Everyday Drugstore Makeup Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill

  • Published on May 9, 2014
  • If you are looking for everyday makeup on a budget, here are some of my drugstore makeup favorites to add to your everyday makeup routine. Hopefully these drugstore picks will help you next time you are looking to save on makeup in the drugstore!
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    Anastasia Brow Wiz - bit.ly/QfyayA
    Maybelline Chai Latte Eyeshadow Quad - bit.ly/1qkiawa
    Loreal Amber rush Eyeshadow - bit.ly/1j8ml4c
    Loreal Voluminous Mascara - bit.ly/1fBOuAp
    NYC Sunny Bronzer
    Hard Candy Tiki Highlight
    NYX Coral Dream Blush - bit.ly/1ssJber
    Maybelline Blush Beige Lipstick - bit.ly/1jGqBwv
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    Hi I'm Jaclyn Hill from JaclynHill1 on TVclip. I am a professional makeup artist. I'm young, ambitious & full of life. I post makeup tutorials and makeup reviews on all different holidays and themes, like smokey eye tutorials, how to shape and sculpt brow tutorials, challenges/tags, celebrity makeup tutorials like the Kardashians and Jenners along with other celebrity makeup looks, hair tutorials and more! I hope you love my makeup tutorials.
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  • Lovely Ash
    Lovely Ash 3 days ago

    Love it 😍 so beautiful!

  • Abby Road
    Abby Road 21 day ago

    You do an excellent job explaining makeup application techniques. Your eyes came out awesome!! I am glad you posted this bc I needed some help with my eye makeup routine. I like the fact that you use mostly drug store cosmetics. Also, don't listen to the haters! Keep doing what you're doing, you have a real flair for it and you look great!!

  • kelly Okeefe
    kelly Okeefe 22 days ago

    Now you don’t have to worry about haters! I’m sure you don’t read comments anymore either

  • Raquel Navas
    Raquel Navas 22 days ago +1

    Have you ever done the dollar tree makeup challenge???????

  • Raquel Navas
    Raquel Navas 22 days ago +1

    You are so pretty

  • Clarita Montigo
    Clarita Montigo Month ago

    Love u jack and more power !!! Ur not alone❤️❤️❤️💋

  • Heaven Proulx
    Heaven Proulx Month ago

    Amen girl

  • Bri Christian
    Bri Christian Month ago


  • Briana A.V.
    Briana A.V. Month ago

    2018 anyone?

  • Sarah Robinson
    Sarah Robinson Month ago

    YOU GO GIRL!! Way to stick up for your self. Your awesome! This is the first video I watched of yours. You seem really cool!👍

  • Esme Johnson
    Esme Johnson 2 months ago

    Awww I love you Jaclyn! You are who inspired me to get more creative with my makeup and your palette was the first big palette I got myself- I’m in love. Thank you for being you and being real!!❤️❤️ much love for you and I love watching all your videos.

  • Emma Lou
    Emma Lou 2 months ago

    Best eye shadow tutorial I have seen so far, perfect 😉

  • Makayla Brazille
    Makayla Brazille 2 months ago

    How is she so gorgeous???

  • CB
    CB 3 months ago

    Your eyes are stunning! 💕

  • Kimberly Sedatole
    Kimberly Sedatole 3 months ago

    Love this look!! This has become my new daytime favorite!! ❤️

  • Niki Loveee
    Niki Loveee 4 months ago

    Currently watching this in 2018, I miss this background and miss these simple drugstore makeup looks ❄️❤️

  • miranda Young
    miranda Young 4 months ago

    you are beautiful don't listen to them they are just jealous are just mean you are a wonderful person you have feelings and amazing make up video

  • Cynthia Van loo
    Cynthia Van loo 5 months ago

    What color do you use from the loreal foundation

  • ZChill
    ZChill 6 months ago

    Where’s her beginners guide that was up like 2 months ago

  • Jennifer Laymon
    Jennifer Laymon 6 months ago

    Love the look!!! It's soooo versatile!! PLUS!! I love the end of your video! It's all nice to hear!! Just vent girl!!! I'm here for ya!!

