NF - Therapy Session

  • Published on Aug 26, 2016
  • Official music video for “Therapy Session” from NF’s album, Therapy Session.
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    Music video by NF performing Therapy Session. (P) (C) 2016 Capitol CMG Label Group.
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  • Jessi -zero
    Jessi -zero Hour ago


  • Legacy nation
    Legacy nation 2 hours ago


  • Azakiri
    Azakiri 11 hours ago

    Billie Eilish fans:Billie Eilish makes the most depressing music ever and it’s the best.
    NF:Excuse me?

  • jalen Kenny
    jalen Kenny 14 hours ago

    Every word that is coming out of his mouth is not fake its real life in just 12 years and I look up to u nf 👆

  • wyatt reed
    wyatt reed 16 hours ago +1

    So why isnt this a video with 1billion views?

    TARIK SAFVET CIFTCI 18 hours ago

    Ummm I don’t no want to say

  • Samuel Tyler
    Samuel Tyler Day ago

    The white painted people

  • Samuel Tyler
    Samuel Tyler Day ago

    These people are creepy

  • Brie loves Breyers

    God gave him the gift and he is spreading the word by his music. His songs have deeper meanings that tie back to Christians you know

  • Deanna Terrasi
    Deanna Terrasi Day ago

    I am a parent and this music is what I listen to it helps ppl that don't have mental probs don't understand!

  • TryToBeatHax
    TryToBeatHax Day ago +1

    "You call it music, I call it my therapist"

  • VideoClips
    VideoClips Day ago

    This isn’t violence, it’s passion

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob Day ago

    This music is incredible and applies to the real world in every way.

  • Paige Heart
    Paige Heart Day ago +1

    this song kinda made me feel like i wasnt the only one who has been thru alot now i feel like i can be safe knowing someone is out their and they understand..thank you nate

  • littleGamer
    littleGamer Day ago

    This is what you call real music😌

  • Tim Arm
    Tim Arm Day ago

    Жалко нф тяжёлая жизнь удаласт

  • Mason Mackay
    Mason Mackay 2 days ago

    Getting mad daredevil vibes from the beat

  • 김진휘
    김진휘 2 days ago +1

    Therapy Session

  • MiX Channel
    MiX Channel 2 days ago +1

    Like he went through ur head and choose the words to express urself

  • deadXbeats
    deadXbeats 2 days ago +1

    I lovvvve nf

  • Overly Optimistic Gaming

    Who's here because of NF Nate

  • Rivo Dwi Yulianto
    Rivo Dwi Yulianto 2 days ago +2

    Damn why i found this so late

  • Living Listed
    Living Listed 3 days ago

    This is disturbing. But it’s your truth. Very powerful song and message. Don’t agree with it all. Sorry you’re a receptacle of some people’s pain. Neither you nor anyone else should be that. Hope you, your family, and everyone else’s remains safe. InshAllah, bro. I know we come from different faiths. I don’t mean to be disrespectful.

  • I’m from Guatemala
    I’m from Guatemala 3 days ago +1

    Who is listening in September 2019
    Like to see how we are

  • prithvi raj
    prithvi raj 3 days ago

    7.5 dislikes Yo'll deserve MA tallest finger salute. 😎

  • Alyssa Johnson
    Alyssa Johnson 4 days ago

    you and skitz kraven need to do a song together. it'd be dope

  • ǾŦÀ ĶƠ
    ǾŦÀ ĶƠ 4 days ago +1

    Man this is...beutiful🌹

    • NF Fan
      NF Fan 2 days ago +1

      ǾŦÀ ĶƠ Yeah ❤️😍

  • Abdelrahman Rafeek
    Abdelrahman Rafeek 4 days ago

    Am i the only guy who can't find this song on spotify ?

  • STONEDay
    STONEDay 4 days ago


  • jack carr
    jack carr 4 days ago

    After knowing of nf for years I've slowly started sharing his music and now I got everyone in my class on his music even the teacher and yet I'm carrying on cus we need more of fan base

  • Thamires Nogueira
    Thamires Nogueira 4 days ago +1

    I don't think I have ever found an artist who is Christian but also keep it so real even when it's dark and don't try to make things more light by using the gospel or stuff like that. He Just talks about what is real for him and his experience and that's so refreshing I'm glad I found his music and pray he's okay and finds happiness on a weekly bases someday. I said too much but I just gotta register that I relate too much

  • joey Nehi
    joey Nehi 4 days ago +1

    To the 1% who reads this
    Your skin isn't paper, don't cut it
    Your face isn't a mask, don't cover it
    Your body isn't a book, dont judge it
    Your life isn't a movie, don't end it
    Your heart isn't a door, don't lock it
    You're beautiful💓
    Be you...

