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  • Published on Mar 25, 2017
  • Bringing a new dog into your pack is beyond exciting. You have years of backyard fetch, dog park dates and warm slobbery kisses to look forward to - but first, your pooch needs a name.
    Even with canine children, a lot of stock goes into a name. Many decisions must be made: Do you want to go traditional or unique, adorable or tough?
    The experts at PetBreeds, a pet research site by Graphic, referenced to find the top 100 dog names of 2016 - 50 male and 50 female names. uses its database of thousands of dogs to determine which names top the charts each year. The list is ranked from least to most popular dog name.
    Interestingly, Rover reported 28 percent of dog names are “decidedly human,” so PetBreeds included the frequency of each name in humans. The higher the frequency, the more babies were given the name in the U.S. in 2015. The popularity of each name varies, but only a handful of male dog names - Moose, Gizmo, Bandit - have no human equivalent.
    If you are in search of top 50 dog names, Most Popular Dog Names, unique puppy names, unique dog names male, unique dog names female, dog names male, dog names female, or top 100 dog names, you are at right place.
    From Ace and Kona to Max and Bella, here are the 100 most popular dog names in the U.S.

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  • Hacker Hariharan
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  • Patrick Leamy
    Patrick Leamy 24 days ago

    Cool names

  • Dorjee Tamang
    Dorjee Tamang 26 days ago

    I love and like maya and thank you so much.....

  • reidel70
    reidel70 Month ago

    I need a name for my rabbit

  • Rhaz Daluddin
    Rhaz Daluddin Month ago

    My dog is Bron

  • Natalie Elizabeth
    Natalie Elizabeth 4 months ago +1

    Ok a really cute name for a male is Marshall. (In my opinion) I don’t know if it is on the list because I’m writing this at 40. Anyways I’m getting a puppy very soon! Any name suggestions?
    I like:
    It’s gonna be a Cockapoo male!

  • Jocelyn Riddle
    Jocelyn Riddle 5 months ago

    I would like to say something. Not everybody can see I am blind. Can you please tell me what the names are. I think we might be getting a new dog and I need to name the dogs I don’t know what to name the dogs.

  • Aniket gawai
    Aniket gawai 6 months ago

    good names of doggy🐕🐕😘😘😃

  • Aniket gawai
    Aniket gawai 6 months ago

    good names of doggy🐕🐕😘😘😃

  • mangesh Bhosle
    mangesh Bhosle 8 months ago +3

    I love the name ACE it means number 1
    but you kept it at number

  • Kamilla Iqbal
    Kamilla Iqbal 8 months ago +1

    My list

  • glow fang
    glow fang 9 months ago +6

    I love max because of he was my best friend and I love him and he died

  • mih v
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  • Awesome Husky Maru
    Awesome Husky Maru 9 months ago +3

    How about Panda Or Fluffy Or Maru Or Juice Or Marshmallow Or Chopssi????

  • crystal forever1
    crystal forever1 10 months ago +1

    Can i get a cute boy dog name from someone by doggo is a shih tzu

    • Kate BARRETT
      Kate BARRETT 10 months ago

      crystal forever1 What about Benson

  • Rekha Rajput
    Rekha Rajput 10 months ago +1

    I love dogs

  • Noah Martin
    Noah Martin 10 months ago +1

    49 said harley

  • Samantha Sanchez
    Samantha Sanchez 10 months ago +2

    For me if it's A male dog I'll name him Marley, or Milo, and if it's a girl I'll name her Lexi, Lily, or Gracie. What are yours??

    • Berserker !!
      Berserker !! 4 months ago

      My favourite male names are Duke (I think it's a beautiful name) and Jake. For females I have Luna, Lyra or Bonita.
      And for both I like Orion.

    • David Soto
      David Soto 9 months ago

      Sam's TVclip Channel im getting a male dog soon, i want name it Milo, but my sister wants to name it Marley

  • Warrior Catz Entertainment
    Warrior Catz Entertainment 11 months ago +3

    1:29 lie! Xd

  • XxMarianna StarsXx
    XxMarianna StarsXx 11 months ago +2

    Max is a very popular name, most of my friends dogs have that name 0-0

  • Paikea Kehlani
    Paikea Kehlani 11 months ago +1

    I have a Newfoundland called koda and a chihuahua called Alfie

  • Super Man
    Super Man Year ago +2

    My dog's name is BOW

  • Cheyenne Evangelista

    I'm so excited

  • samarth Bais
    samarth Bais Year ago +1

    I love the name loki

  • Water Melons gaming84

    Finn Millie names off of the people that play in stranger things

  • Chon Lapuz Fajardo

    wooowww. very nice

  • Wolf Girl
    Wolf Girl Year ago +1

    I'm going to get a corgi

  • Juan Cazares
    Juan Cazares Year ago +1

    No cupcake

  • Henry Campbell
    Henry Campbell Year ago

    If you put a black and white picture in front of them, does that mean they passed away?

