Solo: A Star Wars Story "Crew" TV Spot (:45)

  • Published on Apr 15, 2018
  • “If you come with me, you’re in this life for good.” Solo: A Star Wars Story is in theaters May 25.
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  • John Granruth
    John Granruth 5 months ago

    0:10 is the beginning of the song run.

  • Búi Helgason
    Búi Helgason 7 months ago

    Don't care what people think I love this movie Anyway

  • jeremy encalada
    jeremy encalada 8 months ago

    Someone know what is the song in the start

  • Teh Lurd Of Teh Memes
    Teh Lurd Of Teh Memes 9 months ago

    Solo: A Star Wars Story "Big Shot Gangster Putting Together a Crew" TV Spot (:45)

  • A19696
    A19696 9 months ago

    It's my favorite!

  • Frank Gialanella
    Frank Gialanella 9 months ago

    This film, was great go see it guys I think it’s worth your ur money for the last ending scenes no spoilers just go watch it lol

  • Longi1974
    Longi1974 9 months ago

    That editing from 0:28 to Chewie's groan is epic!!!

  • ESP1138
    ESP1138 9 months ago

    Does anyone know where I can find the teaser trailer with the piano music ending?

  • Sujean Suresh
    Sujean Suresh 9 months ago

    Yo whats the song ?

  • PrinceTrunks26
    PrinceTrunks26 9 months ago

    Summer belongs to DEADPOOL, not Solo, got it Hollywood

  • TheCastle357
    TheCastle357 9 months ago

    Smh psssh...

  • Ethan Villarreal
    Ethan Villarreal 9 months ago


  • Jake
    Jake 9 months ago

    This looks awful

  • Derek Grant
    Derek Grant 9 months ago +1

    Fans: “TLJ was the worst film in the franchise, I’ll never support Disney-Star Wars again”
    Also Fans: *floods the theaters to break opening weekend records*
    Honestly, at this point we don’t deserve better SW movies.

  • Colby Smith
    Colby Smith 9 months ago

    Fix the movies just keep a story line

  • Iris Britner
    Iris Britner 9 months ago


  • Z0MBIE G00N
    Z0MBIE G00N 9 months ago

    did i see Childish Gambino

  • cenahater5002
    cenahater5002 9 months ago

    Soylo: a soyboy story

  • Yami Shogun
    Yami Shogun 9 months ago


  • everydayidie alilmore
    everydayidie alilmore 9 months ago

    No soy wars for me.

  • Project -iFi-
    Project -iFi- 9 months ago

    social justice wars

  • douglas duke
    douglas duke 9 months ago

    How can I find somebody look more like Harrison Ford. didn't he at that age have blonde hair?

  • Christopher Lambert
    Christopher Lambert 9 months ago +1

    This franchise (Stars Wars), with all the actors and actresses that have come and gone over the years. With all of the hype, and special effects, cooky aliens, and all of the typical heros and heroines. This franchise was really built by one man alone, the brilliant actor, with the legendary voice, James Earl Jones. After he (Vader) was defeated by his son (Luke), and he took off his father's head apparatus, and Vader opened his mouth and spoke, and it was no longer the voice of James Earl Jones, Star Wars died right there with Vader. It was never the same. He was the driving force, and was irreplaceable. They should have ended it right there with that third movie, and started anew, because since then, the franchise has basically lived off of the hype of itself. Trying desperately over the years to recreate that magic, coming up with every possible angle to keep it going . Yet never being able to recreate the sheer awesomeness of the greatest villain on any screen, anywhere, at anytime. James Earl Jones, Darth Vader.

  • Gamesick2077
    Gamesick2077 9 months ago

    Darth Maul is in it

  • Robert Webster
    Robert Webster 9 months ago

    No thanks

  • Tomato 64
    Tomato 64 9 months ago +1

    I have a really **good** feeling about this too, Solo

  • NostalgicAsh
    NostalgicAsh 9 months ago

    How come no one recognized that Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) is in the movie.

