• Published on Oct 16, 2018
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Comments • 6 394

  • Draw with Jazza
    Draw with Jazza  5 months ago +2008

    Draw what you think my future avatar will/should look like and upload it to twitter with #JazzaOfTomorrow ! - Thanks everyone for supporting me in my time away and being so kind, I am also really glad you guys have enjoyed the content I pre-prepared while I've been off, and would like to welcome the influx of newer subscribers who joined in recent weeks! Sorry for this fairly simple video, I wanted to take it slow coming back to work but will be back in full swing with more ambitious content next week - but hey, I'm pretty proud that through all of this I've still gotten 3 videos out each week to you all, AND I have a new baby, so, life is pretty great! I love you

    • Reni Konakchieva
      Reni Konakchieva 14 days ago

      +tom bristow I don't agree. I think he should shave! (DEFINITELY)

    • Reni Konakchieva
      Reni Konakchieva 14 days ago

      Hi jazza i think you and you're videos are amazing. And can you please stop swearing?

    • Shae_is_Arting
      Shae_is_Arting 17 days ago

      You were 21

    • sugarcubecorner r
      sugarcubecorner r 23 days ago

      nice beard

    • I am ONE of MANY
      I am ONE of MANY Month ago

      I always look for your avatar. it's one of those things that just sticks in your head.. I love it

  • Shawn Carmack
    Shawn Carmack 19 minutes ago

    He looks like Steve Irwin 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gymnastics Queen
    Gymnastics Queen 6 hours ago +1

    No a fence but you look 45 in this vid

  • Frøzed
    Frøzed 7 hours ago

    Is it just me or does he look very much like Thor at the beginning ?

  • East Zone
    East Zone 21 hour ago

    You are not 29!

  • Nathaniel Bouma
    Nathaniel Bouma 23 hours ago

    Thank you for staying an artist all this time!

    L4 GAMING Day ago

    *_the thought of jazza with a full grown beard makes me shiver_*

  • sharkboy439
    sharkboy439 Day ago

    You we're 21 years old in 2010

  • Madi Catty
    Madi Catty Day ago

    U were 21, a year late, but there you go, btw you look amazingly young for having two kids

  • HexTheVortex
    HexTheVortex Day ago

    Why does "Me on holiday" Jazza' s face look like it's out of South park?

  • SIMPLY . Me :3
    SIMPLY . Me :3 Day ago

    You look like you were in a casket for a week with no sleep...

  • bad content
    bad content 2 days ago

    get over it

  • Horseiea the best
    Horseiea the best 2 days ago

    their so cute, im sure u'r a great father

  • Beck L.
    Beck L. 2 days ago


  • Cloak Vampire
    Cloak Vampire 2 days ago

    yeah im never having a kid if i will lose mt natural beauty

    im a boy btw

  • Flying Minivan
    Flying Minivan 2 days ago +3

    you could rob a bank with the bags under his eyes

  • Pete the PePe
    Pete the PePe 2 days ago

    Jazza I made a checklist for you

    2:Take good care of your children
    3:Take good care of YOURSELF

  • Run Awae
    Run Awae 2 days ago +1

    2010 to 2018 is 8 years. It didn’t figure out your age in 2010 because you didn’t have you’re birth year in there. To finish your problem you need to do one more step, but I can think of 2 ways to do this problem off the top of my head. Ok so 2010 - 1989 would give you your answer, but since its been 8 years since 2010 and you are 29 now, another way to do it would be 29 - 8. You were 21 by the way.
    Never thought I would be teaching math, I suck at it. But enough to know this problem xD. Cmon jazza you gave up too soon you only had one more basic subtraction problem to do and you would’ve had it. Well, yw for this lesson I’m your new elementary school teacher I guess

  • mr orange wew
    mr orange wew 2 days ago

    5:55 you look like outlaw the red neck look him up you really do

  • Unknown Gaming
    Unknown Gaming 2 days ago +1

    I wanna see you grow a beard.

  • Yesha's blooper glupper

    Jazza, go get some sleep. We wouldn't mind it if you took a time off.

  • ande7370 ande7370
    ande7370 ande7370 3 days ago

    Jeezus jazza get some rest man

  • Kristy Hanson
    Kristy Hanson 3 days ago

    wth is he wearing...

  • Casual Gaming
    Casual Gaming 3 days ago +1

    So Jazza, you have to take 29 and subtract 8 so you were 21.

  • A n R
    A n R 3 days ago

    5:28 you were 21 jazza 21...

