Pork Chops with Sweet and Sour Peppers - Gordon Ramsay


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  • R G
    R G 4 hours ago

    Just made this. Fucking great.

  • JeNnDyLyOn
    JeNnDyLyOn 2 days ago

    Definitely gonna cook this for the next friend who visits my place 👌🍖🍴🍷

  • Hawa Sow
    Hawa Sow 2 days ago

    many thanks it wow

  • koushik grama
    koushik grama 3 days ago

    Push away and pull back......

  • Derek Dair
    Derek Dair 6 days ago

    Wow 🤤

  • Roberto Montero
    Roberto Montero 7 days ago

    One year seeing these vids😃

  • Jeffin george Sam
    Jeffin george Sam 10 days ago

    Can anybody explain how pork can be cooked in 5 min..is that enough

  • Benjamin Cordova
    Benjamin Cordova 11 days ago

    I made this exact recipe today, with a few differences.
    didn't have basil, porkchops were thinner, and used balsamic vinegar instead of red wine vinegar.
    absolutely delicious

  • G Perrin
    G Perrin 12 days ago

    I dont have thyme to make this

  • Yukimi Lee
    Yukimi Lee 17 days ago

    Tried making this dish the other day. It was really delicious....

  • Bebetoooo
    Bebetoooo 20 days ago

    2:13 turn on subtitles

  • Keekuleeks G
    Keekuleeks G Month ago

    The peppers look like intestines

  • Ngangam Haolai
    Ngangam Haolai Month ago

    Man Its 2:13 in the morning and I just can't stop watching his videos........ Makes me feel hungry too...

  • Jyotirmoy Banerjee
    Jyotirmoy Banerjee Month ago

    once he taught the chefs in a video not to put the white part of the capcicum in your dish but here he is not seperating it

  • Jessica Greene
    Jessica Greene Month ago

    I did this to a tea with a meat thermometer 🌡 & chive yukon gold mashed potatoes. My family ate it so fast

  • blackmagic
    blackmagic Month ago +1

    I just made this...absolutely amazing!!

  • N&R's foods kitchen

    gordan ramsay i like your cooking

  • I like Beef
    I like Beef Month ago


  • jj love
    jj love Month ago +1

    Can somone tell me what pepper he uses?is it salt and black pepper?

    • Frozease
      Frozease 18 days ago

      Yeah, I believe he uses Sea salt for seasoning and cooking, and black peppercorns through a pepper mill for seasoning as well.

  • DLP-Coaster
    DLP-Coaster Month ago

    Pepper Chunks with Sweet and Salty Olive Oil

  • Viketho Sachutso
    Viketho Sachutso Month ago

    Gordon Ramsey style of cooking is always the same...
    Guys, if you want to learn or see different style of cooking, subscribe or follow Jamie Oliver.
    He's the best...

  • whatever9042
    whatever9042 Month ago

    No wonder my cooking sucked I didn’t put enough salt pepper and sugar on everything I cook

    WE LOVE FOOD WORLD Month ago

    Nice recepi love it. Will try this recepi at home. WE LOVE FOOD WORLD with Antonia septimo of filipinas and ricardo Nunes from Madeira Portugal. All the best for you and your family. God bless

  • Brother Zachariah
    Brother Zachariah Month ago

    How do I keep the peppers hissing?

  • Owen Alexander
    Owen Alexander 2 months ago

    I don't understand how he knows that in 30 seconds the pork chops would be medium

  • arunga ojwang
    arunga ojwang 2 months ago

    i must apply it

  • That One Dude
    That One Dude 2 months ago

    Didn't know Gordon likes to beat his meatXD

  • ToxicGamer Alert
    ToxicGamer Alert 2 months ago

    Red pepper: *pam*....*pam*....*pam*
    Dont worry about speed
    Red onion:*pam pam pam pam pam *

  • James Harris
    James Harris 2 months ago

    Pan on

  • Dan Y
    Dan Y 2 months ago

    What kind of pans does he use?

  • Funkychicken 493
    Funkychicken 493 2 months ago

    2018 anyone?

