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TOP 10 RAREST SKINS IN FORTNITE! (cosmetic items u don't have)

  • Published on Mar 28, 2018
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  • TheSmithPlays
    TheSmithPlays  Year ago +2442

    I FUCKED UP!!!
    So while I try to fact check my shit with some high level fortnite players, sometimes I make a mistake. It had been my knowledge, as well as some other old school players that they removed the founders edition umbrella back in Season 1/November. Turns out you can unlock it still today simply by purchasing PVE, and getting a win.
    While I believe the founders umbrella is still rare, it's definitely not top one since anybody can get it. It still is a $40 dollar skin at minimum, if you don't play PVE. Anyways, sorry about that. I guess this makes the Ghoul Trooper the rarest cosmetic in the game!!

  • Ghost Pop
    Ghost Pop Day ago

    I have the founders unbroller and my Friend have the recon

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 2 days ago

    I have the founder's umbrella

  • Yasir Foster
    Yasir Foster 3 days ago

    My bday is 1 day after yours lol

    MANUEL GAMING 4 days ago

    I have the founders umbrella

  • IvyKCN
    IvyKCN 4 days ago

    Red Knight got back in the shop a few days/weeks ago so oof

  • Carsorobo 21
    Carsorobo 21 4 days ago


  • Stephanie Roberson
    Stephanie Roberson 5 days ago

    Carlitoes has a recon expert

  • Stephanie Roberson
    Stephanie Roberson 5 days ago

    Watch carlitoes

  • Treyton K
    Treyton K 6 days ago

    Anyone an og like me

  • Instant Motions
    Instant Motions 8 days ago

    9:08 1200 dollars for a skin nice

  • William Acosta
    William Acosta 9 days ago

    its not even rare

  • Oziel Ian Garza
    Oziel Ian Garza 9 days ago

    Recon Expert is less rare than RED KNIGHT, Thesmithplays

  • The Lego freek
    The Lego freek 9 days ago


  • YT Rise up
    YT Rise up 10 days ago

    10:57 defenetly a skin

  • YT Rise up
    YT Rise up 10 days ago

    Opsct has recon expert

  • jackhampson
    jackhampson 10 days ago

    My friend has the 1 spot and the ghoul trooper

  • SNIP Legend
    SNIP Legend 10 days ago

    Back when the red knight was more rare than the recon expert

    Only 90s kids will remember that

  • Canadien Bacon
    Canadien Bacon 10 days ago +1

    I bought the most expensive save the world pack. So the save the world skins are my most expensive

  • itdosap yt
    itdosap yt 11 days ago

    I have red knight and recon expert

    KATIE REID 11 days ago

    I have the brite bag

  • lucaslunar64
    lucaslunar64 11 days ago

    Get Brite Gunner and there's a Brite bag back bling

  • Cameron Yuen
    Cameron Yuen 12 days ago

    When thots try to f*ck with you but your loyal.5:53

  • Joshua Stepp
    Joshua Stepp 12 days ago +1

    I have the founders umbrella

  • Ann Wilkerson Wilkerson

    I got killed by a renegade raider

  • Miryam Turkistani
    Miryam Turkistani 12 days ago +6

    Who’s here after the bright bag is out with the bright gunner
    And the skull trooper

  • Potato man
    Potato man 13 days ago

    Im an og save the world player

  • Potato man
    Potato man 13 days ago

    I hav it lol

  • Potato man
    Potato man 13 days ago

    Wat pisses me off is dat thengrey pump did 225 damge like wtf

  • Noela Watts
    Noela Watts 13 days ago +1

    Ghoultroper is cooler than the skulltroper

  • itslaytonYT
    itslaytonYT 13 days ago

    11:07 I have that

  • Derpy Tomato
    Derpy Tomato 14 days ago +1


  • Lionel messi jr
    Lionel messi jr 14 days ago

    When you realize you have the rarest cosmetic in fortnite yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeėęēêèéëeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Stylesthekidster
    Stylesthekidster 14 days ago

    I have half of this list

  • Swat_Ready
    Swat_Ready 14 days ago

    I have the founders umbrella and it isn't rare at all

  • Prince Liam
    Prince Liam 14 days ago

    I got killed by a recon expert with the reaper before it came back out they got 11 kills then were killed by a renegade raider and then a ghoul trooper won the game no I dont expect to believe it but just trust me

  • flames_fire1
    flames_fire1 15 days ago

    I won a solo duo game and the final duo was a summit striker and a recon expert

    I DO STUFF YT 15 days ago +1

    I have the founders umbrella

  • lakshmi sanga
    lakshmi sanga 15 days ago

    Joogie runs the skin all the time

  • I Awesome
    I Awesome 16 days ago

    It’s season 9

  • シAmplify Dynastyシ
    シAmplify Dynastyシ 16 days ago

    Where is galaxy skin

  • Luka Chang
    Luka Chang 16 days ago

    brite bag comes with brite gunner (male brite bomber)

