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Speak Softly Love[Theme From"The Godfather"] (((Original)))


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  • گیتا ساوان
    گیتا ساوان 21 day ago

    عالی ممنون😊🌸🌸🌸🌸

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    Rene Dulnuan 4 months ago

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      Rene Dulnuan 2 months ago

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      Rene Dulnuan 4 months ago

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      Rene Dulnuan 4 months ago

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      Rene Dulnuan 4 months ago

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  • Carlos Lima
    Carlos Lima 8 months ago +3


  • Dewky Shewt
    Dewky Shewt 9 months ago

    geese howards profile is hilarious

  • N M
    N M Year ago


  • Bella Nunes
    Bella Nunes Year ago +1


  • Mh Aِlan
    Mh Aِlan Year ago

    This is not a movie, this should have it is own category among art categories.

  • Rene Dulnuan
    Rene Dulnuan Year ago

    speak softly Mom One Mary too

  • LeroMusic
    LeroMusic Year ago +1

    Hey! Check my sexy cover on song "Speak Softly Love" ♥♥♥

  • Bernie Mack
    Bernie Mack Year ago +1

    What a beautiful song, in fact it was my wife and my wedding song

  • Ahmed Ahmed
    Ahmed Ahmed Year ago

    I think Michele represent the Oct foxy face of Vito Corleone,
    But after he decide to stop the violence and live peacefully he lost his daughter..

    • Dipak Nandy
      Dipak Nandy 3 months ago

      A pathetic summary of an epic film/ DIPAK NANDY

  • Wahyu Adi
    Wahyu Adi 2 years ago +4

    2017, and it's the one of the best movie and soundtrack, it's precious collectible item

  • Thuy Lam
    Thuy Lam 2 years ago

    I was sent this link 5 yrs ago. I thought that it would never end .. :) but it did and does

  • Benny K
    Benny K 2 years ago +3

    It's not original. Original was orchestral version or with Andy Williams song.

    • Sandra WinWin
      Sandra WinWin 2 years ago

      ТTThis mоviе is noоw аvаilablе to wааааtch hеrе => Spеаk Sоftlу Lоvе ТТТhemе From Тhе Gоdfаaаther Оriginal

    • Eva Chan
      Eva Chan 2 years ago

      Benny K n

  • fort lauderdale
    fort lauderdale 2 years ago

    Nobody sang this song in the movie. The song with lyrics was released after the movie. Andy was the first singer to sing this song.

    • Dipak Nandy
      Dipak Nandy 3 months ago

      Rubbish. Andy Williams had a birdlike voice. This song was sung for the first time in THE GODFATHER Part I by AL MARTINO (who plays 'Johnny Fontane'). Watch the DVD of the film. I am sorry to hear nonsense with such faux-confidence, . DIPAK NANDY

    • Obamalies100
      Obamalies100 2 years ago +1

      I believe Anthony sang it in Godfather 3.

  • Sethawat Boonton
    Sethawat Boonton 2 years ago

    Beautiful music & The movie

  • Michael Hoshall
    Michael Hoshall 2 years ago +1

    Let's get it straight here: Who the 'f' is singing THIS version of the lovely song? It's not Andy Williams or Al Martino (listen to the slight accent; Al grew up in Philly). So who is it? And... I believe this is THE version from the movie itself. Yes?

    • Dipak Nandy
      Dipak Nandy 3 months ago

      AL MARTINO. Dipak Nandy

    • Sten Wilkinson
      Sten Wilkinson 2 years ago

      I think this is Andy Williams... or maybe Johnny Mathis but I don't think so

  • Adam Martin
    Adam Martin 2 years ago

    Your have an outstanding skill as well as present, I like love your music as well as anticipate paying attention to you as long as I live.? i play piano where i get this sheetmusic for that?

  • KcHy BaBa
    KcHy BaBa 2 years ago

    This song never fails to give me goosebumps no matter who sings it
    it is the music

  • OG Sheldon Aka Jone
    OG Sheldon Aka Jone 3 years ago

    best song for life

  • Ycel Diong
    Ycel Diong 3 years ago +4

    goosebumps! papa just to sing this when he put me to sleep when i was young

  • Rubid Ghui
    Rubid Ghui 3 years ago


  • R Al
    R Al 3 years ago +15

    Speak softly love and hold me warm against your heart
    I feel your words the tender trembling moment start
    We're in a world, our very own
    Sharing a love that only few have ever known
    Wine colored days warmed by the sun
    Deep velvet nights, when we are one
    Speak softly love so no one hears us but the sky
    The vows of love we make we'll live until we die
    My life is yours, and all because
    You came into my world with love so softly love
    Wine colored days warmed by the sun
    Deep velvet nights, when we are one
    Speak softly love so no one hears us but the sky
    The vows of love we make we'll live until we die
    My life is yours, and all because
    You came into my world with love
    So softly love

  • DanaLindemann
    DanaLindemann 4 years ago

  • rookie99
    rookie99 4 years ago +1

    I have never actually heard this in any of the Godfather movies. Of course, I've heard the instrumental version and Anthony's rendition in traditional Sicilian in Part III, but was Andy Williams ever part of a Godfather movie soundtrack?

