My VERY IMPORTANT THOUGHTS (about the new precure series)

  • Published on Apr 18, 2018
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  • Pixielocks
    Pixielocks  Year ago +289

    1) There's unfortunately nowhere l e g a l to watch it subtitled outside of Japan. The first season is on Crunchyroll but it's weirdly terrible quality and the ENGLISH VERSIONS which are NOT REALLY THE SAME THING AS PRECURE are on Netflix under the name "Glitter Force" but if u are able to read subbed anime I urge u to pls watch the subbies. I usually use gogoanime or kissanime 💕
    2) You do not have to watch them in order- the stories do not connect to one another except for the movies like I mentioned and a few series at the very beginning that had a sequel (Futari Wa and Max Heart, and then Yes Precure 5 and Gogo)
    3) The ones I recommend to start with are Heartcatch! or Go Princess but there are lots of good ones >:) My least faves are Happiness Charge and Fresh probably but it is totes subjective

    • Sushi Cloud
      Sushi Cloud 4 months ago


    • colorbar.s
      colorbar.s 7 months ago

      I started watching kirakira precure a la mode yesterday :)

    • Fiona fi
      Fiona fi 10 months ago

      Pretty trad es increíble, el trabajo que hacen es loco y tan bueno que son mi salvador para mi contenido de precure ( i hope it's clear ? i'm really shitty in español.. ) cuando se trata de encontrar DVD o colecciones de objetos Precure, ¡no lo sé! Es por eso que veo mis episodios con Prettytrad porque soy francesa :)

    • Ana Cristina Mejia
      Ana Cristina Mejia 10 months ago

      Fiona fi me referia al comentario si pudieras decirmelo en español. Yo no se muchi ingles, por eso me podrias decir donde podria comprar la coleccion de las precure? O donde puedo comprar los dvd de las precure?♥♥♥

    • Fiona fi
      Fiona fi 10 months ago

      Ana Cristina Mejia Mi comentario? O los videos del Pretty trad? (sorry my español is far behind me in high school lol)

  • 『Hαγth』
    『Hαγth』 2 months ago

    I really like precure maho girls

  • No
    No 2 months ago

    it weirds me out how you have so many fans who arent into anime. I mean, I expected a few, but a lot of the highest rated comments are about it. While you have so much magical girl related content!
    Obviously I don't mean people shouldn't be watching you if they don't like anime (thatd be absurd I mean you have a lot of videos about other rad things too) I'm just surprised o:

  • Maddie Studios
    Maddie Studios 3 months ago

    Could you do an opinion for star☆twinkle too??, actually, the maho shoujo content was the reason I subscribed

  • Mochi TM
    Mochi TM 3 months ago +1

    Yell's name is pronounced as the French word Aile, meaning wings owo

  • CrystalPeach25
    CrystalPeach25 3 months ago

    well, thanks to henri, we now know yell can also be named "aile", being french for wing :)

  • Space Buzz
    Space Buzz 4 months ago

    Can we get another one of these for the new precure series?

  • Robot killer
    Robot killer 4 months ago

    Her name is a pun on "Aile" which is french for wing. Notice that's how she pronounces it. It's a pun that doesn't translate into English.

  • ʇɔu uɐʇs
    ʇɔu uɐʇs 4 months ago

    Mahou girls >>> Hugtto >>> kira kira

  • chikara wo awasete
    chikara wo awasete 5 months ago

    Now cure macherie and cure amour are in the show, they got a new form, the movie came out, there’s 45 or 46 episodes and star twinkle is coming in a month

  • peachmoonbunny
    peachmoonbunny 5 months ago

    I happen to love your anime content. We have very similar taste and it always makes me so happy to watch!

    HIGHT LIGHT SKATES 5 months ago

    Officially Yell spell yell but her name sound like Ailes

  • Mallory Vaughan
    Mallory Vaughan 6 months ago

    You gotta do this for Star Twinkle Precure!!!!

  • AngelMusic
    AngelMusic 6 months ago

    Fun fact: Yell is a Japanese pun on the French word Aile (flight)!

  • AngelMusic
    AngelMusic 6 months ago

    Or All Stars Memories! God, it’s a quality movie with like, 55-58 Pretty Cure in it! Also made a world record!

  • Angerie Beaubrun
    Angerie Beaubrun 6 months ago

    Star twinkle precure in February 2019

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl 6 months ago

    The theme for this season is dreams. Like what you dream to be when you grow up. Thats why etoile looks like an ice skater and ange looks like a nurse and yell is a cheerleader and macherie and amour are idols. and i really wanna see how you react to cure infini

  • MeiZ Ink
    MeiZ Ink 6 months ago

    I LOVE THIS!!!
    I really wish more people make precure content.

