Mob VS Tatsumaki (Mob Psycho 100 VS One Punch Man) | DEATH BATTLE!

  • Published on Nov 6, 2019
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Comments • 22 403

    DEATH BATTLE!  2 months ago +206

    Check out the Bloopers of this episode here!

    • Rex Gomez
      Rex Gomez 7 days ago

      Javier Acevedo I agree but only one way to find out you know

    • Javier Acevedo
      Javier Acevedo 8 days ago

      @Rex Gomez she'd literally stand no chance against saiki even with his antennae power restrictors in

    • Javier Acevedo
      Javier Acevedo 8 days ago

      @Harrison Rahming dude deku would die fighting Gon at his current state of power, maybe when he learns how to properly use one for all then it'd be a good match

    • Ryan M. Dupée
      Ryan M. Dupée 13 days ago

      Didn't calculate the energy correctly. The broccoli didn't grow, the energy was changed to matter. If it just grew, it wouldn't look like a giant single stalk. Direct energy to matter conversion plus psychic energy absorption would drive this the other way by leaps and bounds.

  • John Dave Pelayo
    John Dave Pelayo 8 hours ago

    But mob is tatsumaki and saitama's son..

  • It Could
    It Could 9 hours ago

    What about where mob goes to ??? or 1000%

  • aeon2305
    aeon2305 11 hours ago

    15:51 I love who mob looks like at this drawing part

  • Godzzilra777
    Godzzilra777 11 hours ago


    The esper won.

  • Wat Dafuc123
    Wat Dafuc123 14 hours ago

    All these mob stans mad lmao

  • Luinkman
    Luinkman 14 hours ago

    Awww... wanted the other person to win. Stil a great episode

  • Shaksta 101
    Shaksta 101 17 hours ago +1

    Um excuse me wtf?

  • It Could
    It Could 17 hours ago

    Saitama vs Mob

  • Xavier Matthews
    Xavier Matthews 20 hours ago

    I'm still pretty sure mob would've still won tho

  • Demon Lord Rimuru

    Didn't ONE say Tatsumaki is stronger than 100% mob but when Mob goes ???% He's the stronger one?

  • WTFREAK ____
    WTFREAK ____ Day ago

    Mob never fights back before he goes 100%......

  • amistake
    amistake Day ago

    It seems the council has made a decision, but given that its a stupid ass decision i have elected to ignore it

  • Joseph Willard
    Joseph Willard Day ago

    ONE created both characters so the outcome is fine either way

  • Sapphire Stone
    Sapphire Stone 2 days ago

    She would've gotten weaker over time but mob wouldn't.... i think they got this one wrong

  • bernard padilla
    bernard padilla 2 days ago

    Saiki kusuo: ANNOYED FACE

  • Sydney Loppe
    Sydney Loppe 2 days ago +1

    Mob psycho is kind of a gag manga in the sense that yes people will come along to challenge him and yes they will gradually get stronger but he will still beat them. The combat is more of a sub plot and alot of the manga focuses on mobs quest to get a girl friend and get buff in the same way that saitama is a fighter but his main goal is to find someone to challenge him but it will never happen same as how mob can't get buff or get a girl friend. The two series are simple and they were made by the same creator and follow similar themes neither character is meant to be beat, when someone stronger comes along mob and saitama always win and that makes feat based power scaling for these two hard because there is no power limit because as long as there is someone stronger mob and saitama will be stronger feats don't matter because there is no limit. Mob can't lose ever nor can saitama and thats part of the writers gag and yes its a gag manga same as original dragonball, it has fighting but it is intended as a gag manga

    • Billy Jack
      Billy Jack Day ago

      I agreed with the fight until halfway, when mob arrived (???) it should have been the end of it

  • Jose Ruiz
    Jose Ruiz 2 days ago

    Saiki would destroy the 2 of them

  • Yung Lo
    Yung Lo 2 days ago

    Technically Mob held back and also did’nt die he teleported away

    • aurelien legendaire
      aurelien legendaire 18 hours ago

      @SonicNTGD proof ??
      tats never hold back she is the kind of going all out every time

