diamond test real and fake

  • Published on Dec 31, 2016
  • diamond test very eazy real and fack

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  • Rimsha Tabassum
    Rimsha Tabassum 2 days ago

    Wawo itni asani se btaya thank u

  • wing tai
    wing tai 4 days ago

    your wasteing time =_=

  • mr.lucifer losendo!
    mr.lucifer losendo! 6 days ago


  • Momo Love
    Momo Love 7 days ago

    IDK why I'm watching this video. It's not like I'll ever afford a diamond, real or fake.

  • Magnánimo Máximo
    Magnánimo Máximo 7 days ago

    I know how to know how its a real diamond, just see the height of that small diamond, You cant get some diamond more big.

  • Mridul Chakrabarty
    Mridul Chakrabarty 8 days ago

    Fack diamond as well as you.

  • span wrinch
    span wrinch 8 days ago

    This test final?

  • Shagufta Sayyed
    Shagufta Sayyed 8 days ago

    I am having daimond bt I thing I should check again it's fake aur real

  • A S
    A S 9 days ago

    Nice test...the only thing I need right now the diamond😉

  • Sj
    Sj 9 days ago

    First of all it's fake not fack check your thumbnail

  • Sky Ryder
    Sky Ryder 10 days ago

    They are both fake

  • Ivanete Santos Silva
    Ivanete Santos Silva 10 days ago

    Eu tenho uma anel no meu canal tem como vc saber se é diamante ou não ele tem várias cores quando coloca sobre a luz do celular

  • Hafsah Ct
    Hafsah Ct 11 days ago


  • Laishram Bhavananda
    Laishram Bhavananda 16 days ago

    Fake 😑😑

  • Riya Patel
    Riya Patel 17 days ago

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  • Peggy Low
    Peggy Low 22 days ago

    just scratch the glass

  • Keith Harris
    Keith Harris 23 days ago

    Oh “Fack” it’s a fake....

  • Abdullha Ali
    Abdullha Ali 23 days ago


  • Daniel Becerra
    Daniel Becerra 25 days ago

    I heard some fools on crack that make more sense than this

  • Daniel Becerra
    Daniel Becerra 25 days ago


  • Keith Harris
    Keith Harris 25 days ago

    Excellent fool proof test... Thanks for tip....

  • Prakaash Musically
    Prakaash Musically 25 days ago

    Both are fake

  • Mike Barrett
    Mike Barrett 25 days ago

    looks like he spelled "Crack" with the c above the r.

  • Ss Vm
    Ss Vm 26 days ago

    What the fack

  • Bret Melton
    Bret Melton 27 days ago

    Fack????? Lol

  • Victor Tsykunov
    Victor Tsykunov 29 days ago

    The fake one looks like a good sapphire !!!

  • evliya çelebi
    evliya çelebi Month ago

    Gerçek elmas ışığı içine almaz ışığı yansıtır

  • 許震楷
    許震楷 Month ago

    Why don’t you get the same size of fake and real

  • Jill Moreno
    Jill Moreno Month ago

    u can see thru a fake diamond when its table side down...

  • Rashid Arain
    Rashid Arain Month ago

    Fake diamond

  • James Lamfa
    James Lamfa Month ago

    Do u know how to spelll

  • AlyssaTheFunOne ROBLOX


  • Mᴀᴅᴀᴍ Mᴀɪɴᴇᴄᴏᴏɴ

    Guess my diamond is fack.

  • Wasim Akram
    Wasim Akram Month ago

    Who gave you this fake diamond ?

  • Rafeeq Handicraft
    Rafeeq Handicraft Month ago +1

    Its fake not fack...kahan se ajate ho..😕

  • Kitty Cat Kat Studios

    Real and fack

  • Usha Shrilakshmin
    Usha Shrilakshmin Month ago

    How to find out in ready-made bought jewellery

  • ClickFor Rax
    ClickFor Rax Month ago

    By the way you wrote fake wrong no offence

  • Kanchan Kanchan
    Kanchan Kanchan Month ago


  • Song Uploader
    Song Uploader Month ago

    The fake one is more sparkley than the other one and do that again in same size

  • Somnath Mitra
    Somnath Mitra Month ago

    Both are fake

  • Radha Rai
    Radha Rai Month ago

    Sir 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    Meri hat me all dimond he,
    Jicka colour band= j, 51 cent ka. Keyse pehechanuga ai asli/ nakli.
    Please baliye

  • quantumellon
    quantumellon Month ago


  • quantumellon
    quantumellon Month ago

    this is BULLSHIT!
    Trust this and you'll regret it!

