Head Chef Ruins the Re-Opening of the Restaurant | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on May 14, 2017
    Gordon can't believe how slow the service is on the night of the restaurant's re-opening.
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  • K. O.
    K. O. 3 days ago

    Lol when Gordon kept trying to get Pinto's attention - "Pinto...Pinto...Pinto..." - I couldn't help but picture a game of Marco Polo but instead it goes like this:
    *Gordon* "Pinto!"
    *Nino* "Ninooo!"

  • Ion1c
    Ion1c 6 days ago

    Pinto was frozen in time, and Ramsay was waiting for him to thaw 😳

  • EviLSouL9g9
    EviLSouL9g9 6 days ago

    pinto a fucking douche canoe ignoring people like a motherfucker .. fucking prick needs slap to the head to wake him the fuck up

  • Kevin Daley
    Kevin Daley 7 days ago

    Should have hired Eric from pjs steakhouse

  • I'm the best & I dare you

    Executive chef certified dick 😂😂😂

  • Caleb Chaney
    Caleb Chaney Month ago

    "My name's Nino!"
    Couldn't resist.

  • maroceracer
    maroceracer Month ago

    One of the cooks lookes like a fucked up version of Daniel Negreanu 😄😂😂

  • Knox Games
    Knox Games 3 months ago

    0:24 why does Gordon always look like this is filmed just before he has the pee hard!

  • Prototype GX
    Prototype GX 3 months ago

    Pinto in Philipines means door so makes sense

    INHUMANENATION 3 months ago

    If you've ever seen Ramsay in his own restaurant you'd know how disgusted he is at some of these "Chefs".

  • Christopher Dones
    Christopher Dones 4 months ago +1

    The Nino, the Pinto, and the Santa Maria

  • tia poonia
    tia poonia 4 months ago

    Pinto is just kinda half there lollll

  • Gavin Lee
    Gavin Lee 4 months ago

    Pinto cums on ninos bald head for extra shiny ness

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 5 months ago +1

    Barney is the Great Valu version of guy fieri

  • Charlie Dovlander
    Charlie Dovlander 7 months ago

    you can tell from the start those glum losers were gona fail

  • Damon Mikaelson
    Damon Mikaelson 7 months ago

    Pinto a certafied dick 😂😂😂

  • spu3
    spu3 8 months ago

    Half Pinto.

  • w2s91
    w2s91 8 months ago

    0:58. Isn't that the customer that Ramsay demolished for saying that the food was the worst she's ever had?????????

  • Gabriel Soares
    Gabriel Soares 8 months ago

    pinto does means dick in portguese.. lol

  • Polaris sportsman
    Polaris sportsman 8 months ago

    I worked in restaurants back in the 80s as far as I am concerned they are all nightmares

  • Very Loki
    Very Loki 9 months ago

    im so impressed by food cooked properly. hahaha that's some low standards.

  • Mouse four
    Mouse four 9 months ago


  • John Shomody
    John Shomody 9 months ago


  • Homer Briseno
    Homer Briseno 10 months ago

    Americans are fat fucks !

  • Gamma
    Gamma 11 months ago

    Pinto summed up in four words:
    _"Executive chef, certified dick."_

  • Lucas Hernández
    Lucas Hernández 11 months ago

    Why is it always mexicans?

  • Jean Marceaux
    Jean Marceaux 11 months ago

    Wanna know why Pinto was still there on the reopening?
    The owners were afraid to kick his ass out for fear of Pinto catching fire and exploding right on the spot.

    • John Bertrand
      John Bertrand 11 months ago

      I tip my hat to you for that clever bon mot.

  • Riddle Me Fish
    Riddle Me Fish 11 months ago

    Cafe 36? More like cafe *86*

  • Buckys Plums
    Buckys Plums 11 months ago

    Is it just me or is Gordon hot with that one strand of hair in front of his face 🤩🤩

  • E A
    E A 11 months ago +1

    Where is the full episode?

  • PJB1027
    PJB1027 Year ago

    Glad to see Steve-O found work after the Jackass series ended

  • Psy Dog
    Psy Dog Year ago

    Sous chef looks like Sam Hyde

  • circled by the wolves

    The Owner Is Ignorant
    The Chef is Ignorant
    The waiter doesnt deserve Any of that ..... its bullshit What servers have to go through ...

  • The All American Bad Boy

    god thjat owner is some sort of robot lizard

  • Jintaro Kensei
    Jintaro Kensei Year ago

    The owner is garbage. So is the chef.

  • Lily Porter
    Lily Porter Year ago

    I love how enthusiastic and passionate Gordon is

  • Plutt_Bug
    Plutt_Bug Year ago +1

    "Executive Chef, Certified Dick."
    This man is beyond that of a legend

  • William Akiu
    William Akiu Year ago

    Shoot pinto

  • john smoot
    john smoot Year ago

    I fucking love how dramatic the show is lmaooo

  • Get Money
    Get Money Year ago +1

    Pinto bean is a dumbass

  • UltimateYT
    UltimateYT Year ago +1


  • Chris Ross
    Chris Ross Year ago +1

    "Executive chef" *certified dick* 😂

  • BlossomOfThorns
    BlossomOfThorns Year ago

    A Pinto sounds like Mexican Spanish for like a tiny dick or something XD

  • Herman Pesina
    Herman Pesina Year ago

    They don't know how to work together it's never happened how can they learn on the fly. They also over fill the restaurants on grand opening to make it more chaotic for the show.