  • Thomas Cartman
    Thomas Cartman 4 years ago +2

    parla piu piano and brucia la terra are way betetr

  • Lựu đỏ
    Lựu đỏ 4 years ago +3

    Ca từ ngọt ngào, lãng mạn trên nền giai điệu du dương của nhạc phẩm này thấp thoáng một nỗi niềm bâng khuâng.
    Tựa như một bài thánh ca nguyện cầu cho những cuộc đời ngắn ngủi, những linh hồn tội lỗi, những số phận đau thương.

    • Vincent Ianelli
      Vincent Ianelli 4 years ago

      By the powers vested in me I pronounce you a full paisan. Come over sometime for some peppers and sausage. We'll play bocce and drink wine with all the other goombas.

  • GinoGiovanni Feliciello
    GinoGiovanni Feliciello 4 years ago +1


  • IrMkSk
    IrMkSk 4 years ago

    Damn, it is not Andy Williams. It is Al Martino!

  • devina layar
    devina layar 4 years ago +1

    I love this song so much,

  • אברהם חליף
    אברהם חליף 5 years ago +1

    I LIKE IT ..

  • Damnedtocuriousity
    Damnedtocuriousity 5 years ago

    this haunting song always comes back to me once in awhile, forcing me to hum it.Beautiful, thank you.

  • HippoKing1991
    HippoKing1991 5 years ago +6

    Who sang this song? He isn't Andy William is it?

    • Dipak Nandy
      Dipak Nandy 3 months ago

      The original of this lyriv by Nino Rota was sung in THE GODFATHER by AL MARTINO.
      Dipak Nandy

    • HippoKing1991
      HippoKing1991 2 years ago

      +AMpufnstuf His voice in this version sounds young imo. So at first i didnt think it was AW.

    • dubnstuf
      dubnstuf 2 years ago

      +HippoKing1991 He did the most famous version of it but oddly enough it was not this version or any version in the films.

    • Rahima Hoque
      Rahima Hoque 4 years ago


  • Mel Mercury
    Mel Mercury 5 years ago +1

    I loved the song in first time I heard it. Whenever I play the game "The Godfather", I remember the song and I start sing it (too weird?)
    It's very beautiful.

    MASTERSTUDENT1 5 years ago

    ***** *****

  • diaa ghanem
    diaa ghanem 5 years ago

    Full of love.. really the best ever

  • mabelmama so
    mabelmama so 5 years ago

    nice song .i like.

  • 21bluethunder
    21bluethunder 5 years ago


  • TheBLT74
    TheBLT74 5 years ago

    Al Martino

  • duhay89
    duhay89 5 years ago

    The best ever

  • 13Porus
    13Porus 5 years ago


  • Mystic Reflection
    Mystic Reflection 5 years ago

    AWESOME song!

  • 21bluethunder
    21bluethunder 5 years ago

    who is singing?

  • Nome Cognome
    Nome Cognome 5 years ago

    1:32 Berlusconi addresses Italian parliament.

  • Grandmaster Squirrel Boi


  • Grandmaster Squirrel Boi

    Shut up!

  • DSinapellido
    DSinapellido 5 years ago

    Ta ni no ni no ni no niiii

  • Grandmaster Squirrel Boi


  • Asbjörn Karlsson Asbjörn

    se que esta versión es la original es muy bonita, pero particularmente me inclino por la "Parle Plus Bas" de Patrick Fiori, es una versión moderna e igual de buena.

  • Grandmaster Squirrel Boi


    GAMEFREAK 5 years ago

    my MOM & DAD wedding theme.. 37 years ago..

  • Richard Metyš
    Richard Metyš 5 years ago

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  • maxinator80ify
    maxinator80ify 5 years ago

    this is getting old...

  • Tim Asani
    Tim Asani 5 years ago

    so nice

  • Asil Tuna
    Asil Tuna 5 years ago

    now... 72 idiots

  • amyjudith legaspi
    amyjudith legaspi 6 years ago

    After four decades...still d best..