  • My VideoKlip
    My VideoKlip Month ago

    diamond real!

  • Faruk Lokhande
    Faruk Lokhande Month ago


  • Princy Kansal
    Princy Kansal 2 months ago

    Are phle fake ki spelling sikh leta bhai bad m video bna leta

  • Vinod Vinu
    Vinod Vinu 2 months ago

    Number send me

  • Abodor Dor
    Abodor Dor 2 months ago

    هذا الفحص غير ناجح مع جميع الأحجار الكريمة وتمييزها عن الاماس...هناك فحوصات أخرى مثل نظام الهندسي والصلابة والمخدش والانكسار .....وتحديد نوعية الماس وووو...

  • Brad Mackenzie
    Brad Mackenzie 2 months ago


  • K.S Ansari
    K.S Ansari 2 months ago

    Mujhe to abhi tak samjh nahi aaya bhai tum kese bata rahe ho ke asli kon sa h nakli kon sa h

  • Jagdeep Kaur Rana
    Jagdeep Kaur Rana 2 months ago

    That's great. Anyway do you have any idea how to find real people.

  • Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos?

    Tis fido s fack

  • Viresh Vora
    Viresh Vora 2 months ago

    Bhosdike chutiye ki aulad fake ki spelling dekh paper pe

  • Shari D57
    Shari D57 2 months ago +1

    "Fack" diamond? WTH is a "fack" diamond? Geeminy Christmas - it's worse than I thought....

    • Simone Pardee
      Simone Pardee 2 months ago

      It's a combination of "fake" and "fuck," it's a fake gem, and you got fucked in the process of purchasing it.

  • Billy Sixx
    Billy Sixx 2 months ago

    Easier way place suspect stone on metal block grab hammer smash on stone with hammer if it crushes it's fake if leave indent in metal it's real

    • Billy Sixx
    • Shari D57
      Shari D57 2 months ago

      Because real diamond is rated 10 on the hardness scale, doesn't mean it can't be broken. Doing what you suggest would crush both of them, and not prove anything except how quickly a genuine diamond can be destroyed and turned into diamond dust. And its value disappears, except if it's still being paid for!

  • batmanforever0
    batmanforever0 2 months ago

    Bastard wasted my time.

  • asus zenfone
    asus zenfone 2 months ago

    Asli aur nakli heroine photo Bataye

  • Asit Tripathy
    Asit Tripathy 2 months ago

    Fake total video

  • Kitty McPretty
    Kitty McPretty 2 months ago

    Thanks this was really helpful, now I can tell if my friends are lying about having real diamonds.

  • Baba Nana
    Baba Nana 2 months ago

    lol Real vs Fack
    Fack u diamond

  • cleverton Silva Martha
    cleverton Silva Martha 2 months ago +1

    Nossa é meu sonho eu encontrar uma pedra dessa tão pequenininha e tão valiosa que linda a natureza de Deus 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️

  • As Maravilhas do Pai
    As Maravilhas do Pai 2 months ago

    😆😆😆👏👏👏👏👏like show

  • Mycroft Holmes
    Mycroft Holmes 2 months ago

    That awkward moment when the fake diamond looks better than the real.

    • Shari D57
      Shari D57 2 months ago

      Faux diamonds almost always look better than real, unless you've got an impossibly expensive Golconda diamond, type IIe, with absolutely no flaws, and no nitrogen in its basic structure. Nitrogen in the molecular structure is what puts "color" in white diamonds. There's nothing of better quality than a Golconda, which is why you only find them in the hands of royalty, mostly Indian.

