TOP 10 RAREST SKINS IN FORTNITE! (cosmetic items u don't have)

  • Published on Mar 28, 2018
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  • TheSmithPlays
    TheSmithPlays  Year ago +2440

    I FUCKED UP!!!
    So while I try to fact check my shit with some high level fortnite players, sometimes I make a mistake. It had been my knowledge, as well as some other old school players that they removed the founders edition umbrella back in Season 1/November. Turns out you can unlock it still today simply by purchasing PVE, and getting a win.
    While I believe the founders umbrella is still rare, it's definitely not top one since anybody can get it. It still is a $40 dollar skin at minimum, if you don't play PVE. Anyways, sorry about that. I guess this makes the Ghoul Trooper the rarest cosmetic in the game!!

  • me senpai
    me senpai 6 days ago

    Assault trooper is in the item shop today

  • Steven Oswalt
    Steven Oswalt 7 days ago


  • anime reaper
    anime reaper 8 days ago

    I love how I'm laughing about this because of when I'm wacthing this

  • Ryan God of memes
    Ryan God of memes 8 days ago

    Ya ummm you can still get the founders umbrella

  • Marie-France Nardi
    Marie-France Nardi 8 days ago +1

    Omg i cant beleve i have that umbrella at the end

  • SnippyCee
    SnippyCee 8 days ago

    I have founders umprella

  • Joker 805
    Joker 805 11 days ago

    My bday is also October 30 but my year is 2005

  • Carson Wolfington
    Carson Wolfington 11 days ago

    I have number 1

  • Duke Revived
    Duke Revived 13 days ago

    I have the love mode umbrella lol

  • ElectrossHD
    ElectrossHD 17 days ago +1

    70% of these skins came back

  • Alfredo Medina
    Alfredo Medina 18 days ago

    Wow skull trooper was 1200 dollars no decimal

  • Ryleigh drake
    Ryleigh drake 19 days ago

    I have mako gliderrrrrr

  • The Neonlighter
    The Neonlighter 20 days ago

    When i see ghoul trooper i think wildcat

  • iiKooKie_RB
    iiKooKie_RB 21 day ago

    Calls the skulltrooper skeleton


  • Srhysr
    Srhysr 21 day ago

    i have um umbrella founder

  • money too saucy11
    money too saucy11 22 days ago

    Tfue had it

  • Just Luca
    Just Luca 23 days ago +2


  • Dhanvin Pericharla
    Dhanvin Pericharla 27 days ago

    I have 3 items

  • Salty Craig
    Salty Craig Month ago

    Did he just say Lammas

  • Pablo Aguilar
    Pablo Aguilar Month ago

    You man you fucked up big time 🙄 clasico Smith lol

  • 1000 subs without any video s

    Anyone 2019?

  • Dalton Hannel
    Dalton Hannel Month ago

    What’s funny is how just a year later most of these things besides the season shop items are not even rare anymore

  • JoJoPlayz - Gaming, Vlogs, Parodies

    You can get the brite bag by buying the brite bomber

  • TheHiddenBlade05 Gamer

    I have the founders umbrella

  • TM GRIEFER8926
    TM GRIEFER8926 Month ago

    I have the founders umbrella

  • Koentjah
    Koentjah Month ago

    Watching this in season 9... red knight is rarer than black knight??

  • Zebra Man
    Zebra Man Month ago

    Joogie uses the ghoul trooper

  • jo Batley
    jo Batley Month ago

    The brite bag is from the boy vershen of brite bomper

  • _Txm
    _Txm Month ago

    Wtf i have the founder skin

  • T7 Aeolian
    T7 Aeolian Month ago +1


  • Toxic_Shot
    Toxic_Shot Month ago

    I have the founders unbrell

  • Drifty
    Drifty Month ago

    I have the #1 umbrella XD

  • Saud Mishaal
    Saud Mishaal Month ago

    Yess I have founders umbrella

  • Cruz’s wrestling Figures

    My birthday is on October 30th

  • Sean Eliot
    Sean Eliot Month ago

    The founders revolt is not rare you can get it by buying in save the world

  • Fort Kn1ght
    Fort Kn1ght Month ago

    assault trooper came back :/

  • Fort Kn1ght
    Fort Kn1ght Month ago

    um i have the brite bag..cant think of why lol

  • SupremesZ
    SupremesZ Month ago

    Paper Parasol man ?