    • SonicNTGD
      SonicNTGD Day ago

      Tatsumaki also held back... lol

    • Yung Lo
      Yung Lo 2 days ago


  • All About Naruto
    All About Naruto 2 days ago


  • Nero Aries
    Nero Aries 2 days ago


  • Al Charles
    Al Charles 2 days ago

    Bruh, this is simply bruh

  • Ryen Moore
    Ryen Moore 3 days ago

    "it was just the animation to make it more dramatic and entertaining" -says the tatsu fans. Yep I'mma use this excuse now every time I'm in a debate. I mean come on she didn't even deactivate his powers. She broke the shield that he put up cause he knew the meteor was coming so he could've just dodged. If she actually deactivated his powers he would've fallen over cause his power takes over in ??? Mode

    • aurelien legendaire
      aurelien legendaire 18 hours ago

      @SonicNTGD Source, Maybe some proof ?

    • Billy Jack
      Billy Jack Day ago

      sorry for my English

    • Billy Jack
      Billy Jack Day ago

      his manner (???) would have annihilated her, the author said that if he fights seriously = 100%, he is not sure who would win because his form (???) is immeasurable and has an unknown limitation. the people who researched this fight don't understand how the mob's powers work

    • SonicNTGD
      SonicNTGD Day ago

      @Billy Jack Hmm... still gets speedblitzed and overpowered. She would've beaten his physical body anyway, so that's still a victory.

    • Billy Jack
      Billy Jack 2 days ago

      1: Is the ending of Mob and Tatsumaki changable because I think the information of Mob's ??? form is not enough to judge down that he is weaker than Tatsumaki. 2: How could Mob be killed by a meteor? And why Mob doesn't kill her? 3: Tats may has more experienced but Mob may learns faster,much faster,according to himself using his psychic power freely in the ending of Mob Psycho 100 and the way he fights in ??? form. 4: In ??? form,he fights differently,like everything goes so easy.In the first scene of E1S1,he is in ??? form and seem to fight with some aliens.He created a big explosion but himself doesn't get hurt.I don't think he could be killed by a meteor with his power crushed.Also,in ??? form he heals from the pain,that could bring Mob a lot of advantages. 5: Mob can attack souls,and Tatsumaki's soul is no diferent.

  • Maddox Keller
    Maddox Keller 3 days ago

    Honestly this didn’t surprise me at all. The universe of one punch man is designed to have ridiculously overpowered characters and villains to make Saitama look absurd in comparison. Mob psycho is about character growth and story, not about making the audience laugh. The fact that this exists is missing the joke of one punch man, which is that the characters are completely overpowered. Honestly, I thought that the explanation made sense, and if everyone would just stop looking at it through their hate glasses, maybe they would see both sides of the argument. But maybe that’s too much to ask for a comments section.

  • kenpachi zaraki
    kenpachi zaraki 3 days ago

    mobs way more powerful

  • fadedmind_ 420
    fadedmind_ 420 3 days ago

    This video sucks

  • Anime Otaku9876
    Anime Otaku9876 3 days ago

    This entire channel os CAP

  • ITS TAY 6599
    ITS TAY 6599 3 days ago

    A meteyor realy😐

  • kuriiiboy
    kuriiiboy 3 days ago

    Mob would never win this battle. Tatsumaki is just way too strong. If Mob trained more he probably could win but screw attack sucks at going about explaining these battles.

  • Akuma
    Akuma 3 days ago

    Weakest death battle in my opinion. No reason why mob died. Her back got twisted and she kept fighting like it's nothing. Mob should have win.

    • SonicNTGD
      SonicNTGD Day ago

      Weaker Death Battles are Sasuke VS Hiei, Mario VS Sonic, Gaara VS Toph, etc.

    • cyberblader1
      cyberblader1 3 days ago

      Animation has nothing to do with the results

  • Rambling Hyena
    Rambling Hyena 3 days ago

    This is child abuse...

  • Jack Douthit
    Jack Douthit 3 days ago

    Does anyone else wanna see either of them against Saiki now?

  • Justin  Lake
    Justin Lake 4 days ago

    the fight starts at 15:22

  • YouTube Ikonic
    YouTube Ikonic 4 days ago +1

    This is why never trust death battle smh 🤦‍♂️ they should of stated the fact in season 2 when mob so that guy with an umbrella TOOK his energy then just gave it back why didn’t he do that?

