Sticky Pork Ribs - Gordon Ramsay


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  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen 6 hours ago

    I was lost when he put that rice wine in the recipe damn it

  • Paiman Namazi
    Paiman Namazi 11 hours ago

    I'm assuming you look like you're 100 years old, but you're actually 20? Just curious!
    All joking aside, do you ever notice when you having fun time flies by? This is not an illusion. In fact, time is governed by how you manage it weather willfully or unannounced.
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  • AT Star
    AT Star Day ago +1

    Sofia Vergara

  • Eren Lede
    Eren Lede 2 days ago

    wow wonderfully recipe.thankyou for your channel

  • Danealle Gros
    Danealle Gros 3 days ago

    Marry me Gordon

  • PC_GameWorld
    PC_GameWorld 6 days ago

    He talks about reheating but complains when others reheat

  • pauper covacevich
    pauper covacevich 6 days ago


  • Tsedendamba Tumurbaatar

    recipe please, i dont know English well

  • Brandon BP
    Brandon BP 7 days ago

    Funny that anis would be shaped like a star...

  • Gerard Ewah
    Gerard Ewah 8 days ago

    how'd I love to sit there in every session his making something and eat the fuck outta that food ...

  • Rex Hardesty
    Rex Hardesty 11 days ago

    Gordon you are magnificent!

  • J. Simone
    J. Simone 12 days ago

    Making these for the boys tonight!

  • Elgen
    Elgen 12 days ago +1

    180 c or f?

  • joannabuk
    joannabuk 14 days ago +1

    Getting hungry!!!

    MMRAINS GameZ 14 days ago +2

    Why am i watching this
    Im Muslim

    • MMRAINS GameZ
      MMRAINS GameZ 13 days ago

      +Game lol
      Nope my white freind said beef is better

    • Game lol
      Game lol 13 days ago

      MMRAINS GameZ , coz you know pork is delicious🤤

  • thatfrenchcanadian
    thatfrenchcanadian 14 days ago

    He put anise everywhere..... beurk.

    SALMAN HUSSAIN 14 days ago

    How can you forget to put the pApA riKa in

  • Jaylene Marroquin
    Jaylene Marroquin 15 days ago

    I'm pregnant and I been craving ribs D; all I have to eat is cup noodles low budget cause money problems

  • Sean O'Toole
    Sean O'Toole 17 days ago

    It makes me horny watching Gordon cook

  • Keisha Dewsbury
    Keisha Dewsbury 18 days ago

    Now this looks delicious ☺

  • constanceyx
    constanceyx 19 days ago

    i wish i had all the seasonings in the world ready to make anything.

  • Monorom Krich
    Monorom Krich 21 day ago

    Lovvvvve ribs! Pork ribs rule!

  • Jeffrey Knapp
    Jeffrey Knapp 21 day ago

    the intro is asmr ramsay

  • vinny Durham
    vinny Durham 21 day ago

    How can there be a thousand dislikes

  • steve b
    steve b 21 day ago

    £50 *in* ....

  • Yasin Abdillah
    Yasin Abdillah 21 day ago

    Why tf that cabin setting in the intro looks so hideous and ready for a possible porn-scene 😭😭😭

  • Alexander Legayada
    Alexander Legayada 22 days ago

    a drizzle of olive ohhhl.

  • Damon Imperious
    Damon Imperious 22 days ago

    I wish I could cook like him then maybe I could loose s few pounds then this crap I eat today

  • Unknown Boxer
    Unknown Boxer 22 days ago

    3 things certain in life, paying taxes , death & Gordon Ramsey using olive oil

  • Alexander Gabriel Alqueza

    Filipinos called it Humba

  • Wesley Wyatt
    Wesley Wyatt 23 days ago

    I’ve made these twice and I’m doing them again tonight. What side would Chef Gordon serve with these ribs?

  • CrazyGoatLady
    CrazyGoatLady 23 days ago

    Oh dear, oh dear!!! When I butchered my pork I tool a bit more meat away from the ribs than these. So I have a skinny rack because I wanted more bacon. Duh!

  • Lord Minion777
    Lord Minion777 24 days ago

    It’s because of this dish that I now have a girlfriend. Im13

  • Yang Yuanzhang
    Yang Yuanzhang 24 days ago

    It is like how every Chinese home cooking pork ribs..