  • Donna Shestowsky
    Donna Shestowsky 6 months ago

    Learning a lot from your videos. Thank you

  • Eureka onthetrack
    Eureka onthetrack 6 months ago

    Just now seeing this video in 2018 lol I'm hella late but I enjoyed this! You a real one Jaclyn 💛💯your such beautiful person inside and out

  • Taylor Smith
    Taylor Smith 6 months ago

    You are so beautiful 💖💖 I'm so glad I didn't stop the video before the end. You are sweet and kind, don't cry over these comments 💙

  • Ilana van Dyk
    Ilana van Dyk 7 months ago

    Love your brows in this video - wow wow wow. great review :-)

  • Jo Fearn
    Jo Fearn 7 months ago

    Love this “normal” Jaclyn tutorial with lots of info and very little missy attitude 😂😂😂👍👍👍

  • Annie Oakley
    Annie Oakley 7 months ago

    You're beautiful and strong! Keep you're head up!!!

  • Raquel Garcia
    Raquel Garcia 8 months ago

    I think you are beautiful

  • Charity Galensky
    Charity Galensky 8 months ago

    Try revlon photo ready eye primer. I really like it. Not greasy and stays put all day.😆

  • Jennifer Gomez
    Jennifer Gomez 9 months ago +1

    Wow I am watching this in 2018

  • Jevil22 Vlogs
    Jevil22 Vlogs 9 months ago

    Um airspun or the fit me

  • Amanda Hendricks
    Amanda Hendricks 9 months ago

    Love your videos. I homeschool my boys. I hope they eventually see the benefit of it. :) I was wondering how do I keep my undereye from getting " unsmooth" I love concealer but it always creases and makes wrinkles. Ugh. I have a slightly hooded eye ava have trouble feeling confident doing eyeshadow.

    KERI STOKES 9 months ago

    Just saw the extras part, you are wonderful! Thank you for sharing so much!

  • Lee M
    Lee M 9 months ago

    Thank you for putting that at the end. Was feeling sad that I let my friends kids use my blender brush as a paint brush and forgot it. Can't afford a new one. Do have some pretty awesome pictures that they painted for me. :) I don't feel sad about it anymore. Thanks for being real. Xoxoxoxo

  • Shannon Lewis
    Shannon Lewis 10 months ago

    Omg! I’m so happy I found you!! Thank you for being real and being YOU!!❤️

  • MJ McClellan
    MJ McClellan 10 months ago

    Sweetheart, there will always be people who pretend to know you and don't. Stay your authentic self because I can assure you more people love you than those who are envious of your youtube success. A lot of ppl out there are very insecure and they hide behind their computer screens to be insulting since they feel inferior, for whatever reason. I agree- chose to smile every single time. You are loved.

  • Laura Kristen
    Laura Kristen 10 months ago

    I love this video. I cannot count how many times I did this look and it’s time to bring it back! 💕

  • Ale Parra
    Ale Parra 10 months ago

    Love you 😍😍😍😍

  • Ale Parra
    Ale Parra 10 months ago

    BABE, I’m agree with u about the persons that only wants to hurt someone cuz they don’t have anything more important to do with their lives, so I m just saying that you have to take into account only the comments of people who do it in a good way as constructive and in terms of negative comments, do not take importance

  • Julie T
    Julie T 10 months ago


  • Stephanie stone
    Stephanie stone 10 months ago

    Just randomly came across your page, this is the 2nd video I saw. And I subscribed to your page because of the bit at the end...I don't think you need to explain yourself to anyone! If anyone doesn't like it they can scroll along. And I'm mostly a "drug store make up" gal...do you 😘

  • Bray Suter
    Bray Suter 11 months ago

    Holy cow, girl! This is the first video of yours I've ever seen and I can't even put into words how much I just love you as a person already! You are such a genuine, kind person just giving us tips on looking fabulous! Beauty starts from the inside and you are killin' it! I have lots of respect for you and for this video! *And of course, sharing the fab go-to's for any budget! ❤ #SubscribedWithoutHesitation 😊

  • Tiffany's Truths
    Tiffany's Truths 11 months ago

    Love these videos yr sooo flipping pretty ty 4 this video learned alot

  • Karen Williams-Wooten
    Karen Williams-Wooten 11 months ago

    Love your vids

  • Maro Vergozisi
    Maro Vergozisi 11 months ago

    We need you back!!!!!!!!!love you!!!!!!

  • Renee Dominique
    Renee Dominique 11 months ago

    A new subbie and I love you already I'm new to make up and learning so.much!! Thank you and congrats to all your success!!!

  • Haley
    Haley 11 months ago

    I wish I could thumbs this up a million times

  • Kassidy Roberts- Thomas
    Kassidy Roberts- Thomas 11 months ago

    Watching this is 2018, I've been watching all your videos from the recent to the oldest. I love you're channel😍💞💟💖💗❤😘😚💘

  • Susan Barrios
    Susan Barrios Year ago

    I love this look! Gorgeous!

