What's the deal with Pantheon? || character design & lore analysis

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    Boy howdy that took me a while to put together didn't it?
    Anyway, our resident 300 cosplayer decided to grow a personality all of a sudden - let's have a look at it, and evaluate if it's malignant or one of those cool ninja turtle mutations.

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  • T B Skyen
    T B Skyen  6 months ago +234


  • Benxall
    Benxall 2 months ago

    Pan puts the on on targon

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung 4 months ago

    How is it feel being kick in ass?

  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey 5 months ago

    My problem with new Pantheon is that it makes Taric just an asshole so there is literally nothing left for me to like of him. He's bad mechanically, boring visually, and his story now ends with him being an aspect and not being a person

  • Neil Brown
    Neil Brown 5 months ago

    Another great in depth video, thanks for doing this! Mostly off topic, but I think you'd really enjoy Ken Liu's Grace of Kings book and its sequel (they're pretty long but great reads), Pantheon's new lore reminds me of parts of it (the folk legends of that series' god of war are REALLY fantastic and interesting)

    XCITA 5 months ago

    we love you skyen

  • Paradise Lost
    Paradise Lost 5 months ago

    hes hot

  • Rafael Neumann
    Rafael Neumann 5 months ago

    One thing to also point about his rework/update is that they seem to have gone the direction his identity in the fandom pointed at.
    He's often referred to as "Mantheon" because you need to have courage to play him, because he's a bruiser/assassin who has very specific conditions to hold his own as a bruiser (ie, timing his blocks) and has no way out as an assassin (so he goes in... and he has to fight to the bitter end instead of skulking out like coward). And also because of the "he-man" skin.
    So now the word "mantheon" has a meaning to the lore, as the man survived and took Pantheon's things

  • Kyler
    Kyler 6 months ago

    Really think pantheon should have tryndamere's ultimate with his backstory

  • ReshicraftHD Defensor
    ReshicraftHD Defensor 6 months ago

    Man candy? Poor braum

  • Wolfeur
    Wolfeur 6 months ago

    So, not really Atheism, but more like Misotheism?

  • Lady Yumiko
    Lady Yumiko 6 months ago

    I would like to see a joke about the dislike button on a t-shirt xD

  • Alan Boldt
    Alan Boldt 6 months ago

    If you haven't yet, you should check out Destiny 2 after Shadowkeep drops and the base game becomes free. The lore and art is absolutely beautiful.

  • Timothy McLean
    Timothy McLean 6 months ago +8

    9:19: That's maltheism, the belief that the gods are bad. In this case, the belief that the gods are uncaring and/or incapable of doing what they claim to do for mortals. And yeah, a maltheistic semi-dead god is a neat character concept-one who holds the gods to a standard that his injuries prevent him from fully fulfilling, but he's going to try anyways because he _knows_ it's the right thing to do. I love it.

  • Bruno Maciel
    Bruno Maciel 6 months ago

    Shit man I love your channel so much, I think im in lov3

  • Cliff Rhodes
    Cliff Rhodes 6 months ago +5

    *Sees thumbnail*
    Human Brain: Pantheon
    Monkey Brain: Pan The On
    T B Skyen (Galaxy Brain): PTO AHN NE

  • Mascot with a dinosaur
    Mascot with a dinosaur 6 months ago

    So I supposed he did Pan the On

  • primed salt
    primed salt 6 months ago

    Basically a living, greek demi-god sex machine.

  • World Ender CB
    World Ender CB 6 months ago

    Hey guys, first of all, thank you TB Skyen for your hard work, i did an Aatrox vs Pantheon cinematic, i would love it if you guys would check it out. Would be awesome. Thanks

  • K-J
    K-J 6 months ago +2

    I wouldn't say that his motivation solely stems from him being angry per se, cause then Tryndamere would stand to be a clear connection with respect to his personality. I believe Atreus to simply be driven by defiance and justice rather than pure hatred. And his in-game quotes strengthen this approach imo.

  • TurboNick
    TurboNick 6 months ago

    Atreus is guts,pantheon is the berserk armor

  • Eagan L
    Eagan L 6 months ago

    Skyen will you try playing cuphead??

  • Daren Anastacio
    Daren Anastacio 6 months ago +2

    Me: This sounds so familiar...
    In the distance: AREEEEES!
    Also me: Oh...