    • aurelien legendaire
      aurelien legendaire 14 hours ago

      @cyberblader1 When base mob was fighting koyama he was getting speedblitz and when he enter 100% Rage he was speedblitzing koyama
      By keeping in mind the fact that each 100% form has different power gap I think we can conclude that they also have huge speed gap

    • cyberblader1
      cyberblader1 16 hours ago

      @aurelien legendaire as for assuming mob's speed, there is no proof those forms increase speed or by how much. That's purely an assumption without any evidence.

    • cyberblader1
      cyberblader1 16 hours ago

      @aurelien legendaire point is both have light speed feats, and tatsumaki is faster than genos

    • aurelien legendaire
      aurelien legendaire 17 hours ago

      @cyberblader1 And I think that despite being very fast, there's a huge gap of speed beetween genos and flashy flash, I dont think their speed are very comparable

    • aurelien legendaire
      aurelien legendaire 17 hours ago

      @cyberblader1 The lightning speed feat was when he was against suzuki and he was in 100% Shame
      Since 100% Courage >>> 100% Shame
      We can assume that he has reach speed of light
      And you probably know that ???% >>>>>>> 100% Courage

  • KiritoIsAlwaysRight
    KiritoIsAlwaysRight 4 days ago

    Saitama vs Doomsday
    Lets goooooooo!

  • Sipho Ndima
    Sipho Ndima 4 days ago +5

    So y he didn't suck her power? Sometimes u guys are playing with us mxm

    • aurelien legendaire
      aurelien legendaire 18 hours ago

      @SonicNTGD yeah, only weaker esper and 100% Courage mob > Full power tats

    • SonicNTGD
      SonicNTGD Day ago

      Because she can disable his powers? Way better than sucking power.

  • 高中生
    高中生 4 days ago

    Question mark level meteorite can't stop it? ? ?
    I do not believe

  • Jeboy Velasco
    Jeboy Velasco 5 days ago

    Mob can erase her

  • themandalorian 333
    themandalorian 333 5 days ago

    Tatsumaki: nobody beats me
    Boros: are you sure about that?

  • Naruto Uzmaki
    Naruto Uzmaki 5 days ago

    Tatsumaki:no beats me
    And naruto

  • Jamari
    Jamari 5 days ago

    I dont believe this mod should have one

  • Gamer Guy
    Gamer Guy 5 days ago

    I’m going to ask the real questions
    Where is Saitama VS Superman
    (WebComic Saitama)

  • J Hollow
    J Hollow 5 days ago +1

    This match pissed me off so much. A lot contradicted itself. For one Mob hit her in the head. Two Mob is a much stronger esper. Had Mob used murderous intent tornado would be dead. I respect the death battle series, but I'm disappointed in the outcome of this. Wiz and Boomstick, Mob should have won and you know this.

    • cyberblader1
      cyberblader1 5 days ago +1

      The animation has nothing to do with the result

  • Gara Amur
    Gara Amur 5 days ago

    I was kinda expecting mob vs saitaima tbh...

  • inu -yasha
    inu -yasha 6 days ago

    I think mob would win. I mean look at his fight with toichiro. He literally smashed building into him and he still wouldn't die but when mob gave up on saving him, he killed him like an ant😕. I'm not mad, just dis-- wait no i'm actually not mad tho i just think death battle should research a bit more. Just so you know i'm not one of those haters I just really like to think how to kill characters(especilly op characters

    • aurelien legendaire
      aurelien legendaire 50 minutes ago

      @inu -yasha LoL

    • inu -yasha
      inu -yasha Hour ago

      @aurelien legendaire Actually that's a funny comeback😆😆😆😂😂

    • inu -yasha
      inu -yasha Hour ago

      @SonicNTGD what proof do you have? Toichiro literally took a hit from a LOT of buildings that mob sent to him at minimum the speed of a bullet. Do you have any evidence that tatsumaki took more damage than toichiro and that wasn't even the full power of mob's "???" Form. He easily killed him when he had no choice because Mob didn't try to save him anymore

    • aurelien legendaire
      aurelien legendaire 18 hours ago

      @SonicNTGD And mob is stronger than tats

    • SonicNTGD
      SonicNTGD Day ago

      Tatsumaki is stronger than Toichiro.