  • Mattie Pillon
    Mattie Pillon Year ago

    Miss this jaclyn compared to the "now" jaclyn

  • Miha Ela
    Miha Ela Year ago


  • Jenna Pria
    Jenna Pria Year ago

    Mrs. Yaaasss, I (and many others) would absolutely love to see you do a video with half of your face done in completely creams; foundation, concealer, contour, eyeshadow etc. while your other side is all powders. It would be very beneficial to many if you could explain the general concept of creams and powders and when it’s okay to put one on the other and when it’s not, blending techniques for both, etc etc. Keep doing you Jac, cause you’re killing it. Really.

  • Tisha Langkop
    Tisha Langkop Year ago

    Gosh you're perff💗

  • habiba rashid
    habiba rashid Year ago

    Maybelline fit me powder is quite good as an alternative

  • Ebony Smith
    Ebony Smith Year ago

    Love this look. Perfect for everyday and easy.

  • Ely PAOE
    Ely PAOE Year ago

    😍🇲🇽 the city Veracruz, Veracruz. México

  • Caralynne
    Caralynne Year ago

    Love this video! You are such an inspiration and I love watching your videos!!

  • Maureen Challacombe

    As you got more money you bought yourself a bigger diamond... The one your hubby bought, the of wasn't good enough anymore fancypants.

  • Karen Lederman
    Karen Lederman Year ago

    I get you! Don't worry about those who don't!

  • Kellie Rae
    Kellie Rae Year ago

    your smazing love your work never thought of you negatively but thanks for sharing

  • Official 420 Baby

    Can totally relate to the end! My husband & I are working to get back to the place we once were, it was & still can be tough. We are doing better & better everyday! Your videos have helped me so much getting back to my love of makeup & all things beauty/health! Thank you for sharing your knowledge on make-up but also your inspirational story!

  • Emily Middleton
    Emily Middleton Year ago

    Here I am watching my first Jaclyn Hill video in 2018 and I’m so glad I chose this video and watched it until the end because it put such a great impression on me for you being down to earth and not judgmental! So excited to watch more of your videos!

  • DaiSey LoVe
    DaiSey LoVe Year ago +1

    You are a great positive girl, and you will never please everyone, people are miserable and unhappy so they have to put you down.. ignore them and just do what you do:)

  • Alicia Bert
    Alicia Bert Year ago

    I think your an amazing makeup artist. I absolutely love watching your tutorials. You Rock!!!

  • Amanda Everitt
    Amanda Everitt Year ago

    You're so sweet and I loved this look. I enjoy your humor.

  • Latina Power
    Latina Power Year ago

    Hi Jackyn where do you recommend buying color contacts ... Been wanting to try it but actually haven't researched it until I saw your pretty eyes 😚

  • brittany durbin
    brittany durbin Year ago

    Don't listen to negative people. U have a great personality and me and my friend watch your channel all the time. Keep up the good work

  • Summer Atwell
    Summer Atwell Year ago

    💕💕💕💕 love this video

  • Erin Reilly
    Erin Reilly Year ago

    I keep writing on my daughters comments, can’t figure out how to get my own account, anyway I feel for you getting negative jabs at your character. You can’t control people and what they say unfortunately when it’s cruel and mean. I’ve watched you only a couple of times and you couldn’t be more sweet with a great sense of humor. Try to let the negative roll off, even though it hurts sometimes. Good luck, great channel.😋🙃👍👄❤️❤️❤️

  • Juliz N. Rodriguez

    Good for you! I love what you said at the end! You are beautiful and so much fun to watch! AND you know your shit! :)

  • Sarah7 I uh lb Titman McCurdy

    Can't help or change people who are negative. Be you and let them go.

  • Savannah Alfaleh
    Savannah Alfaleh Year ago

    This look is so great! And don't ever change girl. People are so addicted to that haterade. People who make assumptions about others obviously need some self-reflecting. You are amazing!

  • Maritza Benitez
    Maritza Benitez Year ago

    Loved what you said at the end, your right everyone has problems and when you come and see these videos it's to get away from all the issues that we have plus we get to learn awesome tips from you..you are amazing and so talented wish I had that much talented you make things look easy...

  • Jacquelien K
    Jacquelien K Year ago

  • Tiaras AndAlibis
    Tiaras AndAlibis Year ago

    Looks super pretty!👌🏻❤️🔥💋💯

  • Vernetta Soiset
    Vernetta Soiset Year ago

    So soft and pretty

  • Janette Squires
    Janette Squires Year ago

    Love this look...not too much work 👍

  • Reflexology52 Welsh

    I miss these days doll!

