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  • Pixielocks
    Pixielocks  Year ago +267

    I'm getting a lot of comments on Mobi and it is my favourite thing!!! FAQ about the thicc boi:
    -Yes he is a Maine Coon and he will be 4 years old in December!
    -He is a large boy at 3.5 feet and 17 pounds but I am also only 5 feet tall so together he looks huge lol
    -He is a sweet sweet furry boy who likes to sit on the deck but is afraid of the vaccuum
    -I read him all your comments and he says thanks!!!

  • Erika Marzulli
    Erika Marzulli 3 months ago

    I'm so confused by one of the earrings and I can't tell if it's falling or not lol

  • noa Naor
    noa Naor 3 months ago


  • official kii
    official kii 4 months ago

    I love you videos and your aesthetic it makes me feel better 💗

  • Ellie Faye
    Ellie Faye 4 months ago

    You should a reaction to Melanie Martinez vids !!!

  • hecking mean green bean


  • taeboos
    taeboos 5 months ago

    did anyone else's skin crawl when she said that one shirt was velvet jvdsjklfjsdlk

  • blueberry sans
    blueberry sans 5 months ago


  • مشكلجية ومدوخة البشرية

    Ohhh the clothes very nice

  • Zasha Lugo
    Zasha Lugo 5 months ago

    Hey you do have a big beautiful booty. #bigbootyteam. I know the struggle of wearing a smaller size on top and larger size on the bottom. Lol

  • lilly ?¿
    lilly ?¿ 6 months ago

    Me and my cat love to watch you🖤💗

  • Кира Максимова

    I love you 💕

  • Melany Guardado
    Melany Guardado 6 months ago

    Adorable!!!💗Omgs you look so adorable💕💕

  • Emily
    Emily 7 months ago

    lmaoo you are so cute !!

  • Kitten Puff, Jr.
    Kitten Puff, Jr. 7 months ago +1

    -Yes he is a Maine Coon and he will be 4 years old in December!

  • cherry pop
    cherry pop 7 months ago

    I don’t think that’s what man eater means! :p

  • Madeline Austin
    Madeline Austin 7 months ago

    New subscriber here! That bear coat KILLS me. I have a clutch that's crazy similar. As a Minnesotan, I can relate to killer winters ( so I'd wear the crap outta that too)! XD

  • Sandro Annunziata
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  • Kiwi Fix
    Kiwi Fix 8 months ago

    Yeah the shipping for Dollzkill is amazing. My package arrived in like 3 days and I live in Ireland :)

  • Ally Dee
    Ally Dee 8 months ago

    You're adorable

  • scaredcat _
    scaredcat _ 8 months ago

    also, loving the pink fur coat

  • scaredcat _
    scaredcat _ 8 months ago

    omg your cat is giant my heart is explllloding

  • Daphné Rose Palmer
    Daphné Rose Palmer 8 months ago

    When you said you're Canadian, I noticed your little accent 😂 you must be from the east end of Canada with that kinda accent haha, fellow Canadian here 🔥

  • Éliie-Sama DaKuroQueen

    lmfbao dude i know too well the struggle of winter in Ca. I'm in Québec...u know mtl... fuck i hate winter here.

  • -Katelyn is not doing very well-

    Man Eater 😂😂

  • Final Dictvm
    Final Dictvm 8 months ago

    Your earrings are so amazing, where do they come from? :)

  • Starry Cat
    Starry Cat 8 months ago

    It makes me upset to know where that bear face came from.

  • Presley Glamour
    Presley Glamour 8 months ago

    Your videos make me so happy 🦄😄 never stop doing them🌃🌃❣️💖

  • Christine Marie Zamets
    Christine Marie Zamets 9 months ago

    I like the lazy top, i prefer thrrrr easy way myself

  • katelyn wooten
    katelyn wooten 9 months ago

    she earring lmao

  • Rosetta Williams
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  • Lexi Marie
    Lexi Marie 10 months ago

    Omg ily

  • Laura Reeves
    Laura Reeves 10 months ago

    Your personality is so sweet, your style is amazing! Best TVclipr I’ve watched by far!

  • GhostlyMoonKitten
    GhostlyMoonKitten 10 months ago

    I just wanted to tell you the design face on the lazy oaf jacket the first thing you got was made with a design they stole and didn't credit the person until they got called out :(

  • Βarbara Κ
    Βarbara Κ 10 months ago


  • Alpina YT
    Alpina YT 10 months ago

    Where are your earings from, they are so cute??