  • Beck Nordlum
    Beck Nordlum 16 days ago

    I have the founders umbrella

  • Pinkguyhere5321
    Pinkguyhere5321 17 days ago

    Ohhhhh so you are the skull trooper i killed in team rumble

  • Jackson Rogers
    Jackson Rogers 17 days ago

    I have the founders umbrella

  • Elitekid2090
    Elitekid2090 17 days ago

    I have founders glider

  • Jonny James
    Jonny James 17 days ago

    I have the umbrella

  • chaytonw
    chaytonw 17 days ago

    Wait wit I have num 1 selling my account

  • Zekegodzombie 378
    Zekegodzombie 378 17 days ago

    What he saying recon expert was the rarest skin

  • this is ya boy gonePOLER

    i have the ranagade raider

  • Bigextroyer 88
    Bigextroyer 88 18 days ago

    What the fuck the recon expert should be number 1 on the list

  • Pro Genji
    Pro Genji 18 days ago +1

    I have it fenders glider

  • Fortnite_skin Combos
    Fortnite_skin Combos 18 days ago

    True had the recon expert until he got banned

  • FB Rattle 76
    FB Rattle 76 18 days ago

    Carlitoes has recon

  • Louis J Hannan Woods
    Louis J Hannan Woods 19 days ago

    I have recon

  • Kay pinto
    Kay pinto 19 days ago

    Raiders recent returned 20 19

  • Kay pinto
    Kay pinto 19 days ago

    It came back may 23 2019

  • Jackson Pranske
    Jackson Pranske 19 days ago

    Who else recognized the should I stay or should I go by the clash, in the background of the video

  • Jake Collins
    Jake Collins 19 days ago

    I have Assault Trooper

  • Emma McFadden
    Emma McFadden 19 days ago

    Lmao assault trooper came out yesterday 🤣

  • Emma McFadden
    Emma McFadden 19 days ago +1

    My cousin has the mako

  • ChrisSnipes
    ChrisSnipes 19 days ago

    Red knight is not rare i got it about a week ago

  • ChrisSnipes
    ChrisSnipes 19 days ago

    Assault trooper is currently in the item shop

  • Hansen Hansen
    Hansen Hansen 20 days ago

    i think ssundee when i think ghoul trooper

  • SharkBait 985
    SharkBait 985 20 days ago

    I have the founders umbrella and glider

  • king grape
    king grape 20 days ago

    He did the middle finger 5:54

  • Ben Poolaw
    Ben Poolaw 20 days ago

    9:08 $1200 wow that’s alot😂😵

  • Noah Rodman
    Noah Rodman 20 days ago

    The rarest skin is the recon expert

  • da revalator
    da revalator 20 days ago

    Lazarbeam has founders umbrella

  • da revalator
    da revalator 20 days ago

    Skull troopers coming out again

  • Ryan Chiang
    Ryan Chiang 20 days ago

    Assault trooper came back today

  • Samo o
    Samo o 20 days ago +4

    I wasnt thinking that my umbrella is rare😂

    • Samo o
      Samo o 18 days ago +1

      Doesent matter😂

    • Crashy RM
      Crashy RM 18 days ago +1

      This video is 1 year old

  • kacy heer
    kacy heer 21 day ago

    My friend has the founders umbrella and I wanted it

  • LegalFlame 08
    LegalFlame 08 21 day ago

    I got it and I am ten

  • Jay jay Jayden21
    Jay jay Jayden21 21 day ago

    I got the pVe umbrella

  • OpTic Diverge
    OpTic Diverge 21 day ago


  • F 72
    F 72 22 days ago

    u need brite bomber or the boy version of it to get brite bag

  • AgentPizza '
    AgentPizza ' 24 days ago

    I have the umbrella on the thumbnail

  • Driftingcurve 20
    Driftingcurve 20 25 days ago

    I have the founders glider and umbrella

  • Kara677
    Kara677 26 days ago +1

    I have thje founders camo glider.

  • T Pepe
    T Pepe 26 days ago +1

    Lol assault trooper always comes out now

  • 23Ryan Myers
    23Ryan Myers 27 days ago

    Funny watching in season 9

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee 29 days ago

    Brah..even I have the founder’s umbrella

  • Cruncheee
    Cruncheee Month ago

    I have founders

  • Christopher James
    Christopher James Month ago

    I have recon expert

  • Ansel Leveque
    Ansel Leveque Month ago +1

    ummm... i actually have all the skins and cosmetics in the game, sooo... i have it.

  • Not Noah121
    Not Noah121 Month ago

    Recon Expert is rarer than the ghoul trooper

  • Jayden Madden
    Jayden Madden Month ago

    A youtuber named Carlitos has recon expert

  • perez den otter
    perez den otter Month ago

    You Get the backbling when you buy the brite gunner

  • Alex Tibbetts
    Alex Tibbetts Month ago

    Red Knight is also lie

    • Unbound
      Unbound Month ago +1

      Alex Tibbetts calm down

  • Alex Tibbetts
    Alex Tibbetts Month ago

    Assult trooper is a lie

    • Unbound
      Unbound Month ago

      Alex Tibbetts it was a long time ago

  • Rtv_ Aphex
    Rtv_ Aphex Month ago +2

    I have bright bag and founders umbrella🔥

  • Amen 47
    Amen 47 Month ago

    Yooo the bright bag looks better here it was way bigger huh

  • Moayad Shehadeh
    Moayad Shehadeh Month ago


  • Shadow 0 Zone
    Shadow 0 Zone Month ago

    I have 9 of items

  • Destiny/elemental god

    I have the number 1

  • The Randomers
    The Randomers Month ago

    He stuck up the middle finger 5:55

  • Zachary P
    Zachary P Month ago +1

    I have the founders umbrella like if you also have it.

    • CurseBroken -
      CurseBroken - Month ago

      Zachary P you just bought save the world it doesn’t make you og

  • Pedro Lopez
    Pedro Lopez Month ago

    Lol im seeing this late but i have proof of killing an aerial assault trooper

  • Richard Landgraf
    Richard Landgraf Month ago

    The way he said llamas, god damn