Pork Chops with Sweet and Sour Peppers - Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on Oct 19, 2013
  • Gordon shows you Pork Chops with Sweet & Sour Peppers - and how to slice vegetables simply and easily. From Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course. Subscribe for more videos.
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  • ACHUO神獸
    ACHUO神獸 Day ago

    Super oily food , done.

  • Rebecca Miles
    Rebecca Miles 2 days ago

    looks healthy enough!

  • Ayush Goplani
    Ayush Goplani 3 days ago +1

    He cut the onions so fast they didn't have the time to make him cry

  • Ali Ahsan
    Ali Ahsan 4 days ago

    Salt and Pepper, Just a Touch, Olive Oil In and Let The Knife Do The Work are honestly his most used phrases when not screaming at people on MC or HK

  • kleo
    kleo 4 days ago

    drinking game: take a shot every time gordon says ‘incredible’

  • madzz G
    madzz G 4 days ago

    the way he says basil should be illegal lol I love it too much

  • x y
    x y 8 days ago

    Speed comes... Cut the onions lightning fast!!!!! LUL

  • x y
    x y 8 days ago

    3 finger role... 1 in da front, 2 in da back... Damn, Gordon knows what girls want

  • x y
    x y 8 days ago


  • Cesar Carbajal
    Cesar Carbajal 10 days ago

    Gordon: Two things simple, just like that.
    Me: Yeah, okay 🤔🤨

  • jetseekers
    jetseekers 12 days ago

    Love this recipe, though what would be a good substitute for someone who doesn't like onions?

  • The Winehouse
    The Winehouse 19 days ago

    The music reminds me of you know I'm no good by Amy Winehouse. Anyone else?

  • Hoops Pinas Basket
    Hoops Pinas Basket 20 days ago

    Sanji in real life!!!

  • pedersenist
    pedersenist 22 days ago

    That is a recipe for vegetarian

  • Dave Bernales
    Dave Bernales 22 days ago

    Not cook very well

  • Brian w
    Brian w 23 days ago

    Push away pull back, push away pull back.
    That's what she said

  • Wade Sharp
    Wade Sharp 24 days ago +1

    Yum sooooo delicious

  • Zack 10
    Zack 10 24 days ago +1

    Are my ears deceiving me when he said extra virgin olive oil?

  • Zac Lat
    Zac Lat 26 days ago +1

    Legs open , cock in , let it rest for 5 minutes . Ejaculate , remove cock ... Look at that beautiful

  • Recovering Bennett
    Recovering Bennett 26 days ago

    Nailed it! The kids LOVED IT!!

  • nongthip
    nongthip 29 days ago

    "Seasoning" = huge amounts of salt, pepper, olive oil and butter 😜

  • Andreas Sweden
    Andreas Sweden Month ago

    Was delicious, will make it more for sure.

  • Precious One
    Precious One Month ago +1

    0:58 How are you not crying Chef?

  • Bernando Turner
    Bernando Turner Month ago

    Fkkk Ramsey! I would never let him talk to me as if I dont have balls👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿🤔

  • flacko001
    flacko001 Month ago

    Newbie question but is the frying pan on a medium heat or high heat ?

  • In The Kitchen With Chef Martin Sterling


  • Anstria Tarot
    Anstria Tarot Month ago

    This is going to be tonight's dinner

  • LíDiA
    LíDiA Month ago

    I've tried this with pork loin and it's delicious!!!!

  • Darwin Patricio
    Darwin Patricio Month ago

    Please help me with the recipe in Spanish, not English

  • Ian 06
    Ian 06 Month ago

    Learning so much thanks gordon

  • Prince McHellon
    Prince McHellon Month ago +1

    3:03 ha he's beating his meat 😏

  • Michael Montellano
    Michael Montellano Month ago

    The two times ive done this so far ive loved it, but for some reason the peppers and and onions dont come out like his. Theyre always still a bit hard, and dont look as gloopy as his

  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy Month ago

    This dish is delicious. Thank you chef, for the meal.

  • Domi B.
    Domi B. 2 months ago


  • Mr. Kizer
    Mr. Kizer 2 months ago

    Do u think I can make this in a crockpot

  • Adam Placer
    Adam Placer 2 months ago

    What kind of frying pan does he use in his videos?