  • Krystal Green
    Krystal Green Year ago +3

    Is there EVER going to be the name MOCHA on one of these?!?!?!??!?!?!?! I have watched more than 10 video's like this one and there has never been the name Mocha!

  • Mia Magic
    Mia Magic Year ago +1

    The two names Loki and Roxy made me cry cause my two recent dogs had those names but then I watched them die right in front of me(I was running to save them from a bus but the bus went really quick and yeah I guess you know what happened)

    • Samuel Patrick
      Samuel Patrick 5 months ago

      Sorry but you not the only one all my ssix puppies died from an illness I think but know I have just one her name is storm but I am getting two more and let's just hope they don't die

    • David Soto
      David Soto 9 months ago

      Mia Magic that must be horrible to witness, im sorry it happend

    • Check Facts 360
      Check Facts 360  Year ago

      So sad!

    • Check Facts 360
      Check Facts 360  Year ago

      So sad!

  • MsSoySimmer
    MsSoySimmer Year ago +4

    Thanks! Now I know what names not to pick!

  • Evolution Eevee
    Evolution Eevee Year ago +1

    I have a dog but I named him Rocket none of those names

  • Albertsstuff Lover
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  • Taylorina SliftSP

    What do u mean 3.8090.8 ? i just example .

  • Evercute Beauty parlour

    I love the name oscar

  • mischa ohanlon
    mischa ohanlon Year ago

    i was thinking toby what a guess lol

  • Susan.a
    Susan.a Year ago +3

    What breed is this dog 0:43 it’s soo cute💖

    • Ana Landaverde
      Ana Landaverde 6 months ago

      Is brownie a boy or girl name?

    • Aroseblade Lol
      Aroseblade Lol Year ago

      Susana it’s probably some sort of Australian Shepherd mix

  • IsxbellaTaylor
    IsxbellaTaylor Year ago +2

    Can someone help me out for 2 girl dogs names , I’m getting 2 springer spaniels and need help 😅😬💗

  • wotan237
    wotan237 Year ago +2

    No Rover, Fido, or Rex ?

  • Social Anxiety
    Social Anxiety Year ago

    My family is getting a second dog and their naming a male dog the ugly ass name Naldo which is from Renaldo which is my brothers n dads name.Id rather call him N as short for Naldo.

  • VK Viners
    VK Viners Year ago +1

    Sparky is good name but not included in this list

  • Leah Keeley
    Leah Keeley Year ago

    Love the vid but in the title it said most popular and unique and they're pretty much opposites of each other?!

  • willow Bird
    willow Bird Year ago +2

    they showed the same name more than twice

    • Hannah Spencer
      Hannah Spencer Year ago

      That's because some of these names could be for girls or boys. :)

  • Gucci Boiz
    Gucci Boiz Year ago +1

    They said two twice so there were 52 dog names, but I’m getting a new dog, so I ain’t complaining. They also did fifty twice. That’s where the fifty-TWO comes from.

  • Roblox fun
    Roblox fun Year ago +3

    Im gonna be getting a German shepherd

  • Milo the amazing Dog

    Can anyone help me with names for a boy? I want more of a cutesy name, but not like fluffy or something like that. I’m picky 😂💜

  • XxMargGirlxx - Growtopia and many more

    Holly Harley Hunter Henry

  • Hannah
    Hannah Year ago +8

    I love the name *ACE*

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Man I wanted beagle

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  • lentil beaan
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    7:20 was a male dog lol

    • Gaby Glow
      Gaby Glow 9 months ago

      My neighbor has a a female dog and her name is Roxy

    • Mia Storz
      Mia Storz 11 months ago

      what that dosent even make sense why did you say lol

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      Roxy is said like this (R-ox-e

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      Dude it’s not XD LOL

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    turn speed to 0.25

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    This is a really great video keep up the good work👍

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