    • Βarbara Κ
      Βarbara Κ 10 months ago

      Alpina YT check the Japan videos, she got them there

  • F13at Cat
    F13at Cat 10 months ago

    Your kitty is sooo flufffyyyy😍😍😍

  • how tf you suck dick on accident

    wow can’t wait to get this summer job so i can wild out and show up my senior year serving

  • Yumiliah
    Yumiliah 10 months ago +1

    have you heard of the plagiarism scandal that went viral a few days ago? apparently the puppy face design on the pink fur coat is completely copied from a smaller independent artist called the oddlyweirdshop on instagram and lazyoaf used it on three different items. lazyoaf made a public apology but I still don't know what to think of them now, they used to be such an inspiration to me. what do you think about this, especially as an aspiring fashion designer? do you still feel comfortable wearing their clothing?

  • mason t
    mason t 11 months ago

    12:13 oOF gIrL yOur eaRrIng

  • Weird Somebody On The Internet


  • Kickboxingkitten
    Kickboxingkitten 11 months ago

    Loved the clothes you got, they’re so cute! Where did you get that pink dungaree skirt you’re wearing? I neeeeed it!😂🤗

  • Stacy Mairena
    Stacy Mairena Year ago


  • Colleen Nugent
    Colleen Nugent Year ago

    I want that nail polish!

  • Brianna Bradt
    Brianna Bradt Year ago

    Do you Know who Melanie Martinez is

  • Emily Euphoria
    Emily Euphoria Year ago

    Love everything here!

  • Hannah3458
    Hannah3458 Year ago

    This coat is on sale for 221 now :)

  • Makayla and Madison

    Wouldn't a look like that attract pedophiles

  • Portia Hurst
    Portia Hurst Year ago

    I wish lazy oaf was plus size😓😓I’m an extra large bean💕😓💕

  • CurveTheRain
    CurveTheRain Year ago

    Charge at the door?

  • Megan Gertler
    Megan Gertler Year ago

    Your cat looks like my cat!!!!

  • Julie
    Julie Year ago


  • madison
    madison Year ago

    valentine's day is my birthday!!!

  • Savage Maddie
    Savage Maddie Year ago

    Where are those earrings from 😛😛

  • Suki’s Studio
    Suki’s Studio Year ago

    Okay I watch this video when it first came out but I had to come back to say I recently bought pants like that with the snaps on the side because I thought they were so weird after seeing them in this video now I just have a weird fear of them somehow getting unsnapped lmao 😂(have not worn them yet )

  • Devon Jones
    Devon Jones Year ago

    i'm so sad lazy oaf has such small sizes. I love their clothes so much but i'm way too chubs for em

  • Leigh Fredman
    Leigh Fredman Year ago

    Lazy oaf head holes are always too small tbh

  • eva venema
    eva venema Year ago

    is the red/pink shirt still available you think? I'm searching it but I can't find it anywhere :(

  • Lilly Senna
    Lilly Senna Year ago

    gurl is your earring falling off? or is it pierced that way?

  • CuteFluff
    CuteFluff Year ago

    I can't wait when Pixie does her own clothing line XD It'll be such a cool and different line

  • autumnrobert
    autumnrobert Year ago

    I can’t even with you. You’re adorable! 😂❤️

  • caitlinjayne1998
    caitlinjayne1998 Year ago

    Your videos are so visually pleasing omg so pretty

  • callmewanderer
    callmewanderer Year ago

    I doubt to buy things over 40 euros what life are you living bc I want that kind of life

  • Suehiromauro
    Suehiromauro Year ago

    Quick question for anyone familiar with lazy oaf would the jacket pixie got fit up to xxl chest wise I see it says over sized and the highest size is large? Sometimes I can fit large but I just don't want to spend 200$ on something that doesn't fit.

  • Daily Boom
    Daily Boom Year ago


  • Sara Christensen
    Sara Christensen Year ago

    I’m literally ded.

  • Orange Blossom
    Orange Blossom Year ago

    If only I could afford lazy oaf!

  • Madison H
    Madison H Year ago

    Could you please share where you got those jeans with the hearts on the knees? They are so adorable and suit you so well!

  • Morgan Shryock
    Morgan Shryock Year ago

    Even though your style is polar opposite from mine, I really love it! I'm glad I happened to stumble upon your videos haha

  • Kimberlee Catena
    Kimberlee Catena Year ago

    "floaty pant lady"
    "the bear is good"

  • Maddy C
    Maddy C Year ago

    All you're videos make me so happy and smiley!

  • LibbyRoseITM
    LibbyRoseITM Year ago

    Do you keep all your clothes? If so, how do you store them? You must've collected a lot of pieces over the years, I'm just curious :)

  • Sabrina Bunting
    Sabrina Bunting Year ago


  • KawaiiPopSimmer
    KawaiiPopSimmer Year ago

    Dolls kill is one of my favorite websites ever! I can't wait for my birthday this year because I'll be 16 so I can finally get a job and start up my shop and make money to buy more supplies to make the stuff in my shop plus change my whole wardrobe and stock it with dolls kill!

