AJ Allmendinger Flip Huge Crash - NASCAR 2017 Talladega

  • Published on May 7, 2017
  • What a crazy wreck. Chase nearly went over and so did Logano. That was wicked.
    The Big One - AJ Allmendinger Flip - NASCAR 2017 Talladega
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  • StoneXL
    StoneXL 8 months ago

    I thought this would be the worst crash of the season, but six days later and Kansas proved me wrong.

  • TheReturnoflee
    TheReturnoflee 8 months ago

    I really start to think if these people can drive. Chase Elliott and Allmendinger did not keep their cars aligned. These drivers seem to never keep it straight.

  • BudakHazimansZLD the pro guy

    Why AJ flip whyyyy?

  • HankB1993
    HankB1993 8 months ago

    Imagine how it feels to have your car turn sideways at 195 mph in front of a large field of cars.

  • jubey97
    jubey97 8 months ago

    Go mericuh!

  • DTM Acquisitions
    DTM Acquisitions 8 months ago

    waste of my damn time...I was waiting to see Ricky Bobby run out screaming "I'm on fire!"

  • iThrashify
    iThrashify 8 months ago

    NASCAR HEAT Evolution physics kicked in

  • LegoCityDude
    LegoCityDude 8 months ago

    16 Racers were involved in this Crash from Brad Keselowski to Michael McDowell. A.J. Allmendinger crashed into Chase Elliott's Car and even got a flat tire.

  • József
    József 8 months ago

    This "motorsport" is fucking shit. Seriously people watching this because of crashes. What a big load of shit this is.

  • Bradley Furnell
    Bradley Furnell 8 months ago

    Nooooo not Dinger!!!!

  • EJ Strypes
    EJ Strypes 8 months ago

    It's a wonder Chase didn't end up on his roof too.

  • BNSF1995
    BNSF1995 8 months ago

    This is the second time he's flipped at Talladega. First time was in 2010 in the #43.

  • The Wahl
    The Wahl 8 months ago

    Man, those people who signed up for Hooter's "When Chase Wins, You Win" Rewards are gonna be pissed.

  • SinikkaL
    SinikkaL 8 months ago +1

    Cars are too big and have too much surface area. That's why they roll like this. Gen 6 car flips easier than any other car we've had.

  • jimmiejohnson7time23
    jimmiejohnson7time23 8 months ago

    LOL NR2003 anyone

  • Topspeed350
    Topspeed350 8 months ago

    AJ messed up, he didn't mean it ya can't push thru there, shame. Yay Stenhouse finally won.

  • James Fruge
    James Fruge 8 months ago

    My boy Lagano all caught up in that shit too... good thing everyone at my place that made bets on drivers had their driver caught up too...

  • Dan Banks
    Dan Banks 8 months ago

    Love tap at 175 mph...= holy shit...look.out....errrrr. ...💥🚗🚑🚑

  • MEOW MEOW GAMING 4863 Phineas and Ferb fan 48

    I have a toy car of chase and a lot of Jimmie johnsons

  • a456987
    a456987 8 months ago

    what an ass AJ got what he deserved for starting it

    NASCARFAN1 8 months ago

    I flipped out when I was watching the race

  • Mindless Glue
    Mindless Glue 8 months ago

    "I hope he's alright" reminds me of when earnhardt crashed

  • RacingFan TV
    RacingFan TV 8 months ago

    What the heak is this???????? this is a videogame crash, there is no way two cars would go upside down in real life.

  • Alex Hamilton
    Alex Hamilton 8 months ago

    Aj was bump drafting in the corner

  • DS Gaming
    DS Gaming 8 months ago

    I was at Dega today and what a race. I couldn't believe AJ's flip it was a video game flip to me at least everyone was fine

  • MEOW MEOW GAMING 4863 Phineas and Ferb fan 48

    I'm happy the 22 got wrecked he is a cheater and he causes the wrecks

  • Jason Wyllie
    Jason Wyllie 8 months ago

    upside down again

  • MEOW MEOW GAMING 4863 Phineas and Ferb fan 48

    most of the bad crashes are from Talladega and Daytona! I feel bad for the 47 and 24. I like the 24

    • ChaseElliottfan 24ever
      ChaseElliottfan 24ever 8 months ago +1

      oinkee lover 1148 don't feel bad for aj. he caused it. if he didn't hit Chase nothing would've happen.

  • Stephen Thegamerguy
    Stephen Thegamerguy 8 months ago

    did elliot go into the fence?

