Juju Smith Schuster Knocked Out After Scary Hit | Steelers vs Browns 2019

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
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Comments • 1 318

  • Potato Pancakes
    Potato Pancakes 23 days ago +1024

    bruh you uploaded this so quick

    • Ali
      Ali 22 days ago +1

      Potato Pancakes I am sick of seeing these types of hits!! The league need to suspend them minimum four games. These hits are going to continue to happen. Pisses me off.

    • teknique99
      teknique99 22 days ago

      That's why the quality of the video is so shitty he rushed it.

    • Jesus Christ Saves
      Jesus Christ Saves 22 days ago +2

      Jesus Christ died for our sins

  • Mark Brophy
    Mark Brophy 3 days ago

    didn't see his left knee get injured there!

  • Liv and Eat
    Liv and Eat 3 days ago


  • Hakeem Davis
    Hakeem Davis 3 days ago

    The browns was trying to take out all the players that game

  • Dave Flow
    Dave Flow 3 days ago

    Ju Ju Smith Shitzu

  • Don Mallon
    Don Mallon 7 days ago

    It’s called karma for his dirty hit on Burfict. You dish out dirty hits and dirty hits will always find a way to come back after you

  • Isaiah Ellis
    Isaiah Ellis 8 days ago

    The dude that him like that a hoe

  • Isaiah Ellis
    Isaiah Ellis 8 days ago +1

    That’s why we bout to beat them Sunday

  • Derek Gil
    Derek Gil 10 days ago


  • Fire
    Fire 13 days ago

    Why are the browns always tryna get into trouble

  • Kevin Cecenas
    Kevin Cecenas 14 days ago

    0:06 doesn't Mason Rudolph see who is open he caused the Steelers best receiver juju to get injured

  • ItsJustJose
    ItsJustJose 14 days ago

    They hurt all of our players on purpose 1 likw = 1 like for JUJU

  • BallJonesBasket
    BallJonesBasket 15 days ago

    So when’s the knockout

  • osbert
    osbert 15 days ago

    Juju will be aight but he needs to get the fuck away from that shithole team and awful QB throwing him into hospital

  • Andrew
    Andrew 15 days ago

    Browns were head hunting hard all night

  • Korver Riley
    Korver Riley 16 days ago

    Yo Browns should be ashamed of that game bro

  • raskalraidex
    raskalraidex 16 days ago

    Shitty situation, but glad they didnt call helmet to helmet. It looked like incidental contact more than intentional. They werent spearing with the crown, it was side of each others heads hitting.

  • Gorden Boccia
    Gorden Boccia 16 days ago

    That’s karma in the making...
    Mite have been a couple years but it catches up ...😂

  • zacH from Houston
    zacH from Houston 17 days ago

    Man I love juju this ish sucks, it’s hard to see two helmets bang into him on One hit all I see is CTE on shit like that and he’s such a dope cat

  • itsyaboyalek
    itsyaboyalek 17 days ago

    Hopefully he doesn't get CTE and start witching up on us

  • MoskovChika number one


  • Bill Murray
    Bill Murray 17 days ago

    I like this

  • Michael Castillo
    Michael Castillo 17 days ago +1

    Mason needs to be replaced asap. That was a terrible decision to pass to

  • LudwigSC93
    LudwigSC93 17 days ago

    So many helmet to helmets in this game. The whole Browns team should be ejected for the rest of the season.

  • Benjamin VanCleave
    Benjamin VanCleave 17 days ago +2

    That’s bs they need to call out helmet to helmet

  • Jay Shizine
    Jay Shizine 18 days ago

    Suppose to let him sleep..the brain shuts off for a reason...to prevent damage..

  • farts are us
    farts are us 18 days ago

    😂😂😂love seeing this

  • david wilhelm
    david wilhelm 18 days ago

    Sure, I don’t like the Steelers, but I do care for other players out on the field as well. I hate to see a well-respected player like Ju Ju get a concussion in a totally clean play. Hope he feels better soon!