  • Igor19485
    Igor19485 6 years ago

  • gi gi zhong
    gi gi zhong 6 years ago

    i love this song wonderful

  • obada mahasneh
    obada mahasneh 6 years ago

    The number one in romantic world

  • Cesar Morera
    Cesar Morera 6 years ago

    Great fukin movies...except GFIII dam I wish I never saw that shit, wat a fukin disaster

  • marcus miller
    marcus miller 6 years ago

    Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

  • georgi gergov
    georgi gergov 6 years ago

    thats stalin ..

  • The normal one
    The normal one 6 years ago

    yoo jae suk!

  • mikefan09
    mikefan09 6 years ago

    yes now. i always saw them coming, just kept em too close to mention.

  • yotam jonathan Rabino
    yotam jonathan Rabino 6 years ago

    make it 69 XD

    DELLEALPIWANG 6 years ago

    this makes me cry

  • MrJuppia
    MrJuppia 6 years ago

    death solves all problems, no people no problem

  • loida tupas
    loida tupas 6 years ago

    very nice movie...

  • Thanh Nguyễn
    Thanh Nguyễn 6 years ago

    r.i.p Andy Williams,one of the greatest singers of all time,thumb up if you argee with me :(

  • dvon lantz
    dvon lantz 6 years ago

    Just found out he died at 84

  • Wolfsky9
    Wolfsky9 6 years ago

    Sung better in Italian, & so very, very Italian/ Sicilian! Only a Nino Rota could have done it like this. Wolfsky9, also Sicilian.

  • MrBumbo90
    MrBumbo90 6 years ago

    This song makes me cry.

  • mamma mia
    mamma mia 6 years ago

    sen abimsin fredo ama bir daha aileye karşı baskasının yanında yer alma asla .!!!

  • Kakos Xamos
    Kakos Xamos 6 years ago

    I see.. thank you!

  • Billy Flynn
    Billy Flynn 6 years ago

    It's better in Italiano!

  • Ari Eriksson
    Ari Eriksson 6 years ago

    My mother´s also !

  • randy carbone
    randy carbone 6 years ago

    al martino who also played as johnny fontane

  • Nguyen Quynh Nhu
    Nguyen Quynh Nhu 6 years ago

    I hear the female singer sang it, I think both of them are great!

  • Kakos Xamos
    Kakos Xamos 6 years ago

    Who is singing in this version? I think it's not Andy Williams cause I heard his version.... Anyone knows who is singing here?

  • Jiltedin2007
    Jiltedin2007 6 years ago

    R.I.P.: Don Corleone

  • Nikhil Sharma
    Nikhil Sharma 6 years ago

    Nice video man!! brought tears in my eyes

  • 1998klomann
    1998klomann 6 years ago

    It's Not Personal it's stricktly buissnes

    Tru Story bro!

  • Şahin Akyol
    Şahin Akyol 6 years ago

    En iyi 10 filmden biri!

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan 6 years ago

    great song...!!!

  • AngryMob
    AngryMob 6 years ago

    All throughout history people wanted to conquer Sicily, from the Romans, to Carthage, to Germany.
    The Sicilian people retained their heritage.
    This song captures our melancholy, and our strength in one fell swoop.
    --From a Sicilian in America-
    Respect us, we ain't dead yet.

  • Corleone4
    Corleone4 6 years ago

    Michael is good but vito corleone is the best :-)and santino hehe he was great ;-) and tom hagen I wish I had such a great wat they cal in Italiano oh I jst forget... ohh fredo he was nothing... Michael took a hard but good decisionB-)

  • Antonio Rodrigues II
    Antonio Rodrigues II 6 years ago

    M, hope you understand, lovely creature.
    you are my love and i live for you. A

  • Дж Свифт
    Дж Свифт 6 years ago

    Nothing personal,just business

  • Fazirano Ann
    Fazirano Ann 7 years ago


  • Yanti Setia
    Yanti Setia 7 years ago

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  • mohammed Rammadan
    mohammed Rammadan 7 years ago

    i can't find any words to describe what i feel toward this amazing song and about the film

  • MrPhamCl
    MrPhamCl 7 years ago

    I used to love the son till now. I really love it!

  • Nemes Zoltán
    Nemes Zoltán 7 years ago

    cool music

  • ShooterStunt
    ShooterStunt 7 years ago

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    Mr. Usman 7 years ago


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    Routine Rough 7 years ago

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    Soffwan Nair 7 years ago

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    Mohammed Bin Zain 7 years ago

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