Tracee Ellis Ross’ Children’s Book for Handsy Men

  • Published on Dec 6, 2017
  • Our guest host Tracee Ellis Ross decided that since she had a big platform like this, she wanted to talk about the Hollywood sexual harassment scandal. Over the past two months, countless brave women have come forward to share their experiences and while Tracee isn’t totally surprised by these stories, it seems like quite a few men are. Treating women with respect shouldn’t be complicated but it seems to be a bit confusing for a lot of men. So Tracee wrote a children’s book for men to make this real simple for them. #TheHandsyMan
    Guest Host Chris Pratt & Chris Stapleton Sing “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life”

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    Tracee Ellis Ross’ Children’s Book for Handsy Men
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Comments • 578

  • Steve Mateo
    Steve Mateo Month ago

    This was funny to me, funny but to the point. This sketch was very educational and made me laugh, thanks Tracee!

  • Terrance Turner
    Terrance Turner 3 months ago

    I will FOREVER love her for this.

  • Sj Yates
    Sj Yates 4 months ago

    Yass Auntie ✊🏾❤️

  • dakota freeman
    dakota freeman 7 months ago


  • Joe Shmo
    Joe Shmo 7 months ago +1

    It isn’t just women

  • Big Moe
    Big Moe 9 months ago


  • Buenizando
    Buenizando 9 months ago

    492 handsy man dislike the video...

  • Mark Hughes
    Mark Hughes 9 months ago

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  • Niki Vivi
    Niki Vivi 9 months ago

    👏👏👏👏👏 Love it!❤

  • Maryssa McIlvenna
    Maryssa McIlvenna 10 months ago

    I wish you could like a video more than once.

  • Chirorost Keiko Kaneiwa
    Chirorost Keiko Kaneiwa 10 months ago

    I love this woman.

  • christal figuereo
    christal figuereo 10 months ago

    Damn that was really good

  • Josss ilyn
    Josss ilyn 10 months ago


  • Ree Germain
    Ree Germain 10 months ago

    I related to the touching boobs while I'm asleep. I had that happen to me. I still have trouble sleeping.

  • Gustavo Figueroa
    Gustavo Figueroa 10 months ago

    Mmmmm but hey listen what about the hands women,????

  • DaFox57 - The Pollinator
    DaFox57 - The Pollinator 10 months ago

    474 men still confused? LMFAO ... Come on, guys, are you kidding me?

  • Sammy Konstantopoulos
    Sammy Konstantopoulos 11 months ago

    Where is the Handsywoman version

  • Josh Grassick
    Josh Grassick 11 months ago

    But when a female does things in the book its flirting, why are we just blaming this on men women can be creeps to. we just don’t hear about it as much so we don’t think of it as a problem the other way.

  • Sosai X
    Sosai X 11 months ago

    Now imagine a fictional book about the poor behavior of some women, but address it to all women. Now can you understand the downvotes?

  • ThusIsBrad
    ThusIsBrad 11 months ago

    I like that they used a creepy middle aged man. It's okay to sexually assault if you're good looking? Is that part of the message?

  • Monica Browne
    Monica Browne 11 months ago

    Absolutely BRILLIANT😄😄😄

  • TheEddie1401
    TheEddie1401 11 months ago

    she should take over for jimmy falon

  • Rageboy_X
    Rageboy_X 11 months ago

    Ugh oh the feminists are attacking

  • Natasha Klaarwater
    Natasha Klaarwater 11 months ago

    from my understanding of this, this was a generalization of what happens in the workplace. I don't think anyone should discredit that women are more that able to do vile actions, just like the men. But from what I've personally seen myself, the inappropriate acts *appear* to happen to the women from the men *more often*. It also depends on the region of the world you're in. It's a complicated and delicate subject, so obviously I have a lot to say about this, but that would be me talking for probably 30 minutes minimum to paint a general picture HAHA.