  • Jinc Jin
    Jinc Jin 2 months ago

    I still think gordon should have cooked the pork skin until crispy

  • Eduviges Rodríguez
    Eduviges Rodríguez 2 months ago


  • Paiiin In The Butt
    Paiiin In The Butt 2 months ago

    Yummm 🤤🤤🤤

  • Daryl Dixon
    Daryl Dixon 2 months ago

    “Push away, and pull back”

  • liv ics
    liv ics 2 months ago

    Ok Gordon is kinda sexy I wanna eat him whole too mmmmm

  • The_ Progamer
    The_ Progamer 2 months ago

    best job in the world is to be his personal cameraman ....

  • ethan decker
    ethan decker 2 months ago

    Thanks Gordon, Very Cool!

  • Po Po
    Po Po 2 months ago

    That is a master chief.

  • Burt Reynolds
    Burt Reynolds 2 months ago

    Rice Chex cereal is doing the trick right now :/

  • jason hom
    jason hom 2 months ago

    What kind of pan is he using?

  • Tina Rose 2204
    Tina Rose 2204 2 months ago


  • joker
    joker 2 months ago

    Why always butter. Why

  • Johnny1017
    Johnny1017 2 months ago

    I don’t care what anyone says, Gordon Ramsay’s comments section is the best.

  • Chezarina Osei
    Chezarina Osei 2 months ago

    Sometimes he says way to greased And that looks WAY to greasy

  • Night Night
    Night Night 2 months ago

    Him cutting that onion in the beginning sounded like a taut metal wire being twanged from the other end, Now THAT Is ASMR, none of that gross "Stuffing my pie hole with crab legs while i make every disgusting sound the human body can produce but through one orifice" crap

    YNW MALACHI FEO 2 months ago

    I swear he always uses salt and pepper

  • Matthew St Pierre
    Matthew St Pierre 2 months ago +1

    Just made this but didn’t have red wine vinegar so I experimented and used pickle brine.. my roommates loved it but they also have a pallet of a 2 year old lol none the less great recipe

  • gareth shields
    gareth shields 2 months ago

    Speed... C**ts? He's just gotta slip a swear in anyway he can. It's Ramsay's rule.

  • T Kelvin
    T Kelvin 2 months ago

    Three finger rule, if you know what I mean

  • Patar
    Patar 2 months ago

    this man is passionate about his food

  • Koko Yansui
    Koko Yansui 2 months ago

    Oily greasy lots of fats

  • Curtis
    Curtis 2 months ago

    And i can’t even make a slice of toast

  • Ivan Marquez II
    Ivan Marquez II 2 months ago

    dat cut to avoid the pork chop to curl is a life saver!!!

  • P D
    P D 2 months ago

    Sugar? Too bad he only knows how to cook "restaurant style"

  • LegendofAltair
    LegendofAltair 2 months ago

    This guys made me a better cook

  • Huy Tran Dang
    Huy Tran Dang 2 months ago

    Tons of vegetables on the table and Gordon Ramsay have to do slice themm all
    *drop a pen
    *pick it up
    *all the vegetables is sliced

  • Aubrey Moore
    Aubrey Moore 2 months ago

    He's so calm it's almost mesmerizing 💗

  • Maverick space
    Maverick space 2 months ago

    Used this recipe but tweaked it a bit. I used mushrooms and marinated the chops in jerk seasoning and some spices like cumin, allspice (very little). Curry powder, black pepper and a touch of cayenne. Served with the peppers and onions over mashed potatoes. Turned out great.

  • Falling Gravity
    Falling Gravity 2 months ago

    I heard a very feint "Awww yeaah" at 1:06 while wearing headphones. Freaked me out, thought someone was behind me.
    Edit: It might be the track, i heard it again at 2:16 but made no sense to say it there.

  • Dan Me
    Dan Me 2 months ago +1

    I cooked this like 20 Minutes ago ... and god fuckin dammit ... Delicious ... Try it !

  • Anonymous Bulldog
    Anonymous Bulldog 2 months ago +1

    "Let the knife do the work" Gordon Ramsay

  • puRa !
    puRa ! 2 months ago

    “speed... cunts”

  • Lucky Bitch
    Lucky Bitch 2 months ago

    Why am i in love with him ? i feel like he is just talking to me,lol

  • Liam Bell
    Liam Bell 2 months ago

    Gordon, I made these and the peppers turned out to be the most amazing treat! Thank you!!