  • Bob Bobington
    Bob Bobington 6 months ago

    TB Skyen actually released his What's the deal with Pantheon video finally? This is blasphemy. This is madness!

  • E. Grey
    E. Grey 6 months ago

    Yey merch

  • Alonso PC
    Alonso PC 6 months ago +10

    I can feel your thirst everytime you speak about his sexiness haha
    ps: i relate

    STOP HUMANITY 6 months ago

    PLEASE talk about the politics of Runeterra! J4 is literally hitler! Why is Riot trying to make us sympathize with a character that actively wants an ethnic cleansing lmao

  • ArtMasterFrylock
    ArtMasterFrylock 6 months ago +5

    I like male eye candy and it does make Pantheon more of an interesting champion for me. Since I want to be more versatile, I've been learning top so I can do top and bottom :D

  • Kiyoegg
    Kiyoegg 6 months ago

    Whats the deal with NAMI

  • Henna Sorsa
    Henna Sorsa 6 months ago

    Pan the on?

  • Guilhermo Martins
    Guilhermo Martins 6 months ago

    "I'm gonna kick every single God's Ass"

  • Rubén Cepedello
    Rubén Cepedello 6 months ago +8

    Is this thirst what straight men feel when they play every single woman in video games?

  • Lil Yomp
    Lil Yomp 6 months ago

    I read the thing as pan on the wat

  • Joshua Chiang
    Joshua Chiang 6 months ago +1

    About time you made this lol

  • Mister Miles
    Mister Miles 6 months ago +5

    It wasn’t an Aspect, it was an Ascended.

  • Just Neutraling
    Just Neutraling 6 months ago +1

    Pantheon is just the guy that doesn't really like constellation dating app.

  • Martin Berlese
    Martin Berlese 6 months ago +11

    Great, now I can feed and respawn T H E M A T I C A L L Y

  • Facundo Gerez
    Facundo Gerez 6 months ago +37

    If we have someone "too angry to die" then it has to be Tryndamere

    • Sam Sung
      Sam Sung 4 months ago

      I think hes doesn't like being struck
      its own blade again :D

  • Patrick Diamond
    Patrick Diamond 6 months ago +1

    Our “boy” Atreus.
    I see what you did there

  • D T
    D T 6 months ago +11

    "too angry to die."
    Tryndamere: Am I joke to you?

  • Diana Scornofthemoon
    Diana Scornofthemoon 6 months ago

    I think that both the death animation and the recall one are very well done. The death one in particular, (to me) it just feels like he’s the man of the story, there for us to watch him fall, cause... he’s just a man.
    I love your videos, and thanks for letting me know about Teemo.gg (I was desperately looking for a model viewer) and for introducing me to the “watch the animations frames” thing, cause I love to do that sometimes, discovering so many amazing things 😂
    Keep on the good work, and hit me with the notification soon cause I’M ADDICTED TO YOUR VIDEOS AAAAAAH
    Lovee 💞

  • Vlad Dascaliuc
    Vlad Dascaliuc 6 months ago +1

    I love how grounded Atreus is.

  • Cross3061980
    Cross3061980 6 months ago

    I stared at the thumbnail for a good minute or so wondering who or what Pan the On was/ is lol

  • Prushko
    Prushko 6 months ago


  • TheDankster 12
    TheDankster 12 6 months ago


  • Caster Gilgamesh
    Caster Gilgamesh 6 months ago +11

    Pantheon too manly for model viewer makes it crash over the weight of all thirsty guys and gals after him

  • Caster Gilgamesh
    Caster Gilgamesh 6 months ago +1

    Mantheon is so daddy 10/10 cant wait for him to spear me

  • wally castagnier
    wally castagnier 6 months ago +11

    He dies like one of your french girls

  • Armando Fuentes
    Armando Fuentes 6 months ago

    Wasn't Atreus in god of war?

    • Armando Fuentes
      Armando Fuentes 6 months ago

      I was really expecting some "boi" jokes or some "well he did take after his father" thing.

  • Top Hammy
    Top Hammy 6 months ago

    Can you please make a video or voice clip of you saying "Pan the on"?

  • silentcalling
    silentcalling 6 months ago +9

    In Atreus' declaration that his pantheon are the warriors that have fallen in battle, and they are represented in the Constellation of War, it reminds me very strongly of the scene in 300 when King Leonidas calls out to his men "Spartans! What is your profession?!" and they echo back their war grunt. And his use of Asose as the rallying cry cements that role of the leader quite literally leading the charge of his men, even unto death.