  • Mil
    Mil 8 months ago

    Danica Patrick..she.never wins anything but gets the attention like she is a top driver... a token to the sport to draw women....Then her boyfriend Stenhouse takes out Blaney ...Can't stand either one of them..they deserve each other

    • Adriel Basnayake
      Adriel Basnayake 8 months ago

      Mil she's honestly a decent restrictor plate racer, not trying to be sexist but if she wasn't a woman she definitely wouldn't have this much attention.

  • nascardude1400
    nascardude1400 8 months ago

    The hangtime Chase got was crazy

  • Gaming WithJenet
    Gaming WithJenet 8 months ago

    sucks that joey was in it

  • X2Lazy2WinX
    X2Lazy2WinX 8 months ago +3

    How the hell does the 24 nearly blow over, but comes down and the 47 goes over instead by getting hooked by the rear of the 22???

  • Racing24/7
    Racing24/7 8 months ago +3

    Can I use this video for the highlight video I am making for this race?

  • drsamw pepper
    drsamw pepper 8 months ago +2

    We almost had our first fatality in nascar scince dale sr in 2001......the camra

  • albert7139
    albert7139 8 months ago

    Where tf did they get Danica's spotter from? Keeps telling her to go low its like there's a car down there idiot.

    • Marina
      Marina 8 months ago


  • BottleCap681 aka dabmaster67

    Stenhouse won!!!

    • Marina
      Marina 8 months ago +1

      All because McMurray screwed up Johnson's draft too. Damn you McMurray.

  • Jonathan Morales
    Jonathan Morales 8 months ago

    well damn...my coach pits for the 47

    • Jonathan Morales
      Jonathan Morales 8 months ago

      yeah hes a pain in the ass...but hes got some wins

    • Buckwild 65
      Buckwild 65 8 months ago +1

      Jonathan Morales He may need a new job, because his driver is a idiot

  • no use for a name
    no use for a name 8 months ago

    damn I hate I missed that !!

  • Antonio Bryndísarson
    Antonio Bryndísarson 8 months ago +1

    Joey & Danica hit the hardest. Glad they are okay!! 😨👌

  • GTA&SonicTheHedgehogFTW RyanNewmanFTL

    3rd racing flip of 2017. (Justin Fontaine and Matt Crafton)

  • hotmojoe.
    hotmojoe. 8 months ago

    I knew it was gonna happen, didn't know who, but I knew it was gonna take out a bunch of the field. Was hoping for Joey to get out there but guess not anymore.

  • Michael Diehl
    Michael Diehl 8 months ago

    My friend you are so quick to post this already. I mean the accident happened maybe around a half hour ago. And they are about to go green now. Please keep up the good work

  • bloodykills 750
    bloodykills 750 8 months ago +1

    I can't believe Dale Earnhardt Jr made it through that crash! His father was helping him.

  • Shadrack Stoptack
    Shadrack Stoptack 8 months ago

    Had Chase hit the fence things would've gotten very ugly very quickly

  • AwesomeMichael33
    AwesomeMichael33 8 months ago

    That was.... interesting

  • Vicki Rabanus
    Vicki Rabanus 8 months ago

    Thanks for posting this. Hubby missed it.

  • Shadrack Stoptack
    Shadrack Stoptack 8 months ago

    Insane wreck almost a 2 car flip maybe 3 had logano got up higher...

  • ShyColdChris
    ShyColdChris 8 months ago

    I was freaking the fuck out when Allmendinger flipped, Elliot almost hitting the catch fence, and Danica's hard hit. 3 crazy things in a race.

    • Buckwild 65
      Buckwild 65 8 months ago

      ShyCold Chris The only thing that made the conclusion of the race safer Allmendickhead wasn't in it

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez 8 months ago

    24 almost fly upside down, what a wreck.

  • Adam Schefter
    Adam Schefter 8 months ago +3

    I just got notified and it ready had 44 likes.

  • Dylan the Shiny Victini


  • kyle dawkins
    kyle dawkins 8 months ago +2

    big crash final lap

    • Adriel Basnayake
      Adriel Basnayake 8 months ago

      kyle dawkins surprisingly no big one coming to the line

  • Pantallica.
    Pantallica. 8 months ago +15

    A little annoyed that A.J wrecked out, but at least Logano's car is fucked XD.

  • Jacob Jett
    Jacob Jett 8 months ago

    Thought we were ready to see a double flip, holy shit

  • Dannicol Matthew
    Dannicol Matthew 8 months ago +37

    These crashes keep getting weirder and weirder

    • Dylan the Shiny Victini
      Dylan the Shiny Victini 23 days ago

      BottleCap681 aka dabmaster67 That happened

    • F-4 Ace
      F-4 Ace 3 months ago

      We almost fucking had that at richmond lmao

    • Lucas C.
      Lucas C. 8 months ago +1

      I think what he meant by weird was the fact that the way they bounced into each other,like Fox said, Matchbox cars, it did seem a little bit strange.