  • Paul Luevano
    Paul Luevano 18 days ago

    Serves him right

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 19 days ago

    Damn, browns jus tryna murder ppl out there

  • Rase -iwnl-
    Rase -iwnl- 19 days ago


  • william wallace
    william wallace 19 days ago

    Vontaze: karma's a Bitch

  • mohican19831
    mohican19831 19 days ago

    Cleveland clowns

  • dave s.
    dave s. 19 days ago

    3 dirty ass hits, 1 play
    Welcome to Cleveland

  • Jeremy Powell
    Jeremy Powell 19 days ago

    I’m a Vikings fan, but I love Juju! Hate to see stuff like this happen to players 😢


    pay me millions for CTE and early dementia / madness? No, thanks. Its so stupid to allow the game to keep going this way.These players act crazy cos most of them have lost their heads cos of the game. Too many concussions = CTE

  • Kylar Christensen
    Kylar Christensen 20 days ago +1

    Is this the same video of Antonio brown

  • Your mother
    Your mother 20 days ago

    0:47 there holding hands lol

  • Your mother
    Your mother 20 days ago


  • J F
    J F 20 days ago

    Looked like good football me

  • Mark Mcalpine
    Mark Mcalpine 20 days ago

    Pittsburgh been doing this to Cleveland for yrs. Anyone remember Colt McCoy, or idk AB stiff kicking the punter. Let's get real people. Rudolph after a beast of a man that u pissed off rips ur helmet off masseur u shouldn't charge after him.

  • Express yourself
    Express yourself 20 days ago

    Fortnite curse

  • Mark Green
    Mark Green 20 days ago

    Look closely and objectively... JUJu lowers his head to the level of the helmets of all three defenders.

  • Spencer Stroud
    Spencer Stroud 20 days ago

    Was juju holding his hand? 0:50

  • Joe Smoe
    Joe Smoe 20 days ago

    Hey Browns you suck. Targeting JuJu? Eff you. Peace.

  • E Z E
    E Z E 20 days ago

    Pittsburg teaches their players to tackle with the helmet. That is how Shazier ended his career.

  • 4 Fake
    4 Fake 20 days ago +1

    Hit didn't look that hard. Prob got the wind knocked out of him.

  • Jeff Fraley
    Jeff Fraley 20 days ago

    I think Kitchens is teaching old school football.
    This used to be acceptable.
    Not anymore. Clean it up !

  • Richelle Barnes
    Richelle Barnes 20 days ago

    Browns Game Plan was Head HUNTING. Guaranteed. Trash Team from the Beginning. Go Steelers!

  • ML
    ML 20 days ago

    Young quarterback leading his receiver into danger.

  • Oscar Leon
    Oscar Leon 20 days ago


  • Larry GRIMES
    Larry GRIMES 21 day ago

    I guess browns didn't get the message about helmet to helmet. Or maybe that was game plan.

  • 18 keyglock
    18 keyglock 21 day ago

    Hope he is safe also why Y tf did they both helmet to helmet him 😑 I think they were trying to hurt him

  • Jack Zhang
    Jack Zhang 21 day ago +4

    When Rudolph got knocked out Juju: OMG THIS CANT HAPPEN sits down and cry
    When Juju got knocked out Rudolph: WALK IT OFF

  • 9 2
    9 2 21 day ago

    Lol fuck the Steelers

  • oh no
    oh no 21 day ago

    *well there goes my fantasy points...*

  • Lil Knee Grow
    Lil Knee Grow 21 day ago

    Good god. This game just needs to be deleted.

  • Daniel Bare
    Daniel Bare 21 day ago

    Please don’t become ab😭😭😭

  • Kenson Elyse
    Kenson Elyse 21 day ago

    JESUS be with you juju, may you be heal in JESUS name right now may the angels come down from heaven and heal your head and all your body, so you can be stronger

  • Bridget Ellen
    Bridget Ellen 21 day ago

    JuJu on that beat again real soon dude. Sending love from an Eagles fan 🙏🏻