  • SnakyFace Gaming
    SnakyFace Gaming 10 months ago

    I HATE STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sic Parvis Magna
    Sic Parvis Magna 10 months ago +2


    AWSOMUS LATEST 10 months ago +1

    A young jabba the hut......looking like jello

  • xX DankestMemestThe69th Xx
    xX DankestMemestThe69th Xx 10 months ago +1

    L A N D O I S P A N S E X U A L

    • Cody Gore
      Cody Gore 9 months ago

      xX DankestMemestThe69th Xx

      Glad i know sarcastic

  • kongfeet81
    kongfeet81 10 months ago +1

    May the soy be with you

  • Cordray Crabbe
    Cordray Crabbe 10 months ago +1

    And we thought the prequels were bad

  • dead
    dead 10 months ago +1

    Smh it sucks so hard

  • FreshThanAMotha Fcka#1
    FreshThanAMotha Fcka#1 10 months ago

    Bring inde

  • kungfuman82
    kungfuman82 10 months ago +1


  • AssembleA
    AssembleA 10 months ago +1

    Is this movie really worth my $20? I'll see Avengers again if it isn't.

  • David Bravo
    David Bravo 10 months ago +1

    I think I'll pass on this one. Star Wars just isn't what it used to be. I'll just wait for the Blu-ray, it'll be 20 times better with all the extras and deleted scenes anyway.

  • Dale Gribble
    Dale Gribble 10 months ago +2

    Not going. #soylo

  • Reb Reynolds
    Reb Reynolds 10 months ago +2

    I got tickets for Thursday night showing for my son. He is soooo excited to see it early! Can't wait!!

    • Cody Gore
      Cody Gore 9 months ago

      Beck Reynolds
      Oh lord it's too late for these folks... They've fallen to the force fed agenda these movies show...

  • Blue Shirt Guy
    Blue Shirt Guy 10 months ago


  • Ben Bridges
    Ben Bridges 10 months ago +1


  • Griffin Paul
    Griffin Paul 10 months ago +1

    This will be bad

  • TheLostPages
    TheLostPages 10 months ago

    After the Last Jedi, you're not getting any more chances to spit in my face.

  • sparx 216
    sparx 216 10 months ago +1

    You mean to tell me out of 7 billion people you couldn't find somebody to actually look like a young Harrison Ford

    • Cody Gore
      Cody Gore 9 months ago

      sparx 216
      Because they aren't sjw slaves.

  • Seiclone37
    Seiclone37 10 months ago +1

    This movie looks horrible. I love to enjoy a good movie but come on people, how mindless are you that you instantly love anything they slap a "Star Wars" title on?

  • sparx 216
    sparx 216 10 months ago +1

    I have a bad feeling about this. Soylo.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 10 months ago +1

    lando is “pansexual” lol.

  • Shinjitsu no Akuma真実の悪魔


  • Bubbles McGee
    Bubbles McGee 10 months ago +1

    I hope this bombs and Kennedy gets fired.

    • Cody Gore
      Cody Gore 9 months ago

      Bubbles McGee If she does she will scream(not even joking)that Disney or whatever is sexist and yadayada

  • Ash Green
    Ash Green 10 months ago

    After TLJ, don't think I'll want to waste the money.

  • Roxie RIOS
    Roxie RIOS 10 months ago

    I know that . They have been hurting me since I was a kid. If we didn't figure it out we would be done. They know I don't speak up n now I did. I'm not there mat

  • Cyan Rex
    Cyan Rex 10 months ago +1


  • Aiden Awesome
    Aiden Awesome 10 months ago +1

    im so hyped for the movie im gonna see it in theaters and its gonna be awesome

    • Cody Gore
      Cody Gore 9 months ago

      Aiden Awesome Because it has starwars slapped on it? Right? Not because it's pushing a political agenda?

  • Lyrical ;
    Lyrical ; 10 months ago


  • macedonia
    macedonia 10 months ago

    Compare this footage to TFA and TLJ and you'll understand why they shot those on film.

  • Ian Harris
    Ian Harris 10 months ago

    FINALLY They added that run song

  • Magna Figudo
    Magna Figudo 10 months ago

    Will you give away some of the Pokemon cards show me Angela Letter People

  • Mark Emmerson
    Mark Emmerson 10 months ago

    Didn't see any clear SJW theme in the trailer. Is star wars back?

    • Cody Gore
      Cody Gore 9 months ago

      Mark Emmerson No because they'll save those scenes for when people are too far in to get refunds.

