Can Oobleck Protect an iPhone 7 from 9 mm Handgun? (Ruger SR9C)

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  • Rhiley Sayers
    Rhiley Sayers 2 days ago

    U shot it too high

  • PgoVlogz
    PgoVlogz 3 days ago

    He looks like BenTimm1

  • Dale Richards
    Dale Richards 3 days ago

    Hey my birthday is on Christmas Day it is and you have a happy Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate yeah yeah yeah

  • addison parker
    addison parker 6 days ago

    he shot 9mm from like 5 feet away of the iPhone that's stupid don't you think

  • Mortalkombat 44
    Mortalkombat 44 7 days ago

    How the heck do you and techrax afford all of these phones

  • NikPlayz322 •
    NikPlayz322 • 7 days ago

    You can use flour instead of the corn whatever...and you don't need food coloring

  • Gifford Esber Jr.
    Gifford Esber Jr. 7 days ago

    Nextime please try can an Oobleck protect my head from an Armalite? I assure youll have a 10million viewers on a single day

  • JasonIsBored7
    JasonIsBored7 14 days ago

    Can shrek’s explosive diarrhea save an iPhone 7 from a 0.3 inch drop?
    *yes it will, because shrek’s diarrhea can clog any toilet. And I mean ANY TOILET.*

  • Isaac Maldonado
    Isaac Maldonado 14 days ago

    Is Oobleck etable

  • Kennedy Endress
    Kennedy Endress 14 days ago

    Me: it will protect it

  • Chris Delgado
    Chris Delgado 15 days ago +1

    R.I.P iPhone 7

  • Ashlynn LaBreck
    Ashlynn LaBreck 17 days ago

    Would two bags of Oobleck

  • Ng Pak Hei 1718
    Ng Pak Hei 1718 19 days ago

    good job GizmoSlip !!!

  • redevil 17
    redevil 17 23 days ago

    What if you sink into oobleck? How do you get out?

  • Vicenzo Aviand Tjahya
    Vicenzo Aviand Tjahya 23 days ago

    2:37 is what you want in this video

  • Daniel Daniel
    Daniel Daniel 23 days ago

    F**k you Brandon

  • Camo fox
    Camo fox 23 days ago

    That was way to close of course it did not survive

  • emoji girl 555777999
    emoji girl 555777999 27 days ago


  • emoji girl 555777999
    emoji girl 555777999 27 days ago

    Whos watching this in 2027

  • snoop sponge
    snoop sponge 28 days ago

    You should see if a iPhone can survive in a balloon

  • Des Minshall
    Des Minshall 28 days ago


  • Mesha Randle
    Mesha Randle 28 days ago

    I want one😎

  • gabrielle horror
    gabrielle horror 29 days ago

    Love your vids your awsome can I win one pls

  • Santosh Prajapat
    Santosh Prajapat Month ago


  • Alex fan
    Alex fan Month ago

    Can slime protect a phone?

  • Alex fan
    Alex fan Month ago

    Can slime do that???

  • عثمان الحصري

    1:34 the obleck bro

  • Brelynn Odom
    Brelynn Odom Month ago

    This is so cool but very dangerous

  • Lisa Spruhan
    Lisa Spruhan Month ago

    Can you get me an I phone 8

  • Fatima Amir Azim
    Fatima Amir Azim Month ago

    Aww I was wrong

  • Fatima Amir Azim
    Fatima Amir Azim Month ago

    I think it is going to work

  • True Patriot
    True Patriot Month ago

    Did he not have ear protection when shooting??! 🤦‍♂️

  • Nadelie Rushing
    Nadelie Rushing Month ago

    At 1:35 pause and looks like a pair buttcheeks

  • Shivam Goyal
    Shivam Goyal Month ago

    U are the best gizmoslip....
    I can't stop watching your videos

  • ungodlyknight25 aka GEORGE

    Next time use a 22. The results will be different.

  • ToffeeFruit
    ToffeeFruit Month ago

    Gizmo deserves 10 Million more subs. Like if agree.

  • Kit Rocks
    Kit Rocks Month ago

    By the way everybody who said no it’s completely destroyed I won hundred percent guarantee you that they waited until the end of video to put their vote in because that’s just how people are heck person reading this comment I bet that’s what you just did

  • girl power1743
    girl power1743 Month ago +1

    i love ir channel

  • Gamer Tv
    Gamer Tv Month ago

    Congratulations you destroyed your I phone GREAT!

  • Xrez
    Xrez Month ago

    How does this help me? Who in the world lays his iPhone 7 in that blue stuff and then a thief comes and shoots the blue. I mean what? It's the views I promise

  • Alexander Seraphin
    Alexander Seraphin Month ago

    It a goner

  • Willie Wilson
    Willie Wilson Month ago

    I need some Christmas stuff

  • hector arias
    hector arias Month ago +1

    Stop the video at 2:24and look at his face

  • Anthony Woolfe
    Anthony Woolfe Month ago

    Can you do that to a sony xperia z5

  • chris Henry
    chris Henry Month ago


  • Caleb Daniels
    Caleb Daniels Month ago

    the giveaway

  • Caleb Daniels
    Caleb Daniels Month ago

    i want the iphone x your so awesome

  • Alex Dontel
    Alex Dontel Month ago

    What Did you think

  • Tyron1212
    Tyron1212 Month ago

    I bet his fingers as freezing

  • lil beast Dodd
    lil beast Dodd 2 months ago

    I hate cornstarch

  • NITWOX 999
    NITWOX 999 2 months ago

    whattttt its crazy

  • JoseLozano16
    JoseLozano16 2 months ago

    this is like clickbait basically because we didnt even get to see the impact

  • King Mojo
    King Mojo 2 months ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The moment your looking for is at 4:29

  • Downie Tuesday’s
    Downie Tuesday’s 2 months ago

    Pause 1:35 🍑

  • Weeaboo
    Weeaboo 2 months ago

    wtf thats not fair, if the iphone was in the bottom of a small plastic tub filled with oobleck, it would protect it most likely

  • Jason Bergener
    Jason Bergener 2 months ago

    That's cause you used a weak plastic bag to contain the obleck. You need a material that can handle the pressure change when the obleck expands from the impact. I assume if the bag was able to contain such a pressure change it wouldn't have displaced so much of the obleck and allowed the projectile to pass through.

