Sticky Pork Ribs - Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on Dec 20, 2013
  • We hope you've been enjoying Gordon's recent recipes - this recipe for spicy sticky pork is perfect this time of year and a great dish for Christmas dinner parties or New Year's Eve.
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  • Terence Jones
    Terence Jones 2 days ago

    first things first what kind of tray is this on the hob then in the oven... tried this the tray caught fire...???

  • Motoman929
    Motoman929 3 days ago

    You started with individual ribs. WRONG!! Your seasonings are so off and not to par with real bbq ribs. This is a shit recipe. Its not a fucking stew gordon. Your idea of what tastes good is so specific to yourself. Maybe you should have watched some how to make rib videos before u made this absolute shit.

  • #jagswag K
    #jagswag K 5 days ago

    Can u eat the starenese things or do u need to take them out first?

    • Alex J
      Alex J 3 days ago

      You would take them out. They are there just to help with flavor.

  • Chief D
    Chief D 5 days ago

    That Ingredients reminds me of filipino adobo.

  • Bryce MCLELLAN
    Bryce MCLELLAN 6 days ago

    (Gordon Ramsay having sex with his wife)

    Gordon: Breasts here, 80% meat, 20% fat, beautiful.
    Gordon: *sees vagina* Season. Kosher salt, fresh black peppercorns. Super fragrant.
    Gordon: We're ready to get cooking now. Penis? In.

  • Panshe Matombo
    Panshe Matombo 6 days ago +2

    Who is drulling right now? Like if you are!!!!!

  • Richard Alvis
    Richard Alvis 8 days ago

    Used to watch you on hells kitchen. Always thought Id stab you at the gumline right between your front teeth with an ice pick. Not really. Just subscribed. Thanks for your time and effort making these vids. You will help me, a novice, improve on my new found passion for cooking at 51 years of age. God bless and good luck.👍✌

  • cmanzana100
    cmanzana100 10 days ago +1

    God damn I always wanna cook like Gordon but he uses ingredients I would only use once

  • Rocket 205
    Rocket 205 10 days ago +4

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like having savory and sweet tastes together? I think the food would be ten times better if he didn’t add honey

    • Chef Seblefr
      Chef Seblefr 2 days ago

      Rocket 205 I have a different palate. I think the sweet has to be in, to make it so good. Of course it’s my opinion, but I believe it makes the whole dish.

    • Pear
      Pear 8 days ago

      Different strokes for different folks. Personally like sweet and sour pork

  • Larry Tan
    Larry Tan 11 days ago

    My pet pig ran away watching this, thanks Gordon!!!

  • Dominic Goldt
    Dominic Goldt 12 days ago

    He could make a fucking rock taste good.😂

  • Global Football HD
    Global Football HD 12 days ago

    Man said press click to subscribe


    I love your videos my friend!

  • James Galloway
    James Galloway 12 days ago

    0:13 don't forget to hit the bell and drop a like

  • Little Reptilian
    Little Reptilian 12 days ago


  • stansexy6
    stansexy6 14 days ago

    No. From Texas

  • Victoria James
    Victoria James 14 days ago

    When ramsay cooks something, people within 1 mile radius evacuate there place coz they all watched master chef n Hell’s Kitchen

  • Wang Jiamin
    Wang Jiamin 15 days ago

    This is just like a traditional Chinese dish that almost everyone know how to cook...

  • Juquio
    Juquio 15 days ago

    It looks ok.

  • Väeski
    Väeski 16 days ago

    It probably costs more to make the ribs this way than it costs to keep me alive a month.

  • limelight06
    limelight06 17 days ago

    Delicious ! A big hit this evening . Thank you, Chef.

  • Dajjal Taqiyya
    Dajjal Taqiyya 17 days ago +2

    At the start(2 secs into video), the moment you see Gordon had spread his arms - press pause - you will get a heartwarming smooch from Gordon himself.
    (Tip: if u found the gem and thought of sticking thy arse to the screen - make sure to wipe it w antibacterial wipe after you are done with it, you filthy animal).

  • Jason Tan
    Jason Tan 18 days ago +2

    Looks delicious! Also looks like you need a new baking pan xD

  • tektek10
    tektek10 18 days ago

    this is like pork hoomba in philippines .. though we dont put ginger and we sure sugar instead of honey .. also the part that best define the taste would be the hind legs ..

  • Kelson Aisen
    Kelson Aisen 18 days ago

    Cooked this for my Gf’s grandparents. Brown has entered the family ladies and gentlemen

  • endofourlives
    endofourlives 18 days ago

    Oh, shut up, Gordon

  • ken bonvillian
    ken bonvillian 18 days ago +1

    I made them just as he did! Came out amazing!

  • Dank M
    Dank M 19 days ago

    Just press click to subscribe! Alright Gordon, bonehead!

  • Cristian Corrales
    Cristian Corrales 19 days ago

    Before I watch this let me guess the first step: Solt and Peppa

  • Adam
    Adam 20 days ago

    12 perfect ribs and 1 destroyed pan

  • jays scofield
    jays scofield 21 day ago +1

    Washing the tray would be a problem , I guess he's throwing it away.

