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  • Cut
    Cut  2 months ago +2196

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    • Sapphirexx
      Sapphirexx 17 hours ago

      The exterminator looks so uninterested 😂😂

    • whatever
      whatever 2 days ago


    • Edoardo Farello
      Edoardo Farello 10 days ago

      It would have been hilarious of one of them put himself after the blondie in orange 😂😂😂😂

    • Hildi Marecos
      Hildi Marecos 13 days ago

      Cut i cant find dae’s ig

    • Katalina Films
      Katalina Films 21 day ago

      Nice my name is Katalina too. And with a K

  • Brenna and Bella
    Brenna and Bella 16 hours ago

    I love how the woman who does hair is in the top three highest paid, makes me excited for my future

  • F&R Adventures
    F&R Adventures 19 hours ago

    There's a iPhone 9?????? Um where

  • Blastaux
    Blastaux 19 hours ago

    Guess what my income is:

  • kristina lulgjuraj
    kristina lulgjuraj 20 hours ago

    there’s no 9 or 10?? it’s just the x

  • Huw
    Huw 22 hours ago

    Your boys got the iPhone 9

  • Makayla Marie
    Makayla Marie 22 hours ago

    iphone 9 whatt LMAOOO 😭

  • Ronald hzz
    Ronald hzz 22 hours ago +1

    😂iphone 9😂

  • Sukai senghore
    Sukai senghore 23 hours ago

    Oookkkaaay. Off to google “How to become a life coach” 😂

  • Swiper_The_Jetta Mk4
    Swiper_The_Jetta Mk4 23 hours ago

    Never judge a person btw they dress 👌🏾

  • Abadaba McYadadya
    Abadaba McYadadya 23 hours ago

    Exterminator is a cool dude

  • Annika Johnson
    Annika Johnson Day ago

    Karlos still out here being the rudest person on Cut

  • ArrBee1213
    ArrBee1213 Day ago

    omg i wanna know that homeless guy's story

  • maclaireful
    maclaireful Day ago

    There's humor and then there's straight up rudeness.

  • Skye Horan
    Skye Horan Day ago

    💀 there is no IPhone 9

  • Hannah Forster
    Hannah Forster Day ago

    They all be major over guessing boiii

  • Filippos
    Filippos Day ago

    And of course she would be a millionaire if they were white. As if Asians don't make more than white people in the U.S.

  • Arnau García
    Arnau García Day ago

    In Spain people make an average of 23000€ per year

  • Caramel Brown
    Caramel Brown Day ago

    Microsoft has a hair salon? And we're just going to glaze over that? ...ok

  • Travis Howell
    Travis Howell Day ago

    The “hoe” with the good plastic surgeon is sexy af!

  • commie twink
    commie twink Day ago

    i want an iphone 9

  • Yúř Ñeřø
    Yúř Ñeřø Day ago

    The people in the comment section judge way too fucking hard, literally everything and everyone is judged.

  • Nityanand Saswade

    That red Head proved why she is last in the list with her not understanding i-phone Joke.

  • Malick Toure
    Malick Toure Day ago

    A life coach.

  • Neon Soul
    Neon Soul Day ago

    It's funny how everyone in the comments is going off on the guessers calling them 'judgy' but yall sounding just as judgmental, nasty and rude tbh. This video and the atmosphere was clearly lighthearted for everyone involved. This comment section is toxic smh.

  • EvilGrin
    EvilGrin Day ago

    'grew up homeless'
    'looks homeless'
    'carries knife'
    'first wife tried to stab me in coke rage'
    ' NOW GONNA MAKE 200K a year' wow

  • Kevin N
    Kevin N Day ago

    i cant stop watching these goddamn videos it 2am someone help me

  • Amelia Luna
    Amelia Luna Day ago

    Dear whoever subtitles, it's ho, not hoe. She's talking about a prostitute, not a garden tool.

  • Netarded Rigger
    Netarded Rigger Day ago

    I knew the IT guy was IT cuz he dresses exactly like my big bro who works in IT LOL what a coincidence

  • Fatjeta Alickaj
    Fatjeta Alickaj Day ago

    I can tell you killed some people 😂😂😂

  • Anne ?
    Anne ? Day ago +1

    her income makes me want to go back to doing hair

  • Supremeballer21 100

    wtf is a iPhone 9

  • Jet Traps
    Jet Traps Day ago

    hip youth passstorrr I'm deadddd

  • kyrie not kylie
    kyrie not kylie Day ago

    My mom makes less than 8,000 a year....we on that government support

  • Jupiter G
    Jupiter G Day ago

    “I make -14,000.00 a year” I work full time and I can feel that from my heart lol

  • казвам се зак

    hold up did he say iPhone 9? 2:52

  • Yaamin Mohmmed
    Yaamin Mohmmed Day ago

    That women is Just wired fam

  • Yaamin Mohmmed
    Yaamin Mohmmed Day ago

    Hoe isn’t a compliment tf

  • Katelyn Loves Bunnies

    “I have a 9 or something” “oh so it’s new ish” an iPhone 9 isn’t a thing😂💀


    The German guy looks depressed

  • Thibodeaux _13
    Thibodeaux _13 Day ago +2

    They be tripping if they think there is an iPhone 9

    • Puppyemma555 Emma
      Puppyemma555 Emma Day ago

      Thibodeaux _13 ikr I was looking for a comment like this so I didn’t have to

  • Fate Wisdom
    Fate Wisdom Day ago +6

    iPhone 9?? Where can I get one ?

