Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #11

  • Published on Jan 25, 2020
  • Can Danny hide until the end of the day before his boss finds him?
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  • DeepIn Thought
    DeepIn Thought 20 minutes ago

    How long did it end up taking him on this one?

  • ThunderDudeSki !
    ThunderDudeSki ! 20 minutes ago

    This number one on trending

  • Justin Ironstand
    Justin Ironstand 21 minute ago

    CEO of getting fired

  • Joshua Parker
    Joshua Parker 22 minutes ago

    5:46 that noise for some reason has me cracking up

  • Charles Bronson
    Charles Bronson 22 minutes ago

    Nice iron rangers Danny

  • lunar star
    lunar star 23 minutes ago

    I love how he says that Danny is not doing things for the company but then this episode got to the #1 on trending

  • That Josh Fid
    That Josh Fid 23 minutes ago +1

    Hidden in plain sight #1939

  • Eyelinds YT
    Eyelinds YT 23 minutes ago

    Red smacky thing xD

  • Luigi Bianco
    Luigi Bianco 24 minutes ago +1

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    Can you think of an African country where Blacks are predicted to become a minority in the near future? I didn't think so.
    Can you think of a White country where Whites are NOT predicted to become a minority in the near future? Did you ever wonder why?
    The reason is that there is a program of genocide going on in EVERY White country and ONLY in White countries.
    "Diversity" and "multiculturalism" are just codewords for White genocide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  • No Profile
    No Profile 25 minutes ago

    These videos do really good for me it’s currently #1 trending

  • Angela.S Mak
    Angela.S Mak 26 minutes ago

    What a mystery chair!

  • Ninja David
    Ninja David 27 minutes ago


  • Nazifa Tasneem
    Nazifa Tasneem 27 minutes ago

    How is this hidden in "plain" sight?

  • Adeyeye Samuel
    Adeyeye Samuel 27 minutes ago

    Why is the boss complaining Danny singlehandedly generates the most views on this channel

  • The Professional H8ter
    The Professional H8ter 27 minutes ago

    Bs funny but bs feel sorry for people who believe this

  • Kamlegian Mareo
    Kamlegian Mareo 30 minutes ago

    Vat19: *releases hidden in plain sight video, again*
    Drax: what is wrong with you?

  • Clarice Bean
    Clarice Bean 31 minute ago

    Drinking game, take a shot everytime Jamie says chair.

  • toothache my universe
    toothache my universe 32 minutes ago

    Just study English by this video but I want to point out that this situation is very plausible

  • D Schuster
    D Schuster 32 minutes ago

    Throughout this whole video I was screaming at Danny, "JUST GO HOOOOOOMMME!!!"

  • Nostxlgia r0ses
    Nostxlgia r0ses 33 minutes ago

    I thought the ping was my phone

    • Abdul Ali
      Abdul Ali 32 minutes ago

  • Op Asihene
    Op Asihene 36 minutes ago
    I bet you can find him with looking at this link!

  • abberdail marie
    abberdail marie 36 minutes ago

    This guy so awkward and not in a cute way. Like a this is hard to watch kind of way

  • Kingover
    Kingover 37 minutes ago


  • Abigail Snyder
    Abigail Snyder 40 minutes ago

    I don't know why but I'm amazed at the fact that this video is the number 1 on yt right now. Also I love how he was more concerned about his chair than finding Danny 😂😂😂👌

  • Taylor Ankrah
    Taylor Ankrah 40 minutes ago

    People have too much time on their hands😂

  • Daniel Borg
    Daniel Borg 43 minutes ago

    Yo.. his boss is dope asf

  • Benjamin LaVallie
    Benjamin LaVallie 43 minutes ago

    romans chapter 12 verse 21 be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good

  • Beaver_ Tech
    Beaver_ Tech 46 minutes ago

    Danny does actually work.... right? 🤣

  • Miguel tvid
    Miguel tvid 46 minutes ago +1

    People who scroll the comments and doesn't care about video squad

  • zenitsu
    zenitsu 49 minutes ago

    He said chair so many times I don't know how to pronounce chair anymore.

