Is Samoa Joe the next King of the Ring?: WWE Exclusive, Aug. 15, 2019

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • The Samoan Shark explains what royalty means to him as the 2019 King of the Ring tournament approaches.
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Comments • 316

  • Bob Stone
    Bob Stone 24 days ago

    Damn he has a swolln nose

  • Chip Marks
    Chip Marks Month ago

    I hope not, he stole his gimmick from Taz, and he has no real ring talent at all. He is more worthless than Michael Cole

  • Dire Wolf
    Dire Wolf Month ago

    I miss these mic skills, reminds of the old TNA days when Joe was on top

  • Cesaro iS The Name
    Cesaro iS The Name Month ago

    this guy looks exactly the same since 2008 crazy

  • Rattan Grewal
    Rattan Grewal Month ago

    my dad is

  • Kaitlynn Orr
    Kaitlynn Orr Month ago

    He would be the best face ever

  • Quicktwosteps
    Quicktwosteps Month ago

    Nah. I haven't seen this guy ever won a title. He's just grumpy... like all the time.
    I don't think he's been challenge enough. Submission vs submission match is what I want to see on this guy the most.

  • Tyler Baskeyfield
    Tyler Baskeyfield Month ago

    I want Cesaro to beet joe

  • BigDavey
    BigDavey Month ago

    Joe:"As That Bell Rings...." SmackDown! Theme Plays:"Come on and Fight Back!"
    Joe:"I'm Trying to Cut a Promo Here, Guys."

  • Dennis Ruspi
    Dennis Ruspi Month ago


  • Mongolian kto
    Mongolian kto Month ago

    I want Sami Zyan to win KOTR 2019 but Paul is not going to push him. Paul is only interested to push Samoa Joe, Ricochet.

  • Dwight Marten
    Dwight Marten Month ago

    Is he giving a promo for KOR or for the UPUPDWNDWN championship?

  • Rifat Xaman
    Rifat Xaman Month ago

    Wwe is turning back like attitude era
    Maybe they will put kevin owens to win king of ring like stone cold
    On the contrary fiend is like undertaker

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy Month ago

    His face looks like a butt with a nose

  • Anderson Viana
    Anderson Viana Month ago

    He needs so much win this!

  • Allan Richard
    Allan Richard Month ago +1

    Joe is losing to Ricohet 😁

    DINESH DINESH Month ago

    Drew myintyre wins

  • Dead Man
    Dead Man Month ago

    I hope that

  • LuciannoTvShow
    LuciannoTvShow Month ago +1

    Nah Seth rolling should be champion & KING

  • Shahzad Sothra
    Shahzad Sothra Month ago +1

    Add roman reigns and win the king of the ring

  • YA YA
    YA YA Month ago

    Me i want cedric alexander

  • Marc Ortega
    Marc Ortega Month ago

    This is going be awesome next week show of King of the Ring...It is funny heard the Raw song in the background so loud.👑🤘🤘👍👍😅😅😅❤❤❤

  • rehaz
    rehaz Month ago

    Royalty... is being touched by the power game!

  • Lekhim Treek
    Lekhim Treek Month ago

    This basically means that cesaro loses welp ok then

  • Ayad Ali
    Ayad Ali Month ago


  • Kitako Productions
    Kitako Productions Month ago

    The King of Swing Cesaro should win in my opinion but I would not be opposed to Joe or Drew

  • Hemanta Barman
    Hemanta Barman Month ago +11

    Everyone: Cesaro, Samoa Joe, Drew, KO
    WWE:Baron Corbin

  • Lord of Word
    Lord of Word Month ago

    Johny impact 😂😂

  • YaDhu KriSh na
    YaDhu KriSh na Month ago +1

    Joe deserve king of the ring
    And universal Championship or wwe championship he deserve this also

  • Maja Bukleska
    Maja Bukleska Month ago

    Oh my god

  • Vainth
    Vainth Month ago

    joe joe joe joe . still the baddest motha fucka in the WWE. he is the destroyer, he has no allegiances. hes the one man army, destroyer.