  • Magpine
    Magpine 7 months ago

    Dude I love love love love when you talk about precure and I’d love to see more

  • otaku boy
    otaku boy 7 months ago

    was mahotsukai that bad, didn't seem bad to me

  • otaku boy
    otaku boy 7 months ago

    I actualy don't watch except your Precure and magical girl content so I would be more than happy if you did more of them

  • B E P S D
    B E P S D 8 months ago

    It's alittle bit like power rangers. Different characters but same pattern... I like it.

  • Montana Rose
    Montana Rose 8 months ago +1

    Personally, I love Maho Girls Precure. The villians were annoying but the characters were great. Again, my opinion. I love your channel so much.😍

  • Tammie Dodgers
    Tammie Dodgers 9 months ago

    I have no interest in precure or anime but if Pixie makes a video about it I will drop everything I'm doing and watch !!

  • Madoka Amahane
    Madoka Amahane 9 months ago

    Which are your favorite mascot and fairies from all Precure mine are Pottpuri the Fairy of Cure Sunshine, Moffurun (Mahou tsukai), Candy (Smile) and my dearest Fairy is Chiffon from Fresh she is so cute. What are yours ??

  • x Littlelolipop x
    x Littlelolipop x 9 months ago

    maho girls was actually my favorite ToT

  • Ahza Azraei
    Ahza Azraei 10 months ago

    Your thoughts on other Precure series please!

  • A S H D W
    A S H D W 10 months ago


  • Yume Sekai
    Yume Sekai 11 months ago +2

    I'm a straight guy and Hugtto Precure is my favorite. In episode 19, Nono Hana said Boys can be Princesses too! That's a relief. :D

  • ShinyZomi
    ShinyZomi 11 months ago

    Lulu is my baby. I have a weak spot for some of those purples. I like how she’s still an Android even after she’s purified though.

  • ShinyZomi
    ShinyZomi 11 months ago

    HuGtto’s villains are actually SO GOOD AND COOL??? Like wtf

  • ShinyZomi
    ShinyZomi 11 months ago

    Honestly the HuGtto girls are really breaking some of the stereotypes that other cures set up. I love them so much

  • ShinyZomi
    ShinyZomi 11 months ago

    Hana honestly is so actually 3-dimensional. Like she’s not specifically perfect, you can see that, and she doesn’t seem all that happy with herself.

  • ShinyZomi
    ShinyZomi 11 months ago

    Ending theme of Hugtto is GODLY

  • ShinyZomi
    ShinyZomi 11 months ago

    CANADIAN??? POURQUOI??? Me too

  • ShinyZomi
    ShinyZomi 11 months ago

    Kirakira, in my opinion, had some of my favourite characters and relationships between them in the show. Some themes in the anime were done well, but for the most part I think that the manga for Kirakira honestly was even better. So, anime was good until I stopped getting interested around sometime after ep 30-ish. Lacklustre ending happened, too, it seems. HuGtto! has the most simple ideas of characters yet some of the BEST writing for both story and characters I’ve seen in the PreCure universe for a while tbh.

  • Hannah Not a Banana
    Hannah Not a Banana 11 months ago

    "The old and new preacher don't interact or know who they are"
    *Glances at Hugtto Precure Ep 22*

  • Aleksandr Clark
    Aleksandr Clark 11 months ago

    "I don't like the concept of babies."
    For real though, I had no idea what precure was before watching this video but I still thoroughly enjoyed it! I love watching people talk about stuff they're passionate about, especially this cutie!! 💕💕

  • Maya Strommen
    Maya Strommen 11 months ago

    I watch Glitter Force! ✨

  • Mollie E W
    Mollie E W 11 months ago

    The two types of blue cures:
    We have, the meme cures (AKA Marine, Princess and Gelato)
    We have, the *insert weird posh library noise here* (AKA everyone else)
    And then we have Cure Ange.

  • Tiffany Allen
    Tiffany Allen 11 months ago

    I wish you had more precure/magical girl content! I am literally binging all your precure videos. There are some youtubers that talk about anime and do well. Just be yourself and we will love you anyways! ~

  • Eccentric Calico
    Eccentric Calico 11 months ago

    Pixielocks, Pixielocks! If you could make your own Precure series, what would it be about? Also, if you were a Cure, what would your name be, and what would your costume look like?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 11 months ago

    CureEtoile: Precure of power!
    Me: hmmmmmmmm r u sure?

  • Cure Julien
    Cure Julien Year ago

    I found an amazing website that has the latest Precure merchandise that is pretty inexpensive in my opinion! You should definatley check it out Pixie! They have currencies other than Yen! The only "catch" in my opinion is paying for faster shipping, they also have tons of other anime collectables too! They ship world wide, it's just awesome I urge you to see it for yourself!

