Why People Give Up Learning Russian? 🤔 (RU & EN CC)

  • Published on Sep 20, 2018
  • The reasons why many people give up learning the Russian language and advice on how to motivate yourself again.
    How to see your progress in learning Russian.
    Russian listening practice. Turn on Russian or English subtitles.
    The lesson for all levels. Tips to learn Russian.
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Comments • 125

  • Triple D
    Triple D 23 days ago

    I often feel like Don Quixote or Captain Ahab in Moby Dick: I don‘t have a „real“ reason to learn Russian, but the challenge itself. And the harder it gets, the more effort I put into it.

  • StopAndSaid Mend
    StopAndSaid Mend Month ago

    Привет Ника. Ты выглядишь такой красивой

  • stu281
    stu281 Month ago

    I studied Russian myself for about 7 years. I done test after test. Never got above intermediate. So I changed my tack. I’m never going to be a governmental interpreter. So I now don’t take it so seriously. I do it when I want to. When I don’t want to learn I don’t bother. I will say stick to one teacher and practice something everyday. For me smaller the better. Don’t boil simmer the language.

  • leslie dean brown
    leslie dean brown 2 months ago

    This happened to me recently when I finished an online Russian course. It was about 2 months ago (after about 6 months of studying Russian almost daily). What happened was that I tried to listen to normal radio and failed (because it was still too advanced). So I stopped learning and I blamed my other work. I told myself I was "too busy". Maybe I just needed a small break before continuing (although I don't advise this). So now I have found an intermediate level podcast which is helping a lot. I think it can happen when changing from one learning material to another... sometimes the jump is too big...
    Of course, all of your videos and courses are a huge help! Thanks for the motivation! :)

  • evets1709
    evets1709 3 months ago

    It was just yesterday that I commented to someone that I have been trying to learn this beautiful language for about 15 months now. And that I feel like a bucket with holes in it. As I fill up with new information, rules whatever, the suff in the bucket pours out the holes. So I quickly grab it and pour it back in. But the more pours out of the holes. Sometimes the same, sometimes different. It feels like shifting sand. Nothing seems to stabilise. And as far as speaking goes, every time I am about to try, I go into my mind to "catch the words" and they are all hiding from me. Sometimes I find their hiding lace, many times Idon't this leaves me with a few words to string together and then ..... a wall because I cannot even think of a simile to put in the place of a missing word. Does it make me sad? Oh yes because it is only with Russian that I have ever made ANY progress but will I stop? OH NO!!!! I will suffer the sadness as I know in the future somewhere, I will know how to communicate in this wonderful language. But at the moment, I am battling with the transition from having a bunch of information and a VERY basic (still flawed) understanding of some grammar to being able to hold even basic conversations even down to greetings and pleasantries. So Nika, how powerful are your RU land teachers? Are they supermen and superwomen enough to take someone who has NEVER succeeded at learning a language in almost 50 years of trying (since I was 17 лет) and getting them to succeed?

  • Paolo Memo
    Paolo Memo 3 months ago

    Я начал моё самостоятельное изучение русского в конце 2001 года и продолжал оно до весны 2005 года. В то время я переписывался с четырьмя русскими девушками и писал посты в одном сайте, где писали и русские. Но возможностей разговорной практики в моем городе (или в сети) тогда совсем не было. Когда я пытался смотреть фильм на русском, почти ничего не понимал. С успехом я переводил Пушкина, но тогда у меня появилось чувство, что Русский просто слишком огромный, и мне никогда не получится знать язык как носитель. С тех пор никак больше не занимался, до прошлого лета, когда почему-то я начал повторять пару книг и смотреть видео на TVclip. Удивительно сколько их сейчас, 17 лет назад ни одного не было. Это чудо, что вчера я без субтитров около 98 процент Вашей речи понял. Ну, сейчас конечно моё повторение будет продолжаться, как и просмотр видео по русскому на TVclip. Спасибо, пока!

  • schr75
    schr75 4 months ago

    I will never give up. Russian is a very hard language to learn, but as a native Danish speaker, I keep reminding my self of how hard Danish is for foreigners. Every time I can´t pronounce a Russian word, I remind my self of the fact that I learned Danish, so I can learn this too. Your rolled R´s are killing me though :)

  • Debbie Smith
    Debbie Smith 4 months ago

    Thank you for the encouragement.

  • Paul Byron
    Paul Byron 4 months ago

    Thank you. I understood an incredible amount of what you said in that video thanks to your clear pronunciation. That was inspiring. Thank you.

