Mongolia: A toxic warning to the world - BBC News

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • All over the world cities are grappling with apocalyptic air pollution but the small capital of Mongolia is suffering from some of the worst in the world.
    And the problem is intrinsically linked to climate change.
    The country has already warmed by 2.2 degrees, forcing thousands of people to abandon the countryside and the traditional herding lifestyle every year for the smog-choked city where 90% of children are breathing toxic air every day.
    Population Reporter Stephanie Hegarty finds out why.
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  • TECH abhi
    TECH abhi 12 hours ago

    tit for tat

  • Mxchelle Kawaxx
    Mxchelle Kawaxx Day ago

    I Remember 2 years ago I went to Mongolia .It was so beautiful.The World NEEDS to open their eyes and realise Mongolia is in need of help.Government is so greedy and the country is becoming poor.Animals are being killed im slow deaths. Toxic waste is under the soil that your stepping on while outside in the countryside.Please! Mongolia is such a beautiful country and it's just the corruption the Government is doing.I Think China is also part of this and are trying to take out land and meat is getting too expensive.Homeless people are dying in winters,starvation and thirst ! Send Solar powers and renewable resources such as sun,wind and rain etc.

  • ira ira
    ira ira Day ago +1

    that's fake!!!

  • Chimgee Barsuren
    Chimgee Barsuren 3 days ago +2

    I'm from Mongolia and I will tell u how toxic the air is that sometimes I pass out
    Edit: sometimes when I wake up I'm sick

  • math matics
    math matics 5 days ago

    See also

  • My Dream is 100.000 Subs No Video

    _But nobody cares._

  • Munkhtuvshin Tumur-Ochir

    I'm Mongolian and our city is literally Chernobyl but slower.
    (its because we are poor. Why? cus our politicians are shit, maybe its because we are shit, i dunno) FUCK.

  • Mulder & Scully
    Mulder & Scully 9 days ago

    U.S.A is next.💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Rocky Dang
    Rocky Dang 9 days ago

    Poor Mongolians, these are the people that ruled and were feared by the world

  • Jeff Laming
    Jeff Laming 9 days ago

    Anyone think maybe CHINA & the way it"s been polluting for YEARS , secret nuclear testing as well maybe might be to blame ?

  • Su tart
    Su tart 9 days ago


  • Khoi Le
    Khoi Le 9 days ago +1

    Why are the governments in the world so stupid
    The more we don't care, the worse the world gets.
    So sad 😭😭😭😭😭

    • maral ronnie
      maral ronnie 9 days ago

      but our mongolian govenment are more stupid they only care about their selves and their reputation

  • My Name Is In Use
    My Name Is In Use 10 days ago +2

    Is electric heater expensive there? I feel bad for them. Government should take action immediately. 😢😢

    • maral ronnie
      maral ronnie 9 days ago

      our government cant do anything they are just dip shits

  • Bryner Apple
    Bryner Apple 10 days ago

    If you live in the least densely populated areas of Mongolia, you won't have any air pollution but you also won't have shelter

    • maral ronnie
      maral ronnie 9 days ago

      there is a place ion mongolia with no pollution its our countryside and lots of cow poop there

  • raven's son
    raven's son 10 days ago

    Toxic air is a result of bad polution management, you can't put that down or correlate that with climate change.

  • Minjindari Erdene
    Minjindari Erdene 10 days ago

    Ta nartaa bayarlalaa hehe gehgui yu shaadiin amitan uhelgui yadagiin muuhai agaartai yum chini um sorry I can explane this too,but our world is too cold and with dirty smells out there in the city and theres a lot of people 1000% died of smellls

  • deek the pict
    deek the pict 10 days ago

    your gov sprays you all the time are enjoying it you mugs ?

  • Big L
    Big L 11 days ago +1

    Call up those scammers from Ecosia to help you plant some trees.

  • Food Lover
    Food Lover 11 days ago

    Fuck Mongolia one of the most depressed ass country people sucks too rude like dogs.

  • Gobshite
    Gobshite 12 days ago

    Was gonna move there.... Might forget that idea.