  • Ngàn Năm Ân Ái
    Ngàn Năm Ân Ái 2 months ago

    When u is hungry as fuck but still watch cooking tutorial

  • Nii Fuji
    Nii Fuji 2 months ago

    Those pork chops are beautiful ☺️

  • Cyrus De Virus
    Cyrus De Virus 2 months ago

    Sounds and looks amazing, definitely going to have to try this recipe.....

  • Bet you guys won’t subscribe :/

    I don’t even cook much why do I watch these 😂

  • K-Rad
    K-Rad 2 months ago

    Is he using a non-stick pan?

  • Mopp Man
    Mopp Man 2 months ago

    I wish I could order this right through my screen :(

  • Bill Bixby
    Bill Bixby 2 months ago

    What temp is cooking on?

  • Teodor Roci
    Teodor Roci 2 months ago

    This dude is making love!!!

  • realism51
    realism51 2 months ago

    I want to be called a donkey by gordon so I can heehaw

  • James Vaughan
    James Vaughan 2 months ago

    I love your videos. Thank you. I like my peppers less caramelized, do you think it would still be ok?

  • John Denver
    John Denver 3 months ago

    Why does Gordon Ramsey always make me hungry

  • Captain Fordo
    Captain Fordo 3 months ago

    My girlfriend loves the three finger rule. ;)

  • Apole Redubla
    Apole Redubla 3 months ago

    It's always OLIVE OIL :)

  • Triggered Nematode
    Triggered Nematode 3 months ago

    Uh-Oh the retired sniper man is back...

  • mei
    mei 3 months ago

    i dont even like porkchops and id eat those

  • EcHo quickscopez
    EcHo quickscopez 3 months ago

    And I’m just chilling eating a bagel on its own at 1am😂

  • Naomi Walmsley
    Naomi Walmsley 3 months ago


  • Naomi Walmsley
    Naomi Walmsley 3 months ago

    I can almost smell it

  • Naomi Walmsley
    Naomi Walmsley 3 months ago

    He chooses good music

  • Maraya B
    Maraya B 3 months ago

    im not hungry... youre hungry 😋😋😋

  • Loydik
    Loydik 3 months ago

    I am cooking that soon ;)

  • UniquelyJewel
    UniquelyJewel 3 months ago

    What name brand knife are you using?

  • TheAverageCasual
    TheAverageCasual 3 months ago

    This dish got me to start cooking and trying new stuff every weekend and my wife couldnt be happier lol. I actually enjoy it rather than it feel like a chore now. Once I did this, it got me addicted lol. Cooking with thyme and garlic like that makes steaks so good too.

  • A & A YT
    A & A YT 3 months ago


  • A & A YT
    A & A YT 3 months ago


  • Ben Markovic
    Ben Markovic 3 months ago

    A nice spoon of cold peppers, to add to a stunning cold pork chop

  • Richard Designer
    Richard Designer 3 months ago

    His face reminds me I need a new sofa

  • Joshua Han
    Joshua Han 3 months ago

    I would brine my pork chops before cooking

  • Ajayus Spiritus
    Ajayus Spiritus 3 months ago

    Wait, Gordon seasoned the pork chops on both sides or just one side?

  • Anthony Barefoot
    Anthony Barefoot 3 months ago

    The chances of you, Gordan, reading this being slim I'd still like to say I love watching your videos. You can hear the passion you have. You can see it in every move you make. Thanks for sharing you knowledge

  • Ded Shat
    Ded Shat 3 months ago


  • Madcowe
    Madcowe 3 months ago

    just cooked this and holy shit is it good

  • Jacque Vander
    Jacque Vander 3 months ago

    The perfect side for chops is a giant clove of garlic if this was hells kitchen he would call him self a donkey

  • CallOfPundy1192
    CallOfPundy1192 3 months ago

    Bruh does someone need that much basil in their stomach

  • Blue Star
    Blue Star 3 months ago

    99 cooking

  • Kahtleen Riani
    Kahtleen Riani 3 months ago

    "Just let the knife do the work" his favorite line to say all the time

  • Pure Azt3k
    Pure Azt3k 3 months ago

    When he said punch it in dis anyone else beat the shit out of the chops?

