Guest Host Chris Pratt Interviews Margot Robbie

  • Published on Dec 5, 2017
  • Margot talks about growing up in Australia, being around lots of venomous snakes, Outback Steakhouse, her first job at 10 years old, her new movie I,Tonya and she has a beer with Guest Host Chris Pratt.
    Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo Pitch Ideas to Star Wars Director Rian Johnson

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    Guest Host Chris Pratt Interviews Margot Robbie
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Comments • 6 450

  • vbgggfff
    vbgggfff 2 days ago

    She is perfect...
    *sobbing* PERFECT

  • Fabrice Tremblay
    Fabrice Tremblay 2 days ago

    Margo is sooo beautiful!

  • Alf Blue
    Alf Blue 3 days ago

    Dc X Marvel

  • factumDiaboli
    factumDiaboli 4 days ago

    Margot Robbie > Marilyn Monroe. In every possible way imaginable.

  • Richard Whitehead Orange1968UK

    does He mean a Ronkey ?

  • Amin Tatoo
    Amin Tatoo 5 days ago

    This girl is so cute and gorgeous

  • Matthew Vaughn Erick Yra

    Chris should recruit margot to Marvel

  • Ricky Sword
    Ricky Sword 6 days ago

    Guillermo... giving the beer… no racist at ALL..

  • Nayra
    Nayra 6 days ago

    Snakes are not poisonous 😅

    SUN WARRIOR 6 days ago

    Good Lord she's impossibly beautiful!!!

  • Gustavo Rodriguez
    Gustavo Rodriguez 6 days ago

    Chris pratt is a way better host than jimmy fallon.

  • Keepon Groovin
    Keepon Groovin 8 days ago

    Chris did a great job and Margot is just beautiful and talented.

  • Ikhram Dino
    Ikhram Dino 8 days ago

    He sounded like Jimmy if you close your eyes and listen

  • Professor Pyne
    Professor Pyne 8 days ago

    Sorry, Margot Robbie, but beer is disgusting! I’ve tasted warm vomit that’s more appealing! To each their own, I guess.

  • Professor Pyne
    Professor Pyne 8 days ago

    Margot, you need to go eat at an Outback Steakhouse! You are missing out on one of the DIVINE PLEASURES of life! Please! Have some of that delicious pumpernickel bread they serve as a side, that alone is worth the drive! I promise you won’t regret it! Someone who knows her and cares about her well-being, please! See that she doesn’t miss out on this wonderful experience!

  • Respect Seasoning
    Respect Seasoning 10 days ago

    Great interview what kind of beer is that?

  • duh winning
    duh winning 11 days ago

    Star Lord interviews Harley Quinn :D

  • Corrie Nye
    Corrie Nye 11 days ago

    Snakes and spiders are venomous not poisonous, venom is injected poison is absorbed. Carpet pythons are not venomous

  • MaximumDiver
    MaximumDiver 12 days ago

    Please keep Chris Pratt as a regular host. Thanks!

  • Jacques Achille
    Jacques Achille 12 days ago

    God I love this woman! I wanna see her do action films again so bad

  • mugiwara pirates
    mugiwara pirates 12 days ago

    I think any celeb can replace jimmy and offence intended

  • Ashley Lee
    Ashley Lee 12 days ago

    Driving me insane that they are repeatedly saying poisonous snakes instead of venomous

  • I’m Gabe
    I’m Gabe 12 days ago

    “But he didn’t get Margot Robbie did he?”
    That guy is watching this now hating himself.

  • Alex Cash04
    Alex Cash04 13 days ago

    Harley Quinn meets star lord

  • E_skeletoQZ
    E_skeletoQZ 13 days ago

    Star lord and Harley Quinn crossover spin off confirmed

  • Ric Lam
    Ric Lam 14 days ago

    he can't be a host

  • Matt Noot
    Matt Noot 15 days ago

    Hockey sticks work well for snake removal according to my second cousin. (Canadian raised guy who lived and worked in Indonesia for a while)

  • Pyryte
    Pyryte 15 days ago

    He definitely needs a show.

  • Karlee
    Karlee 15 days ago

    Is it bad that I kinda ship them🙃😍

  • Pratty
    Pratty 15 days ago

    Aggregation level 1000. Snakes are not poisonous they can be venomous.

