Guest Host Chris Pratt Interviews Margot Robbie

  • Published on Dec 5, 2017
  • Margot talks about growing up in Australia, being around lots of venomous snakes, Outback Steakhouse, her first job at 10 years old, her new movie I,Tonya and she has a beer with Guest Host Chris Pratt.
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    Guest Host Chris Pratt Interviews Margot Robbie
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  • Thyroid Storm
    Thyroid Storm 11 hours ago

    LMAO he needs to replace Kimmel's cry baby ass

  • Kevin
    Kevin 21 hour ago

    "sorry to be a bother but can you help me get rid of this boa constrictor?"

  • Andor Dénes
    Andor Dénes Day ago

    Is there anything Chris does wrong?

  • sapar esra
    sapar esra Day ago

    Chris Pratt should own harem.

    DORIAN PRIME Day ago

    Us has way more deadly animals
    Us has every thing we have and more

  • Qpr Super hoop
    Qpr Super hoop Day ago


  • _esther.ir_ OX_
    _esther.ir_ OX_ Day ago

    DC and Marvel have befriended each other

  • super hero cop vlogs

    Chris Pratt is god

  • qualerti
    qualerti 2 days ago

    For some reason this seemed suuuuuuuuper scripted

  • Carol C.
    Carol C. 2 days ago

    My two favourite people

  • Mel.z 058
    Mel.z 058 3 days ago

    She is sooooo pretty I wish I have a big smile like her 😭😍

  • Namit Sharma
    Namit Sharma 3 days ago

    Is Australia really this wild? 🤨

  • Voodoo Bangla
    Voodoo Bangla 3 days ago

    I find it so annoying how they're saying poisonous, when they should be saying venomous.

  • Ariana Greedy
    Ariana Greedy 3 days ago

    Marvel vs DC

  • Jomanro
    Jomanro 4 days ago

    Michelle Pfeiffer + Jaime Pressly = Margot Robbie

  • stranger
    stranger 4 days ago

    1:40 what if one of her friends actually got killed lol awkward

  • Isaiah Ayala
    Isaiah Ayala 4 days ago

    Star Lord and Harley Quinn

  • Bryan Hartono
    Bryan Hartono 4 days ago

    Chris kind of sounds like jimmy

  • Joann Raj
    Joann Raj 4 days ago

    If Chris Pratt ever quits acting, he could be a talk show host

  • karina vert
    karina vert 4 days ago

    Mr.Peanutbutter is that you?

  • Justin Peacock
    Justin Peacock 5 days ago

    If you close your eyes.. he kind of sounds like Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Scott Hulsey
    Scott Hulsey 5 days ago

    He is so much better than Jimmy.

  • Furious Gaming
    Furious Gaming 5 days ago

    The moment you found out that the laughter was just fake voices not real audiences

  • Sean Coles
    Sean Coles 5 days ago

    Chris Pratt does better than jimmy

  • Zack Jeffery
    Zack Jeffery 5 days ago

    Marvel meets DC

  • Gabriella Mailoa
    Gabriella Mailoa 5 days ago

    I didn't see Chris Pratt being so good at this coming

  • Rejack
    Rejack 6 days ago

    Chris need his own show

  • Boba The Fetter
    Boba The Fetter 6 days ago

    That's a party trick?

  • Rizky Arifin
    Rizky Arifin 6 days ago

    Harley Quinn IS Margot Robbie

  • Art Creator
    Art Creator 7 days ago

    all lies epic stories always get a view

  • Brandon Clymer
    Brandon Clymer 7 days ago

    They should date

  • Kate Michelle
    Kate Michelle 7 days ago

    shes gorgeousssssssss

  • Isha Lov
    Isha Lov 8 days ago

    Chris Pratt - PLEASE take over the show!!

