‘Steakhouse’ Only Has 2 Steaks on the Menu! | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Jul 5, 2017
    Plastic in the crab cakes, raw onions on the stage, and just wait to you hear what he has to say about the ravioli…
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  • BenJBoi Plays
    BenJBoi Plays 13 hours ago

    I love how the Kitchen is called the problem room

  • BenJBoi Plays
    BenJBoi Plays 13 hours ago

    I think someone’s trying to kill Gordon Ramsay

  • Justin Fontaine
    Justin Fontaine 2 days ago +1

    It seems like every restaurant has crabcakes...

  • Mary and kids
    Mary and kids 2 days ago +1

    Rip off of bjs

  • WalkingCane
    WalkingCane 3 days ago +3

    I don’t have plastic in my kitchen
    Cameraman: Hold my beer

  • zoombaxd
    zoombaxd 3 days ago

    gordon: wow! thats fucking disgusting
    *guy in the blue: nANI?!?!*

  • S. Sanchez
    S. Sanchez 4 days ago +3

    “I don’t even have plastic in my kitchen “
    Cameraman : I’m about to destroy this mans career

  • Itz Aprem
    Itz Aprem 4 days ago +1

    No Tres.. we steakhouse! we got bitches cooking steak in the back though

  • Z_M Gaming
    Z_M Gaming 5 days ago +1

    Chef: I don’t even have plastic in my kitchen
    Camera man: *ArE YoU sUrE abOuT ThIs?*

  • Sharon Lotter
    Sharon Lotter 5 days ago

    The chef is blaming Gordon for the plastic in the crab cakes when it was his fault!! Shit food, shit chef 😡

  • TsukiKageTora
    TsukiKageTora 6 days ago

    You serve Chef Ramsey a plate of food with inedible plastic and you have the halls to say “fuck him” when he catches you on it. No wonder your business is failing

  • Bill Lumbergh
    Bill Lumbergh 6 days ago

    Crap cake

  • Jack Alonzo
    Jack Alonzo 6 days ago

    That’s like only having milkshakes in kfc...

  • MokongX3M
    MokongX3M 9 days ago +1

    When the waiter introduced himself
    Waiter: My name is Colin
    Chef Ramsey: Farrell how are you

  • Kevin Daley
    Kevin Daley 9 days ago

    I’m a big fan of Eric he should go work at the French laundry he’s so talented

  • ItsBackPacker
    ItsBackPacker 10 days ago

    Chef:I dont have any plastic in my kitchen


    ARE U SHORE BOUT DAT.....🤓🤓😛😛😜😜😎😎🤣🤣😂😂

  • Minh Tran
    Minh Tran 10 days ago

    Love they fact that kids were able to cook better

  • AthenaTV
    AthenaTV 11 days ago

    Poor waiters

  • AthenaTV
    AthenaTV 11 days ago

    Only 2? In a non steakhouse there would be at least 5

  • vi rose
    vi rose 11 days ago

    i swear to god if gordon saw the camera man showing the plastic-

  • Erin Zabolotney
    Erin Zabolotney 11 days ago

    Not gonna lie that steak looked pretty good

  • John Hargett
    John Hargett 11 days ago +1

    Eric: I dont even have plastic in my kitchen
    Camera Man: Eric.... i am gonna end you

  • Sarah Nguyen
    Sarah Nguyen 13 days ago


  • joan's bbq and foot massage

    this is the stupid shit i would do😂

  • Overboost Garage
    Overboost Garage 15 days ago

    I like to think these aren’t staged

  • JoeyTheRedKangaroo
    JoeyTheRedKangaroo 16 days ago

    That lady was annoying. She blames everyone else but herself. And even contradicts herself.

    • J Buckets
      J Buckets 16 days ago

      That’s a woman for ya

  • Tori Payne
    Tori Payne 17 days ago +2

    Gordon gets crab cakes pretty much everywhere he goes
    And he almost never likes them

  • Dieznuts
    Dieznuts 17 days ago

    I know it's tv, but with this dude, if it white it should be black, if it's up it should be down... Overacting shit sucks. Some of these restaurants actually have great food, just bad management.

  • Notorious
    Notorious 18 days ago +1

    That lady looks like my math teacher, holy mackerel!

  • シロ
    シロ 18 days ago

    "Thats fuckin disgusting" 😂

  • HungryCowboy 2018
    HungryCowboy 2018 19 days ago

    Pathetic Joke

  • The Living Graveyard
    The Living Graveyard 19 days ago

    Chef: There's no plastic in this kitchen
    Me: 0:38 0:40 0:46 1:32 1:45 1:48 1:49 1:50 2:36 3:31

  • Riko Saikawa
    Riko Saikawa 22 days ago

    Owner drunk af

  • Tài Nguyễn
    Tài Nguyễn 24 days ago

    I don't even have plastic in my kitchen. Really dude!

