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  • Published on Dec 24, 2018
  • Hello from Inspector🕵,
    New Top10 List today with the best of the best simulator games exist out there. Enjoy☺☺
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    10.Cities Skylines (0:10)
    🌠10 Mar, 2015
    9.Contraband Police (1:15)
    🌠Q1, 2019
    8.Tourist Bus Simulator (2:45)
    🌠6 Dec, 2018
    7.Bus Simulator 18 (3:47)
    🌠13 Jun, 2018
    6.American Truck Simulator (5:57)
    🌠2 Feb, 2016
    5.Fernbus Simulator (7:56)
    🌠25 Aug, 2016
    4.Gold Rush: The Game (11:17)
    🌠13 Oct, 2017
    3.Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 (12:03)
    🌠28 Jul, 2017
    2.Euro Truck Simulator 2 (13:57)
    🌠12 Oct, 2012
    1.Farming Simulator 19 (16:52)
    🌠20 Nov, 2018

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    ♪Different Heaven - OMG
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Comments • 225

  • Folk
    Folk 4 days ago +1

    17:20 Soo Ellis from - Left 4 Dead 2 survived and became a farmer?
    Glad to hear

  • Jim A
    Jim A 7 days ago

    Abortion Simulator '18 is my favorite

  • Mauro Ferreira
    Mauro Ferreira 17 days ago

    All simulators: wow they look nice...

  • Media Inspector
    Media Inspector  18 days ago +3

    Timestamps for Android and IOS Users.

    10.Cities Skylines (0:10)
    9.Contraband Police (1:15)
    8.Tourist Bus Simulator (2:45)
    7.Bus Simulator 18 (3:47)
    6.American Truck Simulator (5:57)
    5.Fernbus Simulator (7:56)
    4. Gold Rush: The Game (11:17)
    3. Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 (12:03)
    2.Euro Truck Simulator 2 (13:57)
    1.Farming Simulator 19 (16:52)

  • Awesome Epic Guy
    Awesome Epic Guy 19 days ago +1

    Ets 2 is better than farming sim

  • abidul haque
    abidul haque 20 days ago

    Euro and American Truck simulator looks very similar

  • Vycka En
    Vycka En 25 days ago

    you mean the worst gaems?

  • Lewis crawford
    Lewis crawford 27 days ago

    Euro truck simulator is much better than Farming simulator 19
    A lot of games are better than Farming Simulator

  • Enzo Marchese
    Enzo Marchese Month ago

    City Skylines The Best

  • Errorist
    Errorist Month ago

    Contraband Police is still Coming Soon :D

  • QMinegame GT
    QMinegame GT Month ago +1

    good man im downloading bus simulator 18 xD

  • Nezer Cebrayilov
    Nezer Cebrayilov Month ago

    tell me please the name of music 3:49 this is not I Believe in Boogie (Alex Sosa Remix) i listened i think it's another one.

  • Luis Ramon Garcia
    Luis Ramon Garcia 2 months ago

    El mejor vídeo FS 19 ,ats,ets2 los mejores

  • Shawfung Chao
    Shawfung Chao 2 months ago

    ET2/AT/BS18/CMS2018/C.S. & FS.17 That's all I got.

  • Wariror 4 Serbia
    Wariror 4 Serbia 2 months ago +1

    ''BUS Simulator'' is the best game ever. And background music is good too. Could I find out the name of the music track for the ''BUS Simulator 18'' scene. Thanks in advance.

  • Peter Burke
    Peter Burke 2 months ago +3

    ETS2 is the best, the shear size of the game map makes it the best, apart from the different trucks and configurations and the number of different loads you can carry.

  • Zaur HD
    Zaur HD 2 months ago +1

    15:43 music name pls

    • Jim A
      Jim A 7 days ago +1

      it's called "you're a fucking moron if you like this song"

    LOGIN TRENDING COMEDY 2 months ago
    pls keep support...

  • Balkar Singh
    Balkar Singh 2 months ago

    Can live games run on mobile

  • Aditya Rambo
    Aditya Rambo 2 months ago +1

    where is Prepar3d or Xplane 11 or Microsoft Flight Simulator ?

  • Meyrlan Suirkhanov
    Meyrlan Suirkhanov 2 months ago +1

    me on my first driving day(in pink car): 0:45

  • Rasmon 123
    Rasmon 123 3 months ago +1

    A simulator game is based on real physics and real life based.
    For an example ETS2 that focuses alot of the trucking experience, but does not allow us for securing the load, same with the load and unloading of the trailer. In real life its different and takes longer time. Same with the ADR (dangerous goods) that you dont even have to be careful with in the game.
    But there is also different simulator games that is REAL simulator games that most complain about the graphics is bad. But they have the most realistic simulation.
    Games are simplified I know but I love ETS2 and I which that we just could load and unload our goods and also drive forklifts (trucks) and also move EUR pallets and have more realism.
    Edit: At my high school we have a car, truck, bus and probably something more.
    But that's a real Simulator and not a game.
    Compared to ETS2 there you drive and earn money but you can do whatever you want. You cannot do that in a Simulator as that we have at my high school.

  • Sashin Gopaul
    Sashin Gopaul 3 months ago

    where's DCS World?