  • dare bro
    dare bro 2 months ago

    it was satisfying

  • Sox Fans 21
    Sox Fans 21 2 months ago

    See if ooblek can protect an iPhone from a one hundred foot drop

  • Rory Wilson
    Rory Wilson 2 months ago

    Floor friend generation gxmdsza port integration appropriate solid glass conservative free.

  • Afiqah Al Ariff My
    Afiqah Al Ariff My 2 months ago

    Fuck you Grandma!

  • Afiqah Al Ariff My
    Afiqah Al Ariff My 2 months ago

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  • Afiqah Al Ariff My
    Afiqah Al Ariff My 2 months ago

    Gizmoslip Is Butt

  • Afiqah Al Ariff My
    Afiqah Al Ariff My 2 months ago

    Gizmoslip Is very very Stupid!

  • Afiqah Al Ariff My
    Afiqah Al Ariff My 2 months ago

    Gizmoslip Is Crazzy

  • Afiqah Al Ariff My
    Afiqah Al Ariff My 2 months ago

    You us Shit!

  • Tanner pippins Titanic
    Tanner pippins Titanic 2 months ago


  • Nathaniel Sotomayor
    Nathaniel Sotomayor 2 months ago

    nope not a chance

  • Kyle Ernst
    Kyle Ernst 2 months ago


  • kabbodontbeafraid
    kabbodontbeafraid 2 months ago

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  • Neeruja Guna
    Neeruja Guna 3 months ago

    What the hell gizmo for 10 million pound

  • Skylar_and_Penny 898
    Skylar_and_Penny 898 3 months ago +2

    2:39 they are about to shoot it

  • AGvendetta
    AGvendetta 3 months ago

    I so subscribing

  • AGvendetta
    AGvendetta 3 months ago


  • Viey Unsin
    Viey Unsin 3 months ago

    it dosent mater if how solid it is its the deribility

  • Conquer Guessing
    Conquer Guessing 3 months ago

    man cool stuff

  • lin Erik
    lin Erik 3 months ago +1

    Cool video dude and you are very close to 3 million subscribers

  • shaw leesho123
    shaw leesho123 3 months ago

    He talks waaay to much :/

  • ben ellis
    ben ellis 3 months ago


  • SlashCraft Gaming
    SlashCraft Gaming 3 months ago

    Is he retarded you need eye and ear protection

  • Jahlil Hardaway
    Jahlil Hardaway 3 months ago

    I love you

  • Nachoplayzroblox 1243
    Nachoplayzroblox 1243 3 months ago

    Did you lose weight or is it just my eyes

  • Logang4 Life
    Logang4 Life 3 months ago

    I shot a sniper

  • Dudesick 57
    Dudesick 57 3 months ago


  • Gaming for Rhys
    Gaming for Rhys 3 months ago

    I'm so disappointed that you lost the slo-mo, that's my favourite part of the video

  • Caleb Freitag
    Caleb Freitag 4 months ago

    Do this again but with a thicker bag of the oblec

  • Carter Janik
    Carter Janik 4 months ago

    I don’t get the whole weight-loss thing, but WHAT?!?!?! You should’ve smartened up when trying to save the first half of the stop-motion clip!

  • arron blinn
    arron blinn 4 months ago

    your nuts if you think Oobleck will protect that iphone think again stupid

  • Gang Gang
    Gang Gang 4 months ago

    Putting slime around the school and shooting it!

  • Madison Hogue
    Madison Hogue 4 months ago

    Why didn't he put the food coloring in the water

  • Alphabetical Order
    Alphabetical Order 4 months ago

    Once my friend made oobleck and she told me to punch it and I punched hard expecting it to splash her (she didn't tell me what it was) and I ended up splitting my knuckle for the second time.

  • xXlDark VoidlXx
    xXlDark VoidlXx 4 months ago +1

    Oobleck is for melee protection, first layer of armour, bullet proof, Kevlar mesh, oobleck layer, kevlar mesh, chain mesh, and make the ultimate armour .

  • silly funfair
    silly funfair 5 months ago +1

    me: starts to watch vid
    edit :CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!
    edit :no

  • jayden jd
    jayden jd 5 months ago

    if there was no bag it would of sivived

  • Alexball08 Games
    Alexball08 Games 5 months ago

    i hope you can make better videos with not destroying phones also dont be sad when u hav no money

  • It's ya Boi joseph
    It's ya Boi joseph 5 months ago

    Try a less powerfull gun like a airpistol or a airsoft

  • f*cking funny.
    f*cking funny. 5 months ago

    I challenge the iphone 7 jet black to cover in 1pound of play doh and drop it on 100 feet.please accept it.
    Thank you.

  • Slyganator05
    Slyganator05 5 months ago


  • Rob Sadler
    Rob Sadler 5 months ago

    No eye or ear protection. Thumbs down for this silly American.

  • Cade Conrad
    Cade Conrad 5 months ago