  • 西依
    西依 12 days ago

    where are the god damn yaks ???

  • Lucas Torreira
    Lucas Torreira 12 days ago

    Mongolia the once great empire
    Take notes US you will be even worse

  • PMoose Traven
    PMoose Traven 12 days ago

    lol end of times!
    Maylasia and Philippines are sending back western world trash!

  • Randy Marsh
    Randy Marsh 13 days ago

    if we all breath it in, it won't be in the air no more right? .........HOoooWUurrrrrrrP!

  • Johnathan land
    Johnathan land 13 days ago

    Im living all fine here in minnasota

  • Africa is rising
    Africa is rising 14 days ago +1

    reasons why Mongolia air is polluted
    answer: no trees around

  • Meme Cat
    Meme Cat 15 days ago +1

    It's free fresh toxic air!

  • Lauvvy U
    Lauvvy U 17 days ago

    When I was young I would say "I can't wait what the future holds" but now reality strikes I don't want the future holds. Seeing this kind of news It makes me so sad and cry eventho I'm not from Mongolia and I know that the reason of all these things is Climate Change this makes the situation more dangerous. Waaay waaay back then we used all the resources that we can use and abused it and now we pay the price of abusing the things that we should have taken care of. Let's open our eyes we may not feel exactly what others feel but later I don't know what is going to happen. The gov't use the nation's money finding lives on other planet but we can't even give life to our own planet. Now I understand the movie Wall E. Maybe we are not far away to the days when where all going to a spaceship and find homes in other planet. Let that sink in people.

  • Fiery Teal
    Fiery Teal 19 days ago +1

    Got to be tough as hell to live in Mongolia

  • Mark Yaske
    Mark Yaske 20 days ago

    NASA should start producing astronaut helmets for the average man and woman on earth. Forget about Mars.

  • X x
    X x 20 days ago

    America's genius Trump thinks using coal is a great idea.

  • Monsieur P.
    Monsieur P. 20 days ago

    I see the logic in taxing CANADIANS, AMERICANS and EUROPEANS our "Carbon Taxes," to address this...

  • Leopard 2a7
    Leopard 2a7 21 day ago

    And they say los angeles has bad air...
    this shows how low living standard we mongolians have to endure
    Hey US give us the un sold food you throw away in land fills!
    From a Teen in Ulaanbaatar 🇩🇪🇲🇳
    Edit. My grandma lives in the yurt district
    Also mongolia has improved in recent years look at all those new apartment buildings and office buildings!

  • robert alexander ho
    robert alexander ho 21 day ago

    This is gobi desert annual dust storms

  • chad kinghorn
    chad kinghorn 21 day ago

    put a filter on China's Industrial ass as the rest of the world has learned to do. Catchup China you got a head start amongst empires now you behind....could it be greed you commie caps? Shit in your own yard before a shitstorm hails from the heavens! Hate me in 3...2..1...NOW

  • faizal salim
    faizal salim 22 days ago

    Maybe the world needs another Genghis Khan.

  • Alex ander
    Alex ander 23 days ago +2

    inner Mongolia China , peoples life is 10 times better than Mongolia.

  • Skully Anderthal
    Skully Anderthal 24 days ago

    I feel profound sorrow for these hard working and family dedicated people.We in the West have a system to fall back on ensuring survival as well as other services though I do not know what these people have in place to help them.

  • Ally Pumpkin
    Ally Pumpkin 25 days ago

    I live in Mongolia. We are used tobthis

  • PokuBit
    PokuBit 26 days ago

    Im a mongolian and i know that this is true

    • PokuBit
      PokuBit 13 days ago

      @Ub2 huniig muulhaas uur yuch medku hun mongol ulsad hereggu . Bas joohon bodood uz tegj orilhiin orond . Sain bodoj uzeed tolgoi ajiluulaad t1 bha boli

