50 People Try to Dice An Onion | Epicurious

  • Published on Mar 13, 2018
  • Not too many layers to peel back here! Watch, as fifty people trade their fears for tears (in the good way?), and learn the best way to attack the imposing allium. The real trick, though, is to remain emotionally distant from your onions next time you cook.

    Easier said than done...

    Watch as 50 people try to peel, cut, chop and dice onions.
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    50 People Try to Dice An Onion | Epicurious
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  • glubb check
    glubb check 9 hours ago

    well atleast they didnt do THAT bad

  • Dimes R F Tu
    Dimes R F Tu 9 hours ago

    I never cry cutting onions and always wonder why people actually cry

  • HardBruno
    HardBruno Day ago

    0:09 How adorable this sound was, poor lady jkk

  • yellow diamond 2

    0:38 im dead😂😂😂

  • A Majestic Goose
    A Majestic Goose 2 days ago

    Wtf is wrong with these people

  • abbie’s life
    abbie’s life 5 days ago

    i’m noticing i’m way more advanced in cooking at 14 then most of these people in their 20’s are 😂

  • littleyuribigviktor
    littleyuribigviktor 5 days ago

    I've never seen my mom cry because of onions, lmao.

  • #UnicornBae
    #UnicornBae 6 days ago

    This is so sad. I have been cutting and fixing onions since I was 11.

  • Adriana Flores
    Adriana Flores 6 days ago

    1:02 made me feel as if I was cutting onions too , my eyes started to water

  • العنود محمد

    Some of them are a bit extra

  • Sophia Tiu
    Sophia Tiu 8 days ago

    I’m 11 and I could easily beat all of these ADULTS in these videos😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jayda Guy
    Jayda Guy 9 days ago

    "Yea I'm not really good with onions"
    Me: or anything

  • Noah T
    Noah T 10 days ago

    Bruh the chef was doing it the hard way

  • Darren Djaya
    Darren Djaya 10 days ago

    the dude in 1:15 just knew everything!!! watch the others video in this series. im watching him and think like "who the f*ck is this guy?!"

  • Unicorn 321
    Unicorn 321 10 days ago

    I'm a child and I know how to dice an onion

  • Brandon Runcie
    Brandon Runcie 11 days ago

    jesus, did they never have cooking class/ home economics in high school that was mandatory

  • Flex Shark
    Flex Shark 11 days ago

    You just slap it down and it is good lol

  • Dakila Lozano
    Dakila Lozano 11 days ago

    i guess this is what they call a first world problem
    every guy i know can at least chop an onion even if they don't know how to cook
    since childhood chores include helping in prepping the ingredients to be cooked

    ELI EZRA TOLO 11 days ago

    If Maui and Ice Cube made a kid. 😂

  • Mandy
    Mandy 12 days ago

    0:39 Is that a frickin butter knife?!?!?!

  • BlueVeroni
    BlueVeroni 14 days ago

    3:11 😂😂

  • anto
    anto 14 days ago

    seeing the first ten people chop off the root. :’( it legit broke not only my heart but also my tear ducts

  • Rob Mcmaster
    Rob Mcmaster 14 days ago

    I would have thrown the chefs dice in the bin that was a ruff dice

  • Taqqee Maudhoo
    Taqqee Maudhoo 15 days ago

    Looking at his fingers while handling the knife makes me wonder what kind of a good chef he is

  • Jade XII  Azuma  Navas
    Jade XII Azuma Navas 15 days ago

    3:10 😂😂😂

  • Allison Withee
    Allison Withee 16 days ago

    “I don’t like onions”
    Me: it’s used in many things but can’t be seen so you do eat them, like when you bake chicken u put in the pan. Also ok how to dice it and I’m 12 xD.

  • Aldrich Ibia
    Aldrich Ibia 17 days ago

    Yo the way the chef cuts it is so complicated

  • Aldrich Ibia
    Aldrich Ibia 17 days ago

    I love ONIONS!!!😍😍😍

  • Jite Okiti
    Jite Okiti 18 days ago

    The girl at the end is so me

  • dustin skeets
    dustin skeets 19 days ago

    Some of these people make me nervous watching them with a knife 😬😬

  • Tuni Toilolo
    Tuni Toilolo 19 days ago

    Watching some of the people cut onions made me cringe lol like you never cooked onions before?