  • Justin Raney
    Justin Raney Day ago

    “I got the 9 or something” bitch there isn’t a fucking iPhone 9

  • marco sircana
    marco sircana Day ago

    babies crawl

  • marco sircana
    marco sircana Day ago +1

    JEEZ if he has killed people in a war or something that is rude as hell

  • Odiah Tyfany
    Odiah Tyfany Day ago

    The space between her corset shirt and her boobs was offsetting.

  • Luke Wulff
    Luke Wulff Day ago +7

    iPhone 9 okkkkee

  • Ftoun Almutairi
    Ftoun Almutairi Day ago

    11:39 😍

  • Karthick Soundararajan

    iPhone 9 😆😆

  • Heli Petunia
    Heli Petunia Day ago +11

    *iPhOnE 9*

  • Narjs k
    Narjs k 2 days ago +2

    okay i change my mind, karlos was adorable here

  • Gilberto Alvarado
    Gilberto Alvarado 2 days ago +15

    Damn 15 k to 20 k a month my Goddddddd that's amazing you go girl!!!!!

  • reicirith
    reicirith 2 days ago +35

    How did no one realize the dude dressed like a bum is a tech guy?! He's a stereotypical tech guy with a pocket knife. You have no idea how much technerds like pocket tools. A carpenter would have some Carhartt gear on. What this guy has one would get torn up in a heartbeat if he works as a carpenter.

  • Gloria Fernandez
    Gloria Fernandez 2 days ago +17

    Why would you call another women a hoe ......... not even joking around is that funny . Disrespectful

    • Anastasija Smirnova
      Anastasija Smirnova Day ago

      I would right away guess that she earns good money and works in beauty industry. But to say that she is... just because she wears high heels and takes care of her body. To be honest I would ask to bring this video down because of it, as she works with important people and this is very offensive 🌹

    • Keegan Beyer
      Keegan Beyer Day ago

      Cuz shes jealous and has to project her insecurities

    • daniel olivares
      daniel olivares Day ago

      Gloria Fernandez I thought the same thing. That’s a fucked up thing to say to a women

  • Ocean Eyes
    Ocean Eyes 2 days ago +34

    lady: *what type of iphone do you have? ten?*
    guy: *uhh i think it’s the nine.*
    me (expecting her to laugh at him): *ha*
    lady: *oh so not super new*
    me: *drops spoon into cereal*

  • matiaa
    matiaa 2 days ago

    I wanna see imaqtpie there

  • Dusty Thibodaux
    Dusty Thibodaux 2 days ago +17

    iPhone 9? 😂😂

  • OG Gouz
    OG Gouz 2 days ago

    WTF ARE THOSE NUMBERS ??? Much love from Greece

  • Ally ಠ_ಠ
    Ally ಠ_ಠ 2 days ago

    Any Germans here? Lmao

  • Adam Haris
    Adam Haris 2 days ago +3

    Bruh my family just make around 12 K a year lol

    • Keegan Beyer
      Keegan Beyer Day ago

      +Adam Haris is that in US dollars or the Malaysian currency

    • Adam Haris
      Adam Haris Day ago

      Keegan Beyer yeah but I'm in malaysia so I'm still in middle income family

    • Keegan Beyer
      Keegan Beyer Day ago +1

      Wait....your family, as in your Mom and Dad combined only make 12k a year?

  • blackie herbivore
    blackie herbivore 2 days ago

    that blacknigga gorilla guesser, rain, or whatever d fuck her name was, is just a dirty black asshole.
    it's repelling how she's in a lot of videos, when she's clearly rude & insensitive. I know ur a fucking sex worker, don't push it in every female guest's throat. not everyone can do the kinky disgusting shit that u do. stop trying to make whoring seem like a glorious job. jus cus ur ass is big & black doesn't mean ur entitled to intimidate people

  • Fitahw_
    Fitahw_ 2 days ago +4

    No one was rude. Stop being sensitive.

    • Keegan Beyer
      Keegan Beyer Day ago

      Ummm people were rude, stop being naive....