  • TwiIsBest
    TwiIsBest 24 days ago

    fuck him? bruh you served him plastic

  • Jaxy
    Jaxy 25 days ago +1

    kitchen nightmares has the best sound effect to me >°

  • rawdog42
    rawdog42 26 days ago

    What's wrong with the water ?
    Too dry.

  • Hong Hui Ng
    Hong Hui Ng 27 days ago

    Should be called the two steaks house

  • asian boyjohn
    asian boyjohn 29 days ago +2

    Chef:I don't have even have any plastic in my kitchen

  • MartinMadrazo
    MartinMadrazo Month ago

    90% of Comments- Chef says he has no plastic.
    9% Stuff not talking about the plastic in the kitchen
    1% Mine

  • nowonmetube
    nowonmetube Month ago +2

    Gordon: "Show some attitude!"
    Woman: "We be absolutely no idea what we're doing here"
    Me: "That's the spirit!"

  • ????x ????x
    ????x ????x Month ago

    Its "steak house" not "house of steaks"

  • Dorkus Malorkus
    Dorkus Malorkus Month ago

    These shows are silly af lol everyone always talks tough but when the confrontation comes they back down

  • I like my kookies with a hint of Jinger

    “I don’t even have plastic in my kitchen”
    Camera crew: “hold my beer”

  • Pancake 52
    Pancake 52 Month ago

    Crab cakes are never a good idea.

  • Deadpool231
    Deadpool231 Month ago

    Pathetic joke shithouse

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Chef hands are dirty

  • Gina Rees
    Gina Rees Month ago

    well then it's not a steakhouse then 😂

  • Big Travis
    Big Travis Month ago

    Peter Luger- we only have 2 steaks on the menu and 4 total items
    Gordon- WTH man, you suck

  • ACDCmadman2002
    ACDCmadman2002 Month ago

    He does go a bit over the top tbh

  • RedstoneGuy929 Gaming

    If it’s not flavor it’s the menu

  • Ethan McLaughlin
    Ethan McLaughlin Month ago

    Do you ever think that Gordon fakes his reactions t

  • Daniel Durso
    Daniel Durso Month ago +6

    “I don’t have plastic in my kitchen”
    Camera man: *im about to ruin this whole mans career*

  • Dennis Evans
    Dennis Evans Month ago

    How could the steak be tough the knife cut it easily.

    • Goth Boi
      Goth Boi Month ago

      good eye man. ur right.

  • Mysteri0usChannel
    Mysteri0usChannel Month ago

    No Rumpsteak?! Wtf?! That's basically the most basic type of steak!

  • Colin M.
    Colin M. Month ago

    Is it just me or are the servers always the best people in there

  • Derrick Nichols
    Derrick Nichols Month ago

    Wonder what happened to the restaurant???

  • Emmeh Tehtem
    Emmeh Tehtem Month ago

    Me while eating my frozen Meal: HAVE SOME STANDARDS

  • Ben and Andy
    Ben and Andy Month ago

    I do love a plastic montage.

  • hanish singla
    hanish singla Month ago +14

    Ramsey: The food was shit
    Chef: I get a lot of compliments well
    Ramsey: A lot of compliments from where? The place is FUKKING empty
    Ramsay got no chill . . LOLOLOL

  • CSE Samoan Zeus
    CSE Samoan Zeus Month ago

    Bruh i swear everyone says our foods the best

  • SandboxArrow
    SandboxArrow Month ago +14

    Imagine being in a steakhouse with only 2 steaks...

  • Michael Walsh
    Michael Walsh Month ago

    I want Gordon to try mac Donald’s on camera😂😂😂😂🤣

  • All i want is A I D S.
    All i want is A I D S. Month ago +21

    1:47 *I don't even have plastic in my kitchen*

    GOEZ DYKA Month ago

    Andai kata juri di master chef dia.pasti semua pesertanya udah di gantung

  • Peng War
    Peng War Month ago +2

    "I get a lot of compliments"
    "From where, the place is fucken empty"

  • Peng War
    Peng War Month ago

    He orders crab cakes often

  • a e s t h e t i c b i s h


  • Elena
    Elena Month ago

    I dOnT eVeN hAvE pLaStIc In My KiTcHeN
    ... *shows a plastic factory inside the kitchen* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Xylarxcode
    Xylarxcode Month ago

    Anyone else notice that when the chef said that woman wasn't around all the time, she shifted the blame onto the owner, because he sat on a barstool watching TV all night long? Don't misunderstand me, the owner deserves that blame and should do something about that. But it was still a sneaky way for her to shift the spotlight onto someone else, probably because she knew she wouldn't come out well if it stayed on her. It's a trick children pull off on their parents. If they fucked up, but their brother or sister fucked up worse they point that out so that what they did doesn't look as bad by comparison, despite the fact that they still fucked up. Same principle here.