  • Blue Steel
    Blue Steel 11 months ago +1

    I will never understand men that whip out their junk. No one wants to see that. That is not to say all that other stuff is acceptable, but I can understand why someone would want to do those things, but exposing yourself is something I can't wrap my head around.

  • Megan M
    Megan M 11 months ago

    Love TER!

  • luckyjasonfan
    luckyjasonfan 11 months ago


  • One Maui
    One Maui 11 months ago +1

    Purely using comedy to change the world..who would have thought.,..??

  • One Maui
    One Maui 11 months ago +1

    Tracee Ellis are brilliant...........~!!
    Hitting nail on the head......
    How may I contact YOU...its ABOUT saving the world......with some love from YOU........starting in Hawaii........
    We need to be SAVED now....please reply......
    WE dont have much time.....and there A LOT of good material for you......including...past war creatures....I want to explain more....please pm meee...I also grew up in on Maui now.....~!!.??

  • Lotte Hermans
    Lotte Hermans 11 months ago

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  • Sunshine Living
    Sunshine Living 11 months ago +2

    Brilliant! If this makes you angry, please seek help. These are real issues that women go through everyday and Tracee found a humorous way to address them. Hopefully this can create more dialogue. Thank you Tracee Ellis Ross and Jimmy Kimmel Live!

  • Maxime Lebrun
    Maxime Lebrun 11 months ago

    So that's "womansplaining"...

  • kiara young
    kiara young 11 months ago

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  • To Serve Man
    To Serve Man 11 months ago

    duhmerica is a country of the talentless where their talent is complaining about how they are not allowed to be talented.

  • To Serve Man
    To Serve Man 11 months ago

    Not enough dislikes. Odd.

  • M
    M 11 months ago

    Shouldve been a 69 part series.

  • Kathleen Darlington
    Kathleen Darlington 11 months ago

    This was fantastic!!

  • Elena Guillaume
    Elena Guillaume 11 months ago

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  • Vicki Hannah Lein
    Vicki Hannah Lein 11 months ago +1

    Perfect! A lot of men are going to be confused as to why they got this book for Christmas 87 times. I'd love to see this turn into a traveling show that includes locl woman in the production.

  • Dale Thomas
    Dale Thomas 11 months ago +1

    Its not right but alot of small business owners near me are no longer hiring women so they don't have to worry bout this. They won't say it publicly but this whole situation is gonna backfire on some women unfortunately. Hopefully its not like that in the rest of the country.

    DIVINE SYLVESTER 11 months ago

    Ok am going to be honest here i will not defend my gender but how many of this women were actually harassed i feel like some women lie about this kind of stuff at least 40% of the time but still Men should stop

  • mc j
    mc j 11 months ago +2


  • Marco Deo
    Marco Deo 11 months ago

    A child book for men this is what pompous women think of Men . Nobody wants to touch you Tracy.

  • bleep blarp
    bleep blarp 11 months ago +1

    Never hug. Never shake hands. Never touch another human being unless you are a doctor or in a position to somehow save their life. Never be alone in a room with less than four people. Never have any human contact whatsoever. Because at some point you will do something that someone considers sexual harassment or assault, and your life will be over. Basically, never go outside and never interact with anyone unless it's over a recorded video session. Log those recordings.

    • bleep blarp
      bleep blarp 11 months ago

      L J If I ask for consent and don't get it, I'll be the creep who asked for a hug and my life will be over. If the person consents, even if I just put one around their back with my hand on their shoulder and give a gentle squeeze, they might say I squeezed too hard or too long or that I tried to somehow grope them and my life will be over.

    • L J
      L J 11 months ago +1

      how would it be if you were to think about simply just asking for consent? why is this difficult smh?