    He is wholly devoted to them, and in that moment they see it, and devote wholly to him in return.

  • fred jacobs
    fred jacobs 6 months ago


  • Hieu an Nguyen
    Hieu an Nguyen 6 months ago

    I wish there is a skin that tone down the spear, basically make it a bit more practical, like the spear head can be a bit more realistic and the tail of the spear can be like an arrow quill, and remove the 2 horn on the side of his helmet.

  • Lightning Fenrir
    Lightning Fenrir 6 months ago +5

    for a second i thought that a new champ would come out before this video

  • Phesheya Bhembe
    Phesheya Bhembe 6 months ago

    19:57 "Draw me like one of your Targonian girls."

  • Phesheya Bhembe
    Phesheya Bhembe 6 months ago +34

    Male eye candy's nice, and I don't even find men attractive. 1. It's aesthetically pleasing. 2. Sometimes in games I want to BE the eye candy. It's kind of weird that female characters are so often the ones stuck with the role.

    • ZeskGames
      ZeskGames 14 days ago

      “Male eye candy’s nice, and I don’t even find men attractive” League’s reaction to the Pantheon rework in a nutshell!

    • jacob norris
      jacob norris 5 months ago +2

      Yeah honestly it's just nice to look at in general. Like in the One punch man manga every damn character, male or female, is a damn supermodel and it just makes everything nice to look at.

    • mudawott
      mudawott 6 months ago +5

      Yeah like I want to be a fucking sexy champ sometimes but I dont always want to be big titty. But yall just dont have much i candy for men who want to be eye candy masculine dudes

  • James Pham
    James Pham 6 months ago +43

    I think the death animation is a little reference to a Greek sculpture “fallen warrior, temple of aphaia”.

  • Datfo King Tiger
    Datfo King Tiger 6 months ago +2

    Pan the On
    Bread el Encendido

  • FalconX15
    FalconX15 6 months ago

    In the splash art Pantheon has the spear in his left hand but his in game model has the spear in his right hand.

  • ELJacho
    ELJacho 6 months ago

    Pan the on?

    • Bobobo Bobogdan
      Bobobo Bobogdan 6 months ago

      Pan is for pansexual, because the queer community is in love with him.

  • RaphTrap
    RaphTrap 6 months ago

    Maybe its only me but i think Pantheon's arc looks like Captain America's.

  • Joseph Mejia
    Joseph Mejia 6 months ago +32

    absolutely nobody:
    tbskyen: it really sells the motion

  • Gizensha Fox
    Gizensha Fox 6 months ago +8

    On gay thirst for pantheon - Eh, he's a bit (well, ok, a lot) muscle dude for my tastes, but that's also the only body type that would have fit the concept so that's much of whatever. There are dudes into men who are into that that aesthetic. I've seen porn written and drawn by men who are into that. I just want some bear and twink champions to go with the muscle man. And that's a desire that I'm blaming on you.

  • Meghan Delp
    Meghan Delp 6 months ago

    15:04 I don’t know if you realize but queer originally was a slur for lgbtq+ people so it’s kinda sketchy to refer to a group of lgbtq guys as that
    Btw some lgbtq people will still introduce themselves as queer and that’s totally fine but to call a whole community that, where some people still get call that as a insult is kinda bad
    Still love your video as a whole tho sorry for rambling

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen  6 months ago

      @Meghan Delp no worries!

    • Meghan Delp
      Meghan Delp 6 months ago

      T B Skyen sorry didn’t know Was just trying to give information but I guess I’m the misinformed one sorry
      Also don’t mean to be tacky but good video I really liked the mini animation breakdowns

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen  6 months ago +2

      I'm one of those LGBTQ+ people who introduce themselves with it - nice to meet'cha :)

    • Meghan Delp
      Meghan Delp 6 months ago

      Bobobo Bobogdan I know I definitely don’t think he meant it as the slur but people have been called queer as a ad hominem attack so just hearing it being casual tossed around can be a little shocking.
      I don’t think he knew it was even ever used as a slur but that doesn’t make it less hurting to the people it’s directed towards
      Also sorry if this is badly written or confusing I’m very dysgraphic and am using text to speech

    • Bobobo Bobogdan
      Bobobo Bobogdan 6 months ago

      Skyen didn't mean it as a slur, but as what it means, non-conforming, I mean he even said trans rights so there is nothing to worry about with him.