  • Gabe IsShookToDeath
    Gabe IsShookToDeath 20 days ago

    "yeah, I'm not good at onion"
    Dude you're not good at anything

  • Seen Waddy
    Seen Waddy 20 days ago

    0:53 when in doubt....just slap your knife against the board

  • Inainis
    Inainis 20 days ago

    this is painful to watch

  • ML BB
    ML BB 20 days ago

    Me and the chef cuts onions the same way... Oh damn

  • Luscious Angel
    Luscious Angel 20 days ago +1

    I will say that it's not hard to cut an onion when you have a sharp knife.
    If the knife is dull, it makes it worse.

  • Jakub_drank_Bleach
    Jakub_drank_Bleach 21 day ago

    If you cant dice an onion then you can't really cook

  • Kates Background World

    I love how around so happy and then... 3:10

  • So what
    So what 22 days ago +1

    The professional chef didn´t do it quite perfect either. He should have rested the knife on his knuckles when slicing the onion to prevent injuries.

  • Jimena Reyes
    Jimena Reyes 23 days ago

    Tbh my dad cuts the onion better than the chef hahahahahaha #mexicanlife

  • Jimena Reyes
    Jimena Reyes 23 days ago

    I’m 12 and I know how to cut onion better than them for my freakin menudo

  • Yoshiro
    Yoshiro 23 days ago

    Are they paid for beeing stupid as fuk?

  • Galaxer i mina braxer
    Galaxer i mina braxer 24 days ago

    Can I be on this show already? I know everythinggggg

  • apenguinnamedabraham
    apenguinnamedabraham 24 days ago

    This series just makes me feel better about my mediocre cooking skills

  • Danica Templeton
    Danica Templeton 24 days ago

    For anyone who cries cutting onions: Keep your face back when you cut. Putting your face close to the onion is how you get a face full of tear-inducing fumes

  • Døvahmøn
    Døvahmøn 25 days ago

    I watch these videos so I feel less stupid....

  • yoongiaf
    yoongiaf 25 days ago

    this chef dude uses some methods ive never seen before

  • clickbait–
    clickbait– 25 days ago

    it’s onion people, how much knowledge do y’all lack jfc.

  • Fabulous Cthulhu
    Fabulous Cthulhu 26 days ago

    "Just buy frozen"
    No that completely takes all the flavor out

  • snaPS _33
    snaPS _33 26 days ago

    This is really sad. The fact that some don’t know how to cut shows they don’t cook. I don’t see no shame in that bc then you will just buy the stuff precut. Still I say it’s a good skill to have.

  • Dominique
    Dominique 26 days ago

    I hope they dont waste all this food

  • Motley Stew
    Motley Stew 27 days ago +1

    Butter knife.

  • bovko
    bovko 27 days ago

    Two tips for the chef himself:
    Tip #1Cut the onion's stem off first. That way you save yourself 1 cut in total - you remove it on one go instead of twice for each half.
    Sounds trivial, but when you cut hundreds of them, it adds up.
    Tip #2 It's a santoku, not a chef's knife. Google it.

  • idkhowto pronouncehername

    Try to stick your tongue out while cutting it. The onion triggers the first thing on your face with liquids. Hiii Kwisteen ( Mcatee )

  • Analisse Siler
    Analisse Siler 27 days ago

    Am I the only one wanting to know what they did with all of the onions

  • Nigel Mulliniz
    Nigel Mulliniz 27 days ago

    Y'all don't cut the root please ;; not unless you have titanium eyes

  • Lee Stringfield
    Lee Stringfield 27 days ago

    I was so stressed in the beginning. Some of those people have no business holding a knife

  • SignatureSaqib
    SignatureSaqib 28 days ago

    Anyone know the girls in the thumbnail instagram?? I need it to send a proposal! Please help😊

  • General Caos
    General Caos 28 days ago

    Chew bubble gum it helps

  • Geralt of Rivia
    Geralt of Rivia 29 days ago

    Ciri is that you?

  • Zihui Qiu
    Zihui Qiu Month ago

    1:36 That guy is the know it all of this show.

  • TomatoIceCream Xavier

    “Just buy it frozen” wait you can buy frozen onions?