  • Yendolyn Alvarado
    Yendolyn Alvarado 15 days ago

    Can someone give Chris Pratt a talk show

  • ABC 123
    ABC 123 15 days ago

    why is Starlord interviewing Harley Quinn

  • Madhusudan Agarwal
    Madhusudan Agarwal 16 days ago +2

    Margot- Is that how the show works???
    Thats what he should have said.

  • piloctor15
    piloctor15 16 days ago

    checking the comment section to see how awkward the interview was

  • viengthevidproduction
    viengthevidproduction 16 days ago

    She looks like jaime pressly dead on!

  • Samuel Pizarro
    Samuel Pizarro 16 days ago

    No se que esta diciendo pero la amo.

  • ssi1991
    ssi1991 17 days ago

    Hinterland is German and literally translates to backcountry....

  • frank hernandez
    frank hernandez 17 days ago

    Sofia Vergara’s younger sister.

  • Joseph Flores
    Joseph Flores 17 days ago

    Can this guy replace Jimmy Kimmel.

  • christopher Frye
    christopher Frye 18 days ago

    She is really really beautiful. Between her accent and smile. Gosh

    • Bobo Boy
      Bobo Boy 17 days ago

      Maybe its a white think but for Asian, we dislike those muscular face she has. Its look like a man for us Asian. We prefer rounder face

  • MysterGhost Gaming
    MysterGhost Gaming 18 days ago

    Robbie : What should i wear for the night show?
    Robbie's mind: Ohh look there's a curtain that you can tied around the body.

  • tom ryan
    tom ryan 18 days ago

    Agent Burt Macklin

  • Mike Lawrence
    Mike Lawrence 19 days ago

    i just realized guess hosts are actually sick replacements lol.

  • New 77 Era
    New 77 Era 19 days ago


  • Ace's High
    Ace's High 20 days ago

    Way back when Starlord wasn't responsible from ending half of humanity

    • Bobo Boy
      Bobo Boy 17 days ago

      Starlord met Harley quin

  • Livid Ramen
    Livid Ramen 20 days ago

    They would make such a cute couple!!

  • kokizag
    kokizag 20 days ago

    I love him so much 😚

  • brad goins
    brad goins 21 day ago

    this is what happens when youre not married to anna ferret

  • nicholas Johnson
    nicholas Johnson 21 day ago

    They need to just get rid of Jimmy Kimmel's worthless sellout ass and replace him with Chris Pratt.....
    I'd be willing to spend 30 days in jail just to punch jimmy in the face...

  • bane bukowski
    bane bukowski 21 day ago

    Damn Chris Pratt should have his own late-night show he was on point and actually funny unlike the other late night hosts LOL

  • Zodiac Boy
    Zodiac Boy 22 days ago

    Yo, tell me she don't remind you of a Milla Jovol- what ever.

  • GoodTimeTraveler
    GoodTimeTraveler 22 days ago

    She is such a catch

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 22 days ago

    Chris Pratt > Kimmel.

  • Виктор Луговой

    Kris funny, Margo beauty - awesome combination:)

  • RyanKC
    RyanKC 22 days ago

    I think Margot should be the host.

  • Reilpikram
    Reilpikram 23 days ago

    Why is he not doing a show? It'd be refreshing to have a late show that's 1) funny 2) not political

  • David Alexander
    David Alexander 23 days ago

    What's up with these people. "Look huge python, let me pick it up! the best idea ever."

    • Bobo Boy
      Bobo Boy 17 days ago

      That pyhton is inside the house possibly hiding from Australian heat. Her mom gonna remove it because they might step on it, pyhton although not poisonous, their teeth still can tear meat.

  • Link Wolfgar
    Link Wolfgar 23 days ago

    Ps. Jimmy needs new writers .i stopped watching this show years ago

  • Link Wolfgar
    Link Wolfgar 23 days ago

    Damn . Chris could take jimmys job .lol he could totally be a talk host

  • Jmoney J
    Jmoney J 23 days ago +1

    Harley Quinn and Star Lord marvel & DC

  • Ernesto87
    Ernesto87 23 days ago +1

    Harley Quinn and Starlord in the same room

  • Alexa Ofelia
    Alexa Ofelia 24 days ago

    I’m sorry is this hosted by Chris Pratt or Andy Dwyer ??