  • ruben guardado
    ruben guardado Month ago

    Guy looks like a fat john from Garfield. The owner who sits on his ass.

  • Jayy Dogg19
    Jayy Dogg19 Month ago

    What episode

  • yoongiholic
    yoongiholic Month ago

    *previously on kitchen nightmares*
    *whAt a shAMe*
    *goTTA geT soME FResh aIR*

  • First Video On Youtube

    Every kitchen nightmares episode
    1st part gordon chooses food part 2 gordon tastes it part 3 gordon enters the kitchen

  • David Mackeown
    David Mackeown Month ago

    These chefs are arrogant twats- Gordon is only trying to help. " Lot of complements "- from his head more like.

  • Chubby Burger
    Chubby Burger Month ago

    The bald man is too confident about his food. Just be humble

  • Parker Smith
    Parker Smith Month ago +3

    Chef: I dont have plastic in my kitchen..
    Camera Man: Hold my beer

  • Tristan Altar
    Tristan Altar Month ago +1

    Chef: If he says my food is bad, I'd probably throw it at him.
    Few minutes later..
    *inside chefs head: HORIIII SHITTTUU*

  • iCuber !
    iCuber ! Month ago +12

    “I don’t have any plastic in my kitchen.”

    • QBuild Pro
      QBuild Pro Month ago

      iCuber ! You stole purp’s comment. It is right above your comment

  • Holy water
    Holy water Month ago

    wHy aM I BEiNg SUgGesTeD aMy'S BAkErY aLl tHE tIMe?

  • Rin Takuda
    Rin Takuda Month ago

    1:08 “Wow! That’s fucking disgusting.”

  • Shannon Hughes
    Shannon Hughes Month ago +7

    Me: Ok
    Me: Disgusting

  • Baba_ Frisierberg
    Baba_ Frisierberg 2 months ago

    Wich episode and season is this

  • Baba_ Frisierberg
    Baba_ Frisierberg 2 months ago

    Its raaaaaaaaawwwwwww!!!!!!!!

  • SalX
    SalX 2 months ago +1

    the chef said I don't even have plastic in my kitchen
    And then a montage of plastic on food 😂

  • Dick Cheney
    Dick Cheney 2 months ago +2

    where did that plastic come from? probably from the ocean.

  • Eviscerate
    Eviscerate 2 months ago

    I dont have plastic in my kitchen :D!

  • Desirous
    Desirous 2 months ago

    I have a yee yee ass haircut

  • Mica Cook
    Mica Cook 2 months ago

    Nino would have taken pictures of him picking up the plastic.

  • A King
    A King 2 months ago

    Notice how owner never admits to Eating the food? Just that he thought his chefs cooking wasn't as bad as Ramsey's reported..

  • francisco Crisostomo
    francisco Crisostomo 2 months ago

    1:15 crap cakes?

  • RileyG 96 x
    RileyG 96 x 2 months ago

    Never heard him say "it's not bad"

  • Kingdom of Nerdz
    Kingdom of Nerdz 2 months ago

    I've found out why Gordon is so skinny. With how many bad restaurants he's gone to, he never eats anything.

  • Sam H
    Sam H 2 months ago

    Editing alone is the reason why this show is full of lies.

  • Christina Ho
    Christina Ho 2 months ago

    Is the food THAT bad, or is Gordon just a tough critic because he’s a top chef?

  • SeaDrown
    SeaDrown 2 months ago

    There is always the snitch that hates the food and everyone who works there xD

  • Richie Ponsford
    Richie Ponsford 2 months ago

    Chef has Dunning Kruger affect. Fucking useless.

  • obliterator deathcon 4
    obliterator deathcon 4 2 months ago

    LOL i got a gordon ramsay themed ad on a gordon ramsay subject vid

  • RajunCajun34
    RajunCajun34 2 months ago

    The blonde is such a dumb bitch.

  • Doge the loaf !
    Doge the loaf ! 2 months ago +58

    "I don't even have plastic in my kitchen"
    *camera man zooms in on all the plastic*

    Camera man: *ArE yOu SuRe AbOuT tHaT*