  • Dexter McKay
    Dexter McKay 4 months ago

    Great video ... I may watch it every day for motivation. Спасибо !

  • barf bag
    barf bag 5 months ago +1

    I am a beginner at learning Russian, and have run into this problem. This is a good motivational video to stay positive and focused. Learning was over whelming at first, then it seemed to become easier and I was learning quickly and remembering a lot. Then I would move on to new vocabulary and grammar lesson and struggle. I would go back to old lessons to try and refresh and I would suddenly struggle with lessons or vocabulary that I had originally picked up on very quickly. It is hard to stay motivated. I like the journal idea, and to focus on documenting the small new things I have learned. Although I struggle a lot with vocabulary, and remembering words, I notice that I have become better at listening to native Russian and picking out the words I know. This video is very motivational, and will keep me motivated to not give up. Cпасибо!

  • Eleazar Mbetiyombo
    Eleazar Mbetiyombo 5 months ago

    Отлично но я хочу видео о падеж

      RU-LAND CLUB  5 months ago


  • One Anywhere
    One Anywhere 5 months ago

    The correct question that should have been asked prior to any other questions is why people start learning Russian in the first place unless they are sure to use the knowledge as a part of their future career.

    • One Anywhere
      One Anywhere 5 months ago

      The answer to this question is simple and can be universally applied. To avoid disappointment, frustration, and loss of time think twice and plan accordingly beforehand regardless of the intention.

      RU-LAND CLUB  5 months ago

      You are right, but this is already another question: why should people start learning Russian?))))

  • ajith gopi
    ajith gopi 5 months ago

    the key to quickly master any language is dependant upon ones ability to memorize and the ability to speak without foreign accent. this comes with ones talent for mimicking. by the way to mimic is not easy look at how english is articulated globally - far from where it originated the spoken side has become diverse. australians , americans , indians, russians, africans , chinese , germans all have their own accents for english.
    this issue with accent seems inevitable and those aspiring to overcome this should train themselves on how to mimic.if someone learns a language as a hobby the proficiency level may not easily scale up but on the other hand if its a do or die situation then the proficiency level shoots up. above all is ones attitude which is the backbone for success in any field. i would conclude by saying that lucky are those with good memory skills and a knack for mimicking. any language easily goes their way. one request to nika! it would be great if you could make a video compiling all the terminology connected with film (cinema) production and its making. tnx in advance))

  • Semih
    Semih 5 months ago

    hi guys , i am learning Russian and i need speaking practises, for that reason i am using a website called free4talk, but there are a few russian speakers and learners there. i want to meet with learners to practise together

  • Jin Jian Chia
    Jin Jian Chia 5 months ago

    Well said ! Thanks for your encouragement !

  • Catherine Hetherington
    Catherine Hetherington 5 months ago

    I love the suggesstion of the diary, I'll be using that - thanks !! :)

  • Nicolás Rodrigo Zabatta

    Thank you for the video! I agree with you. I speak several languages but Russian is the one I struggle the most, I think it is because it's far away from my native language. I'm a Spanish native speaker, so learning Italian and Portuguese was easy for me, so French should also be easy. I studied English since I was a kid, so no problem with that. But Russian is more difficult for me than for an ukranian person, for example. That distance between language branches affect the progress too.
    But, I'd say the most important aspect of learning a new language is... meeting people who speak the language!! In Argentina there are no many russians, so it's a little bit complicated!! But every time I travel and I know someone who speaks the language, I get motivated again and I continue my lessons.
    They key for learning a language without loosing motivation is knowing and hanging out with people with whom communicate!!!
    When I was younger I had a girlfriend from Brazil, I got interested in her language so I started studying Portuguese at university. Because we tried to communicate in her language, in less than a year I was intermediate/advanced. Same happened to me with some friends I met from Europe, we communicate all the time in English, so that I improved my English a lot!!

  • Farid Mammadzada
    Farid Mammadzada 5 months ago

    I try to learn this language as long as I have free time .I almostly understand all words and your speech but sometimes cant find proper answers to people who ask me about something.I think there is need to study russian as much as possible.You are the best motivator russian tutor I have ever seen.Thank you Nika )

      RU-LAND CLUB  5 months ago

      Try to train Speaking more, if you don't have with whom to speak, start with a video diary just for yourself. Doing such records you will get used to speaking and it will go easier!, 😊

  • Bo Castell
    Bo Castell 5 months ago

    I've been studying for 1 1/2 years. You have just described me as well. I feel like I need to learn new vocabulary. Is there an ap you recommend for vocabulary? I feel stuck. I really don't want to stop.