  • Saeeda Sankar
    Saeeda Sankar 11 months ago +1

    I honestly need this book

  • Jakob Kristiansen
    Jakob Kristiansen 11 months ago

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  • Xu I
    Xu I 11 months ago

    "And if I am your employee"... No chances to be "the employee" with such an attitude to Handsy boss. There is a line of candidates for your position, especcially in show biz, who understands that everything has it's own price

  • Luvu2
    Luvu2 11 months ago +2

    There is a creepy guy, with ten long fingers
    creepy glares, and hugs that linger
    If you're a woman, you're not a fan
    I speak, of course of The Handsy Man
    Handsy Man, based on the news
    you seem to be a bit confused
    Listen and I'll explain to you
    all the things you may not do
    You may not compliment my butt
    you may not called me "ho" or "slut"
    and even if you're stoned or drunk
    do not expose me to your junk
    and if I am your employee
    do not rest your hand upon my knee
    no, I wont sit on your lap
    I shouldn't have to say this crap!
    You cannot smell my hair, you creep
    or grab my boobs while I'm asleep
    I do not want a back massage
    Did you follow me to the parking garage?
    I do not like you, Handsy man
    You are not allowed to touch my can
    Not on a plane
    Not on a train
    Not in a boat
    Not in your moat
    Not in a tree
    Not by the sea
    Not in your mansion
    Help me, Chris Hansen!
    So Handsy Man if your still confused
    Whether your behavior will be excused
    I'll say it clearly, nice and slow
    If she doesn't consent- the answer is NO!
    "Handsy Man"- By Tracee Ellis Ross

  • Branch H Show
    Branch H Show 11 months ago +1


  • Mackenzircon
    Mackenzircon 11 months ago +1

    Where can I get a paperback copy?

  • Emma G
    Emma G 11 months ago

    Love, love, love Tracee Ellis Ross!

  • JKL
    JKL 11 months ago

    YES! It isn't Hollywood. It isn't Politics.. It is EVERYWHERE.

  • charmalique
    charmalique 11 months ago +1

    Tracee told it like it is. Is that book available on Amazon?

    BIGMACLEGEND 11 months ago

    Stop womansplaining me this is sexual harassment

  • Rich U
    Rich U 11 months ago +1

    Bravo queen bravo.

  • OldRaver1
    OldRaver1 11 months ago +1

    Publish it, publish it NOW!! Perfect Christmas gift to at least 3 of my ex bosses!

  • Carol Jansky
    Carol Jansky 11 months ago +2

    If a woman is drunk than obviously she is not able to give a logical consent. Sounds like you are used to preying on women that are easy to take advantage of when they are weak. What a loser. Get some class instead of taking advantage of easy marks.

  • Kai
    Kai 11 months ago

    I wrote you a book: How not to dress like a bum.

  • Hannah De Leon
    Hannah De Leon 11 months ago

    Love you and love the point *but* who calls it the Hollywood Sex Scandal? I thought we were calling it “maybe *not* all men but pretty close?

  • Venice Bitchh
    Venice Bitchh 11 months ago

    Like common.. did is just BLAAAAAH!

  • Sharat Akasapu
    Sharat Akasapu 11 months ago

    Making it a reality: !

  • Anthony Evans
    Anthony Evans 11 months ago +1

    This is classic!

  • TheChickenTurtle
    TheChickenTurtle 11 months ago +1

    This kind of abuse does happen throughout many walks of life, so I don't see why she pointed out men as the only culprits.

    • jbn675478
      jbn675478 11 months ago +3

      predators prey on the weak regardless of sex or race.

  • Braa M
    Braa M 11 months ago

    That was great

  • Jay
    Jay 11 months ago


  • Randy Cabbage
    Randy Cabbage 11 months ago

    Yep. You women are all perfect and should be considered heroes. While us men are just the lowest of the low scum. We get it.
    You think women in power dont do this? They do. I've been a victim of it myself.

  • Kaylie Zubik
    Kaylie Zubik 11 months ago

    Lmao what about the Melanie Martinez scandal

  • LadyRosacea
    LadyRosacea 11 months ago

    This book needs to be published!

  • D M
    D M 11 months ago

    Men so dumb they need a children's book to understand basic decent human behavior.

  • Mathieu Leader
    Mathieu Leader 11 months ago

    is she a comedian

  • Lisa Moura
    Lisa Moura 11 months ago


  • James Hale
    James Hale 11 months ago

    There are alot of women who like the attention from men up until they hear he has touched another woman....I should write a book called "Crazy ladies in America"!

