• Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • [MV] 마마무(MAMAMOO) - HIP
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  • John lorenz Villaceran
    John lorenz Villaceran 7 minutes ago +2

    Here's proof that you're here before it becomes 100M views.

  • Thư once Trịnh
    Thư once Trịnh 16 minutes ago

    This song give to anti 😎😎😎

  • 히솜
    히솜 19 minutes ago

    와 진짜 언니들 음색.. 쩔어 ㅠ 언니들 팬이예용/

  • Mello Angel
    Mello Angel 23 minutes ago +2

    I cannot stay in my bias coz' all of them are wrecking me 🤤

  • This Fangirl
    This Fangirl 38 minutes ago +1

    I'm glad that this gg is getting more recognition than before.

  • kaneki ken
    kaneki ken 48 minutes ago

    Its actually very catchy i love it~

  • eaea eaea
    eaea eaea 48 minutes ago

    la puta madre se me estremeció la teta.

  • - Rowan
    - Rowan 51 minute ago

    Now i cant get this song out of my head 💕

    • karlo
      karlo 11 minutes ago

      it’s so bad though 😂😂

  • 1992kiki Kiki
    1992kiki Kiki 58 minutes ago


  • skaylar jon
    skaylar jon Hour ago

    Bitch whaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • jeon jungkookie
    jeon jungkookie Hour ago

    Oh phụ đề của mik thật là :>>>>

  • 塗旻翰
    塗旻翰 Hour ago +1

    目前我是日月的頭號男木木,所有木木應該會有日月的飯吧!!! 應該的!!!

  • 二時
    二時 Hour ago


  • 08인싸수임
    08인싸수임 Hour ago +1

    한국 댓글이 없어서 제가 씁니당 !

  • 永野芽郁
    永野芽郁 Hour ago


  • stan red velvet
    stan red velvet Hour ago

    i'm a new fan so can somebody help me with the members?

  • パク・スア
    パク・スア Hour ago


  • Rushi
    Rushi Hour ago +3


  • 720 lov3
    720 lov3 Hour ago

    Keep straming !!

  • S HH
    S HH Hour ago +1

    요즘은 한국인이안보이네요 . ㅇㅁ

  • 宗承諺
    宗承諺 Hour ago +1


  • Buzz3092
    Buzz3092 Hour ago +2

    I know this comment will probably get buried by more popular ones, but I gotta say this: This song, since its release, has been able to pull me out of my chronic depression better than anything else I’ve found so far. Even more so once the lyrics were subtitled in English. Thank you, Mamamoo.
    Despite knowing I’ll be buried, I feel like I need to express my gratitude somehow.

  • lala ferencz
    lala ferencz Hour ago


  • Lídia Toledo
    Lídia Toledo Hour ago +2

    Mamamoo is the best omg

  • Lídia Toledo
    Lídia Toledo 2 hours ago +1

    Wheein keeps making fall for her

  • Jonathan Omar Lozano De La Cruz


  • Dropju
    Dropju 2 hours ago

    00:45 Is that guy not the guy from Hwasa's song twit?

    • Dropju
      Dropju Hour ago

      @Adela Nanda omg that's so cute 😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕

    • Adela Nanda
      Adela Nanda Hour ago +1

      he is! he is one of mamamoo's dancer team actually

  • 브롤찡
    브롤찡 2 hours ago


  • Thang Dieepp
    Thang Dieepp 2 hours ago

    Ra chuồng gà
    By : CamLanSuc

  • ももか
    ももか 2 hours ago +2


  • Tha Girl
    Tha Girl 2 hours ago +3

    I even lerned the dance.. Im going crazy

  • Arys YeongZY
    Arys YeongZY 3 hours ago


  • Arys YeongZY
    Arys YeongZY 3 hours ago


  • Zanation A.R.M.Y
    Zanation A.R.M.Y 3 hours ago

    1:23 the shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade woooooooooooooooooooo

  • an c
    an c 3 hours ago

    2:16 wow solar really looks like iu here!

  • 迫いくみ
    迫いくみ 3 hours ago


  • Galeh Gal
    Galeh Gal 3 hours ago

    the rapper one (sorry dont know her name) its like xiumin exo

  • Tuğçe Güllü
    Tuğçe Güllü 3 hours ago +1


  • keratics
    keratics 3 hours ago +1

    go hwasa

  • Datcrazy peeps
    Datcrazy peeps 3 hours ago +4

    Came here because jungkook told me to and today I would like to thank God for allowing me to live in the same era as hwasa spitting.

  • Delgermaa Ochir
    Delgermaa Ochir 4 hours ago +1

    노래 너무 좋아요 1년 2년 드러도 좋을겄 같아요 💓💓💓💓💓👍

  • korean man
    korean man 4 hours ago +7

    Reality in black album passing 100+k chukae mamamoo and moomoo

  • Nurul Balqis
    Nurul Balqis 4 hours ago +3

    now road to 50m yeaaay we can do it.

  • juanjo fabiano
    juanjo fabiano 4 hours ago


  • juanjo fabiano
    juanjo fabiano 4 hours ago


  • juanjo fabiano
    juanjo fabiano 4 hours ago

    31 580

  • マイマイ
    マイマイ 4 hours ago +3


  • Jane Khal
    Jane Khal 4 hours ago +3

    Oh my gosh. Thank u fellow moomoos (old and new) for streaming! We did it! 30 million! 😍

  • Phú Lâm Nguyễn
    Phú Lâm Nguyễn 4 hours ago +1

    Hip mà sub thành Vip
    Đó là theo ý của mình thôi

  • Meow
    Meow 4 hours ago +4

    I'm not even a Mamamoo fan but this... Wowww deserves more vi3vs

  • Sashmita Soren
    Sashmita Soren 4 hours ago +7

    I came here from BTS reaction at the award show. I really liked it there then I came here and became a fan of this song.😍 Also Taehyung's reaction was a mood!

  • Cat Nik
    Cat Nik 4 hours ago +1

    this aint ur average girl group. its a POWERFUL WOMEN GROUP.

  • Cat Nik
    Cat Nik 4 hours ago +3

    i love these women so much.

  • Ivana Sanra Bontogon
    Ivana Sanra Bontogon 5 hours ago +1

    Hwasa is so hot😍🔥

  • An Br
    An Br 5 hours ago

    They remind me of 2ne1

  • 무
     5 hours ago +1

    문별언니가............진짜 너무 예쁘다..........................

  • Diogo Faria
    Diogo Faria 5 hours ago +7

    This needs more views and this group needs more fans dude. What heck? People talk about how haters are everywhere on the internet, hating idols and shit. This is song is for them, is a big fuck you to all of them. Dont go and cry for them like so many artists do. Say "Fuck You" to all of them. This group needs more support from everybody, they have the right mentality to face the internet and change things.

  • welicatiga
    welicatiga 5 hours ago +8

    This song came on on autoplay and I'm not mad about it. Y'all mind if I join the fandom?

  • Ivy_is_AUGUST-Done Ya'll
    Ivy_is_AUGUST-Done Ya'll 5 hours ago +4

    Best Women group... I stan already.

  • Girl is gamer
    Girl is gamer 5 hours ago +6

    I love this song so much
    And i am new in this fandom and my bias is the girl with short black hair💜