  • Lufunyo Edson
    Lufunyo Edson 25 days ago

    damn ..why i had to com here hungry :)

  • Loganpvp
    Loganpvp 26 days ago

    Chef Ramsay do you have a roasting tray you recommend?

  • Jonathan Hidalgo
    Jonathan Hidalgo 27 days ago

    What would you make this with on the side?

  • Ranesh Ron
    Ranesh Ron 27 days ago

    Big fan garden Respect

  • Kai Roodt
    Kai Roodt 27 days ago

    Absolutely delicious 🤤

  • Alex Mesa
    Alex Mesa 28 days ago

    How do I get this recipe???

  • Kxng Ace👑🔥
    Kxng Ace👑🔥 29 days ago

    Will this damage my non stick pan

  • haskeldinho12345
    haskeldinho12345 29 days ago


  • Duke Of Hesse
    Duke Of Hesse Month ago

    Yuk. he double and triple dips when he tastes it. Who wants Ramsay spit in their food?

  • iChiief
    iChiief Month ago

    "That gives it a really nice, sort of..."

  • Yukimi Lee
    Yukimi Lee Month ago

    Made this dish, and the flavor was great. It was really tasty.

  • TypeAAA
    TypeAAA Month ago

    Pork ribs > beef ribs Actually I almost prefer pork to any cut of beef.

  • Marcos Antonio
    Marcos Antonio Month ago

    1,1K dumbasses need to learn cooking secrets ;)

  • I Rape Dolphins
    I Rape Dolphins Month ago

    Where is this "click" button tho?

  • Mizzy Missy
    Mizzy Missy Month ago

    This is the reason why I'm watching now .dinner soon

  • Flavio Floris
    Flavio Floris Month ago

    ginger? I can't watch this!

  • lon don
    lon don Month ago

    If you cant fınd rıce wıne? Gordon we lıve ın a world wıth google now you dinosaur

  • Rakan Sayegh
    Rakan Sayegh Month ago

    Did he mean 180 F or C?

  • Chris. Harfoot
    Chris. Harfoot Month ago

    Seems just plain lazy to my thinking like Jamie Oliver, don't prepare anything and just break your teeth on whole spices, anyone can do that. If you can't grind the spices like a top Indian chef, buy a bottle of sauce and save an expensive trip to the dentist.

  • wayniac917
    wayniac917 Month ago

    3:20 The tartness, the heat, the *CAAAMEL*

  • First Name Last Name

    “65% meat 35% fat” what about that bigg ass bone

  • Moshuh Nanren
    Moshuh Nanren Month ago

    They came out dry, drier than the sands surrounding.....never mind Ramsay just a joke 🤣came out delicious

  • mikedicko1
    mikedicko1 Month ago

    Made these last weekend, So Easy, but Boy do They taste GREAT ! ! ! :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

  • Jpgundarun
    Jpgundarun Month ago

    My tastebuds just orgasmed.

  • Kelly Durmon
    Kelly Durmon Month ago

    Jizz.. In
    Pregnancy... Done

  • J M
    J M Month ago

    Has anyone here actually made this? How was it?

  • FaZe Füher
    FaZe Füher Month ago

    Do you take the time to put the honey in that jar

  • Slim LC
    Slim LC Month ago

    The excitement he gets when he cooks lol born to cook

  • Jhagavan Arun
    Jhagavan Arun Month ago

    press click to subscribe hmmmm.....

  • wut wut
    wut wut Month ago

    The longer you cook the better it it
    Me : i see cook for 3 day its kinda burn

  • Nyi Thuta
    Nyi Thuta Month ago

    Nice watching this stuff at 4 am

  • MrGtoriginal
    MrGtoriginal Month ago

    I wouldn't be tasting the liquid in the pan when the ribs haven't yet been fully cooked, you could run the risk of food poisoning.

