100 Years of Halloween Costumes | Glamour

  • Published on Oct 2, 2019
  • Take a look back at the last hundred years of women's Halloween costumes. Whether it's the creepy DIY Papier-mâché masks of the 1910s, the pin-up girl inspired costumes of the 1950s, or the Wonder Woman inspired costumes of the 1970s, here is how women's Halloween costumes have transformed over the last century.
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    100 Years of Halloween Costumes | Glamour
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  • Glamour
    Glamour  2 months ago +9543

    In the 1940s let’s just pretend we said "famous pin-up girls of the 40s ." (Believe it or not the 50s did in fact come after the 40s 😉sorry about that, too much coffee!)

    • forestdonkey
      forestdonkey 8 days ago


    • Smagel UwU
      Smagel UwU 20 days ago

      Could we get me costumes throughout the years?

    • N H
      N H 28 days ago

      Kind of nuts that you would choose a lederhosen costume for the 40s...for what I hope are obvious reasons

    • Ray Hightower
      Ray Hightower Month ago

      I was going to say something about that.

    • Ivy Vaz
      Ivy Vaz Month ago

      I just wanna say that I'm the 9th K like. Give me a cookie

  • gacha world
    gacha world 8 hours ago

    The Muncie mouse one is dumb

  • Chesska Likes Shawarma
    Chesska Likes Shawarma 15 hours ago

    Try dressing up as electric bills,water bills and wifi bills etc.
    It will be very scary

  • Ezgi Su Yurdalan

    The most beautiful in 1910

  • minatozaki kayla

    2019: dressing up as k/da akali

    RAGINI SINGH Day ago +1

    The Minney mouse coustume was so cute🤩🤩😍

  • fancy
    fancy Day ago +1

    What is song?? (00:00 ~ 00:34) does anyone know?

  • Daka
    Daka Day ago +3

    I can't believe it took a hundred years to make this video.

  • ToutCQJM
    ToutCQJM 2 days ago

    Wow, Halloween is a huge waste of money.

  • RottenChickpeas
    RottenChickpeas 2 days ago

    ok- but do men even exist on this universe

  • t Dttn
    t Dttn 3 days ago

    5 26 song please

  • B3NNY
    B3NNY 3 days ago

    Women 😍 i love you!!!

  • Valecs
    Valecs 3 days ago

    0:26 so scary wtf

  • Emma Schuurmans
    Emma Schuurmans 3 days ago

    Clueless is mijn favo film

  • Niyawazzup
    Niyawazzup 4 days ago +1

    Can I just ask how there are hundred of years of Halloween costumes?

    I’m con . Fus. Ed

  • Chocoloxx
    Chocoloxx 4 days ago

    after 1990s i literally thought that i wasn't in the same video

  • 唐詩唐詩
    唐詩唐詩 4 days ago

    I think you forgot the part of "Halloween".

  • Cooking with Pizzagirl
    Cooking with Pizzagirl 4 days ago +1

    My friend literally put on a tortoro onesie bc she didn't have a costume

  • Vidal Aguilera
    Vidal Aguilera 4 days ago

    When harly queen was there it said 2010 it was actually like 2016

  • Danii uwu
    Danii uwu 4 days ago

    My mom: there are many things you can dress up as
    Me: ok, um I think I'll be tord again xd

  • Franjinha sz
    Franjinha sz 5 days ago


  • Qunn 101
    Qunn 101 5 days ago

    Some of my friends dressed up as VSCO girls, wigs and everything. They even bought hydro flasks to throw around and dent.
    *They're guys.*

  • Darek Alonzo
    Darek Alonzo 6 days ago

    2019:Fortnite And Vscos Me:Cat: My Brother:T-800 Reply If You Know Who The T-800 Is

