I Tried Making Kinetic Sand!


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  • DaveHax
    DaveHax  12 days ago +181

    What are you planning this weekend, anything fun? For more slime videos see here:tvclip.biz/video/bZ1WmeKir78/video.html?list=PLQ_T2NppE0PIDyru5141DPY2DxsBYzJoE

    • Darrell Strickland
      Darrell Strickland Day ago

      πŸ”΄πŸ”΄πŸ”΄ *sΠ΅xΡƒ girls* β–Ί [ pextu.alu-tex.ru ] β—„ *girls sΠ΅xΡƒ* πŸ”΄πŸ”΄πŸ”΄
      πŸ”΄πŸ”΄πŸ”΄ *seΡ…Ρƒ girls* β–Ί [ pextu.alu-tex.ru ] β—„ *girls sΠ΅Ρ…y* πŸ”΄πŸ”΄πŸ”΄
      πŸ”΄πŸ”΄πŸ”΄ *seΡ…y girls* β–Ί [ pextu.alu-tex.ru ] β—„ *girls sΔ—Ρ…Ρƒ* πŸ”΄πŸ”΄πŸ”΄

    • Don Maxim
      Don Maxim 3 days ago

      DaveHax kmli

    • Don Maxim
      Don Maxim 3 days ago

      DaveHax ffgbynnn

    • bayouartist z
      bayouartist z 4 days ago

      I'm planning to make this

  • Soledad Cuison
    Soledad Cuison 3 hours ago

    That's loock yumy

  • Elias D
    Elias D 5 hours ago

    Ahh the random intonation in your voice gets to me... πŸ˜–

  • Muhannad Salim
    Muhannad Salim 6 hours ago

    but it still squid jizz together well

  • Special. Waffles
    Special. Waffles 7 hours ago


  • Special. Waffles
    Special. Waffles 7 hours ago

    And StArT AgAIn

  • theawsomezab game play

    1:08 Lego man:aaaaaah why did you do that you cut me in half 😲

  • Mick Woods
    Mick Woods 10 hours ago

    Boring boring! Boring!! BORING!!!!!!!!

  • Karagianis
    Karagianis 12 hours ago

    I wonder if there's any way to make something whith similar physical properties to this but at the same time be edible?

  • Rasmus Lagerqvist Thomasson

    Alla svenskar like this

  • Destrife
    Destrife 12 hours ago

    2:12 added a bit *proceeds to add excessive amounts*

  • Richard De pender
    Richard De pender 13 hours ago

    The blue one is the best

  • glibbergloop
    glibbergloop 14 hours ago

    i think you need some kind of polymer or nonstick grease or oil

  • Starco Fam vids
    Starco Fam vids 15 hours ago

    everything is *cool* *for* *davehax*

  • Insan DNA
    Insan DNA 16 hours ago

    A Little bit of sand he said

  • nutella jar
    nutella jar 18 hours ago

    0:26 my life fading away

  • MetalGuitarBoy
    MetalGuitarBoy 18 hours ago

    R.I.P. Lego dude

  • Mercer Alex19
    Mercer Alex19 19 hours ago


  • Maned Wolf
    Maned Wolf 23 hours ago

    If you are willing to teach your kid this could be a great way to educate them on fractions!

  • My Minecrafter Videos/SeriousMANBOT


  • Love Sick
    Love Sick Day ago

    looks like sugru to me, the red one

  • BananaBotFilms
    BananaBotFilms Day ago

    2:14 "Added a bit in"

    That's a lot...

    GAME FOR FAME Day ago

    A little bit
    *pours in half of the whole bottle *

  • DeathFaced
    DeathFaced Day ago

    i want a beach made out of this.

  • Maggie Parker
    Maggie Parker Day ago

    2:14 that's not a bit that's a lot πŸ’―

  • Mega Chains
    Mega Chains Day ago

    I need this in my life

  • Skxll_o
    Skxll_o Day ago

    (Literally every video of his) pretty cool huh? Pretty cool huh? Pretty cool huh?

  • Keishla Chinea
    Keishla Chinea Day ago

    Meh...not really DaveHax

  • Timodail
    Timodail Day ago

    P. R. E. T. T. Y C. O. O. L H. U. H. ? ? ?

  • Ron Schmidt
    Ron Schmidt Day ago

    Top 10 most violent Lego video games

  • Ornela Halo
    Ornela Halo Day ago

    Do more pretty cool videos huh?

  • GgVanderM
    GgVanderM Day ago

    lady birds? πŸ˜‚ (sorry if that's what other people call them, I'm not familiar with it) don't get me wrong, great video!

  • Galaxy Midnight
    Galaxy Midnight Day ago

    "A little bit of sand"

  • AD Tech
    AD Tech Day ago

    Hey DAVE HAX Superb..... I loved it... Plz reply Dave Hax

  • Itzjosh Gaming
    Itzjosh Gaming Day ago

    Says β€œ gonna add a bit of sand β€œ (dumps whole thing)πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚love your vids

  • Scott Lawrence
    Scott Lawrence Day ago

    IIRC, the proper way to make your own is to use Silly Putty, not glue-based slime.

  • Dodge Viper_101
    Dodge Viper_101 Day ago

    Go red

  • jklw10
    jklw10 Day ago

    that intro music... tyken 132 tho

  • kassu kappe
    kassu kappe Day ago

    I've got a feeling kinetic sand is gonna be a new slime.

  • Puncake Mang
    Puncake Mang Day ago

    i can smell it just by looking at it

  • asherah
    asherah Day ago +1

    2:22 Added a bit more sand *Puts almost everything in*

  • tim
    tim Day ago

    what am I watching

  • Gion Uein
    Gion Uein Day ago

    pretty cool huuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh?