  • In brightest day, in blackest night

    You probably would be a millionaire if you were white? WHAT? Buddy gender, race, sexual orientation won't make you richer. You dumb fuck

  • Tony Lopez
    Tony Lopez 2 days ago

    The guy with the knife probably ga e the gross income lol 😂 not what he keeps lol

    NEECDY NEXT 2 days ago +5

    The guy that was homeless is so inspiring

  • Fleato
    Fleato 2 days ago

    jesus, katalina is gorgeous.... hey im in the seattle area XDD

  • Vasilije Kadijevic
    Vasilije Kadijevic 2 days ago +2

    is it an "ex"? no.
    a ten? no. bish educate urself
    i have like a nine
    man, what did u buy? nine doesnt exist

  • sushi koi
    sushi koi 2 days ago

    if that redhead girl sneeze im finna see her pussy. chill

  • yazan qutayri
    yazan qutayri 2 days ago +6

    2:57 iPhone 9 !! Boiii what ??? Did Nokia make it ?,cause I know for sure apple didnt ......

  • langton mwanza
    langton mwanza 2 days ago

    lol...the x is the 10...and there is no 9....haha what is this......isnt she a comp science student

  • Russian SPY
    Russian SPY 2 days ago +2

    Life couch number im asking for a friend please?!

  • Russian SPY
    Russian SPY 2 days ago +3

    Ginger girl is cute

  • RaeRae Vlogz
    RaeRae Vlogz 2 days ago +3

    I didn’t know there was an iPhone 9

  • Uniquely Strange
    Uniquely Strange 2 days ago +2

    iPhone 9?!? iPhone 9!?? iPhone 9!?! Apple never created an iPhone 9... oh well...

  • Bernadette Clarissa Santoso


  • Kalde Kiks
    Kalde Kiks 2 days ago +1

    Tf is she wearing

  • avotecast
    avotecast 2 days ago +55

    As soon as dude said his wife tried to stab him to death in a coke induced rage, I knew he was rich. Only rich people do coke. Lmaoo

  • Simply Isha
    Simply Isha 2 days ago

    6:19 this nigga can really offend someone

  • Sunny Malton
    Sunny Malton 2 days ago +1

    Wtf 8 years to go from a cna to rn

  • Sam Rashedi
    Sam Rashedi 2 days ago

    I'm young and I'm rich.

  • nena al
    nena al 2 days ago +1

    iPhone 9? Lmao

  • Thomas Purselle
    Thomas Purselle 2 days ago +1

    He said he had an iPhone 9

  • R&M adventures
    R&M adventures 2 days ago

    Not joking the guy who runs an IT company is exactly like my dad he Grand and IT company he has a same stand where same thing carries a pocket knife and puts his thumbs in his pockets and does the same hand gestures.

  • Olivia Caldwell
    Olivia Caldwell 2 days ago

    “IPhone 9”

  • Orlando Torres
    Orlando Torres 2 days ago

    iPhone 9... ok...

  • Mariah Serna
    Mariah Serna 2 days ago

    This guy said he got the iPhone 9. what??????

  • Epi Salazar
    Epi Salazar 2 days ago


  • Sam
    Sam 2 days ago

    It’s so wild how many people in the comments are like, “[insert guesser] WAS SO RUDE!!!” as if the entire point of the series isn’t to use stereotypes and assumptions to make guesses, and then have those guesses proven incorrect for the sake of learning. I guess no one in these comments are doin’ much learnin’, huh?

  • WasteOfOxygen
    WasteOfOxygen 2 days ago

    Basic Asian Math

  • bodman 12345
    bodman 12345 2 days ago

    that older dude shouldve punched the asian guy so fucking rude and the girl saying he killed people that's fucking insensitive

  • Wil Barnes
    Wil Barnes 2 days ago

    That red head is pretty cute

  • Hayes Rinker
    Hayes Rinker 2 days ago


  • johnnyXx4321
    johnnyXx4321 2 days ago

    that black fatass is extremely rude. watch how she would react if someone gets rude to her

  • Jim Skretting
    Jim Skretting 2 days ago

    Bro these ppl r sooo straight forward and rude... ahhhhh

  • Taylor Neuman
    Taylor Neuman 2 days ago

    This is soooooo ridiculous 😂

  • Jenny Des
    Jenny Des 2 days ago

    “I was told I was guessing penis sizes” 😂

  • Cameron Da Boss
    Cameron Da Boss 2 days ago

    When he said 25k is nothing here, I knew it was Seattle because I live up in this bitch

  • Emma Page
    Emma Page 2 days ago

    When u first see the exterminator he says his job is fun and then later on in the bid u find out he’s an EXTIRMINATOR!!!! Oh ma gooooood

  • Bendingwater
    Bendingwater 2 days ago

    Damn I'm in grad school and they pay us only 20k it sucks

  • Cha Leowin
    Cha Leowin 2 days ago

    "You'd probably be a millionaire if you were white?" WTF?