    • Ub2
      Ub2 14 days ago

      Малтай бол малтай улсаас нь төсөв гаргаад энэ гэр хороололд ажилгүй нүүрс түлээд бүгсэн лалруудыг хөдөө гаргаж мал маллуулаад махний нөөцөө ихсэгээд хужаа руу гарасан ч болно. Чам шиг гэртээ со кино үзэж цагаа нөхцөөж улс төр лүүгээ хамаг буруугаа чихдэг хүмүүсийг хомроглон ажилд дайчилж хужаа нарыг ажилуулж байснаас, нийгэмд үр бүтээлтэй хүмүүс гаргамаар байна

    • Ub2
      Ub2 14 days ago

      Африк Сири гэх мэт бүр мяаарцан газарын хүмүүсд хүмүүнлэгийн тусламж хүрэлцэхгүй байхад даварсан залхуу монголчууд гэдсээ илж хэвтчээд гадныханы буруугаар ийм байдалд орсон юм шиг аашлах ямар хэрэг байна. Наад бөндгөрт чинь тархи байдагийн бол ажилуулаад сэтгэхэд яана. Ер нь ийм их потенциальтай улс байж гуйлга гуйж байна гэдэг бол шившиг за.

    • PokuBit
      PokuBit 14 days ago

      @Ub2 chinii li buruu beshd . Hunii ugiig muuhaigaar oilgohoo bolioch . Tegleech ulaan baatar aimar utaatai bna . Bi amihandaa li uur humuus end irj tuslaasai li gej twgj bichsin za . Muu t1 shaar we

    • Ub2
      Ub2 14 days ago

      tguul naadah chin “tiimee, bi yaduu. gehdee ajil hiimeergui baina. gadniihan ireed namaig yaduurlaas gargah ystoi” gsn yum shig sonsogdoj bna

  • The End Draws Nigh
    The End Draws Nigh 26 days ago

    We have water power electrolysis hydrogen oxygen for all engines but they kill all producers. 100yr old technology

  • The End Draws Nigh
    The End Draws Nigh 26 days ago

    China dirty users

  • Lao tze
    Lao tze 27 days ago

    Is anyone going to put bets on the world's governments getting together and solving this problem? The world can follow the example of how America's Congress got together and solved the immigration and homeless crisis!

    • Oratio G
      Oratio G 20 days ago

      America's Congress DID NOT get together to solve the immigration and homeless crisis! Donald Trump (Conservative Party) is fixing it on his own because the Democratic Party is fighting against it. It is rather sad that they don't do it together.

  • Asking People Questions

    pollution =/= climate change

  • __s___j
    __s___j 27 days ago

    Басэд Монголия

  • JJ Mir
    JJ Mir 28 days ago +1

    I remember in summer travelling more to Himalayas for more cold weather but now you get sweat walking in the mountains and glaciers are melting so quick.

  • MR.G
    MR.G 28 days ago

    Propaganda as usual.

  • mojokiss
    mojokiss 28 days ago

    too bad ya can't tax the sun. "the climate is... unpredictable" she says. "the climate is... weird" she says. Well that's because you aren't looking at the solar cycles and electromagnetic storms. That's because your climate models are wrong and you've closed your mind to the scientists who don't fit your agenda.

    MK ULTRA 28 days ago

    This is God punishing them for the Mongol Empire.

    • MK ULTRA
      MK ULTRA 20 days ago

      @Oratio G Not as nasty as Genghis Khan.

    • Oratio G
      Oratio G 20 days ago


  • ka sch
    ka sch 28 days ago

    There so concerned about climate change and people's health, but they keep dumping chemicals on us via Chem Trail Spraying.

  • irmuu sanaa
    irmuu sanaa 29 days ago

    The city of ulanbaatar is surrounded by mountains! Of course the pollution is nightmarish when the air isn’t easy to escape!