  • Games Park
    Games Park 3 months ago

    hello frnds can you saw my driving ??? its really dangerous

  • Gün batımı
    Gün batımı 3 months ago
    Am love you

  • Daniel Dani
    Daniel Dani 3 months ago +1

    The only game I am missing in this list is universe sandbox 2. It doesn't has "simulator" in the name but it is one of the best simulations existing

  • Shovan Mukherjee
    Shovan Mukherjee 3 months ago

    This list would not have been complete without Euro Truck Simulator 2, the trucks drive like smooth butter.

  • RoCoLetz12
    RoCoLetz12 3 months ago

    tourist bus simulator ITS THE BEST

  • RedBlue Gaming
    RedBlue Gaming 3 months ago

    and the police got fired cuz he not catching the guy

  • Forza & NFS
    Forza & NFS 3 months ago +1

    I love car mechanic simulator 18

  • Ashwani Singh
    Ashwani Singh 4 months ago

    I am play both ETS2 AND ATS AND also hack it

  • music fly
    music fly 4 months ago +1

    Euro truck simolator is the best broo i vish is gona bi for android to 😍😍😍

    • Jim A
      Jim A 7 days ago

      @Daniel Dani because this person is a fucking moron

    • Jim A
      Jim A 7 days ago

      stellar grammar skills, Corky

    • Daniel Dani
      Daniel Dani 3 months ago

      @music fly *sence

    • Daniel Dani
      Daniel Dani 3 months ago

      Why you write it how it sounds?

    • music fly
      music fly 4 months ago

      Is good game it make senc bro tu bay

  • Top10NationZ
    Top10NationZ 4 months ago

    How much did you earn from this video? I want to upload such videos, can you help me with it

  • Hiba Mohib
    Hiba Mohib 4 months ago

    You missed PC building simulator...

  • Jose pablo Junco job
    Jose pablo Junco job 4 months ago

    el sey lo qro intalR

  • e575fho
    e575fho 4 months ago +2

    So relieved Trainsimworld is missing :)

  • J D
    J D 4 months ago

    please shorten the video but they are great

    SANEX GAMES 4 months ago


  • Ursusowanie
    Ursusowanie 5 months ago +2

    But contraband Police isnt relased yeet

  • Elijah Ken
    Elijah Ken 5 months ago +3

    y'all, Surgeon Simulator is the best.

  • Ami Ne
    Ami Ne 5 months ago

    what's the music on farming simulator 19

    • Media Inspector
      Media Inspector  5 months ago

      Cold Driven - The Wicked Side Of Me

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 5 months ago +1

    As it turns out I play waaaay more simulator games than I thought...

  • Ed Sr_Ed
    Ed Sr_Ed 5 months ago

    Euro truck simulator 2 is the best ? best boring game thats what it is hahahahah

  • Branden Sloncik
    Branden Sloncik 5 months ago +2

    The excitement of being a tour bus driver now in your own home lol

  • 10 years
    10 years 5 months ago

    American Truck Simulator is my favorite

  • Vova Shubin
    Vova Shubin 5 months ago

    Что за долбоеб решил показывать трейлер? Надо показывать геймплей.

  • Leonardo Medina
    Leonardo Medina 5 months ago +5

    Waiting for raw and GTA 6 & many more

  • M H
    M H 5 months ago +2

    Ets2 is the best

  • Om Sai. N
    Om Sai. N 5 months ago +1

    I want bus simulator 18 how can i get installed it

    • Om Sai. N
      Om Sai. N 5 months ago

      It just shows as steam on the software nothing else

    • Oyun Odam
      Oyun Odam 5 months ago

      Om Sai. N what is your Steam name

    • Om Sai. N
      Om Sai. N 5 months ago +1

      @Oyun Odam ohh okk thank you 😃

    • Oyun Odam
      Oyun Odam 5 months ago

      With steam but it is With money

  • Alexeй Chanel
    Alexeй Chanel 5 months ago

    and Train Sim World

  • Nostalgia Rookie
    Nostalgia Rookie 5 months ago

    Goat simulator

    • Nostalgia Rookie
      Nostalgia Rookie 3 months ago

      How about nfs the run

    • Daniel Dani
      Daniel Dani 3 months ago +1

      The most realistic simulator xD. But it is a nice and fun game

  • AB_Gameplay
    AB_Gameplay 5 months ago

    Bus simulator 18 is the best

  • Lillyheart Warrior
    Lillyheart Warrior 5 months ago +3

    best for you, but not for me

  • GaMeRs AnD uS
    GaMeRs AnD uS 5 months ago +1

    think your choices are rather pashhh and there's not one flight simulator there either.

  • Abhinav Dwivedi
    Abhinav Dwivedi 5 months ago


  • Justin
    Justin 6 months ago

    Why ETS2 is not in first place?

    • Fruit Gums
      Fruit Gums 5 months ago

      Cause FM19 is no potato. however Goldrush is

  • Szybki Lopezz
    Szybki Lopezz 6 months ago

    I am asking for the title of this music 3:50

  • reyesarsenal9
    reyesarsenal9 6 months ago +1

    Nothing beats ETS2, just how it is.

  • Enit Cze
    Enit Cze 6 months ago +4

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 is best game.

  • 예우유
    예우유 6 months ago

    16:55 what is that music?