  • Kuruzami kun
    Kuruzami kun Day ago

    Rip kenetic sand lego 2018 -2018

  • Nela Nelka
    Nela Nelka Day ago


  • RicAwesome95 - The Blue King Creeper

    Its Cool When Your Holding It
    When Your Watching It
    Who Is Familiar?

  • Creepy Doggo
    Creepy Doggo Day ago

    DaveHax my birthday on may 13th can i have a early pin as a gift?

  • Piece of cake / POC

    It's like a clay not a kinetic sand

  • Luis Zamora
    Luis Zamora Day ago

    Fidget spinner made out of kinetic sand?

  • The Netherrack Torch

    P R E T T Y C O O L , H U H ?

  • Carl Carandang
    Carl Carandang 2 days ago

    Plan to change your profile pic

  • You Slumber, Cucumber

    Quite the liberal use of the word "squidge"

  • DarrenYT
    DarrenYT 2 days ago

    Pretty kul, hah?

  • Sometimes animated man Man

    R.i.p in pease LEGO sand guy

  • server075
    server075 2 days ago

    Good for a kids project, doesn't look like it's toxic at all !!

  • TM Justice
    TM Justice 2 days ago

    The only question is... Will it stay dry if you put it in water?

  • Guybrush Threepwood
    Guybrush Threepwood 2 days ago

    Kneaded erasers behave exactly like this when stretched too far

  • Joeffrey
    Joeffrey 2 days ago

    I made it yesterday!

  • keira lewis
    keira lewis 2 days ago

    rip sand man 1:03 - 1:08

  • Teabee
    Teabee 2 days ago

    the red one though

  • EvenMoarSpice
    EvenMoarSpice 2 days ago

    I don't like sand. It's coarse, rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

  • Earlsean Nucum
    Earlsean Nucum 2 days ago

    are you sure its a bit of sand i think you poured a large amount

  • Alvarez20
    Alvarez20 2 days ago


  • anne marie potts
    anne marie potts 2 days ago

    Will you ever stop saying pretty cool her

  • Edward Kenway
    Edward Kenway 2 days ago +1

    Pretty cool huh?

  • MissesKitty
    MissesKitty 2 days ago

    1:04 the knife is my crush

  • Diadromes
    Diadromes 2 days ago

    1:05 how to torture human 101

  • CrazyWolfezGamer312 UNDERTALE FAN

    Call The Slime That's Sadny Sandy Slime or Something xD

  • ToP Gaming
    ToP Gaming 2 days ago


    MLGRC 2 days ago


  • Joeys Number one hater

    Ur mum gay

  • Sam Adrian Cacayuran

    Um Dave u should put more sand

  • Dr Wolf
    Dr Wolf 2 days ago

    Why is he acting like we've never heard of this lol

    CHIPSME . 3 days ago

    you have to add more sand to the sand and make sure the slime is a little bit sticky

    CHIPSME . 3 days ago

    the kinetic sand is like cloud slime

  • Desi Serda
    Desi Serda 3 days ago

    So satisfying
    Like if you agree

  • Susanna226 AJ
    Susanna226 AJ 3 days ago

    Its mad matter from vat19

  • CrateJJut351 _
    CrateJJut351 _ 3 days ago

    why r u using a fork to mix stuff

  • The dark Aura
    The dark Aura 3 days ago

    That’s cool

  • broke dinosaur
    broke dinosaur 3 days ago

    Wtf is a ladybird???

  • Ron2010
    Ron2010 3 days ago

    *_-the newest kind of play dough-_*

  • Blair & Taylor
    Blair & Taylor 3 days ago

    That’s called cloud slime with sand lol

  • Destiny Man
    Destiny Man 3 days ago

    I have that knife at home

  • Scauldy Brown
    Scauldy Brown 3 days ago

    "But it is pretty cool"

  • OVERKING OF WATCH weekly streams and vlogs No

    A bit of colored sand *pours entire earths weight of red sand into bowl

  • The Random AbbyJoy
    The Random AbbyJoy 3 days ago

    To make better kinetic sand you can make a tiny bit of slime and just at a whole lot more sand like for example you have a 2oz container of slime them you had 15oz of sand... idk but you should get it βœŒοΈπŸ˜‚


  • No Fullname
    No Fullname 3 days ago

    When will they make kinetic cake?

  • Play Master
    Play Master 3 days ago

    At start of The vid is so satisfied

  • Dan JN
    Dan JN 3 days ago

    2:08 (:

  • Dusan Miljkovic
    Dusan Miljkovic 3 days ago

    Please change ur music

  • Onniivarifilms
    Onniivarifilms 3 days ago

    Simply delicious

  • Onniivarifilms
    Onniivarifilms 3 days ago

    Why I want to eat that

  • Isopod Nigga
    Isopod Nigga 3 days ago

    should've added silicone instead

  • Adrius MaximΓ€
    Adrius MaximΓ€ 3 days ago

    I think real kinetic sand is made of sand and silicon oil

  • Rofiq El
    Rofiq El 3 days ago

    Dave: Lets add a little sand
    *Pours entire bottle in*
    Dave: There we go!
    *Sand cries as it dies and turns into slime*
    Dave: Oh.....

  • Narwhal Salsa
    Narwhal Salsa 3 days ago

    I think you made DIY mad matter

  • Vladimir Putin Hussein

    Im getting cancer from your accent

  • Ari YT
    Ari YT 3 days ago

    Pretty cool huh

  • Nirim Does Stuff
    Nirim Does Stuff 3 days ago

    You sound like a robot...

  • Ten Jonder
    Ten Jonder 3 days ago

    You can make it by mixing flour and oil