  • Simom Breeds
    Simom Breeds 29 days ago

    More drame please🤔

  • NPC 04173
    NPC 04173 29 days ago

    This is global warming. That's why she's wearing a winter jacket and ski cap.
    The picture of the horse skeleton proves these facts beyond any reasonable doubt.
    The weather has been totally unpredictable, hence it is predictable. Derp.
    The animals might eat all of the grass, therefore if the grass is gone then not animals but climate change is the cause. Except when animals are climate change, which is actually all the time. I science BBC, am smarts.
    7:57 climate change causes pollution #bbc #facts #science

  • 91 monsters
    91 monsters 29 days ago

    you guys should off yourself if you wanna save the planet. better start now.

  • wms72
    wms72 29 days ago +1

    It's not climate change. It's unfiltered chimneys. That's why our industry moved to unregulated China to save money.

  • paciscor
    paciscor 29 days ago

    reminds me of that silent hill fog..but darn thats awful conditions to have to live in

  • acino
    acino 29 days ago

    America, China, India and all other first world/industrialized nations are the main polluters. The first 3 countries I named are doing not even close to what they should be doing to reduce the amount of pollution they produce.

  • Snack Gila
    Snack Gila 29 days ago

    I lived in Borneo, I can feel the same situation during haze and rainforest burned during summer. It was so thick , the haze came up on the rises during at night and in the morning, everything is smog foggy air I breathed, came to our windows and house . fortunately it only happened during summer when have no rain for 4 months. It was because the mud land will dry and set fire it self during dry hot weather in equator line but getting worse because human did some burning too, especially burning theirs trash, burning theirs farmer land. Because burn something is some kind of culture in here.
    And luckily plants are easy to grown in here after the plants got burned. Seems in equator line , the plants will heal it self after they got burned and the rain water intenses during thunderstorms helps to recover the plants. Yes, thunderstorms rain have a big role to heal the burned forest it self.
    But in this video, I saw no forest and no big tree and not so many plants.
    Plants do much for make the air more fresh.

  • paul han
    paul han 29 days ago +1

    Designated SHITHOLE

  • Alfredo Munoz
    Alfredo Munoz 29 days ago

    Instead of China investing in other countries it should help it's own people that's sick son.

  • Quizey
    Quizey Month ago +1

    DAMN Mongorians break my chity wall, oh herro; whercome to chity wok

  • The Rob Cutter Vlogs

    President Donald Trump needs to STOP DENYING climate change and the greenhouse effect even if big corporations don’t like that. My own parents are even buying into his lie. I voted for Donald Trump but I’m not voting for him again.

  • Andro mache
    Andro mache Month ago

    Climate change isn't causing the lack of snow. The lack of snow is causing climate change. There is an algae in snow which turns it pink. The pink algae heats & melts the snow. No snow means no reflecting uv rays. Replicate the snow and you'll reverse temps. All we have to do is erect temporary uv reflective sheeting. Spain did it by erecting green houses to grow food for the eu. Their tells dropped by two points and their air cleared.

  • jesse bongo
    jesse bongo Month ago

    A BBC climate change propaganda docu. with the ever present crap tear jerk music....who falls for this shit ?.

  • MAX
    MAX Month ago

    There is a proverb in our ancient China:"
    The family has a huge amount of wealth, and those with fluff should not be counted".The inevitable risk of aquaculture is an existence.If such a natural disaster occurred in ancient times, the Mongols may have to cross the Great Wall.

  • Kholke Holkepolke
    Kholke Holkepolke Month ago

    Burning raw coal.. Hmm.. Isin't there an easy, cheap, manuel process, for steam drying coal?

  • Pebbles Rubble
    Pebbles Rubble Month ago

    Stop burning coal DUH!!!

    • Oratio G
      Oratio G 20 days ago

      and freeze to death. Minus 20

  • Tania PinkSky
    Tania PinkSky Month ago

    Where are all the trees?

    • Oratio G
      Oratio G 20 days ago

      You don't get trees in this type of area.