      RU-LAND CLUB  5 months ago +1

      Duolingo, 3ears, any texts and textbooks. Vocabulary surrounds us 😉

  • mostafa hoseini
    mostafa hoseini 5 months ago +3

    в первый раз был кошмар когдая поступил в языком школы я очень боился из этого языко и придумал некогда невозможно изучать этот язык и будет тратить свое время но я должен был продалжать этот курс до конца потому что я заплатил обучения.после курса который был почти 3 месяца,моя Преподавательница отрекомендовала меня что лучше приехать в Россию гулять по городам и заниматься между русскими, но я снова боился потому что я обычно слушал плохие новости по радио о России!!! в конце концов я решал путешествовать в Россию, когда я прилетил в Аэропорт я увидел добрые офицеров и пограничники которые работали там и попытались помочь меня.когда я уехал из аэропорта на улице встретился много хороших людей с чистой сердцем.на самом деле я влюбился Россию с первого взгляда! сейчас совсем не смогу представить себе без русского языка.да конечно этот язык очень трудно особенно его грамматики но это интересно,я каждый день каждый день без исключения делаю упражнение и безусловно не разочарусь! спасибо за вас и простите меня что пишу с много ошибок.удачи 🌹

  • legal canada
    legal canada 5 months ago

    can you tell me what happened to your friend kristina from cafe Russian

      RU-LAND CLUB  5 months ago

      She is fine, just does not have enough time for TVclip)

  • forrest gump
    forrest gump 5 months ago +13

    It's like being an alcoholic, I want to quit at times but just keep coming back for more.............

  • mohammed abo baker althini

    Thanks for tips

  • Martinkimi
    Martinkimi 5 months ago

    Nika that's great, please make more videos like that one.

  • uday sharma
    uday sharma 6 months ago

    У меня тоже есть эта книга

  • Tobenna Okonkwo
    Tobenna Okonkwo 6 months ago

    I've never felt so understood in my life! Truly you hit the nail on the head. Thank you very much, Nika.
    Ever since I subscribed to your channel and downloaded lots of videos, I felt myself improve. I'm studying Russian in the University and it's not easy at all.
    Before I construct a sentence to speak, it takes time but I'm a better writer than speaker which I'm not too happy with because it's the speaking that matters..
    I have a hard time remembering some words, my construction is not as good as I want it and my vocabulary suffers. I feel like I limit myself. But I'd really love to hear from you and what your take is on this. So many times I've been frustrated from the millions of rules and exceptions, from the heavy words I come across to a lot of others.
    I'm grateful to you for this and I don't regret a minute since hitting the subscribe and download button.
    Love, T♥️

  • Marco Merker
    Marco Merker 6 months ago

    Привет Ника :)
    Как ты думаешь, что лучший способ работать над акцентом? Это иногда расстраивает, кажется, что акцент никогда не пройдёт, если ты как иностранец изучаешь русский язык.. С одной стороны я считаю что это нормально - но всё-таки хочется perfection :))
    Хорошего дня!

    • Marco Merker
      Marco Merker 5 months ago

      Спасибо за подробную информацию!
      Хорошо, спасибо за совет :)

      RU-LAND CLUB  5 months ago +1

      Сейчас планируем именно в инстаграме, там будет отдельный аккаунт для марафона, ежедневно будут посты с объяснениями и заданиями, также будут сториз и лив-стримы для участников, это очень удобно. Вы можете поставить приложение и сделать там, например, анонимный аккаунт, если вы не хотите, чтобы ваши знакомые видели вас там, и участвовать в марафоне))

    • Marco Merker
      Marco Merker 5 months ago

      RU-LAND CLUB дякую за ответ :)
      У меня его к сожалению нет, это только в Инстаграме публикуется?

      RU-LAND CLUB  5 months ago +1

      Работать нужно над произношением, а небольшой акцент, как мне кажется, только придаёт шарма)) Скоро в инстаграме я буду проводить 4-недельный марафон по произношению, следите за новостями 😉👍

  • Larry Castro
    Larry Castro 6 months ago

    I would appreciate if you could put in subtitles in English! All I can see is subtitles in the Russian language! Spasiba!