  • Abigail Urrutia
    Abigail Urrutia Year ago

    Thanks for being real, but do you have a drugstore facial routine? All I do is wash my face and not use moisturizer or spf!! Do you have any drugstore recommendations for people with oily skin

  • lalaboha
    lalaboha Year ago

    I loved this look!!
    Btw J, Don’t acknowledge the haters, they aren’t worth it, they are projecting their own lack of self worth. I of course don’t approve of hateful comments but I actually feel sorry for those people and then gratitude for me and you that we know how to create and manifest awesome things in our lives.

  • Sherry Zanter
    Sherry Zanter Year ago

    I’m a new subscriber & really enjoy your videos! Sorry you have experienced some mean comments! I think you’re great!

  • Megan Dowdle
    Megan Dowdle Year ago

    Oh my goodness! Do you remember how good Amber Rush was 😍 I searched all drug stores in Australia to find it way back when!! Xxx sending love from Aus xxx

  • Lisa Beran
    Lisa Beran Year ago

    still one of my all time fav looks of yours!!!

  • k0d17
    k0d17 Year ago

    I appreciate your comments at the end! You are a true genuine individual! Thank you for being you

  • carlie mcrae
    carlie mcrae Year ago

    this is amazing

  • E J
    E J Year ago

    I just absolutely love you!!

  • Allison Taylor
    Allison Taylor Year ago

    Recently subscribed to your TVclip channel, following you on IG, and added you on Snapchat. I follow other makeup artists but you are my favorite to watch, especially on Snapchat. I love how I can relate to your goofiness! I love seeing how you're like everyone else. It's an inspiration how you married Jon so young but all out of love and staying together through thick and thin. Love you and thank you for videos.💕

  • Emily McIsaac
    Emily McIsaac Year ago

    Best extras ever 😊😚

  • Lynn Cohen
    Lynn Cohen Year ago

    Great how toos with drugstore brands. Thank you

  • Liza Garland
    Liza Garland Year ago

    Jaclyn!!!! I love you and you have HELPED me get through fractures and pain!!!! You are REAL and KIND!!! I HANG ON YOUR EVERY WORD!!!! I LOVE YOU.... keep these incredible videos coming... And your vibrant personality!!!!! 😍🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • tracey rose
    tracey rose Year ago

    screw them hunny. look where u are in 2017, still going strong be proud x

  • Brandi Frederick
    Brandi Frederick Year ago

    Your pallette is legit the only thing I've asked for for my birthday next weekend and Christmas combined!!! And I honestly felt guilty even dreaming my husband might get it for me. With 6 kids and Christmas coming, I feel selfish. But I haven't bought any new makeup for myself since cosmetology school 5 years ago, and I feel your pallette is beautiful and can be used for any occasion! But I wouldn't dream of using our hard earned cash on any product with your name on it if I felt in any way that you were a snob of any sort! You are sweet, informative, and silly. People are just mad you made it! Keep doing you! 😍😘

  • smoskaly
    smoskaly Year ago

    After watching this I just have to tell you that I subscribed to your channel because you appear to have knowledge and talent for makeup AND because I do like your attitude and you seem very friendly and nice and REAL. Definitely ignore any negative comments about who people think you are.

  • study puppy
    study puppy Year ago

    people stop okay she is nice to her.She is how she is.

  • Maria C 406
    Maria C 406 Year ago

    I absolutely love your videos and shame on anyone who came at you and made you feel anything but the wonderful person you are. I love that you show all of us to use super expensive and non expensive make ups. Why do I not watch any other videos because you are REAL!!!!!! You so rock!!!!

  • Delilah Acosta
    Delilah Acosta Year ago

    Pressed form powder by maybeline!!

  • little arie
    little arie Year ago

    This is the first video I've ever seen of yours.. and let me tell you-- I adore you! Haha. Your tutorial was easy to follow.. the make up is super pretty.. and I love how you spoke out to your fans and subscribers. Thank you for being you and sharing this with people. I don't know you but I can feel you are a good person. #forgetthehaters Stay you girl

  • anna mamporte
    anna mamporte Year ago

    i lOve yOu jacklyn hill😘❤️💋

  • Isabel Flores
    Isabel Flores Year ago +1

    I would've never subscribed to you after the Kim k video but this ❤️ I loved ur personality and I can relate bc I've learned in the last couple years to not judge anyone no matter what bc hey, we all make mistakes. Keep it up and love ya! @jaclynhill

  • Maggie Mejia
    Maggie Mejia Year ago +1