  • Adrianne
    Adrianne 3 months ago

    Am I crazy or do I hear a “Oh yeah” at 1:07?

  • Bryan Jarbo
    Bryan Jarbo 3 months ago

    Gordon you and nick mercs are the goats

    • Daequan
      Daequan 3 months ago

      Ur the goat too bryan jarbo

    • Daequan
      Daequan 3 months ago

      Bryan Jarbo true especially Nick merc

  • teh old sprot
    teh old sprot 3 months ago +1

    cmon man ur killing me im so hungry

  • First Last
    First Last 3 months ago

    I would really love to eat those with rice.

  • clay payton
    clay payton 3 months ago

    Hi Mr Ramsey I cooked your recipe pork chops with sweet and sour peppers last night. Fantastic thanks for sharing.



  • what
    what 4 months ago

    For anyone wondering, this is the best recipe you can make as a new home cook. It is simple and quick, and you only need a knife and a pan to make it. It has huge flavor and will will reward your efforts no matter how badly you fuck it up.

  • Yolo 4Life
    Yolo 4Life 4 months ago

    Gordon’s Haters Are Vegans 😂😂

  • matthew carter
    matthew carter 4 months ago

    You're such an amazing Teacher!! Love you man!!

  • CrYsIs HuNtZ Z
    CrYsIs HuNtZ Z 4 months ago

    food porn

  • munteanu gabriela
    munteanu gabriela 4 months ago

    Big cigar 🤣 what are you thinking chef ramsay? 👀

  • Kavita Kep-Kem
    Kavita Kep-Kem 4 months ago

    Gordon Ramsey is a Great vegan Chef.

  • Joy L
    Joy L 4 months ago

    I never understood the unskinned just given a punch garlic thrown into the pan. You're wasting so much flavour, which is on the inside. The skin is not nice to eat, nor is a whole clove. It's just a chef being lazy as far as I can see.

  • jim tom
    jim tom 4 months ago

    If cook med pork why not cook med chicken yummy a little pink inside

    • Jay Harv28
      Jay Harv28 2 months ago

      Pork is safer to do that poultry no that could kill you

  • Nguyen ND
    Nguyen ND 4 months ago

    You should make gumbo

  • Chris T
    Chris T 4 months ago

    such a good teacher.

  • Mobile Sniper
    Mobile Sniper 4 months ago

    That’s horrible

  • Dave's Fishing & Outdoors

    Just cooked this meal, tested awesome, pork was abit raw but just put back in the pan

  • Mikko Argonza
    Mikko Argonza 4 months ago

    Im from the asian country thank you sir gordom for more tips. Godbless!

  • godinezfer1906
    godinezfer1906 4 months ago

    I let my 🔪 do my work and iam still waiting on the meal to get finished 😔

  • معرفه معرفه
    معرفه معرفه 4 months ago

    yaaa i like it tooo

  • slowmotion Milk
    slowmotion Milk 4 months ago

    Half an hour.

    Only a genius gets this.

  • khazix sm
    khazix sm 4 months ago

    Fucking delicious

  • Demiiize T
    Demiiize T 4 months ago +1

    I am *extra virgin olive oil*

  • Justin Jones Sr
    Justin Jones Sr 4 months ago

    Bottom of the plate was covered in oil. I thought he hated that? Or is that just for kitchen nightmares?

  • Jeff Jefferson
    Jeff Jefferson 5 months ago

    "Did you forge and smelt the silverware yourself?"
    No chef they're store bought
    "Bloody fucking hell!"

  • Tetzu
    Tetzu 5 months ago

    The problem i have is that whenever I use any sort of fat while cooking, I keep thinking about how unhealthy the food will get if I use too much so I generally use almost none and my food ends up bland and tasteless

  • Stphn
    Stphn 5 months ago +21

    When Gordon flips the chop 3:42 : Beautiful
    When I flip the chop: Some black burnt shit

  • GB
    GB 5 months ago

    his cooking Videos should be a category on pornhub

  • Mason Qiu
    Mason Qiu 5 months ago

    looks a little bit greasy, chef

  • Elise Warnicke
    Elise Warnicke 5 months ago

    Do you have to use red peppers?