  • Mahsum Hafeez
    Mahsum Hafeez 6 days ago

    Didn't the girl in the thumbnail looked like Camilla cabello

  • Meu_Mundo_ Loko
    Meu_Mundo_ Loko 6 days ago

    Eu ainda tava em 1960 XD só que eu obviamente não saia com um chicote na rua ,_,

  • Natalia Arcia
    Natalia Arcia 6 days ago

    The firts cause me fear

  • Gryffindorbeater 134
    Gryffindorbeater 134 7 days ago +2

    2019: me: dresses up as Hermione

  • kit and kat
    kit and kat 7 days ago

    The 60s is so cute. What the heck is the first one tho

  • Milkmoon Cheese
    Milkmoon Cheese 8 days ago

    *1:13** the most scariest*

  • TheFooxy Foox
    TheFooxy Foox 8 days ago +1

    2019: fortnite and boring costumes

    Me: I'm gonna be SICK for Halloween!

  • Hannia Montero
    Hannia Montero 8 days ago

    Eres de Latinoamérica y te gusta ver estos video

  • ayilari sevin
    ayilari sevin 9 days ago

    the first one >>>>

  • Purple gacha Girl
    Purple gacha Girl 9 days ago +1

    2019: *Blanket people*

  • Kaede
    Kaede 9 days ago

    "Number one is fortnite by the way"


  • Song EditZ
    Song EditZ 9 days ago +1

    in the 1910s they ladys wore gloves always

  • Hetti Spinelli
    Hetti Spinelli 9 days ago

    Growing up cheap my childhood costumes (90’s/00’s) consisted of a supermarket broomstick and witches hat and a black bin liner as a cape 👍🏼

  • SBG Lucina
    SBG Lucina 9 days ago

    2018-2019 Surge in Cosplay. I think unless it was ealier than that😅

  • Maisa Gabrielle Pinto Barbosa

    Algum BR?

  • Gazelle Tanglao
    Gazelle Tanglao 10 days ago

    The first one is fricking terrifying

  • Rylee Dinocorn
    Rylee Dinocorn 10 days ago


    It was for 1990 if you didn’t know

  • Yuki R.
    Yuki R. 10 days ago

    On voit surtout que depuis les années 80-92/3, le style et la recherche passe a la trappe oui, plutôt XD

  • LunaTheSeesaw
    LunaTheSeesaw 10 days ago

    These comments are comedy gold

  • Ana Júlia
    Ana Júlia 11 days ago


  • Payton Aguon
    Payton Aguon 12 days ago

    I'm watching this at 1:16 a.m. at 2019

  • Dont the roses Smell nice today

    No one:
    2019: *pickle man*

  • Lucy Lu
    Lucy Lu 12 days ago

    I was Harley Quinn this year!!

    [REDACTED] 12 days ago

    My friend dressed up as a HYDROFLASK for halloween

  • Аи Ош
    Аи Ош 12 days ago +1

    Haha, I was a werewolf for last year's Halloween. Pesky kids kept pulling on my tail!

  • Kenna Anne
    Kenna Anne 13 days ago +6

    2019: VSCO girls and Egirls running around

  • Lady Voorhees
    Lady Voorhees 13 days ago +1

    Best celebration of the year!

  • Chain- Link TV
    Chain- Link TV 13 days ago

    Couldn't find a better elvira???

  • The Zakpizz
    The Zakpizz 14 days ago

    1940s: uniform, gasmask and flamethrower

  • gdlywom
    gdlywom 14 days ago

    Why are these models so SKINNY?!? Come on, y'all! ☹️

  • Cassidy Samuels
    Cassidy Samuels 14 days ago

    There were only 10 Halloween’s in the 1930s

  • leah_ alexa
    leah_ alexa 14 days ago +1

    1910's - Hey this baby mask will have a Happy Death Day future!!

  • Maria Allepuz
    Maria Allepuz 15 days ago

    100 years of pads 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Vito Susko
    Vito Susko 15 days ago

    Number 1 is fortnite?! I am soooo dissapointet

  • minelego 1
    minelego 1 15 days ago

    The 40 seemed to be bavarian


  • Zivia Rich
    Zivia Rich 16 days ago

    jesus i didn't realize Happy Death Day came out in 1910