50 People Try to Dice An Onion | Epicurious

  • Published on Mar 13, 2018
  • Not too many layers to peel back here! Watch, as fifty people trade their fears for tears (in the good way?), and learn the best way to attack the imposing allium. The real trick, though, is to remain emotionally distant from your onions next time you cook.

    Easier said than done...

    Watch as 50 people try to peel, cut, chop and dice onions.
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    50 People Try to Dice An Onion | Epicurious
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  • Blinking Sue
    Blinking Sue Day ago

    "Yeah, I'm not really good with onions" dude you're literally bad at everything, just stay away from the kitchen😂😂

  • MD89
    MD89 Day ago

    1:27 this idiot here i'm just waiting for him to cut his hand, really does no one know how to use a knife

  • sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst

    That Ethiopian looking fuckwad always looks like he's never done anything himself before in his life

  • ilias laachir
    ilias laachir Day ago

    0:28 this guy always kills me

  • Jess.ka
    Jess.ka Day ago

    This whole series is just '50 people who make me feel like a genius'.

  • Naeem
    Naeem Day ago

    how ridiculous, i’m 14 and i can even cut an onion

  • hellan lettas
    hellan lettas Day ago

    my eyes are wetting of just watching this

  • headcrap300
    headcrap300 Day ago

    just use a match, pin near your eyes and you'll never get cry. (this is real magic)

  • Juall Kishhore
    Juall Kishhore Day ago

    The African dressed guy is abomination to human society. He needs to start over his life. I Know I'm harsh on him but seriously.

  • Haileyyy
    Haileyyy Day ago +1

    The chef annoys me. He reminds me of a guy who would be super full of himself

  • Mandy Bizaillion

    Remember when shopping the flatter the onion the sweeter!

  • Leaky Predator
    Leaky Predator Day ago

    Robert Ramsey is from that one episode of The F word

  • Kirby Brown
    Kirby Brown Day ago

    I never cry when cutting onions am I weird?

  • Kimmy Jordan
    Kimmy Jordan 2 days ago

    Just me or I feel like the second group has somewhat of a clue what their doing

  • I-Trashcan't
    I-Trashcan't 2 days ago


  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones 2 days ago


  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever 2 days ago

    0:29 boy you good at nothing

  • Tekatoki 87878
    Tekatoki 87878 2 days ago

    *The human that buys his food will live less that the human that produces his food*

    So do you want to live longer but with work or live less with no work?

  • Turquoise_Blue
    Turquoise_Blue 2 days ago

    The girl... With blondish hair... Just.. Wow...
    "just buy them frozen"

  • Nana 2001
    Nana 2001 2 days ago


  • Kurrency
    Kurrency 2 days ago

    this is ridiculous

  • Nicole Lopez
    Nicole Lopez 2 days ago

    "yeah, I'm not really good at onions" - the guy who literally can't do anything

  • Daniel Zhu
    Daniel Zhu 2 days ago

    I thought if you don’t break the root, then the onion won’t bleed and so you don’t cry

  • Philipp Christmann
    Philipp Christmann 3 days ago

    Frozen chopped onions? Pre-shaved carrots? WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICAN STORES?

    • Tams1978
      Tams1978 20 hours ago +1

      Philipp Christmann I’m American and I’ve never seen those in any of the stores I’ve gone to.

  • Daniel Houck
    Daniel Houck 3 days ago

    You didn't provide them with goggles or cooking ventilation?

  • Andric Sajeev
    Andric Sajeev 3 days ago

    The video should be renamed to 50 brain dead people trying to dice onions

  • Sheep Tea
    Sheep Tea 3 days ago

    Thank gosh they knew what it was

  • Special Fruit
    Special Fruit 4 days ago

    Your not good !!!!!in everything the one who always say i not really good at bla bla bla...

    TRASHoftheTITANS 4 days ago

    I never understand why so many chefs still advocate making horizontal cuts. It's totally unnecessary, onions have layers

  • Kirsten Michaelson
    Kirsten Michaelson 5 days ago

    Are they really about to let these people cut their fingers off?