  • R J
    R J Year ago


  • ElectricMoon
    ElectricMoon Year ago +2

    Executive chef... *_CERTIFIED DICK_*

  • kaarel papsejev
    kaarel papsejev Year ago +1

    Barney looks like a dollar store knock off guy fiery

  • Inka Rust
    Inka Rust Year ago

    Chef Ramsay: I honestly hope Pinto doesn’t screw up tonight...
    *Pinto screws up*
    Chef Ramsay: WHAT THE FUCK PINTO

  • Daniel Vences
    Daniel Vences Year ago

    Pinto de kaka la cocina!

  • Cam
    Cam Year ago

    P I N T O

  • MegaDrain
    MegaDrain Year ago +1

    0:34 Why did the camera pan to that picture? Seems like a weird thing to transition out of.

  • ChronicBeatzUK
    ChronicBeatzUK Year ago

    I came for pinto left with nino.

  • Joe Sky
    Joe Sky Year ago

    Pinto you dumb bitch

  • Azazelo129
    Azazelo129 Year ago

    Pinto is not even qualified to work in fucking McDonald's.

  • Coca Cola
    Coca Cola Year ago

    Literally the mane comment is pinto and nino

  • hotelmario510
    hotelmario510 Year ago +9

    Ramsay: "I really hope that Pinto doesn't screw this one up."
    me: [reads the title of the video] I think Pinto is going to screw this one up.

  • Sheradon Neilson
    Sheradon Neilson Year ago

    Pinto: Executive chef, certified dick 😂😂

  • Bobby K
    Bobby K Year ago

    Pinto me a picture of Ninooooooooo

  • Osha Hott
    Osha Hott Year ago

    Fucking Pinto Bean!

  • Владимир пушкин

    Hello, my name is..PINTOOOO!

  • sathya thiru
    sathya thiru Year ago

    The only good person here is the waiter that’s it

  • Tony C
    Tony C Year ago

    I fucking love this guy.

  • Makarand Sharma
    Makarand Sharma Year ago

    Pinto = Abu Hajaar

  • Jason Saenchan
    Jason Saenchan Year ago


  • Nazarian
    Nazarian Year ago

    1 millionth viewer!!!

  • andrew bowman
    andrew bowman Year ago

    Pinto is reliable as a ford pinto

    LITTLE MANIAC Year ago

    My favorite part is when the camera man zooms into the random picture the right of him

  • HeavenlyUnique
    HeavenlyUnique Year ago


  • katamorii
    katamorii Year ago

    *P* *I* *N* *T* *O*

  • Jyn503
    Jyn503 Year ago

    The blonde guys name is Barney xD

  • 1985Viggen ツ
    1985Viggen ツ Year ago

    Hello my name is Pinto!

  • Eugene Lee
    Eugene Lee Year ago

    "Executive chef, certified dick"
    -Gordan Ramsay, certified savage

    POBIJ IH SVE Year ago

    1:40 Barney Stinson really let himself go

  • leader girl
    leader girl Year ago

    He's a slow slow head chef

  • Marlen Ungersböck

    "Certified Chef, executive dick!" :D

  • games
    games Year ago

    I hate nino

  • InEeD tEa
    InEeD tEa Year ago

    Executive chef certified DICK

  • Chacha Chaperan Wala

    WTF is this ninooo joke on every video? It doesn’t even sound funny just immature.

  • Ishiru Taekakura
    Ishiru Taekakura Year ago

    Certified Dick.

  • kms
    kms Year ago

    pinto head

  • dazzaburger
    dazzaburger Year ago

    What happened in the end did he get fired?

  • Erin :3
    Erin :3 Year ago

    Pinto-Shitty Version of Nino

  • 6 A l l a h 6 P h o n k 6

    Damn not again Pinto

  • DarkLadyJade
    DarkLadyJade Year ago

    I don't understand why Pinto is still employed. Not only is he slow, he seems terribly incompetent and wholly unsuited for that job.

  • Sarcastic slob
    Sarcastic slob Year ago

    Doesnt reacts on his own name...
    Reacts extremly fast on dick...
    His name is duck tracy confirmed

  • Andrew&Yoshi
    Andrew&Yoshi Year ago

    Update, theyre closed

  • sherry a
    sherry a Year ago


  • iwilleatyourmother
    iwilleatyourmother Year ago +395


  • hydro phonix
    hydro phonix Year ago

    Its Fiat pinto the 1.2

  • Gregore Candalez
    Gregore Candalez Year ago

    little fun fact: pinto means dick in portuguese.

  • R S
    R S Year ago

    Who's nino

  • Al and Matt
    Al and Matt Year ago

    If I had a nickel for every time Gordon said Pinto, lol

  • Ashley Fellowes
    Ashley Fellowes Year ago

    Definition of PINTO, a complete fucking idiot who should be sacked, he's obviously out to destroy the owners buissnes, what a fucking tossa the man is!!!!!

  • Kat Jarels
    Kat Jarels Year ago +1


  • K. Mid
    K. Mid Year ago

    As i Commis ive run a pass better than this guy. How the fxxk did he get the job?

  • Orcrist
    Orcrist Year ago +201

    They renovated the entire restaurant, but they kept Pinto?
    K then

  • Rusty Shackleford

    "executive chief, certified dick"

  • Nipple Collector
    Nipple Collector Year ago +1

    so do those guys just wait outside filming the door waiting for gordon to walk out for 15 seconds and walk back in

  • Zachary Darrah
    Zachary Darrah Year ago +3

    Legend has it that Nino is still cleaning

  • Crimson
    Crimson Year ago

    Damnn it pinto