  • big brain
    big brain 6 months ago

    oh look the vid i’ve been waiting for. only took like a couple of weeks

    • Undefined Error
      Undefined Error 6 months ago

      What is the message you're trying to bring across here?

  • Papa Sauce
    Papa Sauce 6 months ago +46

    Breaking news: Man too angry die, kicks everyone’s ass. Also bakes bread.

    • mudawott
      mudawott 6 months ago +1

      not going to lie I kinda like that, like in the SG universe Pantheon runs a bakery. Pantheon the bakery chain. Atreus the Baker

    • JackieNoobFilms
      JackieNoobFilms 6 months ago +7

      probably happened in Florida...

  • Blade Little
    Blade Little 6 months ago +2

    That's some powerful writing.

  • Даниил Лукин
    Даниил Лукин 6 months ago +1

    20:52 i played him a lot and never saw this details(

  • Nortrodamas
    Nortrodamas 6 months ago +3

    I think you mean he's a Misotheist.

    • Let's Not
      Let's Not 6 months ago +1

      I found my view on religion finally

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen  6 months ago +4

      "the gods are real, and they're bastards!"

  • Jace Beleren
    Jace Beleren 6 months ago +4

    Here is a comment for the algorithm gods (Pantheon would be very displeased)

  • Kody
    Kody 6 months ago +10

    Aspect of Humanity? :deepthink:

  • Khaled Abdo
    Khaled Abdo 6 months ago +55

    A small correction here.
    What they fought at Shurima was an acended not an aspect and it's description fits xerath pretty well.

    • Gilsai Hasnou
      Gilsai Hasnou 6 months ago +7

      well?? it fits him perfectly and im soo happy xerath appeared again!!

  • Banjaxed
    Banjaxed 6 months ago

    I really enjoy the animation showcase that you've taken to doing. It's something I don't typically take a look at when playing these champions, and frankly I didn't even know the tool existed anymore. As usual it's nice and analytic but not cold and clinical.

  • Steel Prophet
    Steel Prophet 6 months ago +5

    Kratos would be proud.

    • Steel Prophet
      Steel Prophet 6 months ago +4

      @Khaled Abdo ah, but you see, he moved to the targonian/shuriman mythology to do so, but because the some of the gods are a little out of reach, the darkin will do just fine

    • Khaled Abdo
      Khaled Abdo 6 months ago

      Idk, he didn't do enough god killing.

  • Eric Lim
    Eric Lim 6 months ago +64

    Im 100% convinced Pantheon falls off late game because hes just a man

    • jacob norris
      jacob norris 5 months ago +1

      He's a lot better than most other assassins lategame tbh. Lots of utility and can build bruiser very effectively.

    • Cloud Batingan
      Cloud Batingan 6 months ago +2

      Not really, just get dark harvest and u can still one shot many champs

    • Shinigami Teichou
      Shinigami Teichou 6 months ago +10

      Pantheon switches to a more tanky build in the late game.
      Just being too angry to die

    • PWesky
      PWesky 6 months ago +17

      But even then, he will win, even then he will spit in your face

  • Zolboo Tumendemberel
    Zolboo Tumendemberel 6 months ago +22

    Why do I feel like Skyen might have went on about this half-drunk and half-pissed off we've been bugging him about this for a good while

  • Eugene Monotilla
    Eugene Monotilla 6 months ago +6

    Pantheon is basically the Doom Slayer of League.

  • Just Another Buckethead Fan
    Just Another Buckethead Fan 6 months ago +22

    I really like that the new Pantheon basically has the same pieces of armor, cothes and weaponry, but it just looks so much better

  • Neo the Loof
    Neo the Loof 6 months ago +5

    19:44 favorite part of this pto ahn ne video

  • Ah I see
    Ah I see 6 months ago

    wait so aatrox isn't just angry but has the power to kill gods now. Mmmkay

    • Let's Not
      Let's Not 6 months ago

      He talks about 80% of his dialogue about beeing the god slayer

    • Jhin Cena
      Jhin Cena 6 months ago

      Ah I see Back when he was released Riot mentioned in a Reddit Q&A that he can and has killed multiple gods.