  • Tag! You're It
    Tag! You're It Month ago

    What do all the animals eat??? It looks like all dirt

  • TheVineRhyme
    TheVineRhyme Month ago

    None of you idiots look up do you!? If you did you would see the "geo-engineering" nearly every day...their constant spraying of our lands and cities with barium, strontium and aluminum particles, along with God know what else...these are kill the trees at the roots, and is the real cause for the bees disappearing...they are killing you on purpose and then blaming it on Climate change. The climate is changing alright...but it's a change they are deliberately engineering! WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! Or you and your families are ALL DEAD!!! Which of course, is exactly what your "governments" want in the first place, because their god is the devil! They even wrote it in stone...see the 10 commandments of the New World Order Carved into the Georgia Guidestones. They plan on killing you! and their killing agenda is already underway. Look at the obituaries for crying out loud, people...LOOK!!! Used to be the average age of death was between 70 to 85. Now death is common place from "natural cause" whatever that means, at age 40 to late 60...the age for death is significantly dropping and only in the last decade and has really dropped down in the last couple of years...if you want to survive, time to band together, ask tough questions and find out who your real enemies are...then do what's required to put that enemy down! But, you must unite in mass!

  • Itumeleng Mokgautsi
    Itumeleng Mokgautsi Month ago +1

    wow something hilarious happened at the South African IEC election results announcement that SHOCKED the country, check out this vid if you missed it

  • TheHuidos2006
    TheHuidos2006 Month ago

    I wonder why so many people are diagnosed with auti$m, and attention deficit disorder$, kkkould it be all the poison they are spraying in our skys, day in, day out, sun down, sun up, or all the poi$on allowed in foods, perhaps its all the poisons in plastics, or all the gmos, or perhaps its all the mandatory vaccinations, who know$ the only thing that is known is that shitFDAshit shitgovernshitmentshit, shit nwo shit kakistocrocy shit regulates all of it! It is not as if this shitgovernshitmentshit shit nwo shit ain't one big huge conspiracy against humanity, or is it!

  • Mickey blue eyes
    Mickey blue eyes Month ago

    This glitching effect just makes me think they don’t find it as serious as they want us too. Well at least the seriousness of why this is happening to their homelands. People cannot continue to herd their cattle since the numbers are dwindling. So people move into the city (Agenda 2023,2030 something like that) and they all burn nasty shit to keep warm that pollutes the air. Now the reason why cattle numbers are dwindling is due to no food. This will go right over many sheeples heads but the geo-engineering that has been going on without anyone’s consent across the earth has been causing the droughts all over areas that need precipitation and way more precip in areas that don’t. Example - dubia. Also the sea levels that are rising are because everyone is completely robbing the beaches and ocean floors for sand to mix concrete mainly and other building materials. The desert sand doesn’t make quality concrete because of the way the wind has polished that sand for so many years. The oceans sand binds well for very strong concrete. 💪. I urge whoever is about to calls me names and whatever to do some serious research. I believed in global warming once until I asked myself , what would make so many people not believe in it? Are they stupid? So I began to learn- READ 📚. Now I have my own opinion about it. I didn’t intend to change my view but once I learned the facts it makes more sense to me now. Also it seems like governments are always weaponizing storms/events to squeeze money or whatever they are trying to do. Not trying to piss anyone off. Just trying to get someone at least to teach themselves how to research. (Not only TVclip videos) lol

  • scott left
    scott left Month ago

    It took a girl from the west to teach Ethiopians how to use a better indoor campfire (traditional) built from cinder blocks out of ONE mould, it simply controlled the air to fuel burn cut their fuel burn waste by 3/4., thus cutting the 5 mile hike to find wood down to 1 mile, saving on calories and the pollution down to a quarter of what it was, the folks in this clip are NOMADIC...ergo...time to move on to greener fields.

  • scott left
    scott left Month ago

    What a load of old cobblers...."crazy weather, man"....give me a break...look at the records....UNCHANGED for 200-300 years since Farenheit perfected the thermometer.
    so a bunch of idiots burn coal....make taller chimneys....duh.....or process the coal yourself....washing it and importantly...DRYING IT, reduces the pollution by's very bloody simple.

  • cmonster6
    cmonster6 Month ago

    All I have heard is the problem.if they have the tech to put manufacturing in why not the tech to start countering some of these negative effects?alternative fuels have to be cheaper in the long run than medical expenses.change your landscape,farming practices ect.none of which are short term projects but crap what are you leaving your children?