      RU-LAND CLUB  6 months ago

      You just need to change the language of subtitles in settings, there are both: Russian and English)

  • faridjabba
    faridjabba 6 months ago +7

    Its very cryptic, complicated, stubborn, hermetic and classy and fast.Russians have no patience to teach you, in fact none wants to teach you, and they dont like it if your russian is slow and you need translation, they have no time for any delay, they have to go faster than Superman for whatever reason, this is my experience in Moscow for several months, Im leaving and giving up! Im also sick of womens "killing gaze", 'vomitive gaze ',and seriousness!

    • Leo La
      Leo La 4 months ago

      I fully agree with the comments above, and on behalf of my husband would like to add. After having lived in Russia for about 9 years there's still zero tolerance whether in the provinces or the capital for any foreigner who is less than fluent in Russian. In 2015 my husband took the mandatory Russian language test (after spending every day for 1 year studying with me and twice a week in a local Institute at a cost of 100 000 rubles) and passed with flying colours, albeit at basic level (1 level up from Elementary). The principal aim of this test, instigated by the government was, apart from making money, to encourage foreigners to integrate better into Russian society, which is all well and good, until the foreigner flushed with his success at passing the test, is reminded the moment he walks out of the building, that there is absolutely no material significance, as no one wants to talk to him anyway. Ironically, my best advice is to learn Russian to, at least, Upper-Intermediate level before you come. If you think you can come to Russia, live in society and people will help you pick up the language - forget it! If you think you can come to Russia, get a job at a language school and they will help you learn Russian - forget it ! If you think you can come to Russia and live and work without any Russian - forget it ! My only positive advice would be to enrol in a full University course in a good University, specialised in dealing with foreigners, and then throw yourself into society, then and only then will you begin to understand the language and the people, and by then it will be time to go.

    • Alex H
      Alex H 5 months ago

      I have been chipping away at Russian for 1 year & 9 months. I don't know how many times I've thought "slow the f÷ck down!!!" So many syllables so fast. Idk.... sorry for the rant. Best Regards.

    • Larry Castro
      Larry Castro 6 months ago

      Thank you for the tip. If I ever go to Russia, I will lay low and speak little as I can in Russian! Right now I can speak the basics in the Russian language, like " Hello " " How are you ? " How much is it ? " I want it or not " Goodbye " " Good morning, afternoon, evening, night " and a few other basic phrases to go to Russia. I will try to keep learning the Russian language, I like learning the Russian language better than Spanish language!

  • Chad Andrews
    Chad Andrews 6 months ago

    Спасибо. Writing a journal is a great idea.

  • shaddyhacker
    shaddyhacker 6 months ago +2

    Keeping a diary is a very good idea. I'll start tomorrow! I think keeping both a notebook diary and a video dairy is better. You can improve pronunciation as well.

      RU-LAND CLUB  5 months ago

      Yeah, soon there will be new videos)) Now my mom visiting me, but when she goes back home, I will film some new ones)))

    • shaddyhacker
      shaddyhacker 5 months ago

      Yes, it helps a lot with memorizing and using words. I usually forget words soon but using them in sentences, especially with cases, improves a lot! And we are waiting for new videos Nika)

      RU-LAND CLUB  5 months ago

      How is your diary after these two weeks? 😊 Does it work?

  • Mark Allen
    Mark Allen 6 months ago +1

    I started doing four hours a week of speaking around the beginning of August and I definitely see the progress I make from where I started to where I am now, even after a couple months. It doesn't "feel" like a lot but if I had a recording from "before" and now, I'm 100% positive I would hear the difference. This is a great video and I probably will have to come back and rewatch it in a few months. I watched it without any subtitles and felt like I understand the majority of what you were saying. In a couple more months, I'm positive there will be more comprehension!

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee 6 months ago

    My biggest problem is consistency. When I first started I was making great progress but then I had some problems to deal with that demotivated me but I never stopped trying, even if I study only 1 hour a week.

  • Yassine Elatraoui
    Yassine Elatraoui 6 months ago

    Я ты любишь больше! Здорово учительница.

  • cafequeen
    cafequeen 6 months ago

    I just keep going. A little progress is still progress. If I know more today than I did yesterday, then I'm doing alright.

