Gordon Ramsay Judges Steaks Cooked By NBA Legends Shawn Marion & Caron Butler! | Raising the Steaks

  • Published on Jan 15, 2019
  • With a little help from Jamie Redknapp and the Savoy Hotel in London, Gordon surprises ex-NBA stars Shawn Marion and Caron Butler to judge their attempts at a perfectly cooked steak. Who will be victorious!?
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  • John Smith
    John Smith 16 hours ago

    How is Gordon Ramsays channel not verified

  • Daze Over
    Daze Over 5 days ago

    harder than basketball ?
    ahh yeah it is
    the way u 2 were playing i belive you .

  • CiXco
    CiXco 8 days ago

    “ that’s a 3 pointer “

  • J Ander
    J Ander 10 days ago

    Legends ??

  • Jamie Plimmer
    Jamie Plimmer 12 days ago

    Gordon away days s.i

  • Hard Man
    Hard Man 12 days ago

    Salute Dallas Champions

  • josh lomax
    josh lomax 13 days ago

    Chav Ramsay.

  • Wife BeatsVeVo
    Wife BeatsVeVo 16 days ago

    Anybody remember his booty ass jump shot in 2k😂

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 17 days ago

    Gordon has looked 45 for 20 years

  • Jah Moneyy
    Jah Moneyy 19 days ago

    Shawn Marion And Caron Butler ain’t no NBA Legends

    • Tyler
      Tyler 17 days ago

      Jah Moneyy put some respect on NBA champions

  • EaST CoAsT MaCHete
    EaST CoAsT MaCHete 19 days ago

    That's cool

  • hamza shami
    hamza shami 19 days ago

    "Legends" is a strong word for roll playere

  • xXMrHeRoXx X
    xXMrHeRoXx X 19 days ago

    Do u guys know who won?

  • fuck borris
    fuck borris 19 days ago

    Ramsey wearing stone island ?
    What's he doing after this going to the pub for a few lines and a punch up?

  • Fresh Memes
    Fresh Memes 20 days ago +2

    GORDON: Can i have a water?
    Waiter: Sure
    *gets water*
    GORDON: it's dry

  • Javier Velez
    Javier Velez 20 days ago

    Legends? 😂🙅🏻‍♂️ they were roll players lmao

  • BurntMuffin
    BurntMuffin 21 day ago

    0:20 thought it was gonna be Oliver

  • Danial Shafiq
    Danial Shafiq 21 day ago

    These guys aren’t legends😂😂😂

  • Eazy MuthaFukin' E
    Eazy MuthaFukin' E 21 day ago

    Is Shawn Marion really considered an NBA legend? Or is it just his super ugly jumper that's infamous more than legendary?

      SPEEDIE LOKO 20 days ago

      Chrome Child you have been clickbaited smart one

  • RealMsantiago RMS
    RealMsantiago RMS 22 days ago

    I mean they’re not legends but cool anyways lol

  • Peter Rumley
    Peter Rumley 22 days ago

    Ramsay in a stoney hahahahah

  • Raul Barriga
    Raul Barriga 24 days ago

    One dish won because it was slightly seasoned better, blame it on the people that were doing all that, these guys didn’t do any of that

  • Block Boy
    Block Boy 24 days ago

    Why is Gordon fucking red 😂

  • James Park
    James Park 26 days ago

    "theyve got some good young players" hahaha what a football thing to say

    • Cancer Police
      Cancer Police 21 day ago

      Literally every team sport fan says that what are you talking about

  • Dustin Greenwood
    Dustin Greenwood 26 days ago

    Ion think they know who Gordon is

  • J Cabral
    J Cabral Month ago

    Gordon looks chubby here . . sorry Gords. . .

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson Month ago

    Gordon looks heavy hungover

  • see thao
    see thao Month ago +2

    Shawn Marion cooked his steak with his hilarious jumper.

  • jason robbins
    jason robbins Month ago

    Thats the easy way to cook it... Steak should be cooked on the grill... Sure its gonna be way better when you cook it in butter! Judge the best steak by who can keep it good & juicy on the grill... Its basically impossible for it not be juicy when you cook it in a pan with butter

  • magicunited gaming
    magicunited gaming Month ago

    That jumpshot us isn't apitizing

  • Jamie HT
    Jamie HT Month ago

    Gordon Ramsay keeping it casual

  • Sm.arty655 AVFC
    Sm.arty655 AVFC Month ago

    Should of put Redknapp's head in the oven

  • Glowbeamshine
    Glowbeamshine Month ago +1

    No one gives a fuck about the NBA but Americans. That is a fact.

  • jj
    jj Month ago

    They're not legends but ok

  • Hammad Habib
    Hammad Habib Month ago +1

    You read this comment

    Read more

  • TruthTV1
    TruthTV1 Month ago +1

    Legends.... 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Jared Toh
    Jared Toh Month ago

    Has Gordon ever tried wagyu beef or cooked it??

  • R Dubya
    R Dubya Month ago

    The word legend is thrown around loosely these days.

  • Ibrahim baig
    Ibrahim baig Month ago

    Gordon ramsey wearing stone island

  • O P
    O P Month ago +1

    Am I the only one who thinks NBA legends is a stretch

    OXYMORON Month ago


  • johnmackelroy
    johnmackelroy Month ago +1

    Both player were on the Mavs 2011 championship team!

  • 121212
    121212 Month ago

    These guys probably richer then Gordon ?

  • Whale Legs
    Whale Legs Month ago

    Caron Butler isn’t an nba legend lol

    • Colin Gozelski
      Colin Gozelski Month ago

      And you have such a worthless life that you comment on videos lamo. Somebody doesn't have friends......

  • hehe xd
    hehe xd Month ago

    I’m surprised Caron isn’t chewing on a straw in the vid

  • Abdullahu Bob
    Abdullahu Bob Month ago

    Gordon stay fresh damn

  • SantiagoX Dij
    SantiagoX Dij 2 months ago

    6’7 is different from 7 feet......

  • Will O
    Will O 2 months ago +5

    Gordon with the stoney. In the kitchen in the morning, Millwall away in the afternoon.

  • Saxon Elyaman
    Saxon Elyaman 2 months ago

    NBA legends is a stretch

  • Blue Collar Northwest
    Blue Collar Northwest 2 months ago


  • T T
    T T 2 months ago

    Remember that one time gordon slagged an inmate saying he aged badly lol

  • beatleplayer1011
    beatleplayer1011 2 months ago

    Idk about them but if someone told me Gordon was gonna judge my cooking I'd be getting prepared for a fucking beat down

  • JasonNonsuh
    JasonNonsuh 2 months ago +1

    Nice jacket

  • Nikhil Krishna
    Nikhil Krishna 2 months ago

    2011 MAVS

  • Jimmy731b np
    Jimmy731b np 2 months ago

    Is that corom butler

  • Wayne Evans
    Wayne Evans 3 months ago

    Can't do the pink... my mom and aunty are cooks.... you would love my aunty fish dinnner...

  • Nikko Cepe
    Nikko Cepe 3 months ago

    no wonder Caron's steak was better... Marion forgot the lamb sauce! 😂

  • kaden Pham
    kaden Pham 3 months ago

    I would like to watch Gordon Ramsay cook wagyu

  • wahyu rahmanto
    wahyu rahmanto 3 months ago

    jamie redknapp ? football player ?

  • couchpoet1
    couchpoet1 4 months ago