Bad Daddy's S-10 Gets Aligned And Weighed For Build & Battle!

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
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  • PeteDeuce
    PeteDeuce 18 days ago

    Tanner rules - super nice guy and is REALLY good at what he does. Highly recommend OCMobileAlignment

  • Eric Carrillo
    Eric Carrillo 23 days ago

    That alignment guy you guys are using 100% cool as fuck in my book!

  • Osmo Osmo
    Osmo Osmo 24 days ago

    Build new truck

  • EvHexRC 1
    EvHexRC 1 25 days ago +1

    Why did he lessen the toe out up front on the s10? Toe out up front helps a car go straighter, easier, and gives more turn-in on corners. Huh. As a racer, I am confused

  • 6designsmotorsports
    6designsmotorsports 26 days ago

    These videos are starting to get awkward to watch lol

  • Austin Doud
    Austin Doud 26 days ago +1

    Good old toe and go

  • Chris Barcenas
    Chris Barcenas 26 days ago

    Everybody stfu with this "9 dollar" shit and watch the damn video and be on with your day

  • Kyle C
    Kyle C 26 days ago

    Gotta love California dudes. Will wear jeans on a hot ass day and sweat like crazy

  • ItsJustMe Mildoze
    ItsJustMe Mildoze 26 days ago

    Damn I wasnt ready for the Slayer reveal. Dudes hardcore.

  • CaptainJustify
    CaptainJustify 26 days ago

    Brad, would your side view mirrors make a difference in autodidacts or weight if you take them off?

  • john gregson
    john gregson 27 days ago

    I wish stabila levels were 9 bucks

  • metalperslfx
    metalperslfx 27 days ago

    >Home Depot
    >All day long

  • Chris H
    Chris H 27 days ago

    Man Shawn white does it all !!!gold medal snowboarder and alignment specialist !!!!hell ya

  • batch2448
    batch2448 27 days ago

    Hmnnn is it hot over there?

  • Tim Sharpe
    Tim Sharpe 27 days ago

    If I had a budget build I would be doing my own alignment. Especially if I’m already over budget.

  • The Jetta Knight
    The Jetta Knight 27 days ago +3

    As a licensed tech who uses a normal drive on alignment rack I can say this guy works hard for his money. Respect to mobile aligners.

  • Koree Jackson
    Koree Jackson 27 days ago

    Why do I feel like they are battling for their job at hoonigan🤔🤔🤔 Brad act weird 🤷‍♂️

    ALEX DOBBINS 27 days ago

    Please make a "$9. Home Depot. All day long." shirt.

  • Subdubbin
    Subdubbin 27 days ago

    No idea what this guy is doing

  • Jose Scanholato
    Jose Scanholato 27 days ago

    This level its too expensive stabila germany 200$

  • Tyler Hoeft
    Tyler Hoeft 27 days ago

    I like the alignment 'rack' set up! Actually seems quite accurate!

  • Ryan Alexander
    Ryan Alexander 27 days ago

    Stabila levels are very expensive

  • Dirtyd23
    Dirtyd23 27 days ago

    I knew Carrot Tops comedy career was struggling to pay the bills but damn,I didn’t think he would have to do car alignments for a side hustle.

  • raz406
    raz406 27 days ago

    If you want to know where more weight is to cut out, get at me. My 1995 Sonoma weighs 2680 without driver. It has a full interior, stock dash, stock seats, all steel except hood, all glass except rear window, aluminum tonneau cover, 8.50 legal cage, LS-2, Dual 3” exhaust to the axle, 9”, PG etc.

  • Axle Grind
    Axle Grind 27 days ago

    those scales are expensive af

  • MRBLACK947
    MRBLACK947 27 days ago +1

    JFC Brad, you need to eat a freakin Sammich dude. I know being at meth level weight will make the truck go faster, but damn.

  • Axle Grind
    Axle Grind 27 days ago

    angle finder much more accurate than a level

  • Dario Ortiz
    Dario Ortiz 27 days ago

    Ok just to be fair that stabila smart level is about $300 just saying.

  • john dishman
    john dishman 27 days ago

    What’s up with everyone calling him a meth head?

  • Eric Macfadyen
    Eric Macfadyen 27 days ago


    KISSMYACE3203 27 days ago

    So, full disclosure, I don't do alignments.
    Watching this process, and since the rear end has been replaced, his numbers are probably skewed somewhat. The rear end can be square with the car, but offset to one side or the other. If this is the case, correcting by lengthening/shortening bars will add yaw to the rear which in turn would cause it to track left/right. Always get a good datum before making ASSumptions. You could verify this by going off of chassis centerline at various distances to his laser mark, if they're equal, then the rear would be square.
    I also don't know if the aligner tool references the wheel itself or the sidewall. If it's the sidewall, I wouldn't trust it for shit.

  • Matthew S
    Matthew S 27 days ago

    Carrot Top does mobile alignment???

  • MSEngineering David
    MSEngineering David 27 days ago

    Brad talks too much that ''space age tech'' is increase accuracy less work and kicks your ass.

  • James Smith
    James Smith 27 days ago

    I didn't know Carrot Top worked on cars! 😝

  • Ryan Rigney
    Ryan Rigney 27 days ago

    I'm gonna guess that Brad's favorite beer is a nice cold home brew.

