denying there. Although I'd prefer for Cap to actually reflect on his line from The Avengers and say "We've lost" instead of "Oh, god". But it's still good ending. ...Which is why it sucks that it won't matter when they'll bring 90% of the characters back in the next movie.
      "You're bringing up the wrong snobs,"
      Those are the kinds of snobs that personify this derogatory term. Snobs are known for being exclusive, unordinary, and liking unordinary. Liking one of the biggest and commercially successful Hollywood filmdoers goes against their credo.
      "most love him for his "artistry" when he's really just a good window dresser."
      Good thing that this "window dresser" have shown to have career outside superhero movies. Something that most of MCU directors hardly will have.
      "Thanos wasn't omnipotent,"
      Yeah, beating the shit out of the Hulk in a few seconds is definitely not a sign of omnipotence.
      "he won due to the internal failings of the heroes"
      He won because the plot said so. That's the only purpose of this character. He wins, but then he doesn't. First story is about failure, the second will be about triumph. So on and so on.
      "rather than having plan after plan after plan that always worked."
      Like Zemo?
      "He worked for his Infinity Stones too,"
      By sending his henchmen do all the dirty work for him?
      "IW doesn't try to present Thanos as being right the way"
      If it didn't, it wouldn't try to humanize him so much, giving him all those soft-spoken lines and human mannerisms, almost as if asking us to understand why he is right.
      "Nolan tries to make "Die a hero or become a villain" some absolute statement."
      Clearly he doesn't, because Batman becomes the hero by becoming the villain - reverse concept. Batman is the one who stays true to himself, even if the world is unfair to him. Dent became the villain not because he was good, but because he had other side to him. Maybe you should've watched the movie better. Maybe even this time with your eyes and ears open.
      "Yes, Civil War DID have a better ending."
      "Maybe you wanted Tony to be some vengeance crazed lunatic who would forsake everything to hunt Cap and Bucky"
      Which is what he becomes in the end where he all the sudden decides that he requires to kill Bucky and Cap after watching that tape that was waiting for him?
      "the way Killmonger turned into a one-Dimensional madman who blamed everyone but himself for his problems,"
      Fixed there for you.
      "but the MCU wasn't interested in assassinating Tony's character."
      No. They were interested in assassinating Spider-Man's character, when they made him Tony Stark's sycophant in Homecoming.
      "And the theme of the movie was the collapsing relationships that led to fighting."
      No, the theme of the movie was the expansion of the theme from the Winter Soldier (a much better movie) - order vs. freedom. But the ending threw it all away, because there is no order vs. freedom at stake. It's Tony Stark being Iniqo Montoya and trying to kill the man that killed his father.
      "You can accept Joker omnipotently manipulating Dent but not Zemo managing to make Tony angry enough to attack Cap and Bucky?"
      Joker did not manipulate Dent. His only contribution was that little chit-chat where he helped Dent release his inner demon. Dent was a loose canon regardless. The Joker just told him why.
      "Killing Rachel?"
      "Women have been stuffed in fridges for years in comics,"
      And LGBT superheroes have been in the comics for decades. But you won't be denying the importance of LGBT superhero when MCU will make a movie with the first LGBT superhero or superheroine, right? Oh, wait... Considering how safe and commercially-viable MCU is trying to be, not sure if they will want to risk their brand to do an LGBT superhero when most of the movie markets in the world would either refuse to play it or make it R-rated. But, if that happens hypothetically, you won't deny the importance of that, right?
      "Dent was gonna go bad as soon as we knew his name,"
      Just like we knew that Bucky was going to become Winter Soldier after he fell down from the train. Just like we knew that The Avengers will have to come together to fight Thanos. Just like we know that most of the heroes will be brought back in Infinity War 2 because those heroes have their own movies coming out that same year.
      "the climax is the hero stupidly taking the fall for crimes when he could easily have found another way out,"
      What way? Blame the Joker for his death? The Joker was already being abducted by the SWAT unit on other part of the city when Batman and Gordon were dealing with the situation. What else... Blame Joker's goons? The building was surrounded. Cops would most likely see if there were any goons coming out of the building.m
      "he doesn't become a villain."
      No. He becomes a silent guardian. A watchful protect. A Dark Knight.
      "Stark and Rogers are just morons for not thinking about options before they decide to fight for vague reasons in the airport."
      Fixed there for you.
      "The MCU has always revolved around imperfect people who make mistakes, that's what made Marvel popular."
      Then you should've loved The Dark Knight, since its sole purpose is to show that no one is perfect and there is always shades of gray.
      "IW didn't need Brolin to die to get noticed."
      IW didn't even need Brolin to get noticed, period. The MCU's been building the Purple Sack since 2012 and were consistently shoving references and marketing ploys to make everyone excited for him. You could've had Tommy Wisau play Thanos and people would still go and see the film because of how much "The end is near" bullshit the marketing fed them.
      "Ledger's death made it impossible to properly criticize Dark Knight without everyone ripping into you."
      Your passive-aggressive sentiments and complete dislike for Ledger's performance says the opposite. And that's also some cherry-picking nonsense right here, because you are very well aware that the "Ledger is loved only because he died" sentiment has been floating around since The Dark Knight have come out. You certainly didn't invent the wheel by being one of the (MANY) people who said that Ledger's death was what made the movie successful. ...even if that's complete bullocks, because if something mind-wrenchingly mediocre as Jurassic World can somehow make 1.6 billion, there is no reason why The Dark Knight wouldn't do well at the box office. Infinity War made 2 billion, and it's just a two-hour video game. A good video game, shall I say.
      "I know."
      No. You do not.