  • acrylic infant
    acrylic infant 24 days ago

    He needs his own talkshow

  • Prayas PPD
    Prayas PPD 24 days ago +3

    Chris Pratt : But he didn't get Margot Robbie, didn't he?
    Damn, Starlord.

  • god says
    god says 24 days ago

    "Give this man a show"
    -black panther

  • Darkness Inside
    Darkness Inside 24 days ago

    Her face is lighter than her body I hate to be from these ppl but it is lool

  • Fighting Thumbs
    Fighting Thumbs 24 days ago

    Margot Robbie 😍😍

  • Omega Styles
    Omega Styles 25 days ago

    Chris Pratt:"How does it feel to be a 2nd tier dc guardian of the galaxy ? "
    Margot Robbie:"Where's my mum?"

  • SRL31988
    SRL31988 25 days ago

    Margot Robbie makes funny things happen in my pants!!

  • Octavio  Rueda
    Octavio Rueda 25 days ago

    DC vs Marvel

  • C F
    C F 25 days ago

    She thought he was so hot. She wasn’t wrong. What a man

  • Jarmusch Wendovsky
    Jarmusch Wendovsky 25 days ago

    how lovely margot robbie is, jesus

  • Ron Wylie
    Ron Wylie 26 days ago

    There is a "dinner plate" spider, now I love Margot, who wouldn't but I would not follow her there lol

  • Joe Masters
    Joe Masters 26 days ago +1

    Harley Quinn interviewed by Star Lord - this is too awesome

  • K C
    K C 26 days ago

    Jesus Margot

  • Halle-Hellion Dovariik

    Can I be a boyfriend of her too?

  • dodger5520
    dodger5520 26 days ago

    Man he is really a good host! Good guy and good father too. 👍👍

  • Congalala
    Congalala 26 days ago

    You're the best


  • Andrew
    Andrew 26 days ago

    I actually love Margot Robbie

  • Andrew
    Andrew 26 days ago

    Why is he not the host of this show.

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 27 days ago

    wow, star lord and harley quinn in one video

  • Daeric
    Daeric 27 days ago

    it's obviously scripted

  • Vira Nambiar
    Vira Nambiar 27 days ago

    hate to be that guy but, pythons aren't poisonous

  • Ridhwan Kazi
    Ridhwan Kazi 27 days ago

    venomous* not poisonous

  • Mark Grimwade
    Mark Grimwade 27 days ago

    2:50 Gawd, I love those two! 😂😂😂

  • xxxtentacion my hero
    xxxtentacion my hero 28 days ago

    Wasn’t tonya harding banned from all ice skating rings??

  • Keith Spencer
    Keith Spencer 28 days ago

    This is the most I've ever watched Kimmel live.

  • Eric Toribio
    Eric Toribio 28 days ago

    I yelled when was reading the beer label. 😂😍

  • Steven Fifield
    Steven Fifield 28 days ago

    She’s so hot

  • TheMerryPup
    TheMerryPup 29 days ago

    It must be a rule. The worse you look the more beautiful the person who plays you in the movie will be!

  • Jack Fahy
    Jack Fahy 29 days ago

    The most beautiful woman on planet earth

  • southwest productions
    southwest productions 29 days ago

    love from Australia 💛✨

  • Retro Verliebt!!
    Retro Verliebt!! 29 days ago

    this is soo good and i dont know how often i watched it. But its everytime enjoyable

  • squaresoft01
    squaresoft01 Month ago

    Pardon me but that's venomous not poisonous

  • JustPlainDumb
    JustPlainDumb Month ago

    #2:48 that reaction

  • Revilo Official
    Revilo Official Month ago

    2:40 fking love when she does that with her voice, am i wierd?

  • Neil Madhood
    Neil Madhood Month ago

    *"im batman"*

  • Bray Dizzle
    Bray Dizzle Month ago

    Chris should take over this show

  • Crash X
    Crash X Month ago

    Margot ass licker

  • Chad Simmons
    Chad Simmons Month ago

    The best Kimmel show ever!