  • BiggieToad
    BiggieToad Month ago

    too bad its going to be Baron Corbin

  • Wong Kong Ming
    Wong Kong Ming Month ago


  • James Gatsby
    James Gatsby Month ago

    King Samoa Joe

  • Erized
    Erized Month ago

    I love Joe, but I doubt that he'll win. That being said, I really want to see Drew McIntyre vs Samoa Joe (and also Drew vs Cesaro). Yes please!

  • Travis Cactus
    Travis Cactus Month ago

    Waiting for Randy to be the champion.....

  • suidiejx udufhs
    suidiejx udufhs Month ago

    Seth or may roman

  • suidiejx udufhs
    suidiejx udufhs Month ago

    No never

  • minecraft sauce
    minecraft sauce Month ago

    Nahhh it is undertaker

  • LittleAsian123 MA
    LittleAsian123 MA Month ago

    Has to be a heel. It would be soooo much better.

  • Mohamad Rizal
    Mohamad Rizal Month ago +7

    Joe: i will be the next KOTR
    WWE: hold my BARON CORBIN

  • nii genius
    nii genius Month ago

    Imagine his promo and attitude after winning. WWE can capitalize on it. After all what Joe has done in WWE, he deserves it. But Honestly if Joe isn't crowned as king of the ring then it will be clear WWE has the worst writers and creative abilities in the industry. It will be certain that they are the company that takes top talent and waste it due to their pleasure

  • Latest Version
    Latest Version Month ago +1

    WWE We Miss Lars Sullivan
    Where is Lars Sullivan
    Tell US
    It is a Dream Match
    Lars Sullivan Vs Braun Strowman

    • Djek Dozovitch
      Djek Dozovitch Month ago

      Noone misses Sullivan - he ll be just like Strowman - a big guy who just pins people but doesnt win a Major fight

    HG SERIES Month ago


  • Kiran Riar
    Kiran Riar Month ago


  • EWW
    EWW Month ago

    No, Cesaro is!!

  • Hamzah Iftikhar
    Hamzah Iftikhar Month ago

    Owen zayn Andre joe or drew should win

  • Hiccup 22os
    Hiccup 22os Month ago

    Seven times royalty was mentioned in 1minute

  • Λινα Παπαδακου

    Cesaro or Joe will win.

  • sharuk khan
    sharuk khan Month ago

    Remember TNA's King of the mountain ?

  • Eugene Ser
    Eugene Ser Month ago

    when the raw theme was playing in the background i thought Joe will end his promo take a chair and smash it towards the camera bcs the background music would make him go berserk

  • Peter-James Mmbago
    Peter-James Mmbago Month ago

    King Joe

  • Abhishek Pathak
    Abhishek Pathak Month ago +1

    King Joey Samoey

    I like that

  • Trelyn Parker
    Trelyn Parker Month ago

    No king ricochet

  • Bobby Farmer
    Bobby Farmer Month ago +1

    Samoa Joe should win the king of the ring and hopefully he get back on track and one day be a top challenger to fight whoever is the universal Champion.

    MASCOT BADER Month ago +1

    Promo 10/10

  • Adarsh A. Kumar
    Adarsh A. Kumar Month ago +1

    I wouldnt be surprised if Shane McMahon tries to enter himself in the KOTR and in some way win the whole thing....😩😩

    • Suyash Sharma
      Suyash Sharma Month ago

      No. Don't. Please don't give Vince any ideas😭

  • T.J. Donatello
    T.J. Donatello Month ago


  • Givejordr
    Givejordr Month ago

    Can Joe please just win.... everything? He's so good

  • OhhSnapItsBilly
    OhhSnapItsBilly Month ago

    I read that WWE is planning on turning Samoa Joe baby-face. I certainly hope not because he plays the role of a heel extremely good! He's one of the best heels on the roster!