  • yankeydoodle101
    yankeydoodle101 6 months ago

    You look really pretty in this video

  • elder65
    elder65 6 months ago +2

    I'm beginner and I'm felling this way atm, thank you for this video

  • Jayesh Limaye
    Jayesh Limaye 6 months ago

    You are right 😪

  • mohammed qasim
    mohammed qasim 6 months ago

    Русский язык очень трудно меня не нравится я не знаю что я должен сделать Как я могу учиться не знаю Я всегда стараюсь учиться но я не понимаю много можно Помогите мне Какая книга хорошая

      RU-LAND CLUB  5 months ago +1

      Вам нужно прежде всего поменять отношение, если вы думаете, что у вас ничего не получится, то вы правы. А если вы поверите, что всё возможно, и попробуете радоваться процессу, то всё получится само!

  • ilkoshka
    ilkoshka 6 months ago

    Спасибо за видео! Утром когда я проснулась, я спросила себя: «Почему я не могу прогрессировать на русском языке» и потом случайно уведила это видео на своей главной странице и очень мотивировал меня. Я живу в России на год студентка по обмену и надеюсь все будет хорошо на русском языке за год. Желаю успехам в вашем замечательном канале))

      RU-LAND CLUB  5 months ago

      Спасибо за замечательный комментарий! 😍

  • Indego Stalker
    Indego Stalker 6 months ago

    I criticize everyone who speaks about this subject if they don't have a tangible reason to learn Russian Language. It seems many foreigners simply have so much confidence that they can learn it - but they have no reason to learn it. To me, all your points come back to this - that they don't feel accomplished. It's because they don't actually have meaningful interactions. Meaning is different for many people, and I think many place all importance in being correct or technically superior to others in skill... but the best thing to do if you want to learn is be a friend to native speakers. Many Westerners and rich kids from foreign countries all over the world don't understand how to be good friends, indeed many old people too never learn, or care enough about others to be a meaningful part of life for native speakers. They simply want something from Russian people. These kinds of foreigners don't deserve to learn, they don't deserve your encouragement, they won't respect your culture, they won't have any benefit at all to Russian people.

  • J Wastag
    J Wastag 6 months ago

    Я больше не хожу на какие-то курсы. Для меня это было не удобна. Теперь Ника и Даша спасают мой русский язык. Я им очень за это благодарны.

  • moataz heart
    moataz heart 6 months ago

    когда я слышу россянин как говорят быстро быстро мне хочется почти сдаваться учить этот язык

      RU-LAND CLUB  5 months ago

      Шаг за шагом, больше практики)

    • ALEX VAP
      ALEX VAP 5 months ago

      Начни сначала слушать тех, кто говорит медленно ;-) :-)

  • Ruchi chan
    Ruchi chan 6 months ago

    She is right!!)))) ещё раз у меня получилось, совершенно без субтитров, мне как до луны чтоб стать мастером русского, но теперь я могу просто читать или слушать что-нибудь на русском я развлекаться,(а не только матерал для изучения) и я могу скасать что ты права!!! по моему я способен этого делать только потому что я изучаю постоянно, проще говоря это не - пустая трата времени а "вопрос времени"

  • David Mares
    David Mares 6 months ago

    Positive Russian youtube channels:
    ВКЛЮЧАЙ СЕБЯ : tvclip.biz/video/mbzwskye8S0/video.html
    Ицхак Пинтосевич : tvclip.biz/video/F3FzlMMUYfE/video.html
    Туристы : tvclip.biz/video/4SMK4WLFCtA/video.html
    add other channels please

  • Mariana Nuñez
    Mariana Nuñez 6 months ago

    Gracias, yo soy de México, mi lengua materna es el español. I deeply appreciate this video because I was studying hardly and when I got that feeling I started to question myself about my performance with the language, and if I was really learning and all that questions. I kind of took a brake. I like fast things so I know I need to be patient. Your Channel is very helpful to me. Спасибо от Мескики.

    • faridjabba
      faridjabba 6 months ago

      Hola. Estas en Mexico ?

    • alma de leon
      alma de leon 6 months ago

      No es от México из México вы должно сапизать

  • Not Bugarev
    Not Bugarev 6 months ago

    Когда я расстраиваюсь, из за того, что я не могу полно понимать какую-то беседу на Эхо Москвы, я вспоминаю как недавно я не мог понимать почти ничего. Если на самом деле получится слишком сложно, то лучше просто смотреть какого-то безумного русскоязычного блоггера на Ютубе и не беспокоиться.