  • ofc_ TrickShot
    ofc_ TrickShot Month ago

    Recon is the rarest skin stupid

  • Rox/ Lufu
    Rox/ Lufu Month ago

    I know someone with the recon expert

  • Mary Franklin
    Mary Franklin Month ago

    Random has the ghoul trooper

  • Mary Franklin
    Mary Franklin Month ago

    Yes I had a dou partner that has it.

  • jimmy maradiaga
    jimmy maradiaga Month ago

    Bruh you are a dumbass

  • Misty
    Misty Month ago

    I have recon expert

  • Alex Healy
    Alex Healy Month ago

    I have the brite bag u get with the brite gunner

  • Jameel Pillay
    Jameel Pillay Month ago

    What about moonbunny

    RAM BAG Month ago

    I have to he founders umbrella

  • Thomas Aldridge
    Thomas Aldridge Month ago

    I have founders umbrella:)

  • x1gamerpr_ mobile
    x1gamerpr_ mobile Month ago

    I have the founders umbrella

  • SkubeDude18 !!
    SkubeDude18 !! Month ago

    Carlitoes has recon expert

  • ada akturk
    ada akturk Month ago +1

    5:56 he sticks up the mid finger

  • Gabriel Martin
    Gabriel Martin Month ago

    Do I hear should I stay or should I go in the background?

  • Best Noris
    Best Noris Month ago

    Bro is facke i saw very hole players who have that items lol

  • Zify
    Zify Month ago

    Parallel spencer has it

  • marshmello and knuckles fan aka raccon 45

    5:53 look at thesmithplays fingers

  • Mr.X
    Mr.X 2 months ago +1

    I have the founder umbrella

  • Mr.X
    Mr.X 2 months ago +1

    9:08 12.000 dollars hmmm.

  • Ghost Pop
    Ghost Pop 2 months ago

    I have the founders unbroller and my Friend have the recon

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 2 months ago

    I have the founder's umbrella

  • Yasir Foster
    Yasir Foster 2 months ago

    My bday is 1 day after yours lol

    GAMING PRO 2 months ago

    I have the founders umbrella

  • IvyKCN
    IvyKCN 2 months ago

    Red Knight got back in the shop a few days/weeks ago so oof

  • Carsorobo 21
    Carsorobo 21 2 months ago


  • Stephanie Roberson
    Stephanie Roberson 2 months ago

    Carlitoes has a recon expert

  • Stephanie Roberson
    Stephanie Roberson 2 months ago

    Watch carlitoes

  • Treyton K
    Treyton K 2 months ago

    Anyone an og like me

  • Instant Motions
    Instant Motions 2 months ago

    9:08 1200 dollars for a skin nice

  • William Acosta
    William Acosta 2 months ago

    its not even rare

  • Oziel Ian Garza
    Oziel Ian Garza 2 months ago +1

    Recon Expert is less rare than RED KNIGHT, Thesmithplays

  • The Lego freek
    The Lego freek 2 months ago


  • YT Rise up
    YT Rise up 2 months ago

    10:57 defenetly a skin

  • YT Rise up
    YT Rise up 2 months ago

    Opsct has recon expert

  • jackhampson
    jackhampson 2 months ago

    My friend has the 1 spot and the ghoul trooper

  • SNIP Legend
    SNIP Legend 2 months ago

    Back when the red knight was more rare than the recon expert

    Only 90s kids will remember that