    • Anar Erkhembayar
      Anar Erkhembayar Month ago

      The winters can drop to -40*c and most people make less than two dollars a day. Unprocessed coal is cheap and burns for a long time. Do you think they can afford other solutions?

  • kitschiguy
    kitschiguy Month ago

    Where I live the air is thick with bullshit. I have to wear my bullshit deflectors everyday and I have to replace them and clean the filters regularly.

  • Mark Time
    Mark Time Month ago

    If there is no money in it for the elites, nothing will change until the planet is laid waste.

  • tom Shannon
    tom Shannon Month ago

    Is this being orchestrated? So many things happening, and info, in our world indicates it could be the case.
    They, contaminate our Waters, Air and Food. Chemicals and Toxins pervade the planet.
    They spray from aircrafts ( chemtrails) concoctions of hazard chemicals which are detrimental to our environment. Lethal too.
    They, say they can manipulate the weather and use it as a weapon of control. Why do this to humankind?
    Why poison and contaminate the earth? Is it a depopulation ploy?
    It seems intentional and that is murder!
    Some one and associates are responsible for this crime against humanity and the planet. It is wicked beyond belief while their false vision of
    “Love and Care, Equality And Truth”, is gradually disintegrating and exposing the very opposite.
    They, are causing disease and coming up with so called remedies straight from the lab. Everything is concocted (including words) and fabricated to earn money. The plutocratic sentinels of the earth have their eyes in space and technology tentacles stretched out over the world to watch and captivate us because there is - a diabolical plan.
    You wouldn’t believe it, would you?

    • tom Shannon
      tom Shannon Month ago

      Mickey blue eyes ...You too brother!! We have to be always aware.🙏🕊🕊

    • Mickey blue eyes
      Mickey blue eyes Month ago

      tom Shannon you got it Tom. I believe it may go another step beyond harvesting money. They want to harvest us. Completely control us and steer our minds away from the creator. Satans pulling the rothchilds strings. stay safe sir.

  • David White
    David White Month ago


  • Oleg Kulikov
    Oleg Kulikov Month ago

    Almost all my childhood I lived in Baikal area. So, I have an idea about climate in Mongolia. During winter air is stagnant and accumulates in low places between hills. Winters are very long, dry and very cold. Climate was like this 50 years ago and it was always hard to live in there. And there are wast deposits of brown coal that is widely used for heating. In large cities smog is absolutely normal though unhealthy. A solution is in central heating systems and large buildings with better heat isolation. But it is Mongolia. Who cares?
    Dislike to the video for disinformation.

    • Anar Erkhembayar
      Anar Erkhembayar Month ago

      It is not disinformation, it is very true. A large amount of my younger relatives are suffering from lung problems as a result. People make less than two dollars a day and unprocessed raw coal is cheaper than any other alternative.

  • ZFlyingVLover
    ZFlyingVLover Month ago

    Isn't the modern world wonderful?!

  • Blue Rose
    Blue Rose Month ago

    There are some days South Koreans receive alerts and then, have to wear masks because of pollution from China.

  • Abbey Hamrick
    Abbey Hamrick Month ago

    Surprised they have any one is still th9

  • Hugh H
    Hugh H Month ago

    Very educational.