    • Mboky 3mb
      Mboky 3mb 16 days ago

      You are right😂😂😂

    • jays scofield
      jays scofield 18 days ago +1

      @Mboky 3mb but it's possible for us to do it if we have Gordon Ramsay's networth 😂😂😁

    • Mboky 3mb
      Mboky 3mb 18 days ago +1

      jays scofield Excatly what i’ve just said!! 🤣🤣 im not that rich to throw away every tray when im done and too lazy to wash it after i cook it 😂😂😂

  • jahriah27 hoho
    jahriah27 hoho 22 days ago +1

    Adobo for short 😂 🇵🇭

  • Àrpád Papp
    Àrpád Papp 22 days ago +3

    That's way is so expensive in the restaurants. So much ingredients, and care. Looks fantastic. 😉

  • Butch Balsomo
    Butch Balsomo 25 days ago

    Looks like adobo

  • phil rogers
    phil rogers 25 days ago

    Thanks Gordon, I have learn't so much from your videos. .

  • Rosie Cotts
    Rosie Cotts 25 days ago

    I love all the spices he uses. My mom used to use all those spices. I can't I have picki eaters. I find food made in burners vs food in electrical stoves taste different.

  • Jomar Bautista
    Jomar Bautista 26 days ago

    almost adobo

  • CallOfPundy1192
    CallOfPundy1192 26 days ago

    Fire your cameraman

  • Alvin Yip
    Alvin Yip 27 days ago

    It’s really looks like Chinese food for me

  • t flo
    t flo 27 days ago +5

    not enough zoom on the chopping of the spring onions...where are the standards!

  • TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne 28 days ago

    Generous with the soy sauce.
    *dumps whole bottle in*

  • Don A
    Don A 29 days ago

    Stop trying to imitate Southern Ribs. You lamb sauce CUNT

  • Maurizio Gozzelino
    Maurizio Gozzelino Month ago

    i'll tray it cheers

  • Massimo Ricciardi
    Massimo Ricciardi Month ago

    May have to try some of this stuff myself.

  • in2food
    in2food Month ago

    What do I ask for at the market? Here, pork ribs and baby backs, spareribs or st louis ribs. They don’t look like these. Thanks

  • Lia Jung
    Lia Jung Month ago +1

    Can this guy pls be My dad?

  • IStillWill Kill
    IStillWill Kill Month ago

    Must have that Google stove" gas back on" n its back on, wow

  • TheDeepThought
    TheDeepThought Month ago

    Thank you for making these wonderful videos Gordon! I'm an amateur chef and love following your cooking videos. You've helped me develop my cooking skills just by explaining why some things are done with foods. I never thought about presentation with foods and am now enjoying making my foods the way you've shown. Granted I have a ways to go, but again thank you and please keep the recipes coming!

  • Michael Villamor
    Michael Villamor Month ago

    Woaaah "Adobo" 😍

  • Storm Xie
    Storm Xie Month ago


  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy Bunny Month ago

    So gonna make these!

  • maksim lukjan
    maksim lukjan Month ago +1

    Watched this in the mosque last saturday, thanks!

  • bob the bob
    bob the bob Month ago

    My mouth is watering watching this

  • Cam
    Cam Month ago +1

    This is just him finding stuff in the kitchen and throwing it in

  • Nathan Thompson
    Nathan Thompson Month ago

    My girlfriend doesn't like spice. Can we take out the spice and make sweet BBQ ribs? Or will that not work with this recipe?

  • Jhony Baruga
    Jhony Baruga Month ago +1

    Why ramsy still not uploading some vid. Now a days?

  • Jana Sali
    Jana Sali Month ago

    Pork yuck! Dirty animals, I think I’ll try this with beef

  • Lucinda Holland
    Lucinda Holland Month ago

    Had me until you added the star anise. Gross

  • Nastasja Nikko Baun

    Is it rice wine, or rice wine vinegar?

  • pedersenist
    pedersenist Month ago

    Can I do the same on a normal electric stove. Putting the tray on top to heat up?

  • Harvey Birdman
    Harvey Birdman Month ago

    anyone notice the knock off song in the background

  • ラポイRapoy Mariano

    nice gordon..but we call that "adobo" here in the philippines..

  • Johnathan Sanford
    Johnathan Sanford Month ago

    7.6M views and not a single person has cooked this dish. lol

  • I am 999
    I am 999 Month ago

    Season the salt and pepper

  • Wang Grace
    Wang Grace Month ago

    Typical Chinese ingredients in western kitchen! I enjoy Ramsey’s passion.

  • jeff lebowski
    jeff lebowski Month ago

    What cut of pork is this? Spare rib?