  • Lalrintluanga Khalthang

    FACK is the fake spelling of FAKE 😂😂😂😎😎😎

  • Vinod Goswami
    Vinod Goswami 2 months ago


  • Sara Zen
    Sara Zen 2 months ago


  • Debasish Pattnaik
    Debasish Pattnaik 2 months ago

    Faltu video

  • 803brando
    803brando 2 months ago

    yeah when you polish the back side of the 'fake' one and dull down the 'real' one it alters is refraction. im calling fake test.

  • Chloé Céline NiChloé Interior Design, GIA

    Horrible video!!!

  • padam shrestha
    padam shrestha 3 months ago

    Lesson learned,,now tell me what r you teaching...

  • Angel thapa
    Angel thapa 3 months ago

    Bhai kuch bolo to kon sa fake hai aur kon sa real.... Khud hi smjh loge kya..

  • teddytac253
    teddytac253 3 months ago

    Cubic Zirconia is nicer than the real diamond (my opinion). I only prefer the real thing because of the edge sharpness, hardness and to say I got real diamonds. But CZ's still shine brighter and sparklier

    • Joan Wattam
      Joan Wattam 9 days ago

      Please know there's a world of difference between zircon and cubic zirconia.

  • Boom Bostic
    Boom Bostic 3 months ago

    sooooooooo which one is real?

  • Kvr Rathnam
    Kvr Rathnam 3 months ago

    good information

  • Vesa Suolahti
    Vesa Suolahti 3 months ago +8

    Normal people doesn´t have diamonds of that size. And usually normal people have their diamonds installed in to the rings, so how can you test a diamond like that.

  • Pc49 Youtube
    Pc49 Youtube 3 months ago

    not Polished enough for a diamond :P

  • Abhaya Raj Singh
    Abhaya Raj Singh 3 months ago

    You deserve some bullshit test infact. Any similar gem with 4 C in conformity with its molecular structure will do so.

  • Jslayallday92 S
    Jslayallday92 S 3 months ago

    Wish the guy would describe what he’s looking for in the diamond rather than just saying “see” or “pepperdash” like it’s obvious to you but to the people who looked this video up don’t know.

  • hossain 6200
    hossain 6200 3 months ago

    how is condition

  • Daniette Jones
    Daniette Jones 3 months ago

    If cut glass then it is real. Cubic zirconia can not cut glass. My sons were born in april i had two under the diamond.

    • Shari D57
      Shari D57 2 months ago

      Not necessarily true. Glass isn't all that tough. Other stones can "cut" glass.

  • Maria Alkoy
    Maria Alkoy 3 months ago


    MASS FILMS 3 months ago


  • Fidel Castro
    Fidel Castro 3 months ago +1

    fake, fack or fuck?

  • Dwizer3223
    Dwizer3223 3 months ago

    first learn how to get a hold of it with those tongs,,,and this is what you do for a living? Im gonna say fake jeweler, can we get a real one for a reliable demonstration? thumbs down

  • Amar sonowal
    Amar sonowal 3 months ago

    Faltu video hai ..Hira kahaanse Mila tereko .. tumhare ghorpe khane ke liye sawol nahi hai or hamko Hira dikhane choli

  • Bernard
    Bernard 3 months ago

    this guy has a 10000 pund thing dont dislike this zdd

  • legalzinho ➃➀
    legalzinho ➃➀ 3 months ago

    Os dia sao fake

  • Terry Lawrence
    Terry Lawrence 3 months ago

    How cute...my friend just came in to give me my meds..I told her this is India with all the horns honking...she is Indian and laughed hard when she watched...we love horns terry she said....cute..😊

  • Siouxchik 1
    Siouxchik 1 3 months ago

    fake you can see black blob real you cannot see real diamonds look grey till the sun hits them 😁

  • add nano
    add nano 3 months ago

    stupid test

  • abrar nigam
    abrar nigam 4 months ago

    time pass

  • Huxies Q
    Huxies Q 4 months ago

    Pfff, that's nothing I got 32 diamonds in minecraft