  • NeoN Atary
    NeoN Atary 8 days ago

    We need more Chris

  • Apol Mapandi
    Apol Mapandi 8 days ago +5

    Margot: and that's where my mom got eaten~
    Chris: 😱😱😱
    Oh i just love them both. ❤️

  • RageQuit Gaming
    RageQuit Gaming 8 days ago


  • Mulloway Man
    Mulloway Man 8 days ago +1

    I would crawl over broken glass just to kiss Margot Robbie's feet... SHE IS HOT!

  • Aaron Freddie
    Aaron Freddie 8 days ago

    It's both awesome, and SOOOOOOO ANGRILY TERRIFYING knowing I was once friends with Margot Robbie on MSN lol I honestly can't believe she was once my friend. I could easily comfirm it with her, thats how much I know its true lol

  • S Regan
    S Regan 8 days ago

    I'd be more fearful for my life in the US than Australia

  • PohTrain
    PohTrain 8 days ago

    Chris Pratt should replace him for life

  • boofy
    boofy 8 days ago

    chriss pratt is better seth rogan but worse chris hemsworth

  • Majorasmaskfan
    Majorasmaskfan 8 days ago

    Harley Quinn and starlord on Kimmel noice (prob not the first person to say this)

  • Willie Rodriguez
    Willie Rodriguez 8 days ago

    Star-Lord & Harley Quinn.

  • John Evans
    John Evans 8 days ago

    he might have been on cocaine. Maybe....

  • Gabezilla 2002
    Gabezilla 2002 8 days ago

    Star lord interviews Harley Quinn, nice

  • Royce Verus
    Royce Verus 9 days ago

    Kangaroo's did a donkey fu*k rabbit? I'm dying ahahahaha

  • lucyk310
    lucyk310 9 days ago

    Still blows my mind that they made a film for Tonya Harding. The fact that she was out booking gigs and walking red carpets to promo a film that highlights her assaulting another woman during the Olympics is the reason why I fear for our future.

  • skyboy2012
    skyboy2012 9 days ago

    Anyone felt like Chris Pratt was stealing the show? Lmao

  • Nicolas Trujillo
    Nicolas Trujillo 9 days ago


  • nairda aa
    nairda aa 10 days ago

    The late show with chris pratt soon

  • Tanya Dangl
    Tanya Dangl 10 days ago

    I love the way he said my name.. 😍😍😍

  • Nico Lagyap
    Nico Lagyap 10 days ago

    What i see here is Star-Lord Hosting the Show with Harley Quinn

  • نواف الشهراني


  • Samson Navalkar
    Samson Navalkar 11 days ago

    Wow mole...cute !!!

  • Lucas Schmidt
    Lucas Schmidt 12 days ago

    LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE. So annoying I couldn't complete it. She HAF though.

  • Kace face
    Kace face 12 days ago

    Chris is amazing

  • The Intergalactrix
    The Intergalactrix 12 days ago

    margot is perfection. jesus....

  • William Holmes
    William Holmes 12 days ago

    How many Harley Quinn/Starlord fics were caused by this interview?

  • AZIZ
    AZIZ 13 days ago

    she's perfect!!!

  • Rance 808
    Rance 808 13 days ago

    Harley Quinn and Star-Lord

  • RCaIabraro
    RCaIabraro 13 days ago

    You can tell Pratt hates snakes lol

  • RCaIabraro
    RCaIabraro 13 days ago

    She took a moment to look at the label of the beer. She cares about beer. She's my kind of lady.

  • RCaIabraro
    RCaIabraro 13 days ago

    Pratt had to train like hell to get ripped for GotG. When he complimented Robbie on her physical performance in the film, she seemed gratified for the recognition, and rightly so. She's a humble person and that was the closest thing to pride she expressed in the interview. She looked sincerely grateful for Pratt's observation though. They had chemistry.

  • RCaIabraro
    RCaIabraro 13 days ago

    Chris Pratt is a very, very funny guy. He tears it up on the Parks and Rec blooper reel. His earnestness with his foul mouth makes him like a giant 14 year old boy.

  • big bibbyboy
    big bibbyboy 13 days ago

    Margot is a man look sra6

  • WideTubeVision4
    WideTubeVision4 13 days ago

    I live in the Gold Coast area of Australia.