  • Rizal Jose
    Rizal Jose Month ago

    Geoengineering at its best. There's no climate change, but there's carbon tax

  • MongolPride1206
    MongolPride1206 Month ago

    I am a Mongolian. I think there are several factors that precipitated the air pollution issue in Ulaanbaatar.
    - The city infrastructure was originally designed for about 500 thousand people during the communist era with funding from USSR. Since then, no major development of the central heating system has been implemented. I believe that the central heating system is the only economically and environmentally viable means to heat households in the extreme winter condition. Electrical heaters are too expensive for an average household. For those who cannot afford apartments connected to the central heating, the second best solution is to buy raw coal for in-house heating. In average, 100-200$ of raw coal heats a house during winter time.
    - The rapid growth of the urban population in the last three decades. For centuries Mongolian people have had the same nomadic lifestyle. It is a hard life; nomads do menial physical labour every day merely to survive in the extreme environment. Naturally, a recent generation that is exposed to modern amenities heads to cities for a better life. In the past, when people had a famine when domestic animals of nomads die in huge quantities, people had no other option than to stay and survive. Famines have happened periodically all the time; it is not because of global warming etc. Nowadays, people have chosen to go to the city to find a job when losing their herds. This caused huge migrations to the only city in Mongolia, the capital Ulaanbaatar.
    - The poor economy. Basically, Mongolia is a landlocked country without access to the oceans. Remote distance to ports drives transportation costs for international trading to the roof. Even though Mongolia has rich mining resources, it is hard to have fat profit margins because of high logistics costs. Also, our manufacturing industry is poorly developed. Especially, when we are a neighbour of the world manufacturing powerhouse - China, the flow of cheap Chinese products simply eliminates the possibility of domestic production. There always will be a similar Chinese product that is two times cheaper. If we manage to somehow improve our economy in the future, then the people would afford better housing and stop burn raw coal.
    - Ironically, the geographic location of Ulaanbaatar. It is located in a river valley surrounded by mountains from all sides. The air pollution particles which are generally heavier than air is therefore trapped in the valley.
    I just stated facts, and honestly, I can’t think of any other solution than to improve the economy, build more affordable heated housing solutions and expand the central heating system. What solutions would you suggest? Please don’t mention silly things like planting trees lol.

    Sorry for my English

    • Lx北
      Lx北 Month ago

      @MongolPride1206 the “ Peace ” is so ironic .

    • MongolPride1206
      MongolPride1206 Month ago

      Lx北 Think whatever you want. Peace

    • Lx北
      Lx北 Month ago

      @MongolPride1206 Outer Mongolia = Taiwan , Russia = America , we must not allow such a thing to happen again .

    • Lx北
      Lx北 Month ago

      @MongolPride1206 the “ independence ” under Russia 's interfere and control ,not yourself fight for , we'll never accept and admit it .

    • MongolPride1206
      MongolPride1206 Month ago

      Lx北 Well, the independence and national identity does not have any price. Do not ever dream about it :)

  • Guo Yang
    Guo Yang Month ago

    fake ,they are happy.

  • S U
    S U Month ago

    Eye opening. It is crazy to see the negative effects of climate change so drastic. Imagine an entire world without the tragedies that we see today. Coming soon! Isaiah 65:17,20

  • Christopher Collins

    God damn Mongorians!!! They tear down my shitty wall!!!

    • Lx北
      Lx北 Month ago +1

      stop the stupid South Park shit .

  • Kevin Lopez
    Kevin Lopez Month ago


  • Kevin Lopez
    Kevin Lopez Month ago


  • Gachauser Bye
    Gachauser Bye Month ago

    Im Mongolian and one of the reasons why we moved to America was cause of pollution

  • Sam Labo
    Sam Labo Month ago

    Wow, why? Guess what.
    Stop shipping recycling to Asia. Mongolia processing it in bad ways.
    You have industry that thrives off your ewaste, open buying of computers to make gold easier to extract and your fake recycling
    Sort it right or bury your country

  • Oka Ok
    Oka Ok Month ago +2

    Yes I live in Mongolia it is the biggest problem We still couldn't find the way to breath clear air in capital city

  • Freddy Ishere
    Freddy Ishere Month ago


  • Hasan Harkouss
    Hasan Harkouss Month ago

    May we all die.
    It's the only solution.

  • MeMyself&I
    MeMyself&I Month ago

    Climate change does not cause pollution. Corporations pushing pollutants with no regulations cause pollution.

  • Jazleen Podraza
    Jazleen Podraza Month ago

    thanks to the illuminati and weather manipulation testing people and wiping them out, elite demons are responsible for this.

  • ess mac
    ess mac Month ago

    Earth is currently in a carbon drought. Reducing co2 much further will exterminate all life on Earth.