  • victor jarlund
    victor jarlund Month ago

    This is so fakkkkeeee

  • Ghina K
    Ghina K Month ago

    0.53 !!!!! I really want to know his ig or twitter!!😁😉😩

  • Eitan Pery
    Eitan Pery Month ago +1

    Cutting onions with a Mezzaluna o-o 0:53

  • Oxibase
    Oxibase Month ago

    Many of these people really shouldn’t have a knife in their hand.

  • Andrew Rothman
    Andrew Rothman Month ago

    Light a candle while cutting onions and they won’t make you cry. The candle warms the air and causes the gasses coming off the onion to rise up fast instead of lingering in your face.

  • Vigil Main
    Vigil Main Month ago

    Chew gum when cutting the mint smell stops the tears people

  • Often Upset
    Often Upset Month ago

    My eyes are burning now

  • C Silva27
    C Silva27 Month ago

    Buy some frozen?????? Wtf lmao

  • Z.M
    Z.M Month ago

    I watch this channel everytime I need to pump my self up and be angry.

  • Anna Gump
    Anna Gump Month ago

    This just further solidifies my belief that we *need* to bring back home economics in school so people can learn how to take care of themselves and do simple tasks - like cut an onion...

  • Crispy C
    Crispy C Month ago

    These people can’t cut a damn onion holy 😱

  • Jake Boul
    Jake Boul Month ago

    On 3.11 that is so funny😂😂🤣🤣

    DIM GAMING Month ago

    Onions are one of my favorite foods. How do you dumb fucks not know how to dice it.

  • Lucasaurous Rex
    Lucasaurous Rex Month ago

    The trick to not crying when cutting onions is to not name them

  • Tiffany Gao
    Tiffany Gao Month ago

    The woman’s accent at the beginning 😩😩💦💦

  • Yonna White
    Yonna White Month ago

    idek why i started tearing up also lol!

  • Olivia Walker
    Olivia Walker Month ago

    Please do 50 people try to shape an ice cream quenelle

  • *John Smith*
    *John Smith* Month ago

    0:37 she literally does that every video

  • Brittney Klemme
    Brittney Klemme Month ago

    You don't actually have to cut the onion horizontally. Since they already have natural layers, just make vertical cuts, and the dice it.

  • Camila Mellado
    Camila Mellado Month ago

    1:09 watch your fingers dammit

  • Naseeba Chi
    Naseeba Chi Month ago

    50 people try to hold a spoon

    50 people try to BREATH

  • Elsa vmi
    Elsa vmi Month ago

    Some of these people are like 20 years older than me , yet even i know how to chop an onion😐but they dont👏

  • venz baltores
    venz baltores Month ago

    Who tf would buy frozen onions? Are there?

  • LNxTCB
    LNxTCB Month ago +17

    1:08 - Homegirl tryna dice onions with her eyes closed, haha. You gon’ learn when that finger comes off. 😂

    • Kamryn Lewis
      Kamryn Lewis 19 days ago +1

      LNxTCB she also was using a butter knive

  • Amanda P
    Amanda P Month ago

    0:25 and that's how David lost his finger.

  • Twin Travels
    Twin Travels Month ago

    I am twelve and i am almost crying while watching this

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki Month ago

    How the heck can i women not know how to dice onions

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki Month ago

    I can dice onions in 30 secs and im 15 and i do it to fast so i don’t cry

  • Rumero
    Rumero Month ago

    just watching this video made me cry

  • awesome gamer boy lol

    This vid had me crying

  • awesome gamer boy lol

    This vid had me crying

  • Gks JSj
    Gks JSj Month ago

    Wow people are stupid

  • Rusho Khan
    Rusho Khan Month ago +2

    I think they are trying to make us feel better of ourselves

  • Stanley Shunpike
    Stanley Shunpike Month ago

    They have no idea that cutting shallots is much worse than cutting onions

  • ell a
    ell a Month ago

    i have never seen someone like the cook cutting an onion like that hahahaha what

  • Nevaeh Williams
    Nevaeh Williams Month ago +1

    Me: * Gets to the "right" way to cut it

  • andrew perez
    andrew perez Month ago

    That blonde girl awe 😂😂

  • Monica P
    Monica P Month ago

    Was she proud crying like that? Ugh