  • RobotronicZ
    RobotronicZ 3 days ago

    dont you mean the JAZZATAR

    • RobotronicZ
      RobotronicZ 3 days ago

      ohhh nvm i wrote that comment before i watched it

  • Evelyn McB
    Evelyn McB 4 days ago

    16 he was sixteen

  • Evelyn McB
    Evelyn McB 4 days ago


  • Derpy & Jay
    Derpy & Jay 4 days ago

    Please sleep Jazza.

  • Marsh Mel mel
    Marsh Mel mel 4 days ago

    I’m drawing all my fav youtubers avatars so get ready I’m making u so

  • Hannah Inglis
    Hannah Inglis 4 days ago +1

    i didn't know that hes real name was Josiah! i thought it was Jazza!

  • Allyson Hanson
    Allyson Hanson 4 days ago

    Btw you where 21

  • Caden Blair
    Caden Blair 4 days ago +1

    You look so old because of the bags/ purple under the eyes

  • Jenna Turenne
    Jenna Turenne 5 days ago

    Oh mah gosh are thoughs bags under ur eyes real lol because it’s how I look now idk why but I’ve been soo tired lately and I’ve been sleeping a lot idek

  • Intyago Rahimatulla
    Intyago Rahimatulla 5 days ago

    your eyes are so blue
    i mean your eye circles._.

  • SamLesCreations
    SamLesCreations 5 days ago

    I remember your old outros! 💜

  • SamLesCreations
    SamLesCreations 5 days ago

    Whoa I'm out of the loop
    Since when do you have a second kid
    I remember you having your first kid. i didn't know you were working on another one. Lol!
    Glad you're having fun though

  • Shattered Glass
    Shattered Glass 5 days ago

    Sleep deprived father

  • Tara McAdams
    Tara McAdams 5 days ago

    for that Jazzatar you couldn't figure out, you were 21

  • SilverWolfPlayz Roblox
    SilverWolfPlayz Roblox 5 days ago +1

    Your 12 years older then me 29-10=19 WAIT... NEVERMIND
    Your 19 years older then me 29-10=19 SEEE... SMARTIESS
    meh smart .x.

  • SilverWolfPlayz Roblox

    So let me get this straight, you have a daughter now, you haven’t showered in DAYS, and you haven’t even shaved x-x (joke) BUT LITTERLY

  • Mark Davies Art
    Mark Davies Art 6 days ago

    Holy Crap look how dark your eyes are??? I remember them early days of being a dad but bloody hell, them are a set of tired eyes. Still chirpy though buddy, well done :)

    IM BEAUTIFUL 6 days ago

    *To be honest you looked like TomSka when you were young in a good way.*

  • Stacey Regan
    Stacey Regan 6 days ago

    He's your Bitmoji

  • Panic! At the Fandom

    2:06 Jazza, if it represents YOU but in character form, it's called a "persona"

  • Provenuser 101
    Provenuser 101 7 days ago

    Are you homeless or something

  • Milky Witch
    Milky Witch 7 days ago

    Me on a daily basis

  • FanWing Dragon
    FanWing Dragon 7 days ago

    did anyone notice that he was growing a beard...?

  • William Bosch
    William Bosch 8 days ago

    The baby crying in the beginning is clearly fake, you're not foolin anyone jazza.

  • Blue Winter Tiger
    Blue Winter Tiger 8 days ago

    18 you your 18

  • nickofartpants
    nickofartpants 8 days ago

    I think your future avatar should include you teaching or running after your kids. Maybe you painting a family portrait with the kids putting hand prints all over it.

  • Bri Jobe
    Bri Jobe 8 days ago

    I still find jazza on drawception

  • Gizmo Hoffman
    Gizmo Hoffman 9 days ago

    you've watched your own videos?

  • mewobonito
    mewobonito 9 days ago

    His eyes
    How is that even possible to be so dark

  • Galaxy Dragon
    Galaxy Dragon 9 days ago

    5:23, it means that you’d have to subtract 8 from the age you are currently, (yes I know that I’m late because it’s 2019, but just pretend that I commented on the day this was released) which is 29. 29 - 8 = 21. You were 21.

  • Drawing X2
    Drawing X2 9 days ago

    It was 8 years ago xD

  • PlasticPancake dtghdfgdf

    the aweser of the caculation means you druw that avatar8 years AGO

  • lizzy bramich
    lizzy bramich 9 days ago

    1:33 you should have put a top on her...