  • John Martin
    John Martin 6 months ago

    Great video. So true.
    I think having concrete goals and tracking one's effort and successes also helps. For ex., though I've just begun re-learning Russian, I have an Excel spreadsheet that tracks the number of audio repetitions I listen to (I'm using Glossika as well as following the Ru-Land TVclip videos). Glossika claims their 18-week schedule is set to give 50k+ reps in that time. If you speed that up, like I do on some days, then you complete the schedule faster - with its own pluses and minuses.
    Another guy says that, looking back, he has put in ~1 million reps to attain C1 level on the TORFL. That works out to ~600 reps per day over his "reference period" of 4.5 years - just speaking about audio exercises.
    So, if I get down, I can look at my spreadsheet, see the work and compare that against those 2 reference numbers. I'm definitely far off both those numbers. I figure I WILL hit plateaus. But having even a vague "map" like this should help.
    This video definitely was food for thought....even for THIS beginner.

  • C Mc
    C Mc 6 months ago +1

    So much yes! I’ve been studying and using Russian for approximately 8.5 years. I can read, write, listen, speak. But I definitely feel like my production of the language lacks the “native rendition” feel. I show my hand the second I speak or write, because how I formulate.

  • annihilationHaven
    annihilationHaven 6 months ago

    Дело в том, что вам не будет больше помощь чем писать дневник. Это ваши собственные мысли с вашими собственными словами. Интегрировайте два новых знаниях на вашим записи каждый раз и удивлайтесь резултатам!
    How is this? Does this make any sense to you Russian speakers or am I still wayy off after 6 years?

    • Orfen Heruin
      Orfen Heruin 5 months ago

      Если я правильно понял, то вы имели ввиду: "Дело в том, что очень сильно поможет в изучении языка - вести собственный дневник. Записывайте свои мысли и размышления. Используйте каждый раз новые полученные знания, а потом, с течением времени, сравнивайте результаты и удивляйтесь своему прогрессу. "

  • Donnie Darko
    Donnie Darko 6 months ago

    Thank you so much for every video you make. By the way, you are so beautiful!!!

  • Josias Fontes Alves
    Josias Fontes Alves 6 months ago +2

    Спасибо за видео!
    Мне очень нравится русский язык.
    Привет из Бразилии )))

    • Daniel Lee
      Daniel Lee 6 months ago +1

      хуехуехуе бр

  • Waleed AboSebia
    Waleed AboSebia 6 months ago

    Спасибо за видео и мотивацию!)))

  • A P
    A P 6 months ago

    Особенно огорчаюсь когда я пытаюсь читать творчества на русском и смотреть передачи и новости. Надеюсь однажды преодолею...

  • Thiago Melo Idiomas
    Thiago Melo Idiomas 6 months ago

    Hey! Is there any Online Russian Dictionary would you recommend me? It can be both monolingual and/or bilingual.

    • ALEX VAP
      ALEX VAP 6 months ago


    • Not Bugarev
      Not Bugarev 6 months ago

      It has English definitions for words in Russian and other languages. I assume that's what you want? If you want it the other way around, try ru.wiktionary.org for definitions in the Russian language.
      Just try it out -- go to en.wiktionary.org and enter a Russian word -- говорящий gives:
      present active imperfective participle of говори́ть (govorítʹ, “to speak”)
      It has declension tables for the participle, and говорить links to the page that has the full definition and conjugation of the verb that it's derived from.
      If the search doesn't have the inflected form of your word, enter the root in the upper-right corner search box, and it dynamically provides a list of matching entries. It doesn't have красивую, but if you enter красив in the search box you'll see красивый, if you can't derive that yourself.
      As I said, it's not complete, but it's pretty good. I'm into more advanced texts now and still find it very useful.

    • Thiago Melo Idiomas
      Thiago Melo Idiomas 6 months ago

      Sounds good, but I'm actually looking for Russian definitions, not English. It doesn't have Russian definition, right?

    • Not Bugarev
      Not Bugarev 6 months ago

      Have you tried en.wiktionary.org? I like how it gives full conjugations and declensions, and shows the corresponding perfective or imprefective aspect for a given verb. Don't be put off by it being called the "English-language Wiktionary" -- it give the English definition for words in many languages. It's coverage of Russian is pretty good though not complete.

  • Athos Sergio
    Athos Sergio 6 months ago

    Как проживает!
    Я учусь, слышу в радио.
    Мой большое проблем, у меня нет словарь.
    Например, в этот момент пишу без консультировать словарь.
    Не знаю грамматики, тогда я вижу португальский грамматики.
    Я неграммотный, знаете.

