STRANGER THINGS Renewed for Season 3 | Latest News + GIVEAWAY!

  • Published on Dec 2, 2017
  • Earlier today, Netflix put our fears at ease and announced Season 3 of its smash hit Stranger Things. We've got all the latest details on the season straight from the Duffers, new theories, PLUS a giveaway for an awesome Stranger Things skateboard!
    Get our own Stranger Things skateboard from Madrid:
    Thumbnail art: Will & Mike by Vessling
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Comments • 1 160

  • Michael The Gamer
    Michael The Gamer 4 months ago

    Why can’t 11 just shut the door? If she is so powerful I’m pretty sure she can shut the door to are dimension.

  • Dog Dog
    Dog Dog 6 months ago

    How did you predict the commercialism

  • Ryan Montgomery
    Ryan Montgomery 7 months ago

    i just got back from the season three trailer and wow 4:30 did this guy get an early copy of season three script?

  • Nina Linneboe
    Nina Linneboe 8 months ago

    Love your channel.
    Just saw that you obviously do tv too! Ghost Wars??

  • Zach Hall
    Zach Hall 9 months ago

    I was hoping that Stranger Things would have been a series where each season is a completely different cast and story. I have a feeling its going to go full super hero series on us.

  • sHOokIE_qUEeN _sHaNE
    sHOokIE_qUEeN _sHaNE 9 months ago +1

    All I’m hopping for is that El doesn’t die

    If she does I will probably kill my self

  • Irrelevant
    Irrelevant 10 months ago

    BTW thanks for making this video 9 minutes and 38 seconds instead of extending it to 10 minutes to fill it with adds.

  • Chillest Of the Chillz
    Chillest Of the Chillz 10 months ago +1

    Stranger things is like chapters in a book because the chapters can have mini stories in them that create a bigger story

  • Itzorangepanda Studios
    Itzorangepanda Studios 10 months ago

    I’m one of those people

  • Jayanthi Fernando
    Jayanthi Fernando 10 months ago

    I want more seasons for stranger things I love
    To whatch it my favourite series .if you like stranger things like this

  • Alfredo Garcia
    Alfredo Garcia 10 months ago

    I’m happy that stranger things Season 3 is coming out

  • Itz Astrid
    Itz Astrid 10 months ago +1

    OML I SHIP MIKE AND ELEVEN! Can’t wait until this season comes out. Who agrees?

  • Becca L
    Becca L 10 months ago

    The new trailer just released with titles and episode count... waiting on your thoughts sir 😩🤔.. you hit the nail on the head with the Mall... there is an episode titles Mallrats

  • Don’t copy MEH
    Don’t copy MEH 10 months ago


  • Ship Hoarder
    Ship Hoarder 11 months ago

    һєʟʟo! ıνє sєєň ţһєʏ ɰяѧppєԀ ıţ up! єєєєҡҡ!

  • Erin Eller
    Erin Eller 11 months ago

    Am I the only one excited to see how will and elevens relationship will go I mean will they be friends or enemies????

  • general dillin
    general dillin Year ago

    But.but walking dead is way more interesting with most of the characters growing into you

  • devin George
    devin George Year ago +1

    I swear if they kill off hopper, I'll throw the whole crew in the upside down!

  • happy friend
    happy friend Year ago

    Will there be any additions to be on the show on stranger things or no I'm sorry?

  • Maria Hdz
    Maria Hdz Year ago +1

    I can not wait to see my fritter show streamer tings 3 and4

  • Shawn Hilliard
    Shawn Hilliard Year ago

    How sweet would it be if time travel was the plan all along and they filmed extra footage of the kids during the 1st season talking to a wall where future them appear to warn them of something!?

  • Valentina Mejia
    Valentina Mejia Year ago

    That's seaons 2

    ROBLOX VLOGS Year ago


  • Devonix
    Devonix Year ago +1

    "Stranger things s3 announced"
    9 months later: Where is it...

  • Aaron Brown
    Aaron Brown Year ago

    if this were to come out summer 2019 i'd legitly shit bricks.

  • Lol idek what im doing in my life Jolie

    *That's it your grounded no TV and no **_Eggos_** for a month!!!* 😂😂

  • savege pineapple savege

    Go on webtube and serch up Summer taste and do that so good

  • somerandom dude
    somerandom dude Year ago

    am i the the only one who noticed the season 3 teaser on netflix?

