The moment after eruption hit New Zealand tourist site - BBC News

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • Several people are unaccounted for after a volcanic eruption hit a New Zealand tourist destination, local police have said.
    Tourists were seen walking inside the rim of the White Island crater just moments before the eruption.
    "At this stage, we believe around 100 people were on or around the island at the time and some of those are at this stage are unaccounted for," New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told a press conference.
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  • Milton Knowles
    Milton Knowles Month ago

    With how some people are complaining about this this incident that was guaranteed to happen sooner or later almost seems uninspected despite the fact that it's happened in the past two doc Rangers being the most unpredictable volcano in the world this time it gave warning lots of warnings lots and lots of warnings like warnings you'd be stupid not to look at I'm just saying it was extremely irresponsible delete Taurus on that Island in the first place and considering the recent warnings before it exploded what was wrong with the tourist operations what were they severely mentally disabled


    2:00 💛💕💕
    december 2019?
    👇 👇 👇💟

  • Reginald Worthington

    Here is an amazing documentary vid on this island if anyone’s interested to see images of it before the eruption.

  • LoryLilyBomber
    LoryLilyBomber Month ago +1

    Anyone know if those people on the dock were picked up?

  • Christy Monroe
    Christy Monroe Month ago +1

    Hopefully the ldiots DlED sIowIy, screamin for heIp & prayin to their lmaginary G0DS as the volcantic boiling mudd covered them and their chiIdren.

  • Bryan S
    Bryan S Month ago

    So you go put yourself on an island that is known for eruptions. How did that work out for them. FOOLS!!

  • Sawtooth Survival
    Sawtooth Survival Month ago

    This is all President Trump, America and White Peoples fault!!

    • Nemo Spence
      Nemo Spence Month ago +1

      Pulling a corny joke in times of disaster ?

  • Ziqin Zhou
    Ziqin Zhou Month ago

    Why don't you tell us the truth about xinjiang???
    You don’t accept the truth,you should not judge.
    BBC 💩fake news👎👎👎

  • fireaterfromhell
    fireaterfromhell Month ago

    Mordor is a dangerous place.

  • Rick C
    Rick C Month ago

    oh well

  • Ka Bar Brother
    Ka Bar Brother Month ago +1

    Pitifully inadequate as it is, I offer my deepest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

  • Senbai
    Senbai Month ago

    🙏🇬🇧🇪🇺Stop Brexit. People's Vote. Make the Right Choice. 🇪🇺🇬🇧💑

  • b j
    b j Month ago

    Some will say they were ridiculous to go to the volcano...but that also can be said for everyone who gets out of bed every morning. ..we humans are ridiculous to believe we'll always be safe....

  • \Witsanu Saeoueng\\


  • GORT
    GORT Month ago

    Who the hell was that making faces behind her?

  • Boss Prince
    Boss Prince Month ago

    At least the earth will cool and slow down global warming

    • 2006 Honda Fit
      2006 Honda Fit Month ago

      lol, unfortunely this eruption is too small for that

  • Cartoon Protester
    Cartoon Protester Month ago

    And these pesky things are the biggest reason the climate is affected, but - S-S-S-H-H-H - don't tell anyone!

    • Marco Polo
      Marco Polo Month ago

      *It's not you - It's not Co2 - It's the sun*
      **We've had our Grand Solar Maximum, our period of sustained warmth and predictable climate and we'™ve flourished. But (TSI) *Total Solar Irradiance* is now forecast to fall off a cliff.**
      ***400 year sunspot observations graphs***

  • jaihind NatrajN
    jaihind NatrajN Month ago +1

    New Zealand is a great Nation,. Especially their Prime Minister.

  • c carville
    c carville Month ago

    PM needs to put on a niqab and ban volcanoes immediately.

  • Aurobindo Ghosh
    Aurobindo Ghosh Month ago

    bbc goes where tourists don't

  • Adymn Sani
    Adymn Sani Month ago

    besides BBC, haven't heard of this yet in USA, very sad

  • Darren Kastl
    Darren Kastl Month ago +1

    See we don't need a agenda 21, we can do it all by ourselves.

  • Plain bread
    Plain bread Month ago

    Volcano should be nuked.

    • Marco Polo
      Marco Polo Month ago +2

      #super ... Idiot !!!