    • EgocentricHead
      EgocentricHead  Year ago

      "Nope, it's quite pretentious"
      Infinity War literally ends with a villain walking towards sunset while sappy violin is playing on the background. Come on, Samy boy... Nolan loves him some self-important dialogues and sentimental imagery, but that shit is even more on-the-nose than Killmonger's final speech about his ancestors.
      "and appeals to snobs"
      Snobs generally dislike Nolan. Your hate boner is in the wrong place, Samy boy. Read a few things on the Internet. Snobs don't like Nolan, because they think he's an overrated hack who pretends to be intelligent artsy filmmaker but in fact makes same schlock as Hollywood always makes. Go and read some of the comments on the panel for 20th anniversary for the movie Heat in which Nolan was interviewing cast and crew. People in the comments make case against him solely because he makes blockbusters. Snobs don't like Nolan or MCU or anything like that. Snobs like only small films no one has ever heard of. Movies by Dardanne brothers, for example. Or Gaspar Noe, who recently said a few things about Black Panther (not good things). Nolan for them is no different than MCU.
      "Dark Knight required an omnipotent villain"
      The Dark Knight didn't require Thanos.
      "which automatically disqualifies it from being the best of anything."
      So... you're making a case against Infinity War? Because, the only way through which Thanos achieves his goal is by using an omnipotent McGuffin that does all the hard work for him.
      "And its philosophies are full of holes too,"
      Just like Infinity War, buddy. The whole "Perfectly balanced" is not only philosophical nonsense, but a scientific nonsense, too.
      "and it had a silly ending as well."
      Uh-huh. Civil War had much better ending ...when it virtually took all of its consequence and made it nonexistent by having Cap and Tony remain on good terms. Not even going to talk about how the main theme of the movie is completely contradictory to the ending, which makes no sense if you consider that the movie was about personal politics and ideals, not vengeance. Those are separate concepts.
      "Dark Knight subverted nothing,"
      -Kills superhero's girlfriend while fooling us into thinking that he can save her
      -Turns one of its heroes into bad guys
      -The climax isn't about hero punching the bad guy
      -The hero has to become the villain in order to succeed
      Yeah, sure...
      "and required real idiocy to work in the least."
      Just like... every MCU movie ever released.
      "Take out Ledger and it all falls apart."
      Yeah, take that one character that drives the plot forward out of the movie and see what happens. Wonder what Infinity War be about if you'd take Thanos out. Oh, right... It would be about nothing.

  • Towkir Shuvo
    Towkir Shuvo Year ago

    Nolan should have made the DCEU.

    • EgocentricHead
      EgocentricHead  Year ago

      ShadowSonic2, Samy boy, seems like you are obsessed with Nolan. How many times you commented on here? Since you hate his ass so much, I think I'll make another video on the subject of Nolan and comic book films.

  • D Brick
    D Brick Year ago +1

    lol you know someone's smart when they drop "pontificating" in a conversation.

  • MrRay168
    MrRay168 Year ago +1

    you are a big guy 2:26

  • CHESCOchannel
    CHESCOchannel Year ago

    MCU movies are great but the reason to why they don't become amazing like the batman films is (they barely take risks and almost leave everything for the sequels). Their still great tho but just not amazing.

    • EgocentricHead
      EgocentricHead  Year ago

      Frank Castle, I don't dislike Marvel. The wallpaper on my channel is an artwork showing Iron Man's comic book history. And yes, DCEU is in huge ass right now. Justice League was the biggest pile of dogshit I have seen with DC's logo on it. No one denies it. The recent Titans trailer looks no better. So don't try to tell me like I'm having allegiance to one party.

    • Frank Castle
      Frank Castle Year ago

      Funny how you praise everything DC and Nolan do. But dislike Marvel for doing what they do best. Yes. They made mistakes, like the Mandarin and shit. But DCEU made way more mistakes.
      Nolan is the only thing that DC Movie fans praise.

      Also a show like Daredevil which was in the MCU was darker and complex and realistic than the Dark Knight Trilogy could ever be.

    • Frank Castle
      Frank Castle Year ago

      Risks? They have been doing Risks.
      Ant-man was a huge risk.

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    Nolan is a hack and a fraud. Each MCU director is superior to him.