  • Jordan Brown
    Jordan Brown 5 days ago

    How... do people not know how to do the things in these '50 people try' videos? Are they real people? I didn't even know that frozen diced onion was a thing!

  • priest
    priest 6 days ago


  • priest
    priest 6 days ago


  • Anna Petrou
    Anna Petrou 6 days ago

    Watched this intentionally to anger myself, I wasn't disappointed

  • Shai Golan
    Shai Golan 6 days ago

    0:52 is that guy capable of ANYTHING?

  • prodevel
    prodevel 6 days ago

    Chef Instructor wasn't all that pro, either.

  • Réka Sápi
    Réka Sápi 7 days ago

    This show is so weird to watch. In my country everyone knows how to cook this basic, even little kids know how to make scrambled eggs and stuff like this. And to see old women having no clue how to cut a fricking onion makes me so dissapointed in America, and the grey haired girl who says just buy the frozen onions.. wake up americans, and dont be this lazy and irritated about actually cooking something

  • Sayo_Heart
    Sayo_Heart 7 days ago

    These videos somehow turned from entertaining and a little educational to being the subject of a hateful comment section. Give the people in the videos a break.

  • autumn
    autumn 7 days ago

    Out of all these comments I haven't seen one about the girl using a butter knife to cut the onion.

  • OnlyBlix
    OnlyBlix 8 days ago

    Oh my lord, stop giving these people knives and cleavers before you end up getting sued. And no, having them sign a little waiver does not protect you from jack.

  • MrsDevil4Ever
    MrsDevil4Ever 9 days ago

    I feel like the people at the beginning don't really know how knives work

  • Pyara Singh
    Pyara Singh 9 days ago

    Here is a trick

    Read more

  • Alex Kantor
    Alex Kantor 9 days ago

    YES! I saw good knife skills! The man holding the onion with his knuckles forward, good on you

  • Melanie Gacha
    Melanie Gacha 10 days ago

    Don't worry people, Epicurious always put *smart* people last

  • Meme Man
    Meme Man 11 days ago

    Where the hell do they find half these incels

  • Teodor Ängerek
    Teodor Ängerek 12 days ago +1

    Am i a Talanted 13 year old boy from sweden or are thes people idiots

  • piiz Pooz
    piiz Pooz 14 days ago

    Jesus how are these still alive after using the knife like that?!

  • Brayden Justice
    Brayden Justice 14 days ago

    The chefs last name is Ramsey

  • Patience Wallace
    Patience Wallace 15 days ago

    these people physically hurt me

  • Joedrine Saragle
    Joedrine Saragle 16 days ago

    Still another vid with CURIOUS people living under a rock😂😇

  • Anh Tran
    Anh Tran 16 days ago

    It’s always a relief seeing that nicely dressed gentlemen at 1:16

  • Christopher Weir
    Christopher Weir 17 days ago

    I don't even eat onion and I know how to do this ffs

  • MrBeanMasterTed
    MrBeanMasterTed 19 days ago

    You never cut the top and bottom off the onion because if you do, it will make your eyes water up and cry

  • ameer adel
    ameer adel 20 days ago

    i am that white hair lady.

  • Dennis Mathenge
    Dennis Mathenge 20 days ago

    0:28 Yeah, u ain't good with anything bruh...

  • Fried Egg
    Fried Egg 21 day ago

    Just buy frozen onions???? Wtf woman, no

  • Maggie T.
    Maggie T. 21 day ago

    "yeah, I'm not really good with onions"

  • Chloe Anne Rei Lingad

    To not cry, make sure to wash it with tap water after cutting in half... Got the idea from my dad

  • Kate Wood
    Kate Wood 22 days ago

    Before I watched this video, I thought I was kinda bad at cutting onions. Turns out, nope, nope, I'm an onion cutting genius next to some of these people.