    • Nemo Spence
      Nemo Spence Month ago

      super x Aha, you are calling for a greater disaster?

    • Lala Fontaine
      Lala Fontaine Month ago

      Do it to Yellowstone and Hawaii.

  • Atlas 1791
    Atlas 1791 Month ago +3

    Ban all volcanoes! So this wont happen ever again.

    • πετρⲁ
      πετρⲁ Month ago +1

      That's low even for a libertarian

  • Richard KL44357
    Richard KL44357 Month ago

    HAHAHAHA looks good on you mate's, a little shrimp on the BARBIE.

  • John Texas
    John Texas Month ago

    Always stupid, stupid people wanting to put themselves in danger and then rely on the rest of us to rescue them. Charge those idiots for wasting taxpayers' money.

    AGTHEBEST Month ago +1

    Pompeii event of New Zealand?

  • Vhuangrui 88
    Vhuangrui 88 Month ago +7

    Wrong time..wrong place..poor tourists

    • Nemo Spence
      Nemo Spence Month ago

      So true. So sad. My brother is a crew on that ship. He has just started to work there for the first time a few days ago. He's supposed to go White Island on that same day the volcano erupted, but decided to wash his clothes instead. I am just so grateful to God right now.

  • bruce ashby
    bruce ashby Month ago +1

    Ban volcanoes

  • Hope Awesome
    Hope Awesome Month ago +2

    I'm a nzer & right now my heart goes out to the people that lost their lives & people who are still on White Island.
    However I'm not surprised White Island erupted...GeoNet had been sending out alerts/warnings several days ago/a week, so my question is why weren't the the tourist companies warned about this? GeoNet alerted for over a week in increased volcanic activity from a level 2 to 3 etc.

  • CherryBoo65 Boone
    CherryBoo65 Boone Month ago +1


  • Derek Kent
    Derek Kent Month ago +3

    Am I supposed to feel sympathy towards morons who visit an active volcano? Others obviously believe it's the thing to do. Judging by virtue signaling turds on here offering thoughts and prayers. The only way they could do less is by completely ignoring this. But they need to pretend they actually care.

    • Derek Kent
      Derek Kent Month ago

      @b j ROFL. Yeah they care so much they're paralyzed into doing absolutely nothing. When I care about something or someone I actually do something constructive. I'm weird like that. Keep virtue signaling though. It solves every problem, except the real ones.

    • b j
      b j Month ago

      Derek, people DO care.'ve made your point that you don't

    • Alex Warner
      Alex Warner Month ago +1

      Derek Kent some responsibility must go to the tour groups and ocean cruises that send people, there had been at least 3-4 days of warning signs. I don’t know for sure but I have a suspicion some of those operators probably downplay the risks.

  • Haran Sivasambu
    Haran Sivasambu Month ago


  • Nimaj Da Great
    Nimaj Da Great Month ago +5

    oh well. People shouldn't do silly stuff. What the hell are they on a volcano for?

    • Nemo Spence
      Nemo Spence Month ago

      They were there to appreciate one of God's works. The island hadn't claimed a single life for morw than a century. Do you think they are silly?

    • Nimaj Da Great
      Nimaj Da Great Month ago +1

      @b j Likewise

    • b j
      b j Month ago

      Oh well? Your comment is better left unsaid...

  • MaybDefinitely
    MaybDefinitely Month ago

    white island is racist totally deserve it

  • AWResistance
    AWResistance Month ago +18

    "Let's go visit an active volcanoe"
    "Yeah sounds good mate"

    • Nemo Spence
      Nemo Spence Month ago +1

      But the volcano hasn't erupted for 18 long years. They were there at the wrong time. My brother, a first time crew on the ship, was supposed to go there too. But he decided to wash his clothes instead. We are so thankful my brother is safe.

    • b j
      b j Month ago +1

      It's not something to make fun of

    • Cartoon Protester
      Cartoon Protester Month ago

      I was just thinking of doing it myself last week, now I'm not so sure......

  • Mike Foxtrot
    Mike Foxtrot Month ago +2

    Maybe the idiot NZ PM will ban volcanoes now, like she banned guns after the mosque shooting punishing law abiding gun owners and not the guy who did the shooting.

    • Mike Foxtrot
      Mike Foxtrot Month ago +1

      False. The guy who did the shooting was not shot. Law abiding gun owners got punished the idiot NZ PM.