      RU-LAND CLUB  5 months ago

      Грамматику все равно нужно учить, иначе это как ездить на машине, не зная правил дорожного движения. Нужно изучать все части языка и тренировать все навыки.

    • Not Bugarev
      Not Bugarev 6 months ago

      Много читайте. Тогда читайте еще больше. Приобретение словарный запас происходит при постоянном столкновении с языком. Я предпочитаю читать с помощью сайта Lingq.com. Он не бесплатно, и я не хочу сделать товарную рекламу, но по моему тот сайт ооочень полезно. Я сумел прочитать несколько книг на Lingq.com. Там тоже существуют много уроков всех уровней. Безусловно лучше если книги и уроки вам очень интересные, где бы и как бы вы не читали.
      Кстати, читать целую книгу очень полезно, потому-что один автор повторяет свою любимую лексику, и длинная история нуждается пофторение ключевые слова. Таким средством вы постепенно будет вспоминать много слов.

  • YourSocialnetwork
    YourSocialnetwork 6 months ago +3

    Wow im impressed how much i am able to understand even without subtitles. Even though i didnt realized it, the hard work of the past weeks, was worth it :)

      RU-LAND CLUB  6 months ago +2

      Верно, иногда мы даже не замечаем нашего прогресса ))) Спасибо за комментарий!

  • Chun Hei Uwe Wong
    Chun Hei Uwe Wong 6 months ago

    i am living in germany now and i will learn russian using the same method i used for german (took me a few years to reach C1/C2 level learning it in Hong Kong)! its also a good thing that there are so many russian speaking people in germany and i visit russian stores fucking often for пельмени. i hope in 5 years my russian will be as good as my german today!

  • ferruccio
    ferruccio 6 months ago +6

    hi Nika, I can safely state that I will give up Russian the day I die, unless there is wifi up there.

      RU-LAND CLUB  6 months ago +5

      😂 This is the best position about learning the language ❤️👍

  • Nostalgy97
    Nostalgy97 6 months ago

    Огромное спасибо за этой видео.
    Я понял примерно 98% слов без субтитры и это делает меня счастливым ведь я потерял немного мотивацию эти последные месяцы.
    У меня было чувство что я ничего нового изучал, и даже если написать является трудно, я понял почти все что ты сказала, и это
    доказательства что не так уж плох.

      RU-LAND CLUB  6 months ago +1

      Вот видите! Как это здорово! Нужно радоваться каждой маленькой победе, и не думать о неудачах, тогда вы будете просто и с удовольствием двигаться дальше! 😍

  • José E.
    José E. 6 months ago +1

    Как бы я хотел иметь хорошую память)

    • José E.
      José E. 6 months ago

      +RU-LAND CLUB Ну, у меня есть способы, чтобы запоминать новые предложения, но иногда бывает, что мне не интересно запомнить новые слова. 😩 Но всё равно у меня мотивация сильна.)

      RU-LAND CLUB  6 months ago +1

      Память можно и нужно тренировать 😉 и изучение языков - это один из очень эффективных способов☝️

  • Tomas O Maonaigh
    Tomas O Maonaigh 6 months ago

    Спасибо за поддержку, Ника. Каждый день у меня такое ощущение, что я не прогрессирую. Мотивация есть, но часто бывает что у меня нет энергии после работы для изучения. Сегодня например я природз домой в состоянии полного истощения.

    • Not Bugarev
      Not Bugarev 6 months ago

      Огромная часть моего "обучения" состоит из смотреть русские видео и фильмы просто ради наслаждения. Это лёгко делать несмотря на то, до какой степени я устал.

    • Tomas O Maonaigh
      Tomas O Maonaigh 6 months ago

      Спасибо за совет!

      RU-LAND CLUB  6 months ago

      Да, это проблема, об этом, кстати, говорил Фёдор на канале Be Fluent in Russian. Он советует завести привычку учиться утром, до работы и других дел. Пусть это будет всего 15-30 минут, но каждый день, и именно утром, пока у вас есть силы и желание. Я считаю, что это отличный совет. Не просто начать, но если привыкнуть, это может быть здорово!

  • Aftab Sarwar
    Aftab Sarwar 6 months ago

    Здравствуйте Ника, В этом видео очень замечательный совет. Я изучаю русский язык последние год но сейчас у меня мало слова. Когда вы говорите по русски тогда я ваш понимаю например вы говорите десять слова на русском языке, я знаю только четыре слова. я понимаю, что вы говорите. я думаю, знаю 1000 слова на русском языке. я изучаю русский язык час каждый день. большое спасибо за видео. вы отличная учительница в все мире. Это правда. кстати ваш английский язык прекрасно. желаю успеха ваш канал. Афтаб Сарвар из Пакистана.