  • Gwen Mauney
    Gwen Mauney Year ago

    PIXIELOCKS!!!!! I found your velvet pants but super cheap and no emb on the bootie! haha us.shein.com/Contrast-Buttoned-Side-Crushed-Velvet-Pants-p-376208-cat-1740.html

  • Roxanne Netto
    Roxanne Netto Year ago

    Be careful with Dollz Kill..I ordered with them before and I only got one of the items I ordered and I asked them about it. They responded by giving me the worst attitude and said that it was showing delivered (even though I had to sign for the package and it only had one item in it) and the lady told me their workers wouldn't forget to include an item in a box. She sort of implied I was lying and it was sad because it was those porcelain unicorns you paint and I got two for my daughter and I to paint together. With only one it wasn't as fun and I was super disappointed in how they treated me. She gave me credit to buy another one BUT I would have to pay AGAIN for the shipping. It should have been covered completely because I ended up paying $20 extra which was just a bummer. I love their stuff, but after that I was too scared to order again.

  • Jenny Lachupacabrita

    Tim Hortons sucks.

    • Pixielocks
      Pixielocks  Year ago

      +Jenny Lachupacabrita Ur barking up the wrong igloo

  • Irene
    Irene Year ago

    I´ve ordered at Dollskill and the Order status says "complete" but it has not arrived yet....I´m so afraid to get scammed

  • Mel Staton
    Mel Staton Year ago

    It's very ironic that pink is my least favorite color and I never really wear pink/girly stuff but I LOVE PRECURE and I LOVE PIXIE!!! I'm trying to slowly get into the harijuku style clothes but I think I'll be going more of the pastel blue/purples than actually all pink like her. Maybe some pink accents.....? Pixie give me some tips!!! I love you!

  • Dawn B.
    Dawn B. Year ago


  • Noah
    Noah Year ago


  • LizzyBoo
    LizzyBoo Year ago

    thought that shirt said lary at first, wow

  • Danielle rumplestiltstink

    Theres a fur coat on dollskill that white amd the ends of the fur is all different rainbow colors, almost the colors of yiur hair amd i really need it oh my godddd

  • Ally
    Ally Year ago

    Psa: Alissa violet wears those fun snap pants with the middle open with snaps closed on the bottom and top it would look SO CUTE WITH THOSE FUN HAPPY PINKALICIOUS PANTS

  • Marjolaine Arias
    Marjolaine Arias Year ago

    i thought it said "lary" on the lazy oaf shirt lmao

  • Marina Ostrow
    Marina Ostrow Year ago

    Hey gal ~Fellow Canadian here; in case you didn't know simons.ca carries Lazy Oaf now! + you get free shipping on orders over 100$! so you can avoid the additional duty fees :))))

    • Pixielocks
      Pixielocks  Year ago

      WHAAAT I went to Simons a couple times when I was in Quebec!! That is so handy thank u!!

  • Steel Fairy
    Steel Fairy Year ago

    I know this is really off-topic, but have you been watching this season of Project Runway? I remember you saying you wanted to be on the show one day, and this season has been so great!

  • Candice
    Candice Year ago

    Uggggh, your suspender skirtttt tho, it's perfect, I've been looking all over for one likte that ;3;

  • Morgan Hughes
    Morgan Hughes Year ago +3

    Jesus Christ your cat is huge

  • Christianna Taylor

    That shirt says Lary

  • Seri
    Seri Year ago

    I loved the video

  • ba3ii psycho
    ba3ii psycho Year ago +3

    You lost me at the $60 or $100 door fee oh no ! I'm too cheap for that😂

  • allymaibell
    allymaibell Year ago

    Your hair is beautiful 😍

  • kara dobson
    kara dobson Year ago

    Your eyeliner and hair are like the exact same colour!! amazing!
    Alsoooo where is your pinafore dress from? sorry if its been mentioned in another video hehe

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee Year ago

    It says "Lary" on the shirt not "lazy" lmao XD they fucked up their cursive

  • Megan R
    Megan R Year ago

    Cute stuff! Can we have a relationship update?

  • Karina Gonzalez
    Karina Gonzalez Year ago

    "Their shipping is sO FAst"me and intellectual: *bought something nearly two weeks ago and still hasn't arrived*

  • Strangee Quark
    Strangee Quark Year ago

    I love your hair like this, it really suits you :)

  • powpaow
    powpaow Year ago +1

    You know what more is expensive? you not caring about the planet and buying stuff all the time :(

  • Char
    Char Year ago

    Okay but like ... I live in literally the same town as you... it's not that cold 😂