    • Mike Foxtrot
      Mike Foxtrot Month ago +1

      Fuck off.

    • Koba
      Koba Month ago

      @Simone Eli the guy who did the shooting got shot. and law abiding gun owner follow the law. even if it's get changed. because thats what laws do.

      a volcano is a force of nature. something that no one has control over. we can measure and estimate when a eruption might happen. but we have 0 power to stop it.

    • Simone Eli
      Simone Eli Month ago +2

      Shut up idiot

  • AWResistance
    AWResistance Month ago +2

    Tax the carbon spewing volcanoe!

    • Panzer Blitz
      Panzer Blitz Month ago

      Climate change human oil burning spews 1000 times more co2 than all the volcanos. But the point of the tragedy is visiting an active volcano will 100% put you at risk.

  • Brian Cullen
    Brian Cullen Month ago +6

    5 dead so far, 20 missing which means they are sadly probably gone too.

    • Alex Flores
      Alex Flores Month ago +2

      well with the explosion , heat, ashes coming down and rescue team say it is very risky to even go ... chances are 0 survivors

  • Callah Clan
    Callah Clan Month ago

    No warning?

    • Marco Polo
      Marco Polo Month ago

      Yes there was warning and advisories reported to stay off the island as resent eruption were ongoing. People ignore warnings because their curiosity is much smarter then the reality.

    • Alex Flores
      Alex Flores Month ago

      Take a guess 50-50

  • Paul Oliver
    Paul Oliver Month ago +1

    Who said it was okay to visit an active volcano?! If you are not a scientist stay the hell away because you all are non-species. #IBM

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame Month ago

    How dumb do you have to be, not to stay away from active volcanoes

  • あーソーモーストマクシマム

    Dang, if I was there, it would have been the best vacation ever!
    "Where did you go?"
    "Volcano Tour."
    "What happened?"
    "It erupted..."
    I do feel bad for the people that got hurt or lost their life during the event; but dammit, it's a volcano...

  • jack sanders
    jack sanders Month ago


  • dizzybynature
    dizzybynature Month ago +1

    best of luck,
    you are in my heart..

  • Zero Worldbuilder
    Zero Worldbuilder Month ago +1

    Come home safe!

  • Lord Solar
    Lord Solar Month ago

    True power

  • Felix
    Felix Month ago +5

    And this is considered to be a small 'throat-clearing' eruption.

  • Giru Gibil
    Giru Gibil Month ago


  • Marie Finley
    Marie Finley Month ago +7

    Beautiful New Zealand how very tragic our hearts go out to you here in the UK ❤️😪

  • Adeel Mustafa
    Adeel Mustafa Month ago

  • Cherri Zirkel
    Cherri Zirkel Month ago

    Government leaders are guilty for allowing people to tour active volcanic sites these elites these elites love blood death destruction they want their money and to genocide as many as possible . No excuses to have tourist on a active volcanic and earthquake mountains as tourists ! Omg 😱

    • Jeremy Bentham
      Jeremy Bentham Month ago

      We need less government and less control not more. Virtualy all activities have an eliment of risk, should everything be banned?

    • Stephen Ballantyne
      Stephen Ballantyne Month ago

      Cherri Zirkel Right, blame the blood and death-loving elites in the New Zealand government. Whatever…

  • ORLaNDoS
    ORLaNDoS Month ago


  • Linda Tannock
    Linda Tannock Month ago +1

    I hope everyone is safe 💖

    • Alex Warner
      Alex Warner Month ago +1

      Linda Tannock unfortunately not, no sign of life on the island, and rescuers can’t access the island as currently too dangerous, so anyone who hasn’t already been rescued will almost certainly be dead. Death toll will sadly end up being at least 30. My heart aches for all the family and friends of the people who were on the island.

  • Paul Tovar
    Paul Tovar Month ago

    God is exerting his punishment on the homosexual agenda

  • igloo 21
    igloo 21 Month ago

    Amen !

  • potatomato :p
    potatomato :p Month ago +1

    According to israel, israel did it.

  • Theuwaenig
    Theuwaenig Month ago +4

    0:18 Japanese?!

  • Bashir Ahmed
    Bashir Ahmed Month ago +20

    Our profound sympathies are with the people and Great PM of New Zealand 🇳🇿.