    • BNSF1995
      BNSF1995 8 months ago +1

      BottleCap681 aka dabmaster67 Well, a paramedic got hit by a car at the 1990 ARCA race at Daytona. The driver was Brad Keselowski's father, Bob, if you can believe that. The paramedic was fine, but the wreck he was called out for killed Slick Johnson.

    • Dannicol Matthew
      Dannicol Matthew 8 months ago

      That's not what I mean't. The WAY the car gets on it's roof is weird. A car being on it's roof isn't weird

  • Jackattack29
    Jackattack29 8 months ago +7

    I don't even think they're done wrecking

  • Griffin Mundell
    Griffin Mundell 8 months ago +14

    I had a feeling this was going to happen

  • kyle dawkins
    kyle dawkins 8 months ago +6

    All almondegers falt

  • Jonathan Zygmunt
    Jonathan Zygmunt 8 months ago +5

    2 years in a row for Danica. She always hits hard.

    • Alex Fox
      Alex Fox 8 months ago

      Jonathan Zygmunt ;)

  • Josh Martel
    Josh Martel 8 months ago

    still red flagged

  • Brian Ferris
    Brian Ferris 8 months ago +3

    Chase Elliot hit reminded me of mike Conley 2010 Indy 500 hit into the fence

  • Jeremy Devold
    Jeremy Devold 8 months ago +19

    Man Danica may suck but she be hitting that wall hard af

    • Buckwild 65
      Buckwild 65 8 months ago

      Jeremy Devold She is more sore from Ricky hitting her, than she is hitting the wall lucky bastard

    • BJ Phelps
      BJ Phelps 8 months ago +1

      marcelpr27 n

    • marcelpr27
      marcelpr27 8 months ago +1

      It's Your Race - I'm sure you mean Succ. 😏😏😏

    • Its Your Race
      Its Your Race 8 months ago

      Jeremy Devold Danica may suck but I'm sure she can suck, especially after today LOL

    • Jonathan Zygmunt
      Jonathan Zygmunt 8 months ago +6

      Jeremy Devold 2 years in a row too.

  • jeffgordonfan2462
    jeffgordonfan2462 8 months ago +24

    thank God Chase didn't hit the catchfence

    • D S
      D S 8 months ago

      jeffgordonfan2462 of

    • Adam Schefter
      Adam Schefter 8 months ago

      not you. lol. He*

    • Adam Schefter
      Adam Schefter 8 months ago

      jeffgordonfan2462 Well, he was quickly losing speed. If you would have hit the catchfence, the only thing that would have happened would be a delay in the race for repairs.

    • BrunoTheHamster
      BrunoTheHamster 8 months ago +2

      Thank Nascar for making cars that stay on the ground (MOST of the time)

    • Brayton Strawkas
      Brayton Strawkas 8 months ago

      jeffgordonfan2462 ikr

  • Racing boy Jacks
    Racing boy Jacks 8 months ago

    Holy shit

  • Tyler Rawlings
    Tyler Rawlings 8 months ago

    I just saw that

  • JG24Racing
    JG24Racing 8 months ago +15

    Chase almost K.O.ed the camera.

  • Alex9_24
    Alex9_24 8 months ago +5

    This Was crazy i thought Chase hit the catch fence also

  • M&M-RacingFan 18
    M&M-RacingFan 18 8 months ago +23

    I thought we were going to see a very bad catch fence crash

    • Marcy Andrews
      Marcy Andrews 5 months ago

      Racing fan for life 18 same here

    • M&M-RacingFan 18
      M&M-RacingFan 18 8 months ago

      itsalleternal yup

    • itsalleternal
      itsalleternal 8 months ago

      The SAFER barrier was the only thing that kept him out of the catchfence...it gave his car about another 18 inches of clearance that would not exist if that was only concrete. Had there been no SAFER barrier there, it would have hit the catchfence.

    • Dawson Bedwell
      Dawson Bedwell 8 months ago

      Racing fan for life 18 the right sponser too just beucase there is an owl on the car doesn't mean it can fly

    • M&M-RacingFan 18
      M&M-RacingFan 18 8 months ago +4

      racingfan4888JJ only because joey was not completely under his car

  • Jon Reyes
    Jon Reyes 8 months ago +11

    I thought joey was gonna flip too

  • Jupiter
    Jupiter 8 months ago

    Chase's wreck scared me.

  • M&M-RacingFan 18
    M&M-RacingFan 18 8 months ago

    not a flip

  • Derek Imler
    Derek Imler 8 months ago

    that was something right there

  • Nba2kmaster 17
    Nba2kmaster 17 8 months ago

    Just that bump caused everything