  • andyy TM
    andyy TM Year ago

    wh e n is it coming out

  • Jamie Langan
    Jamie Langan Year ago

    Yes yes yes best l can wi

  • Amy
    Amy Year ago +1

    I don't think the shadow monster and the upside down world has permanently left Will. I feel like he and Eleven become close but he switches and tries to destroy her

  • Cynthia Benson
    Cynthia Benson Year ago

    I wonder how you felt when they aired that mall commercial recently- you nailed that on the head!

  • str8_LMS
    str8_LMS Year ago +1

    7 months later, still no season 3,why??😭I love this show to

  • hai-k
    hai-k Year ago +2

    4:47 Watch the new teaser

  • hai-k
    hai-k Year ago +1

    4:02 Ahem, Sean Astin, ahem

  • sofia_209 Andrade
    sofia_209 Andrade Year ago +1

    I see stranger things almost every time when I finish it I see it allover again

  • sofia_209 Andrade

    I love stranger thing it is my favorite show in the world

  • Daniel Õunap
    Daniel Õunap Year ago

    I hope that Kali returns

  • Andrew Purcell
    Andrew Purcell Year ago

    Hopefully they add elevens lost BROTHER in this season! I say number 14! Who can travel through time but not change it. That could mean there would be more Easter eggs in season 1 and 2 that feature number 14 back in time in regular scenes. Now THAT would be amazing! If anyone knows what I mean which I half doubt.

  • Galilea Rodriguez

    They should make another ones like 6

  • Titan Gaming
    Titan Gaming Year ago


  • 99_MR EXTRA _08
    99_MR EXTRA _08 Year ago


  • mxtty
    mxtty Year ago

    If they stop the upside down in the past, the series will have to come to an end

  • saverick :-\
    saverick :-\ Year ago +1

    Should i stay or should i go

  • hk4124
    hk4124 Year ago

    I think it would be cool if they kinda do like a surprise prequel about the upside-down.
    Like have the show start out normal with a new big bad from the upside-down. All the characters would be the same with just a few small changes that only the most observant would notice. Then at the end they go to fight the new monster but they end up losing and all being killed with the upside-down taking over.
    Then end the season with the shot of our eleven making the first contact with the demogorgon.

  • DragonWolf 666
    DragonWolf 666 Year ago

    FoundFix what if the upside down realm is hell and the demidorgons are demons and the dark thing is saton and demidogs are hell hounds ?

  • Quincy Brice
    Quincy Brice Year ago

    I can't wait

  • Dylan G
    Dylan G Year ago

    I just ate a chunk of bacon fat so I'm going to die in 24 hours

  • Caoimhe.Betty
    Caoimhe.Betty Year ago

    So...when is it coming out?

  • Wolfsuperstar
    Wolfsuperstar Year ago +1

    I just noticed this was posted on my moms birthday!

  • XxMedicatedChildxX

    Shred some Ollie's? OMG....

  • Jill Summers
    Jill Summers Year ago +1

    OMG! Watching this( for some reason) makes me wanna go back and watch season 2! 😂

  • Zapdocuno YT
    Zapdocuno YT Year ago


  • Master Obstacles
    Master Obstacles Year ago

    Plz i want the skate board

  • John Lugo
    John Lugo Year ago

    Also NO! NO KAHLI! SHE WAS SO BORING!!! That story arch just seemed not like stranger things so please NO KAHLI

  • Haminey Tupaea-Waaka

    I am a fan so I like watching your videos and I am a huge fan of you so yeah my comment to you is finished

  • Nolan Chapin
    Nolan Chapin Year ago

    Do ending explained for The Den

  • kaiyo356 camou
    kaiyo356 camou Year ago


  • wiinterflowers
    wiinterflowers Year ago

    Here's what's going on for season three: Jancy (Jonathan and Nancy) and Mileven (Mike and Eleven) are a thing, the story will take place outside of Hawkins once again, Brenner is still alive and more "numbers" will be showing up! Also, it's going to be taking place IN THE EIGHTIES! I AM SO READY!

  • Kira Aisling
    Kira Aisling Year ago

    Shit I gotta get a part in this one uhhh I’ll wait on my agent to tell me