diamond test real and fake

  • Published on Dec 31, 2016
  • diamond test very eazy real and fack

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    JESSEN FERNANDO 11 hours ago +1

    The Fack Diamond

  • Cici Ganteng
    Cici Ganteng 10 days ago

    hgo a dsffhknnuxpl.

  • Cici Ganteng
    Cici Ganteng 11 days ago

    diamon gres fers

  • apple memes boom!!!
    apple memes boom!!! 14 days ago

    Plz craft a diamond pickaxe

  • No Mo
    No Mo 20 days ago

    what is Fack Diamond...its better off as Fuck Diamond 🤔

  • الزیق الخمر
    الزیق الخمر 20 days ago


  • heleanna maidin
    heleanna maidin 21 day ago

    fack AHHAHA

  • Alexander Gutierrez
    Alexander Gutierrez 24 days ago

    Everyone in the comments is saying the same size but it's not that easy to get two exact same size cut and shape of diamond and this guy has to know how light reflects off in different sized diamonds so everyone say test the same size. It hard said then done. Think before you say shit okay

    • Alexander Gutierrez
      Alexander Gutierrez 24 days ago

      Also he using the trick were a real diamond will reflect light so back that if you used a book you couldn't make out the letter you saw but instead it's with this mark

  • Bomi
    Bomi 27 days ago +1

    What the Fack?!

  • Gerry Nightingale
    Gerry Nightingale Month ago

    *WTF is this shit?* ( *sounds like Saigon to me* )

    TRAVELLER MIND Month ago

    Fack wrong spelling..it will be fake

  • Texas Lock Picker
    Texas Lock Picker 2 months ago

    What if your not able to see the x because of the “cut” of the diamond

  • Bangaly
    Bangaly 2 months ago

    Ion know what a fack diamond is but the big one is fake

  • Maddison901HD :I
    Maddison901HD :I 2 months ago +2

    fake diamond: flys
    ral Diamond:not flys

  • Marc Sigrist
    Marc Sigrist 2 months ago


  • Ree Eww this channel sucks


  • Iqbal Nan
    Iqbal Nan 2 months ago

    From Indonesian like ...

  • Souad Khelaf
    Souad Khelaf 3 months ago


  • Elmas Nasıl Bulunur
    Elmas Nasıl Bulunur 3 months ago

    Fack and Real

  • Mohamed Bennani
    Mohamed Bennani 3 months ago

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  • Dlorenzo680
    Dlorenzo680 3 months ago

    You'd have to be idiot to not know the difference between real and fack!!!!! 😂

  • R&R
    R&R 3 months ago

    The thing is this fack diamond is like the fack people i know, like i think they're real but nah they're all fack.

  • Anuj Nagpal Bhardwaj
    Anuj Nagpal Bhardwaj 3 months ago

    I have a diamond ring ..idont know it's fake or original....but I have little bit doubt....help me how I get recognize it

  • Big Bill
    Big Bill 3 months ago

    What did he say?

  • Darren Kyle*
    Darren Kyle* 3 months ago

    How did u get a real diamond

  • Disa Ez
    Disa Ez 3 months ago


  • Dana Allam
    Dana Allam 3 months ago

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  • Benjamin Kahoma
    Benjamin Kahoma 3 months ago

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  • Tegal Lapidarist
    Tegal Lapidarist 3 months ago


  • Raj kumar Ji
    Raj kumar Ji 3 months ago

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  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 3 months ago

    Facking diamond

  • Jullie Norva
    Jullie Norva 3 months ago +1

    True love is the real diamond...

  • Syndicate Thaker
    Syndicate Thaker 3 months ago

    Phele aap twizer ko baraber pakadna shekhe

  • Marl Nazarro
    Marl Nazarro 3 months ago +3

    Who's here wtih me after i saw the video of fake diamond something hahah

    • Ron Butts
      Ron Butts 3 months ago

      Me just checking also 👍

  • Vishu Kalbage
    Vishu Kalbage 4 months ago

    Chote diamond ko bhi olta karke laga paper pe bade diamond ko sida olta karke colour reflect ho raha hai vaise hi choote vale ko bhi kar dono diamond fake hai Bhai

  • ellyna formosa kitchen
    ellyna formosa kitchen 4 months ago

    Nyimak diamont real atau bukanya.merah di padamkn ya guys

  • P0TAT0 loves flan 24/7
    P0TAT0 loves flan 24/7 4 months ago

    Real vs fack

  • Liz H
    Liz H 4 months ago

    No entendi ni madres🤭

  • md yeamine
    md yeamine 4 months ago

    আমি একটা হিরা পেয়েছি কি ভাবে চিন ব

  • Raj kumar Ji
    Raj kumar Ji 4 months ago

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  • Aysha Moni
    Aysha Moni 4 months ago

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  • Heiderlins Mesquita
    Heiderlins Mesquita 4 months ago

    Uma prova concreta , de se testar um DIAMANTE , prá ver se é verdadeiro , ou Falso , é o teste do vidro !!_ se a pedra de DIAMANTE , arranhar o vidro , ou cortar o vidro , sem quebrar a ponta , do DIAMANTE , é sinal que o DIAMANTE é verdadeiro !!_ sem sombras de dúvidas !__ o VERDADEIRO DIAMANTE , não quebra Fácilmente !!_ é o Cristal mais duro , que existe !_ SACOU O LANCE BRODDER ??!! Heiderlins Fotos e Filmagens. Data: 24/7/2019. 😱😱👁️👁️😱😱👁️👁️😱😱👁️👁️😱😱👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆 Fui !!

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    Dhishi Dhishi.s 4 months ago

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  • Junior é Mary Sousa
    Junior é Mary Sousa 4 months ago

    Melhor teste que já vi

    GMSON TG 4 months ago

    I have a diamond and I use for playing 😂😂😂😂📤🔊😂⭕📢

    NEXT 24EXIT 4 months ago

    You fake ass nothing is true
    Indians asholety

  • Do 86 Vlogs
    Do 86 Vlogs 5 months ago

    Kim cuong minh co mot

  • mama Yuna
    mama Yuna 5 months ago

    Thanks for the video..

  • chiluka SATHWIK
    chiluka SATHWIK 5 months ago

    Its not fack its fake .. Lol

  • Mamoni Das
    Mamoni Das 5 months ago

    I love diamonds.

  • Cods Worth
    Cods Worth 5 months ago +6

    Kind of looks real. Cuz l never had a Dimond before.

  • Ormi Akter
    Ormi Akter 5 months ago


  • DV NAGARAJ Dv.Nagaraj
    DV NAGARAJ Dv.Nagaraj 5 months ago

    Diamond tones dealer phone number please

  • sido alg
    sido alg 5 months ago

    I found one and I tried it and it turned out to be real ... how much did it cost? I am in Algeria and there is no one who buys it on me

  • TheRankingNoob
    TheRankingNoob 5 months ago

    *_F A C K_*

  • SelfishBog1127
    SelfishBog1127 5 months ago +2

    The best test is biting it to see it works every time

  • Inky
    Inky 5 months ago


  • Lehaim 1
    Lehaim 1 5 months ago

    I knew since 0:02 when he let it fell..lol

  • Mohd Anees
    Mohd Anees 6 months ago

    Kuch bol b lete bhai

    WICKEDLEE LOOPY 6 months ago

    Even real gold doesn't look as fancy as fake gold either.