  • Dennis Beale
    Dennis Beale Month ago

    Can I do this on a bbq

  • savage satan
    savage satan Month ago

    Pakistan's national dish

  • 3boodiman 98
    3boodiman 98 2 months ago

    When i heard "pork" i lost my appetite

  • Pawan Purohit
    Pawan Purohit 2 months ago

    3.12 is a strict NO-NO if you're preparing something for the guests. Can't taste and dip the same spoon in the stock! 🤢😨

    • a aditya
      a aditya Month ago

      Only if Gordon Ramsay was a famous chef

  • Bo Ayya
    Bo Ayya 2 months ago +1

    There’s a little Filipino touch in the way Gordon cooks his pork dishes. 😋

  • Yhur Hurt
    Yhur Hurt 2 months ago +1

    Just press click to subscribe... lol. Clearly a man who's just reading from a script.

  • Meli Lokita
    Meli Lokita 2 months ago +1

    Thank you chef they are amazing

  • babygotsauce
    babygotsauce 2 months ago

    salt pepper and olive oil lil whore

  • Paul Kaihla
    Paul Kaihla 2 months ago

    In terms of reality shows -- or cooking shows going back to the 1970's shlock of the "Galloping Gourmet" -- Gordon Ramsay is by far the most successful curator of food in the global village in history. Period.

    I've never dined at one of his restaurants, but I actually follow Ramsay's spirit and methods.

    MY friends say to me: "Oh, Paul, Michael Mina has cooked for you. Joel Robuchon has cooked for you at MGM."

    The latter two celebrity chefs are not exhibitionists. Artists, don't get me wrong. Geniuses, in fact.

    What sets Ramsay apart:

    Other celeb chefs do not give away the game. Ramsay is proud to do so -- a whistleblower, say, far beyond what Anthony Bourdain had to share on CNN (Not a chef, for one; And for two, not suited to TV).

  • servicarrider
    servicarrider 2 months ago

    An incredible chef. He develops the most amazing flavor profiles.

  • Rithrius
    Rithrius 2 months ago


  • Dom Bogey
    Dom Bogey 2 months ago

    I tried this yesterday and it is phenomenal! Definitely a must try.

  • n0nam3given
    n0nam3given 2 months ago +1

    We should *never* ever, ever, ever, *EVER* cook with honey. Shouldn't Chef Ramsey know this? There are countless links we could look at; here's just one:

  • Rahul Mathew
    Rahul Mathew 2 months ago

    Subscription, already did Gordon. Thanks for sharing all these awesome videos. Learned a lot of cooking skills from you.

  • neon cz
    neon cz 2 months ago

    just suscribe

  • bataviawillem1
    bataviawillem1 2 months ago

    I added 1/2 a lemon to give it a fresh fruity flavor.

  • Cinnamonand spice
    Cinnamonand spice 2 months ago

    That look so DEVINE !!!!!

  • fish n chips
    fish n chips 2 months ago +3

    Watch this video this morning shortly before lunch and then cooked it right away.
    I don't have Rice vinegar and also didn't use sherry wine. It tasted deliscious. It is really finger licking good! I added sugar 10 minutes before removing it from the oven.

  • Tar T
    Tar T 2 months ago

    ياخي طبخك يفتح النفس 😍😍

  • Bob Jolly
    Bob Jolly 2 months ago

    Okay ..... I just need to get a rack of ribs...!

  • Bjmoko X
    Bjmoko X 2 months ago

    gordon always have a bottle of olive oil wherever he go

  • Mirza Maulana
    Mirza Maulana 3 months ago

    Fuck your face...pork

  • Rajiv Kr
    Rajiv Kr 3 months ago

    He licked the spoon and then again dipped it in for another taste. Yuckk

    • Rajiv Kr
      Rajiv Kr Month ago

      @John Davis well it's unhygienic and gross. What's the big deal in keeping the food clean for others..

    • John Davis
      John Davis Month ago

      So what?

  • Aaron Lobato
    Aaron Lobato 3 months ago

    Being from the south I have to say he ruined these ribs. That being said they look so good.

  • Edgar Rodrgieuz
    Edgar Rodrgieuz 3 months ago

    How can i press click to subscribe? Please ..Help!!!

  • Duncan Pate
    Duncan Pate 3 months ago

    Speak for yourself!

  • Sailing XtremeAdventures

    Anybody see when the mint sauce went in?

  • Bernard Chew
    Bernard Chew 3 months ago

    Let do Coffee Pork rib's with Sambuca Flame

  • Strategical Wolffe
    Strategical Wolffe 3 months ago

    When you said cook at 180, did you mean Celsius or Fahrenheit?

    • Nate C
      Nate C 3 months ago

      Most likely Celsius, so that's about 350 Fahrenheit

  • Cana box
    Cana box 3 months ago

    No thanks. I'll pass on this

  • James Playz
    James Playz 3 months ago

    I’m making this tomorrow

    ARCHIT KOTHARI 3 months ago

    Oh my gawd, he wants to take it to the next level and I can’t even find the first ingredient

  • Jordan Guo
    Jordan Guo 3 months ago

    *Rib cooking ad goes on during video*

  • Doug Zbikowski
    Doug Zbikowski 3 months ago

    That's an amazing amount of chili flakes...wonder how spicy that was :D

    • Dom Bogey
      Dom Bogey 2 months ago

      Not too bad since you cut through it with the vinegar and honey!