  • Victor Morales-Rayon
    Victor Morales-Rayon 52 minutes ago

  • AntBakedStudios - Movie and TV Productions

    If only Jamie’s name was Jack from the shining
    Then this would be a lot longer

  • Hyper wolf cat
    Hyper wolf cat 53 minutes ago

    Hide and seek is number 1 on trending.

  • Amy Lederhose
    Amy Lederhose 53 minutes ago

    Without a doubt; best series of all time. I want weekly videos of this 😂

  • TwinShocker _The_Swordsman

    Danny should have done that box hiding spot again, BUT make it when Jamie opens the box and only see a bunch of tools on an internal shelf, BUT it is a fake shelf, THEREFORE allowing Danny to go inside and being hidden.

  • Lavacakelover _
    Lavacakelover _ 54 minutes ago +1

    Okay, it’s been 11 episodes, when are they are going to stop lmao (don’t worry I like watching these but still)

  • Henifha
    Henifha 55 minutes ago +1

    Danny is such a mood.

  • Henifha
    Henifha 56 minutes ago +1

    I'm literally Danny, while my friends are his boss. 😂

  • Aray_RIZ
    Aray_RIZ 57 minutes ago

    Really? I thought Danny was a human

  • Rev’s Vids
    Rev’s Vids 58 minutes ago

    Need to get more crafty Danny, like the tarp ghilly suit

  • Henifha
    Henifha 58 minutes ago +1

    "That's where you belong Danny... 'cause you're trash."
    *I felt that...*

  • KillerWolf92
    KillerWolf92 59 minutes ago

    Funny thing is, he's probably making Vat19 more money by doing this video than the actual work he would have been doing

  • -fłøwęr- 2.0
    -fłøwęr- 2.0 59 minutes ago +1

    #1 ON TRENDING!!!!?!?!??

  • Arnold Strong Numero Uno
    Arnold Strong Numero Uno 59 minutes ago

    Crunching yourself into a sardine box and then staying outside in 20° weather....🙄🙄
    I wish his boss never found him. 🥶

  • Aray_RIZ
    Aray_RIZ 59 minutes ago

    Does he know how much he say's "Chair"?

  • Aldo Hernandez
    Aldo Hernandez 59 minutes ago

    What about your chair?

  • Anthony Faigin
    Anthony Faigin Hour ago

    Cant wait for the day danny gets fired

  • Technique Primitive Life

    Hello i love videos all😍💖😍💖😍💖

  • Krispy YT
    Krispy YT Hour ago

    Who’s watching this when it’s #1 for trending?

  • Throne dude
    Throne dude Hour ago

    Just fire him

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown Hour ago


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    And i'm trying to be a successful TVclipr.

  • FittestTrack 73.Mp6

    these videos arent as good anymore, he's got to good

  • JSheetz
    JSheetz Hour ago

    A good idea for one of these is you just make him hide and you don’t look for him so he just sat there for nothing

  • ͔
    ͔ Hour ago +1

    Fun fact: the trending section is most likely rigged

  • Lil_zeine
    Lil_zeine Hour ago +2

    Trending 😅

  • Renee Qualls
    Renee Qualls Hour ago

    I found him

  • EmericanExpress
    EmericanExpress Hour ago

    But how were there no tracks on the roof????

  • Charlie Hsu
    Charlie Hsu Hour ago

    2:29 Honestly, by not working and making these videos, Danny is probably making more money for the company than anybody else there.

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow Hour ago +1

    Who else is like what the hell is this ?

    • Annabelle Mcqueen
      Annabelle Mcqueen Hour ago

      Dark Shadow me I’m so confused like WHY is this number one on trending 😂🙄