  • DogwithaGopro
    DogwithaGopro 5 days ago +6

    Pretty sure I’m responsible for about 15 million of these views 😂

  • Queen Bee Canada
    Queen Bee Canada 5 days ago

    Thank you. Lost my mom & I'm lost. Broken. Your voice. Your lyrics. Your WAY. All the tunes are my therapy

  • nenitz chavez
    nenitz chavez 5 days ago

    1:54 did say its yeet XD ITS YEAH

  • Kianelis Gragg Rivera

    my mom hit me today because i asked her if she was ok and she had a bad attitude i hv a red mark on my face now so i listen to this song

  • sisi Bd
    sisi Bd 5 days ago +2


  • Siyabuka Siyabonga
    Siyabuka Siyabonga 5 days ago +1

    Anyone in 2k19?

  • Nothando Mazyopa
    Nothando Mazyopa 6 days ago

    He is the only rapper who gives goose bumps..... I love ya man!

  • DestinFall
    DestinFall 6 days ago

    And this doesn’t make my recommendations, trending, or on the rise why? C’mon youtube

  • Rachel Reep
    Rachel Reep 6 days ago +1

    Some people are petty nf is freaking awesome screw the hators

  • Blyss Kerns
    Blyss Kerns 6 days ago +2

    All the people whom put dislikes are mean you don't know what its like to feel depresion like NF

  • Amanda Duffey
    Amanda Duffey 6 days ago

    This song made me cry because it's so deep and he experienced this in real life!!! And it makes me feel better when i listen to his music. It's sort of funny i found out who NF was because af Gacha Life...but NF is probably the best man song writer and raper that I've ever heard!!!!👌👌👌💖👍👍

  • Yeicol27
    Yeicol27 6 days ago +2

    Thank you Nathan for you music I hope you keep doing inspiring music, and always be the realest

  • jmills bro
    jmills bro 7 days ago +1

    Not violent but "Viewer discretion may be advised." lol

  • theejokers kids
    theejokers kids 7 days ago +1

    Nf has good meaning to his song he's so different from these other stupid rappers i wish I can say thank you to him

  • GANGsT3R-H00Die _209
    GANGsT3R-H00Die _209 7 days ago +2

    Ur better than these rappers now days (2019) #NF

  • Sumi Ratsu
    Sumi Ratsu 7 days ago

    Omg! Very Deep Music

  • princbul
    princbul 7 days ago

    i win

  • Tommy from Wii Sports Resort

    I was all happy until I looked at some of these comments and it got me all depressed y u do this to me

  • AceX x
    AceX x 7 days ago +1

    i love your raps bro your the one i look up to to help the depressed me.

  • Jose Marcelino
    Jose Marcelino 7 days ago +1

    NF's OCD must kick in when he's shooting the video cause mine did

  • Whale Cat
    Whale Cat 7 days ago

    His music has gotten... Different.

  • Skyy Harris
    Skyy Harris 7 days ago +2

    Amen! I LOVE this song! How quick are we to forget, about the people who hurt everyday. We all need a Therapy Session!!! its not about those in church, but about those who feel like they cannot enter it. Everyone's got something that needs to be healed.

  • Kris
    Kris 8 days ago +2

    Your music is something that I relate to on so many levels. I used to self harm... I had attempted suicide more than once. I’m blessed to still be alive today. Also I can thankfully say I have not self harmed in 5 years.

    • TheDarkBrother
      TheDarkBrother 6 days ago

      Well done Kris, I know how hard it is to fight depression. I'm glad you're still here, even tho I don't know you💜🖤 I'm still fighting this battle. I totally agree with you, I relate wayy too much with the lyrics.

  • Travis B
    Travis B 8 days ago

    My mom hits me and my brother

  • Thembelihle Masina
    Thembelihle Masina 8 days ago +1

    The lyrics here.

  • HardCor3 Gaming
    HardCor3 Gaming 8 days ago +1

    Hey australians you should learn press right button

  • the messed up twins
    the messed up twins 8 days ago +3

    Roses are red violets are blue I like NF and U should to plz don't hate it's my first time

  • benywoka
    benywoka 8 days ago