  • Roshan Manilal
    Roshan Manilal Month ago

    Gordon.You are a legend.The use of ginger and garlic bring out the flavour of any meat

  • Edito Baoas
    Edito Baoas Month ago


  • skatedude07
    skatedude07 Month ago

    Is there somewhere to find the recipes of some of the videos he makes written out?


    stop saying 180 i live in the US and i cooked my ribs at 180 F 😂😂😂😂 they weren’t done

  • jamie Purvis
    jamie Purvis Month ago

    My mouth is watering , they look delicious

  • pineapple
    pineapple Month ago

    Nice and m o i s t

  • Yeng Kara Lee
    Yeng Kara Lee Month ago

    i came all this way and he didn't even eat it! D:

  • Erica Camacho
    Erica Camacho Month ago

    I need that pan!! 🤔

  • Audrey Choong
    Audrey Choong Month ago

    This is a bit like the Chinese Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs. We will first lightly stir fry the star anise to toast it (opening up the flavour). Then set it aside. Next, we will put in some sugar / crushed rock sugar in a pan and melt it. I guess the honey that you (Gorden ) used is a replacement of sugar . When the sugar has melted, pork ribs are placed into the pan to brown it. A dash (2 tablespoon) of Chinese wine is added. And if you want a more robust taste, add in 1 to 2 tablespoon of oyster sauce (this is optional). Next, add 1.5 tablespoon of soya sauce, 3 tablespoon black vinegar (or Jap grain vinegar) , 3 sour plum (you can find in Asian grocer ) & 300ml water. If you like the pork ribs to have a darker colour, add in a bit of dark soy sauce. We usually cook this by braising on the stove top in mid to low heat.

  • Shaun Keith
    Shaun Keith Month ago

    come on gordon, when are you going to teach us how to make szechuan sauce? !

  • simon chu
    simon chu Month ago

    want to know what goes well with these? (like a side dish)

  • purpleguddess
    purpleguddess Month ago

    The passion😍😍😍

  • Aaron Ponio
    Aaron Ponio 2 months ago

    Gordon ramsay boo

  • 123 123
    123 123 2 months ago

    Where the fk can i find the recipe?

  • iris shalurhad
    iris shalurhad 2 months ago

    Why is this so hard?

  • 5.56&9mm kindaguy
    5.56&9mm kindaguy 2 months ago

    Oh my goodness these things look amazing. Have to try making these some day

  • Swiit Lime
    Swiit Lime 2 months ago

    5:30 he had me at squeeze it in

  • Christos Andrews
    Christos Andrews 2 months ago

    I made this once to a tee to Gordon’s recipe. Some of the best ribs I’ve ever had. Definitely craving them again!

  • Rubin Dude
    Rubin Dude 2 months ago

    Just made this and WOW its amazing!!! I accidentally put too much Star Anis and it kinda threw off the flavor so be careful, especially if you've never cooked with it before and you're not familiar with how it effects food (AKA me). Overall It was AMAZING

  • shadow darkness
    shadow darkness 2 months ago

    at the time i am watching this the video has 69K likes, nice.

  • Shawn Brown
    Shawn Brown 2 months ago

    Ovil oil and salt&pepper is in every video😂

  • Javierfernando999
    Javierfernando999 2 months ago

    A comeeeiiii

  • John Cisney
    John Cisney 2 months ago

    My ribs were perfect coming out of the oven, but when I put them back on the stove, I burned them to hell. Why? Because when he said "For every minute they glaze, they taste better and better". So my drunk ass left them up there for a half hour while I watched a show -____-

  • John Cisney
    John Cisney 2 months ago

    I thought about maybe adding some Tsingtao beer to the mix

  • Taylor s
    Taylor s 2 months ago

    I guess this is like a Chinese dish: sweet and sour pork ribs witch is called "tang cu pau gu"-糖醋排骨.

  • Olivier Verdys
    Olivier Verdys 2 months ago

    How do you get ride of the pork / piggy smell ? In Chinese cooking, we blanch the pork before cooking to remove the smell.

  • Drew Watkins
    Drew Watkins 2 months ago

    Those look so damn good. Ramsay you're the man.

  • zaid karadsheh
    zaid karadsheh 2 months ago

    did he just said just press click to subscribe? i cant find click

  • Buihongquan W
    Buihongquan W 2 months ago

    Crispy is a type of color, of course.

  • Kevin Chisham
    Kevin Chisham 2 months ago

    Have you considered giving us cooking temps in Fahrenheit?

  • I Apologize for this Comment

    I want to subscribe but I don't know how to press click. Someone help

  • black pearl
    black pearl 2 months ago

    use stove, oven, and stove again...
    to wasting time chef...

  • Alex K
    Alex K 2 months ago