  • Wayne Ross
    Wayne Ross 10 months ago

    mager Tom

  • Roxie RIOS
    Roxie RIOS 10 months ago

    My Renes favorite. I miss u baby boy. Thank u sister for loving them in my place cuz I canr.

  • Apexwillh
    Apexwillh 10 months ago

    Solo more like so so.

  • Hell Arrow Noe
    Hell Arrow Noe 10 months ago +2

    Can't wait

  • danky kang
    danky kang 10 months ago

    should have released the movie on may the 4th

  • Tracey Blake
    Tracey Blake 10 months ago

    I'm Super Excited To See Solo a Star Wars Story. It comes out in 4 days. Yaaaaaa

  • NoLeggie
    NoLeggie 10 months ago +1

    What is that music between 0:10 and 0:17 it sounds very familiar

  • jeremy encalada
    jeremy encalada 10 months ago

    Someone know what is the song of the start of the spot?

  • La d
    La d 10 months ago

    yuss this is a day after my b-day

  • Professor Oak
    Professor Oak 10 months ago


  • Sean Ferrell
    Sean Ferrell 10 months ago

    Mos Eisley Special.

  • Horacitú
    Horacitú 10 months ago


  • James Griffin
    James Griffin 10 months ago

    I want to be hype but it just isn't enough 😴😴😴😴😴😴

  • Steve Canyon
    Steve Canyon 10 months ago +1

    SJWs ruined Star Wars. Won't be watching EVER

  • JM Studios
    JM Studios 10 months ago

    Childish Gambio in Star Wars!

  • Daniil Borisevich
    Daniil Borisevich 10 months ago

    Sound pls😊

  • Pardy
    Pardy 10 months ago

    Who gets this cuz very few will

  • MkBrick Productions
    MkBrick Productions 10 months ago

    Super excited for the movie

  • Allan games
    Allan games 10 months ago

    The slave I at 0:40 !?!?!??!!

  • Flipmo360
    Flipmo360 10 months ago

    Can't wait 😃

  • Kids TV
    Kids TV 10 months ago

    Just one day after my birthday! I'm so excited

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 10 months ago

    Is it just me or does the music in this sound like stranger things?

  • ImagineFandoms
    ImagineFandoms 10 months ago

    The music in the beginning sounds like it's from Stranger Things.

  • Rebel Alliance
    Rebel Alliance 10 months ago

    THAT MUSIC AT 0:10!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Därth vãdêr
    Därth vãdêr 10 months ago

    where is dart vader ?

  • Ed Nolan
    Ed Nolan 10 months ago

    They stole a scene from Star Wars Rebels. The Ghost rolls over to "swat" a tie. I just saw the Falcon do the same thing. Hera did it first.

  • The 1-Up_Triforce
    The 1-Up_Triforce 10 months ago

    OMG if RLM was right about slave 1 im gonna die 'IT"S SOO DUMB ITS GONNA HAPPEN!!!" XD

  • IslandThunder84
    IslandThunder84 10 months ago

    were the clone wars still happening at the time?

  • sidewinder 32
    sidewinder 32 10 months ago

    Terrible actor choice , there’s the guy from age of Adeline that would have been way better.

  • Hookshot YT
    Hookshot YT 10 months ago

    reported for spam

  • Alex Jones AHHH!!!!!!
    Alex Jones AHHH!!!!!! 10 months ago

    can't wait to not see it

  • TheMossBomb
    TheMossBomb 10 months ago

    Look another generic movie with a Star Wars paint job

  • Mitch Phillips
    Mitch Phillips 10 months ago

    What song is playing?

  • John Saye
    John Saye 10 months ago

    Good grief this looks so cool!

  • Emmy Muller
    Emmy Muller 10 months ago

    Ridiculous reading tunnel framework companion retire distinguish figure collective.

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 10 months ago

    As soon as the other Star Wars movie comes out I will purchase the high def collection of the 9 movies for home viewing. What’s going to be thought next? A movie about Porkins origins?

  • Mr Stormtrooper
    Mr Stormtrooper 10 months ago

    This is a trash

  • Enzo 1965
    Enzo 1965 10 months ago

    Hey, it's the train shooting sequence from the Shadows of the Empire video game.

  • Mr. Bigglesworth
    Mr. Bigglesworth 10 months ago

    Find some originality.

  • J Hess
    J Hess 10 months ago

    I think you disney guys have jumped the shark bigtime