Andy Murray Forehand In Super Slow Motion 3 - 2013 Cincinnati Open

  • Published on Oct 30, 2013
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    Footage of Andy Murray hitting his forehand in super slow motion at the 2013 Cincinnati Open.
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    If you can read this you have an impressive scrolling game.
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Comments • 17

  • Essential Tennis - Lessons and Instruction for Passionate Players

    Upgrade to a Pro forehand today with our free Step-by-Step Action Plan download.

  • Злобный Козёл

    No, no, no.... RF is the best one.

  • Briah Oneal
    Briah Oneal Year ago

    Why does he hit off of one foot

  • Miguel Barahona
    Miguel Barahona 2 years ago +7

    It´s interesting, he doesn´t look the ball at impact. You can be the No.1 in Federer, Nadal, Djokovich era, without looking the ball at impact. I feel better now.

    • Muneeb I
      Muneeb I Year ago

      Miguel Barahona oh shit I didn’t realise until you pointed out

  • Jon Kudjerski
    Jon Kudjerski 3 years ago

    nice double hop at 1:04

  • Michael King
    Michael King 3 years ago

    hes loose...using ur whole body enables this... of course you would see the muscles in his arm through contact and maybe for a couple here he hits slightly late but in general hes loose...of course being relaxed will always aid your kinetic fact without staying loose you cant use ur chain

  • honkeyness
    honkeyness 4 years ago +2

    Very firm grip on racquet going into contact, you can see his forearm muscles contracted. Yet 90% of youtube pros will tell you to keep your wrist as loose as if holding a bird - -yeah right. That might work on a ball going 20 mph but not on any decently struck ball. I wonder if they would suggest this loose grip on return of serve as well. I don't know where this nonsense is coming from.

    • Sekito Kisen
      Sekito Kisen Year ago

      Idiot. Loose wrist. Firm grip (right grip size and right amount of pressure).

    • Long Nguyen
      Long Nguyen 3 years ago

      The "nonsense" you're talking about is from the pros themself. You see very firmgrip in a slow motion video because his hand still has to hold on to the racquet. In a hard shot, the muscle will contract more of course. However, he is trying to relax the grip as much as possible (without letting go of the racquet).
      On the return of serve, it is more like a block/volley so the wrist might be firm.

    • GodGod KB
      GodGod KB 3 years ago +3

      XD yea the wrist shld be relaxed for faster acceleration. Grip tightening is the most tricky part, need to know when to optimally tighten up(just before contact) without slowing your swing down, still struggling with it.

  • Grahame Nicholson
    Grahame Nicholson 5 years ago

    I was watching him in normal speed and he is very relaxed and whippy

  • Jedrick Boca
    Jedrick Boca 5 years ago

    he takes his eyes off the ball soooo early, how does he not mishit often?

  • Matthe van Daalen
    Matthe van Daalen 5 years ago

    Beautifull forehand!

  • Essential Tennis - Lessons and Instruction for Passionate Players

    No, unfortunately. I've shot at quite a few tournaments now and actually never seen him practicing.

  • Al Fofana
    Al Fofana 6 years ago

    Sale stein