  • joey mann
    joey mann 2 months ago +3

    i swear to god i thought the butter was a bananna

  • Austin G
    Austin G 2 months ago

    Just cooked this recipe tonight, and it was absolutely delicious! The pork chop was so juicy and it was incredible how well the sweet and sour peppers went with the pork chop. It definitely made me feel confident!

  • TheCbrown146
    TheCbrown146 2 months ago

    Is he using nonstick?

  • Love _Trizy
    Love _Trizy 3 months ago

    This recipe is amazing 😉 my family loves it !!!

  • Kazuki mave
    Kazuki mave 3 months ago

    those down thumbs.. go vegans!

  • FlensHammer
    FlensHammer 3 months ago

    Why does he as a chef push the chopped ingredients over the board with the cutting edge of the blade? That is rly rly something you dont wanna do, always push with the back of the blade.

  • Brian H
    Brian H 3 months ago

    HIs "3 finger rule" is also known as "The Shocker"

  • macaskie rose
    macaskie rose 3 months ago

    TTHe way to cook red peppers insthe basque way. roast hem in the oven for sometime and then take them out and peel them and slice them and put them in a pott with diced garlis and fil pot with oliv oil shut it and keep it, you will have jarred pepers ready to use when ever you want them.

  • macaskie rose
    macaskie rose 3 months ago

    I htought sauteing was frying things slowly sometimes with a lid on so that they part fry and part cooked in their own steam. Maybe that is English English not American English.

  • R G
    R G 3 months ago

    Just made this. Fucking great.

  • JeNnDyLyOn
    JeNnDyLyOn 3 months ago

    Definitely gonna cook this for the next friend who visits my place 👌🍖🍴🍷

  • Hawa Sow
    Hawa Sow 3 months ago

    many thanks it wow

  • koushik grama
    koushik grama 3 months ago

    Push away and pull back......

  • Derek Dair
    Derek Dair 3 months ago

    Wow 🤤

  • Rob jr
    Rob jr 3 months ago

    One year seeing these vids😃

  • Jeffin george Sam
    Jeffin george Sam 3 months ago

    Can anybody explain how pork can be cooked in 5 min..is that enough

  • Benjamin Cordova
    Benjamin Cordova 3 months ago

    I made this exact recipe today, with a few differences.
    didn't have basil, porkchops were thinner, and used balsamic vinegar instead of red wine vinegar.
    absolutely delicious

  • G Perrin
    G Perrin 3 months ago

    I dont have thyme to make this

  • Yukimi Lee
    Yukimi Lee 3 months ago

    Tried making this dish the other day. It was really delicious....

  • Bebetoooo
    Bebetoooo 3 months ago

    2:13 turn on subtitles

  • Keiairra G
    Keiairra G 4 months ago

    The peppers look like intestines

  • Ngangam Haolai
    Ngangam Haolai 4 months ago

    Man Its 2:13 in the morning and I just can't stop watching his videos........ Makes me feel hungry too...

  • Jyotirmoy Banerjee
    Jyotirmoy Banerjee 4 months ago

    once he taught the chefs in a video not to put the white part of the capcicum in your dish but here he is not seperating it

  • Jessica Greene
    Jessica Greene 4 months ago

    I did this to a tea with a meat thermometer 🌡 & chive yukon gold mashed potatoes. My family ate it so fast

  • Cursed
    Cursed 4 months ago


  • blackmagic
    blackmagic 4 months ago +1

    I just made this...absolutely amazing!!

  • N&R's foods kitchen
    N&R's foods kitchen 4 months ago

    gordan ramsay i like your cooking

  • Monorom Krich
    Monorom Krich 4 months ago


  • jj love
    jj love 4 months ago +1

    Can somone tell me what pepper he uses?is it salt and black pepper?

    • Frozease
      Frozease 3 months ago

      Yeah, I believe he uses Sea salt for seasoning and cooking, and black peppercorns through a pepper mill for seasoning as well.

  • DLP-Coaster
    DLP-Coaster 4 months ago

    Pepper Chunks with Sweet and Salty Olive Oil