  • Triplebeam_Plays
    Triplebeam_Plays 9 days ago

    Mascot jazza

  • awsomespectacals
    awsomespectacals 9 days ago

    you looked like tomska

  • Emma Paul
    Emma Paul 10 days ago


  • Fuego Thunder
    Fuego Thunder 10 days ago

    5:13 you were 21

  • Ethans's Lego Builds And Maybe More

    Your 18 in that picture

  • PurpleAmharicCoffee
    PurpleAmharicCoffee 10 days ago

    1989 artists, unite!

  • Suga! Kookie!
    Suga! Kookie! 10 days ago

    3:18 we have that too but from kinder to year 6 and two classrooms of each grade eg 4blue and 4gold

  • Reece Hall
    Reece Hall 11 days ago

    make him mature but not MATURE

  • WaterLilly Miller
    WaterLilly Miller 11 days ago

    you were 21... i think... because 2018 minus 2010 equal 8, so 29 minus 8 equals 21. therefore you were 21.

  • Picxey
    Picxey 11 days ago


  • Mom&Kiel agustin
    Mom&Kiel agustin 12 days ago

    It's said 4 months ago but it's 1 year ago

  • Yunachi O.o
    Yunachi O.o 13 days ago +1

    in 2018 you are 29 2018 - 29 = 1989 (aka your birthyear) now we take 2010 (the year the pic was uploaded) and substract your birthyear 2010 - 1989 = 21.

    *You were 21 when you uploaded the first Jazza avatar to Facebook*

  • Donkey Cucumber
    Donkey Cucumber 14 days ago


  • Sullyvan arnold
    Sullyvan arnold 15 days ago

    Hmmm... As someone who used to be a Mormon, you sure do consume a lot of caffeine! (Not saying that as a bad thing. I probably didn't have to say that, but just to be safe I will anyways)

  • Fiona MacWhinnie
    Fiona MacWhinnie 15 days ago

    14:42 ...

  • Fiona MacWhinnie
    Fiona MacWhinnie 15 days ago

    14:42 XD

  • 676master of none bester


  • Get to 100 subs with no videos

    The dadhood

  • Natasha Gard
    Natasha Gard 16 days ago

    You were 19 because you subtract how old you are by the years apart

  • Shae_is_Arting
    Shae_is_Arting 17 days ago

    21 you were 21 jazza

  • Daphne Ngu
    Daphne Ngu 17 days ago

    My first impression on your look was that youblooked like you played with your wife's old grey eyeshadow.

  • IY3S
    IY3S 18 days ago


  • Carrie Panter
    Carrie Panter 19 days ago

    Cmon you look so tired get some rest you need it (not being rude) you deserve it aswell we all will be here when you return we will not be annoyed if you leave

  • Amara  Jordan
    Amara Jordan 19 days ago

    I’ve rarely been this happy to be able to change the playback speed to .25x. That was brilliant and also, somehow, a little horrifying. 🤣 I loved mermaid Jazza and modesty leaf Jazza. 😅

  • JayJay10427 Lee
    JayJay10427 Lee 20 days ago

    5:04 The Answer is 21 years old

  • ruby francis
    ruby francis 21 day ago

    not being mean but you look like edsheeran

  • Diego Pacios González

    Hey u should do a face reveal! PLEASE

  • Elise Blackwell
    Elise Blackwell 21 day ago

    It was 8 years ago

  • milchen fox
    milchen fox 22 days ago

    Why are your avatars getting younger?

  • Ron Weasley
    Ron Weasley 22 days ago +1

    1:06 noice(nice)smile

  • Olof Levin
    Olof Levin 22 days ago

    Keep the avatar because it is soo iconic

  • Olof Levin
    Olof Levin 22 days ago

    You were 21

  • Noble Productionz
    Noble Productionz 22 days ago

    See that’s how we feel when we try to explain why we have fursuits and fursonas!!

  • GamerNugget Supreme
    GamerNugget Supreme 23 days ago

    I thought you were in your 40s

  • Taylor Magee
    Taylor Magee 23 days ago +2

    You look like Thor

  • Yazie_ UnicornYT
    Yazie_ UnicornYT 23 days ago


  • The Untrained Doc
    The Untrained Doc 24 days ago

    Drinks skooma snorts moon sugar and hails sithis

  • Alien Aesthetic
    Alien Aesthetic 25 days ago

    Men fussing bout a new baby, when his wife bloody pushed her out.

  • Sara Thompson
    Sara Thompson 25 days ago

    "huh, that's what i wrote on my own book!" am i the only one the giggled at it?

  • Breezy Ar
    Breezy Ar 25 days ago