  • 【草組】きらら

    It is the first time to see your video!😊
    I'm Japanese.If my English is wrong,I'm sorry!🙇‍♀️
    I love HUGtto! precure too!💕
    I'm happy to know there is a wonderful fan precure like you in foreign countries😍💕
    I also love your pretty room,fashion, and worldview!💕💕
    I registered your channel👍
    I'm looking forward to your video very much!

  • Anime 21
    Anime 21 Year ago

    I think they do it on english the name of cure yell, because of french it would be ici or hurler and that would be strange on my opinion.

  • AJ Vanity
    AJ Vanity Year ago

    I don’t think this was boring at all! I love hearing about animes I haven’t seen.

  • Evan Budrow
    Evan Budrow Year ago +1

    Princess Precure 👑 is definitely one of the best. I remember almost everything about it including the villains and everything

  • Lindsay Patterson

    Princess precure, doki doki precure and mahou precure...fairies transformed

  • Lindsay Patterson

    U know tsubomi from heartcatch precure has pink hair in her normal form

  • 治すCure
    治すCure Year ago

    where do u buy The Precure toys??

  • Miya Skellington
    Miya Skellington Year ago

    I loved it!

  • Sol Livia
    Sol Livia Year ago

    cheerleaders yel

  • Amanda Doan
    Amanda Doan Year ago

    Hugtto precure is actually themed after jobs and your future. The term "sparkling future" is used a lot. This is also the reason why Yell is themed after a cheerleader, Ange is themed after a nurse, and Etoile is a flight attendant.

  • alarming jeanist
    alarming jeanist Year ago

    I haven't watched PreCures since the Smile Pretty Cures and I loved this video omg

  • Alex Steward
    Alex Steward Year ago

    So it's kinda like Power Rangers; it only has continuity when it's convenient. The rest of the time everyone's like "Tommy Oliver who?".

  • Lady Ember
    Lady Ember Year ago

    When the serie ends u should watch
    Glitter force doki doki

  • Black Kitten
    Black Kitten Year ago

    Dear PixieLocks,
    Cure Yell is named yell because she is a cheerleader cheering her friends on. Another word for probably shout.

  • yixiang lin
    yixiang lin Year ago

    I love anime

  • yixiang lin
    yixiang lin Year ago

    You buy so much anime toys and precure in the week day in day and your friend do your makeup

  • Jada Allen
    Jada Allen Year ago

    there is really like 3 people on youtube who even review precure and i have to see what other people feelings are on the main anime i love

  • Yes 5 Go Go Smile Hugtto!

    Pixie, Cure Amour and Cure Macherie transformation is on episode 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Spag Abond
    Spag Abond Year ago

    I have no idea who this bubbly pink-surrounded thing here is but jesus christ she has good taste in mahou shoujo so I'll be damned if I don't give it a watch.

  • Kawaii Unicorn
    Kawaii Unicorn Year ago

    You write her name Yell.
    But she sais that Ell.
    And like, why just make the precure A scream, like, does she scream to much? the chearleading theam of Yell is like cute. But like, the name English and the other French so why make it sound in French? They can come up with so many names. They are or lazy or out of ideas.

  • Lady Ivy Vine XIII

    I don't watch Precure, but I enjoyed watching your review. Always share what you love.

  • shi
    shi Year ago

    Dude I love your anime videos!

  • rose strike Carrot

    11:44 I'm sorry it had to be done

  • Anne
    Anne Year ago

    Well I guess I need to watch Precure now

  • Misstalkative1000

    Your look is sooo cute pixie. You're great. Love you.

  • Katelyn Hart
    Katelyn Hart Year ago

    Hey, on the topic of pink precure hair, does anyone else find it weird that in doki doki precure Mana regularly has pink hair, but in her precure form she just has blond hair?

  • Sakol Taweesuk
    Sakol Taweesuk Year ago

    I totally agree with you, by the french names of the camarade cures why not Hana's. You know that エール can literally be pronounced "elle" too but that is not what was out on advertisement, they covered her name with Yell for yelling. I didn't like this serie in the first place, I came to accept all those facts. In addition, the coming Amour and Machérie are exciting.

  • Caroline Rose
    Caroline Rose Year ago

    I loved Maho girls pretty Cure

  • Caroline Rose
    Caroline Rose Year ago

    Two things I hate Dragon Ball GT and hugtto Pretty Cure

  • Shazza Rose
    Shazza Rose Year ago

    I am so late to this video, I'm sorry, I started streaming on Twitch and it's eating up my time
    The only PreCure series I have seen is Glitterforce, because it's in English and I dunno how many, if any of the other ones are? But I know that wasn't received very well either
    Either way, I love how passionate you are when talking about PreCure, it's so pure!!