      RU-LAND CLUB  6 months ago

      Большое спасибо за комментарий! Вы добились отличного результата за год! Так держать 👍😊

  • Sadia Carone
    Sadia Carone 6 months ago

    In English, I take great pride in knowing all the rules and how to speak perfectly! It was difficult to accept that I will never be "perfect" in a foreign language. The best I can hope for is to be easily understood and to make very few mistakes. But there will always be mistakes and that's okay! Пока!

      RU-LAND CLUB  6 months ago +1

      I agree, I think knowing the foreign language at level that allows you to communicate with native speakers is already awesome and couple mistakes is really not a big deal, we are not robots)))

  • Gilberto Brandão
    Gilberto Brandão 6 months ago

    The first time I started studying Russian was twenty years ago but I soon stopped studying it, because there were no progress at all. The second time was eight years ago and I haven't stopped since then. I'm so happy now that I can read and understand a lot, thanks to youtubers like you which are wonderful teachers. Thank you very much!

      RU-LAND CLUB  6 months ago

      Great! Don't stop anymore, please! 😌

  • Nhân Trần Danh
    Nhân Trần Danh 6 months ago

    I'm struggling with my Russian language lesson, and this is my case. I am from Vietnam, and of course, Vietnamese is my mother tongue. Before learning Russian I had learned English asa second language in my high school for a long time. When I started learning Russian I feel that I could not use English as well as I did before.
    Some people said that when I learn another language my second language is undermined. Could you please give me a tip to continue learning Russian without damaging my English?
    Thank you very much.

    • Nhân Trần Danh
      Nhân Trần Danh 6 months ago

      Thank you for your advise, I think I should find the balance between learning Rusian and learning English.

    • tstos
      tstos 6 months ago +1

      I'm not fluent in English yet (my native language is Portuguese) so I thought learning a third one, Russian, my English would be jeopardized. I'm always in doubt in which language it's time to focus more... I'm still trying Russian but not as often as I would like to :/

      RU-LAND CLUB  6 months ago +3

      How often do you use English? Do you use it regularly in communication, watch videos in English? If yes and if it is really regular, than it cannot be damaged by the third language learning. Our brain focuses at the information and skills that we frequently use in our life. And if now you spend much more time to Russian and don't use English, than yes, your brain may think that it is what you need more. Languages are all about skills, so we need to practice them constantly, otherwise we will forget them with time.

  • Nika of Glass
    Nika of Glass 6 months ago +9

    Моя сегодняшняя мотивация, чтобы не сдаться - я поняла всё, не читая субтитры. 🎉
    На самом деле я так люблю русский язык, что я не могу сдаться!

    • Nika of Glass
      Nika of Glass 6 months ago

      RU-LAND CLUB спасибо тебе за видео, тёзка! :)

      RU-LAND CLUB  6 months ago +2

      Отлично! Нужно фокусироваться на успехах, тогда всё будет проще и приятнее)))
      Спасибо за комментарий, тёзка! ;)

  • Rafael Montaner
    Rafael Montaner 6 months ago +2

    Thank you very much, i feel much better knowing this is part of the process, because, sometimes i feel exactly what you described, as if you were talking about me. So, now i know,this is what happens when you learn russian. (i started learning in 2015), thanks again because is a good motivation. Спасиво!

      RU-LAND CLUB  6 months ago

      Thank you for sharing this with us! It happens not only in learning Russian, it can be a part of any activity that needs time and patience. We all have good and bad days)))

  • shaddyhacker
    shaddyhacker 6 months ago +1

    Thanks Nika! It's a difficult language to master. Dedication and progress is key.

    • shaddyhacker
      shaddyhacker 6 months ago

      +RU-LAND CLUB Thank you.

      RU-LAND CLUB  6 months ago +1

      It is Хавронина. Русский язык в упражнениях. It was published dozens of times in different languages and it has great exercises for training basic grammar 👍

    • shaddyhacker
      shaddyhacker 6 months ago

      +RU-LAND CLUB Nika can you give the title of the book you have in the thumbnail?

      RU-LAND CLUB  6 months ago


    • shaddyhacker
      shaddyhacker 6 months ago

      +RU-LAND CLUB Russian is like boxing. You have to get beat down to learn)