  • Óran Ó’Hanracáin
    Óran Ó’Hanracáin 23 days ago

    Hey the song they were using is the Munster rugby song

  • Isbah Iqbal
    Isbah Iqbal 23 days ago

    If you don't know how to cut onions. You don't know how to cook. End of discussion

  • BookWorm
    BookWorm 23 days ago

    1:59 lol NAMJOON

  • Picalbuck
    Picalbuck 23 days ago

    I love to see people cry

  • Bri A.
    Bri A. 23 days ago

    3:10 I'm going to hell for laughing so hard at her. Poor baby! 😂

  • paula98sony
    paula98sony 23 days ago

    Some if this people should be keep away from the kichen, they are a danger to their selfs OmG

    GRIM'S CHANNEL 23 days ago +1


  • GeniusSloth
    GeniusSloth 24 days ago

    "tears are just reaching my eyes"

  • Djxkoxx F
    Djxkoxx F 24 days ago

    Why do the producers love the black dude in the green shirt with the snappy remarks so much??

  • MissAquaGamer
    MissAquaGamer 25 days ago

    I love that they laugh at them sometimes 😂

  • MissAquaGamer
    MissAquaGamer 25 days ago

    The first woman is a classic beauty and that accent. Omg 😍

  • Logan Paul Vloogs
    Logan Paul Vloogs 25 days ago

    Lol it’s slice

  • Laura Leiva
    Laura Leiva 25 days ago

    0:27 guy... He's just not good with any single thing they put him to do

  • SeaWolf
    SeaWolf 26 days ago

    You meant 50 morons

  • LuckyAsianBoi Yeeters
    LuckyAsianBoi Yeeters 26 days ago

    At least they show the good ones at the ends

  • Kylie Tran
    Kylie Tran 26 days ago

    I'm crying.. About how people are mean in the comments ;-;. Tf why you here?

  • Mewkityy
    Mewkityy 28 days ago

    I've been watching the videos backwards and
    I take back what i said about relating to them abouy this being hard, just for this one

  • Distrak
    Distrak 29 days ago

    They shouldn't cut that part lol

  • gldn sn
    gldn sn 29 days ago

    That guy even use a mezzaluna

  • PurplePanda
    PurplePanda 29 days ago

    3:10 😂😂

  • Michael Bishop
    Michael Bishop Month ago

    They didn't even cut off the top. They cut half the onion off.

  • Berkmea Boldhobson
    Berkmea Boldhobson Month ago

    lord almighty, what a cutie :O

  • 몬베베 X
    몬베베 X Month ago

    *Namjoon war flashbacks*

  • Fr3ddyxc
    Fr3ddyxc Month ago

    i was scared that they would blow their fingers off, given that they cant cut oniones , give emm plastic knives please

  • allnamesaretakenb4
    allnamesaretakenb4 Month ago

    This is just sad

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B Month ago

    American slogan: "1:06"

  • just ignore me
    just ignore me Month ago

    Elah. Bule lebay. Lebih perih bawang merah

  • Diego Vera
    Diego Vera Month ago

    She cuts horribly but I'm in love with the white hair girl

  • Diego Vera
    Diego Vera Month ago

    You know the game it's on when the blue shirted 50 year old guy appears

  • Vu n qian n
    Vu n qian n Month ago

    Young people i can see why... but some older women i thought they would know how lol

  • bluzer awesome
    bluzer awesome Month ago

    Like he said
    Get the sharpest knife
    The girl used a butter knife
    Them juices got into her eyes

  • Madison Tremblay
    Madison Tremblay Month ago

    I’m 100% sure they are acting !! Like how people can be soo dumb?

  • Kauwinka-San
    Kauwinka-San Month ago

    Namjoon is still better

  • Aeris Reyha
    Aeris Reyha Month ago

    After watching several episode of people try, there is a question in my mind... Are american can't cook? Or are they always buy their (instant) foods, don't cook by themself...?
    *I say instant because you don't do the process by yourself..

  • jmk
    jmk Month ago

    we just gonna ignore the guy who tried to cut an onion with a butter knife?

  • delanea no vids
    delanea no vids Month ago

    Okay im 11 and i know how to slice an onion and some of them are old and they dont know how to

  • Miia -
    Miia - Month ago

    Because the frozen ones taste like onionwater

  • ILC X
    ILC X Month ago

    My eyes are watering just watching this

  • jigpy 1
    jigpy 1 Month ago

    (Cut the top, i dont got time for that) -sassy black lady

  • Ryan Dan
    Ryan Dan Month ago

    1:04 whats her insta jeez she h0t