  • Mr Magic
    Mr Magic 6 days ago +1

    She only won cause of that huge buff and the creators saying she is stronger
    Yet she gets weaker from her head from being bashed but DB still lets her win.

    • SonicNTGD
      SonicNTGD Day ago

      Harder to use*
      And even then would still be stronger.

  • Blu 2022
    Blu 2022 6 days ago +1

    Noooo but she’s kinda a bitkh and she’s a brat

  • Insolent Lxve
    Insolent Lxve 6 days ago

    Mob should’ve won but Ight

  • Oreo_fandom_beastars
    Oreo_fandom_beastars 6 days ago +3

    This is a lie
    Mob can’t lose to her she is weak

    RÅMPÅGË KING 7 days ago +1

    1800 times faster than sound 🙆‍♂️
    Finding that hard to believe

  • Chim Biscuit
    Chim Biscuit 7 days ago

    Oh no, Mob's stronger, Tatsumaki's only Mob's daughter... 😝😋

  • Reilyn Granja-Acevedo

    Why y’all make her look more adult like?

  • Villy
    Villy 7 days ago

    I mean the battle was cool and all but given Mob's power he would have easily won. She only won because Mob dropped his barrier when the meteor hit him for some unknown reason...

  • Iman khairul
    Iman khairul 7 days ago

    Mob wins because he's a main character

  • MethLab
    MethLab 7 days ago +1

    DB must be organized by people who would come up with new rules as kids....

  • Foong Wah Ling
    Foong Wah Ling 7 days ago

    Is not correct

  • The Epic Gaming God
    The Epic Gaming God 8 days ago

    Bruh mob wouldn’t of lost, he would absorb her power and he has no vessel in the ??? Mode wth

    • aurelien legendaire
      aurelien legendaire 18 hours ago

      @themandalorian 333 ???% is a continent buster but not planet buster

    • themandalorian 333
      themandalorian 333 5 days ago

      The Epic Gaming God Mob is a 14-year old dude. I probably don’t know how puberty works in the anime universe (lol), but if Mob is right now experiencing said growth pattern, his emotions should escalate way faster and his powers should be much more powerful than Tatsumaki’s. Also, Mob’s ???% is quite literally a continent buster, if not a planet buster; once he reaches that stage, Tatsumaki is gone, because Mob has consistently and canonically shown the ability to absorb psychic energy passively and actively once he goes 100% and then ???%, and the rate is said to be extremely fast. So while Tatsumaki may dominate the first half of the battle, when Mob hits 100% the battle will shift in his favor, and then when he hits ???%, it’s game over. And I can tell he could have destroyed that meteor while keeping Tatsumaki twisted and broken because he has been canonically proved to have a passive psychic shield around him at all times, and this ability is amplified when Mob hits 100% and hundreds of times more when he hits ???%. Tatsumaki won out of dumb luck. Also, as trivia on Tatsumaki’s page in the one punch man wikia, the animation team misinterpreted ONE’s intentions when animating the Ancient King meteor feat: Tatsumaki was simply meant to drop a large boulder on Ancient King, and the meteor was supposed to be a part of the flashback of what caused ancient king’s race to go extinct, not an actual feat; therefore we cannot include this a feat nor as an attack.

  • Mitch G.
    Mitch G. 8 days ago

    He gets crushed by a city and hes fine.
    One meteor and hes squished?

    • aurelien legendaire
      aurelien legendaire 18 hours ago

      @SonicNTGD Non - Canon meteor feat am I right ?

    • SonicNTGD
      SonicNTGD Day ago

      @God Loves you Watch le QNA

    • God Loves you
      God Loves you 6 days ago

      @SonicNTGD and her spine was twisted 360 with a head injury and was still able to break his shield at ???% this fight was kinda bull.

    • SonicNTGD
      SonicNTGD 8 days ago

      He had no shield for meteor so...

  • Christian Boi27
    Christian Boi27 8 days ago

    but the creator of one punch man mad mob psycho

  • Roland-231
    Roland-231 8 days ago

    17:45 ROLLIE ROADAR!