  • Tonering
    Tonering Year ago

    The last sword was the Berry Sword on Fresh Precure (which also had a flute...Pine Flute). They are taking inspiriation from a lot of previous seasons. Homare's episode before she became Cure Etoile was amazing. I cried. I didn't care for KiraKira much at all but Huggto has been amazing so far. The animation has been great and we've gotten some great fights and characterization. Thank you for doing this vid. Always great to hear people talk about Precure and to get the word out about how great a show it is.

  • Little mrs mods
    Little mrs mods Year ago

    I had no idea Pretty cure's fandom was still alive
    This was very good news

  • Candice
    Candice Year ago

    I think u know very well Jillian that many of us LIVE for your anime contentttttt!!!!

  • Cheickna
    Cheickna Year ago

    it,s maho precure

  • Cure Cheer
    Cure Cheer Year ago

    I agree..


  • LpsStarWaffleStudios

    Why did kirakira pretty a la mode had to end?!😢😢😭😭😭

  • αѕн м
    αѕн м Year ago

    I’m not a huge anime fan but I still watch all your anime videos because who doesn’t love to see a beautiful pixie weeb get excited?? 💗💗💗

  • Cheickna
    Cheickna Year ago


  • Mystical Lunar Soul Seeds

    Did she just make a Pripara reference while talking about precure? *subscribes*

  • Eng Yenkye
    Eng Yenkye Year ago

    Hana also is my favourite cure

  • Lilith Dillon-Parkin

    THERE SHOULD BE MORE CUTE GIRLS REVIEWING ANIME ON TVclip OK never apologise!!!!! This is like ideal content ily

  • akanobouken
    akanobouken Year ago

    I wonder if Cure "Yell" is a play on the word "Elle" in French...? (Since the "y" sound isn't that emphasized in Japanese) So that translates literally to "she" I suppose? But maybe it's more in reference to how Hana wants to grow up to be a proper woman. Of course "femme" (woman) or "fille" (girl) would be more accurate I suppose. And I wonder if Cure Ange's outfit takes inspiration from Mother Teresa, since they make reference to Saaya being like her in episode 2. Looking at images, the color scheme seems similar at least. But yeah, I don't really get Cure Etoile's stewardess/figure skating getup either.

  • Dazzle Sound
    Dazzle Sound Year ago

    Huuughhhyouuu hugyouuuuu! OK i stop XD by the way love precure too your are the only youtuber i know that love precure s cheers

  • phenomenalwoman6111

    Oh cool, I see glitter force up there, my Daughter and I watch that series, it's one of her favorites. ** & this fucking look you have on is EVERYTHING HoneyBunni!! ** YESSS!!!

  • Kawaii Slowpoke
    Kawaii Slowpoke Year ago

    So I JUST found your channel and im so glad to find a huge precure fan!! What is your favorite season and your favorite cure and favorite fairy?! Im like 90% sure the villain Lulu will be one of the cures along with Hugtan. If not I will be very surprised.

  • everevie111
    everevie111 Year ago

    I am a stay at home mom plus I nanny and Precure has been my escape from the crying babies….so idk about the baby thang this coming year….>.

  • Marco bravo osorio

    I can only comment, that Maho Girls it's kinda better than kirakira Precure, I mean, sure, it's not a perfect series, none of the precure series is, but i must say that kirakira is weaker than Maho Girls, and yes, Hugtto it's pretty good

  • kibadinify
    kibadinify Year ago

    I love when we talk about precure! I'm 31, and this is the only time I get to "discuss" it. lol! I love you! I want to start dressing in kawaii fashion, but I'm so scared! I feel like I'm too old >-< Anyways you're amazing, and I just wanted to ramble some :D

  • Angela Hoffman
    Angela Hoffman Year ago

    I don't know anyone that can't talk about anime. Anytime you want to weeb-out I'll watch and I started pretty cure but stopped because of work :c

  • Amanda Hernández

    I dont like anime, but i love you 💁🏻😆♥️

  • Morgan Sanderson
    Morgan Sanderson Year ago


  • Barbie Villalpando

    I been liking Anime lately

  • Tori Fernley Hull

    Thanks for this video. I’ve only been into Anime for a few months & dont know of many so this was fun to learn about

  • mariinum
    mariinum Year ago

    “Jillian nobody is interested in your Anime stuff“
    ....these are actually my favorite videos of yours....

  • 夏
     Year ago

    you just got me into precure with this singular video. we love a precure pixie!!

  • Alice Fleur
    Alice Fleur Year ago