  • chair362
    chair362 27 days ago

    i gotta get me one of them $9 home badepot levels.

  • bdd1469
    bdd1469 28 days ago

    This wasn't an alignment, you just set the toe. Nothing was done to set the castor or camber. I could have done the same with my eyeballs, a tape measure , and a lot less fucking around.

  • Son sill
    Son sill 28 days ago +2

    4:08 brads toes looks like they crawled out of oscar the grouch's trash can

  • Booka
    Booka 28 days ago

    All the spirit level nerds in the chat! :)

  • Topias Pursiainen
    Topias Pursiainen 28 days ago

    But with some fuel and brad in the car the final weight will be over 3000

  • Luchace Fox
    Luchace Fox 28 days ago +7

    I still do stick and string alignment on my cars. My GF got new tires on her Juke and I did an alignment after they were mounted at a local tire shop. She did not trust my "Ghetto" alignment so we went to the tire shop with a digital alignment machine........ fucking dead on perfect save one wheel that was off .02, they did not even charge me. Shut her mouth about my car skills to, man that was a tasty sandwich.

    • bdd1469
      bdd1469 27 days ago +1

      @Zac Morgan Explain to me how you can check or set caster with a level and string or camber without an adjustable camber ignorant fuck, who thinks he knows something about aligning a car just because he watched some other ignorant fuck do an " alignment" with a level and a string.....You don't know shit. I'll wait while you try to google an answer that doesnt exist...

    • Zac Morgan
      Zac Morgan 27 days ago

      bdd1469 with string and iPhone level you can 🙃

    • Maze 275
      Maze 275 27 days ago +1

      @bdd1469 lol I recall pit crews using string to do steering/alignment adjustments on Aussie V8 touring cars back in the 70's

    • bdd1469
      bdd1469 27 days ago +1

      You didn't do an alignment , you set the toe. You can't adjust castor, steer ahead, camber , etc with a fucking string. Sounds like your girl knows more than you and your " alignment shop"...

  • pennbass
    pennbass 28 days ago

    Please tell me where you can buy a Stabila level for $9!!! 😂😂

  • adam s
    adam s 28 days ago

    Omg that truck weighs what my mini cooper does .hell yea !!!

  • adam s
    adam s 28 days ago

    I aligned my car by my self in a parking lot with just hand tools and a plumb line I rigged up and a yardstick

  • RC Reapers
    RC Reapers 28 days ago

    Vargas lost the race

  • Dinxsy
    Dinxsy 28 days ago

    Brad was to much for me in this one 🤨

  • Imagine A World
    Imagine A World 28 days ago

    Can we get a build breakdown of Tanners skills

  • Felix Santiago
    Felix Santiago 28 days ago

    SHITTER , the red SHITTER, bro you need a hair cut, you look like shit

  • Gilbert S
    Gilbert S 28 days ago

    Cheap alignments are great until your car goes into the wall off launch

  • Reactionary Hermit
    Reactionary Hermit 28 days ago +7

    Brad definitely didn't help this guy's business: "Anyone can do this. It's all home-brewed. You can buy all this from Home Depot and do it yourself." Geez, man. Treat the guy like he's a professional, not some shade tree dickwad. By the way, Home Depot doesn't sell anything he used.

  • Joseph Moschini
    Joseph Moschini 28 days ago +5

    I’m always working in my shop with flip flops, what’s with all the girls crying in here about Brads Jerusalem cruisers

    • David Gomez
      David Gomez 27 days ago +1

      Jerusalem Cruisers 😂 holy shit

    PAULO FERNANDO 28 days ago

    Bradd looks like us Brazilians, good humor, smile on his face and charisma. A big hug from Brazil, Bradd !!

  • Abdul Raziq Afiq Md Rodi

    0:58 bad daddy was promoter

  • Walking straw
    Walking straw 28 days ago

    6:53 when your car doesn't wanna start

  • Mr S
    Mr S 28 days ago

    Shitter = Vargas Brods

  • Vancity Coaster
    Vancity Coaster 28 days ago

    I learned with a tape measure and bubble gauge before I ever touched a laser.

  • daniel bean
    daniel bean 28 days ago

    HERT I GIVE YOU HELL BUT I LOVE YOU DUDE. You da man with the destructive lack of a plan. #shredalltires.

  • Cafe King
    Cafe King 28 days ago

    If carrot top was a machanic...

  • Nitrokiller 99
    Nitrokiller 99 28 days ago

    Brads speech this video made me feel drunk

  • Trevor Hilliker
    Trevor Hilliker 28 days ago +1

    No way Brad is gonna win

    • 300zxdriver
      300zxdriver 28 days ago

      Reactionary Hermit I’ll have to look,but I saw it last week. It’s a very short clip.

    • Reactionary Hermit
      Reactionary Hermit 28 days ago

      @Matt Hemberry You're not very familiar with drag racing, are you?

    • Reactionary Hermit
      Reactionary Hermit 28 days ago

      @300zxdriver The clip used in the first couple of episodes shows the RX7 out front. No way they would give away the ending so easily.

    • Matt Hemberry
      Matt Hemberry 28 days ago

      No way he loses in the 1/4.

    • 300zxdriver
      300zxdriver 28 days ago

      Trevor Hilliker In one video a short clip shows truck out in front.