  • sweetpeepauline
    sweetpeepauline 11 months ago


  • Kevin James
    Kevin James 11 months ago

    Where can I order this book?

  • Lol!!! !!!!!
    Lol!!! !!!!! 11 months ago +1

    Good God this was cancerous and awful. Get over it lady, only a very small percentage of men are like this.

  • maylightbewithyou
    maylightbewithyou 11 months ago

    Thank you Tracee!

  • Patricia de Pastors
    Patricia de Pastors 11 months ago

    (Insert Meryl Stree gif here.)

  • Rainia Wright
    Rainia Wright 11 months ago

    Where are you Chris Hansen he been slacking on the job

  • Malphas Live
    Malphas Live 11 months ago +1

    she mad cuz ain't nobody wanna smash dat.

  • don’t ask
    don’t ask 11 months ago

    She’s quite a remarkable person ❤️

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 11 months ago

    HAHA Can we please read this book to children to teach them that sexual harassment isn't okay, please with a cherry on top? HAHA

    GOD MLBB 11 months ago +1

    as I a man........

    MƎTHØDƧ 11 months ago

    YOU 👏 GO 👏 TRACEEEE! 👏

  • Josie Rodriguez
    Josie Rodriguez 11 months ago

    Trigger...:( but so true...

  • A L
    A L 11 months ago

    Hollywood telling us it's not a Hollywood problem...yeah...maga!

  • Sandy James
    Sandy James 11 months ago

    I so wish that was real for the next at work secret Santa!

  • Corey Soze
    Corey Soze 11 months ago


  • Eric
    Eric 11 months ago

    Sounds like a Dr. Seuss book

  • Aminah MT
    Aminah MT 11 months ago +3

    I think most guys know this .

  • Rusty Updegraff
    Rusty Updegraff 11 months ago +1

    Ironic that she was singing rapper Miguel's praise who sings these lyrics later int he show...Oooh, I
    Got the baes lookin' at me like it's dinnertime
    I know she vegan, but she want the steak tonight, yeah
    And I smile like a saint with a sinner's mind
    Baby roll it, lick it, love it, daddy blow your mind
    yeah, that's respectful. not objectifying at all Tracee..

    • Rick Wolf
      Rick Wolf 11 months ago


  • mdudegamer
    mdudegamer 11 months ago

    Took me a minute to get what she was going for with the tie. Good idea.

  • Maricruz Moreno
    Maricruz Moreno 11 months ago

    Wonderful! If only this book would've came out a couple of years earlier lol better late than it!

  • Annabelle Joy
    Annabelle Joy 11 months ago

    Where can I buy a copy?

    • Rick Styles
      Rick Styles 11 months ago

      Annabelle Joy you are black so dont you mean "steal" a copy?

  • GracefulNiko
    GracefulNiko 11 months ago +4

    I don't like this because it perceives all men as misogynistic stereo type bad men. Which is not true. Women can be bad too

  • Shwifty
    Shwifty 11 months ago

    Handsy woman, be gone, im a child of God, I am pure and you're wicked hands shall not touch me

  • Nate Collers
    Nate Collers 11 months ago +4

    I 100% agree with how rape/ sexual abuse is a problem... but this woman just makes me dislike her... just the way she talks. Maybe I'm just interpreting this wrong... but she sounds like a total feminazi, thinking only men are responsible for being disrespectful 0:40.

  • Bb Broadus
    Bb Broadus 11 months ago

    Awesome.....the book and video is needed. Children relate to videos.

  • HollyM
    HollyM 11 months ago

    Where can we buy a book?

  • Juan Ortega
    Juan Ortega 11 months ago

    she is amazing! shoud have her own talk show! well, I will watched it...

  • Billy
    Billy 11 months ago

    The irony of her talking about sexual harassment and handy men while on the JIMMY KIMMEL show. PATHETIC