  • Aiman Farhan
    Aiman Farhan 14 days ago

    Star Lord interviews Harley Quinn

  • Andrei Closcaru
    Andrei Closcaru 14 days ago

    he is amazing as a host! he should have his own talk-show!

  • mattyoos123
    mattyoos123 14 days ago

    SOOOOOOOO much better than jimmy

  • Kerry Smith
    Kerry Smith 14 days ago +1

    6:23 Chris: 😏😏

  • LAB777
    LAB777 15 days ago

    Can we replace jimmy?

  • YaBoyRenato
    YaBoyRenato 15 days ago

    i would interview her too... if we were on the casting couch.

  • Sašo Petrič
    Sašo Petrič 15 days ago

    2nd hotest woman known to man

  • Adil Jalane
    Adil Jalane 15 days ago

    chris pratt ever u do u still the fuker who lose his theet with the f..... key board sorry sucker

  • Satchin Joseph
    Satchin Joseph 16 days ago


  • taylor hillman
    taylor hillman 16 days ago

    i love her and him

  • Thịnh Phạm
    Thịnh Phạm 16 days ago

    Aww she is a great story teller. Beautiful and attractive. And cool.

  • TheMissArianne Arianne

    He’s really funny. Shame about the politics!


    Use the stick method

  • Andrej Šeter
    Andrej Šeter 16 days ago +1

    Chris prat is souch a good HOST!

  • NeoAndersonn
    NeoAndersonn 17 days ago

    Chris would do a great show if he wanted to

  • Just a mosquito
    Just a mosquito 17 days ago

    Dear god..., i'm in love

  • Simon Cameron
    Simon Cameron 17 days ago

    Jimmy is lucky he didn't lose his job.

  • Wouter van Dijk
    Wouter van Dijk 17 days ago

    middle position area ctopv retail one fifty intellectual wave mandate distinct.

  • Jethro Furballs
    Jethro Furballs 17 days ago

    Pratt is kind of a pervert. If he wasn't decent looking and special needs, he'd get a lot more criticism.

  • Kurumi Shinoda
    Kurumi Shinoda 17 days ago +4

    She’s the blonde Emma Stone from Australia

  • Martin Sprung
    Martin Sprung 17 days ago

    American beer, more like horse piss

  • iKandyOrig
    iKandyOrig 17 days ago +1

    This was an entertaining interview :)
    Hope Jimmy's situation whatever it may be gets resolved soon so he can come back to his show.
    Chris needs a talk show! He's such a natural host :)
    And Margot is such a sweetie. The conments about her are repulsive though. She's better than cheap comments about her butthole.....😑

  • Alonso Blanco
    Alonso Blanco 17 days ago

    Guillermo like a good latin guy, is the only one who drink the beer with his left hand

  • seoulglo
    seoulglo 17 days ago

    I love me some Starlord and all, but that was painful to watch.

  • Teemu Laine
    Teemu Laine 18 days ago +1

    Bert Macklin FBI!

  • Lois Loves Cheese
    Lois Loves Cheese 18 days ago

    Both of their ears are super red lol

  • Araber
    Araber 18 days ago

    She is So Hot and Very Sexy 😍❤❤⚘⚘

  • Blue The jack basset
    Blue The jack basset 18 days ago

    What a woman!

  • 7 days theory
    7 days theory 18 days ago

    The movie I, tonya brought me here

  • Agnesh Ravin
    Agnesh Ravin 18 days ago

    Chris pratt is a great hoast so far...

  • Fat Blob
    Fat Blob 18 days ago

    Cant stand him once i knew hes a jesus freak

  • SOSMinecraft1
    SOSMinecraft1 18 days ago

    Late Night Show With Chris Pratt [2019]

  • Take ABow
    Take ABow 19 days ago

    I want that suit color! What is it? Like dark blue/grey?

  • BrandNew Jo
    BrandNew Jo 19 days ago

    Chris should take over that show